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0-100 Beauty Conversion! Fast Makeup Skills\chloe Morello

30 Sep , 2019  

Good morning, everyone, so a lot of us probably wake up something like this, so I’m gonna try to do a five minute, glam makeup, just some tips and tricks on how to look good in a really quick time. I’m aiming for five minutes, but let’s see how we go. I’m gonna show you how to incorporate their products in ways you might not have thought about. So that’s like a little bit of a hack, and i’m just gonna get into it first thing: i’m gonna do it because my skin is a little bit dry, is take the lancome advanced as genifique as you can see.
I love this. I’m almost done God: okay, I’m gonna need to use it. I’m gonna take this. This is a probiotic serum and I’m all about drinking. My probiotics come out and also putting it on your face is really good for your skin. My facialist told me so i’ve been really into using this product, so i can apply that first, just to give my skin that little bit of glow and prep before i put my foundation on I’m gonna take the Galant essential foundation. They gave me this little brush to use with it and it’s okay. I did think that it took a bit too long, so I’m just gonna take another brush this one’s from Sigma and rub it in so this is the first step because for me this is really important, especially for a glam look like if I’m trying to Look really put together in glam foundation is a must. I wouldn’t skip that for me for other daytime looks I might just put SPF on, but not this time. I really like the finish of this foundation. I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel like it’s a gel kind of finish, as in it’s not completely opaque on the skin. You can see your skin through it and I think that’s why, even though it’s not technically my undertone because I’m not warm um, it still seems to work pretty. Well, it’s not too bad once I add my blush and stuff that will bring some more pink to my face and then I’ll take my lana lips of 101 LaPoint Minh. This product has literally a hundred uses. It’s a cult. Favorite celebrity makeup artist. Everyone loves to use it for a bunch of different things. I love to use it as a lip mask early on in my makeup routine, so that later on, once I get to lips, they’re, prepped and another trick, while you’re here guys, it’s a good time to put it on your cuticles. So your cuticles are nice and soft. This is something that I’m very aware of.
So I love to make sure that I’m putting some on my fingers and they alsohave like a mini sides of this – that I love to keep in my purse just to keep my cuticles in tip-top shape. This is also amazing as a highlighter, and when I went to some celebrity workshops, they often use a bomb like this, as that really editorial style highlight that everyone’s like. How do I get that? This is how you get that? Okay, next would be eyebrows, because eyebrows are really important to me from my Chloe’s brow wardrobe. I love to use this pencil. It’s really nice and fast. It’s the precisely my brow, pencil and I just kind of start by filling in the gaps that there are and on this eyebrow it’s the end. It really needs help. Another cool use for the 101 augment is to use it in your eyebrows. I like to use it quite sparingly in there as a brow gel just tohold everything in place. Do that I really recommend not applying too much, because otherwise it can start to look too shiny, so just go sparing with it, and it really does a nice job at locking it in. I really want to lighten up the foundation, so I’m gonna take some concealer putting it over the eyelids too, because I really want to even that out see how that’s already really helped with evening everything out like I was just looking. Oh, what’s in, I tell you what I’m still not used to contacts after two years of wearing them yeah. This really helps impaling out your foundation adds more coverage. You know, does the concealing work for you, it’s a really good hack. So, even if you purposely went like a little bit deeper with your foundation, you can still go in like this and it’s almost like reverse contouring, because now, as you can see, the darker foundation is acting a little bit like a contour in the areas of my Face where I didn’t apply the concealer cool right now, I’m going to do my eyeliner I like to just do a very small amount of eyeliner on the outer part of my eye, just to lift it slightly. Like literally that’s that’s all. It will do right there and I’ll take a little brush just like this one and then just smudge it in linear motions, so not like up and down, but just like drawing it along and then I’ll take mascara, and I really won’t spend too much time on This I’ll just focus it on the roots and I’m also not putting that on the lower lash line.
Just so that I emphasize that lift even more. That’s how my eyes look much more awake. If I do that, eyeliner there a little bit of mascara and then keep my lower lashline completely bare moving on I’m gonna apply this really cool product. I bought at Priceline it’s the Revlon Photoready instant, cheek makeup. How cool is that I love it. You just line it up to cheek and draw it on like that, so I just go over it with a brush and because this is like a kind of deeper pink, I find that it kind of does the same job as contouring. I know it looks really. 80S right now, but don’t fear it will like blend out really nicely and if it’s too strong for you anyway, you can go over it with your foundation brush again and it has the highlighter in it too, which is it’s quite nice. Then I’m going to take the perfect nude Lana lips tinted bomb. How perfect is that color? Oh my goodness, so this contains their key ingredient lanolin, which molecular wise has a very similar structure to your skin, to people skit human skin. So that’s why it just melts. In and mimics the natural oils that your skin naturally creates, so it’s beautiful on the lips like the ideal lip balm and this one mixes the tint with that and alsohas SPF in it. So you’ve got the protection and it’s amazing on the cheeks for that editorial style highlight. I was mentioning they also take a little bit on my fingers, the left over and dab it on my eyelids just for that natural dewy, loo, look and Kai, as my husband. Naturally has really pretty dewy lids and I wish I had them. Instead, I have dewy forehead, which no one wants. This is easily my probably my favorite tinted lip balm. I can’t decide between this rhubarb or rose, but I absolutely love them bestsellers in a bunch of their worldwide retailers, so they are really good everyone that I’ve introduced them to my sister, my friends, you guys everyone loves them, so definitely try them out some other tips To really glam up, your look is to put glamorous earrings in these ones are so affordable to their from Collette they’re like eight bucks, but I get a lot of compliments when I wear them I love them and then something else I thought was cute is, if you take a scarf, my hair is still curled from yesterday.
I’m just gonna put it around my ear area It’s just a really cute way to dress jazz yourself up in no time Accessories are just definitely the quickest way to do that Sohow cute is this? I think I bought this scarf at Oh, it’s a store in Oh, it didn’t mean it to be that volumous, what’s called hey Sarah, do you know what the name of that cheap clothing stories that me and your sister buy stuff from in? No? No, not winners? No, it’s like a women’s fashion, store better, have boy stuff to a bunch of different stores, sell these scarves Yes, I just want to put another top on again wearing something Cute is gonna dress you up really quickly, along with the accessories A bunch of stores sell these kind of things This one I bought at a store called urban planner in Canada I figured out what it was called, but places like Collette heaps of cheap stores, sell them or you can buy like designer ones If you want to be like that, but I don’t at this point in my life, I’m gonna try folding a different way because I don’t want tohave the bow So I want the floral part in the middle I’m gonna go under the back of my hair This shouldn’t take you too long This is the part where I always get my hair stuck in the knot in it It hurts Why can’t? I tie a knot What okay and then, if you are careful, you can probably twist it around like that cute right, the little stripes on it, a quiet nautical and then with the pearls of stuck with the nautical theme So that’s it! That’s my five-minute blow-up What did you guys think there are a lot of tips in there about multi-use products how to save time and of course, I’ve also included some ways to accessorize your look to jazz yourself up Another really good tip is to wear a bright lip and lana lips is really good way to You can put a bright lip on as a stain and then throughout the day i play one or one point mint over the top and it kind of brings the stain back out and adds the gloss on top plus it rehydrates, because sometimes stains or matte Lipsticks can be really drying so yeah definitely keep these in your handbag I’Ll put all the stockists for these below, but they’re available in a bunch of places, so everyone should be able to find some

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