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30 Sep , 2019  

Hi guys welcome back to my channel today is exciting. I am fairly going to show you guys my products with u-turn, which I’m so excited by. so you’ll see them really really soon, but I’m also gonna show you how I do it. This entire look, obviously we’re very bronze to prepare the glowing Ravenna glam, really a glam Barbie, with these nails and this time – and this me coat – I’m just really excited. I absolutely love the way that that’s like turned out. If you have already picked up my photos.
Thank you so much I’ve seen it so much it lovely feedback already so yeah. I’m just really excited to show you guys. I know that you guys always ask me to do me includes there will be a meeting to eat with you tan fit really soon. So keep an eye out for that and yeah other than that. If you’d like to see how I clear this like in please stay tuned, hello, okay, so I’m very excited about this makeup tutorial for more than one reason. Obviously I say it’s put a lot of makeup on, but I am finally getting to show you guys my little babies. So when I talk about the CBD tying water first, if you guys didn’t know, I have brought these two products in collaboration with u-turn, u-turn and me go way back. I absolutely love the turbo turn. I love the coconut tan water as well. There’s just loads of reasons that this collaboration suited me so well, so the first product I forgot to show you is my ear turn and collaboration with Jimmy Genevieve, the CBD timing, water. So this is a gradual timing face most I like to actually use it at night time for a couple of reasons, but I’ll show you it to do so. All I do is literally, I usually cover my hair. The reason I like using at night time is because it smells so good. It’s got Scottish lavender in it, which is a really calming essential oil. Essential oils can be quite strong, so just make sure that you do a little patch taste. If you get this, but the lavender and the CBD, which is organically grown in Colorado, both of those ingredients together, though alright so calming ends in so before, bed is perfect. So usually, what I would do is my entire skincare routine and then spray it on. It develops over 4 to 6 hours, which is perfect for nighttime. So usually I wake up and my face is tan. So I don’t know if you guys are like me, but I use so much skincare, masks and exfoliants and stuff like that that the town of my face never lasts, but I think, having a tan on my face, I literally cut about no makeup on all the Time and because I’ve got a little bit of a glow from this little guy, I just feel so comfy with it.
So that’s how you use that. I absolutely love it. I love the coconut Tyler waters. Oh, but obviously this was my favorite, so the next product Runa used is the Giri Genevieve you tan skin Idol. You guys know that led tan right. You often turn it into a drinking game on my channel whenever I’m into 9th and you take a shot, but don’t do it for this one, because I will imagine it quite a lot. This is the skin I, as her face and body bronzer, and it’s got liquid illuminate, are blended through the photos. I’Ll show you guys in a second but see once it’s all settled down and it’s air and the body it makes your skin look like butter like when I was doing the photo shoot for this. The flash photography when I looked at my lady, I was like. Oh, my god, I look like a Barbie, my legs, which the Barbie I am so smooth and so glowing and sweet, and if the dream this guy took fifty seven different formulas to make it perfect, so we’ll actually made fifty seven different types of this product. We. Finally, finished with family phone, the one so there’s eight different pigments in here I am middle of the road, I’m not super fair. I am usually a medium and foundation shades, so this little guy. For me, it does make me look more tanned, but it also makes me look super smooth.. You turn of st. over. That shows the difference on someone. That’s a lot further than me. The difference in the color and the texture of the product and stuff, like that so I’ll just play this here and we’re going to put this on so the best way that I feel it goes on. You can use it with your hands if you want, if you want it to be nice and a strong color, it’s perfect, but I actually like to build it up with a little mint. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna show you on one arm. I’m gonna use a little bit at a time. Okay, you can see the glow in our old hairdo. I’m gonna put it on, so you can see the color and we’re just going to buff that end with the mitt and when you use that you might notice that it goes later.
First, that is just the waterproofing agent and the highlight are before it settles onto your skin. So don’t worry about that. Okay, we’re gonna go underneath here and I like to bring up my deck. You see this shine this formula. This product is really good for cover, not bad beans and brews, really good for me, cuz, I’m good clumsy, and it’s such an easy formula to work with as well can a reason that this product was so important to me as because I obviously go to a Lot of events, last-minute checks – and I don’t have time to be doing my field tan and routine. So this is your quick fix. It literally just makes you look so sunkissed and glowy, and it’s just such a perfect and formula Omani, because the formula is Lately tacky. Just for the first few minutes I like to go in with a little bit highlight, so this is just the makeup for ever truly fusion and shave number two and get a little bit of that, and it will just stop. It just sticks to the formula. So you can really get your glow and it doesn’t feed and from my chest I like to just put it on my boobs and in between them. So it’s like this. Don’t forget your shoulder beautiful as a product all today he says it was a little tiny bit darker on deeper skin tones. It just smoothes out the skin and gives a really nice glow as II can’t instant time. So it does wash off. But if you want to save to a little bit of Satan spray and that will drive down and everything I’ll just be sit into, please know if them were bought. I’m going to move on to my makeup. So the first thing I’m going to do is pray in my face. I’ve got the illah hanoks in a banana break, face primer here and I’m just taking a wee pump for that all over my face. If you’re going on a holiday or something like that and you’re really one and your face, if you super ton, that’s when you would use your CBD, tan and water day and night, i do what I’ve just done today. I spray it on my face into my makeup on top and your time just kind of cook the underneath. So although we have been using the CBD, tan water, we’ve just kind of the body in my face quite marching, but I do want the dark out. My foundation just a little bit so I’m going to take my nose natural radiant, long rendition in the shade Barcelona, three little pumps of that and I’m going to take a tiny amount of the skin, a dull just like so you can see it as quite a Few steps darker, but what I’m going to do, is I’m going to mix them together and the back of my hand with a brush, and that just makes the foundation a step Gloria.
And I we step darker as well. Another way that I love using skin Idol on my face is by taking a tiny amount of it, mixing it with my primer or my moisturizer, and just rubbing it in, and it makes your skin look unbelievable, so tanned and glowy, and then I’m just going to Blend that in and the makeup look we’re gonna do today as super bronzy glam, but it’s really quick, but I love actually there’s something really similar put up in Paris recently and I loved it. Oh bringing that through my neck, a little bit. I’m gonna use my knives every change in the concealer and she ginger underneath my eyes to brighten them up. But again I actually don’t go too late under my eyes these days and I’m just gonna use my finishing brush to blend that – and I don’t know if it’s because knives make most of these products, but they work so well to go there. So you can see my foundation just matches my body, it really nicely. It’s called a. We touch more of a glow because of the liquids illuminator. I’m gonna take a little bit of the skin idol by itself and I’m just gonna blend that into my cheeks as it can a liquid bronzer flash illuminator and it just gives a really soft glow to the skin. It just looks so good. I just love this formula, this little black powder under my eyes, this is the pure balancing act, my define shine control powder. I just use a little bit under my eyes to set my concealer and I just like in the center of my faith, just to make sure that’s not going to move. And I just like the shame Fiona on the outside my face rather than the Center for floors. Art we’re going to go in with another pure product test is the pure metal glow, illuminating bronzer and it’s nice and deep. But what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take on a bigger brush, we’re gonna take on this brush. This is a real modest brush 22. It’s called and I’m gonna bronze, but I’m not gonna like chisel my face like I usually do. I’m just gonna use nice late movements just to get quite unnatural, lookin bronze all over the face, a little bit on the forehead.
As usual, I’m gonna add a little bit a blusher. This is the charlotte tilbury beach thick-lipped, a cheap, dewy color pop, but we’re going to use this on our cheeks. This is the shading moon. Beach. I’ve been really liking, my stick and a liquid products lately, so I’m just gonna smile and just apply that right to the apples of the cheeks wow. That’s very doing. I actually think that would have gone better on fresh, and you know I’m gonna go back in with the makeup forever highlighter. Just to remind you, it’s the true light fusion Luminizer and shoot number two and I’m gonna take a smaller brush and we’re going to highlight her face. That’s highly are so lovely I’m gonna take a smaller brush. I’m just gonna ten mine, my nose and my Cupid’s bow. You know I’m gonna zoom you and we’re gonna do our models. There is a close-up in the skin. I just think it looks not being biased at all and I’ve got a really fun new technique. It’s not new, but I just find this so easy. We’Re gonna go ahead with a lot of messy ate caviar stick. This is a nice sheet cocoa. What we’re gonna do, it is we’re literally just gonna go straight and we’re gonna color all over the eye and we’re going to go up just past the crease okay. So it’s like that looks edit cut. I easy at the moment and then I’m gonna take a brush and I’m just gonna start felissa night, these pencils dry down and once they’ve dried down. They are so great. They just do not move. So it’s so good for a really nice, quick and easy smoky eye. It’s got a tiny bit of shimmer to it, so it looks ugly but connect RNG, which I like, and if you need to you’ve, got your foundation brush. You can just use that as a rubber. You see that just a nice blend aids, it’s kind of effortless it loo. It looks super almost like a greasy eye. It’s also so quick. It’s a really good look to have in your egg bank and then using my little brush just to drag the product to make more of a kind of winged shadow. Look I’m going to take another eyeshadow brush just to really buff the edges and it does look a tiny, not patchy, but because of the shimmer. It just looks a little bit imperfect and I actually quite like that. I’m gonna take the same stick and I’m just gonna draw a little way, not too big. Just under my eye. They are so creamy as well. I’m quite obsessed with these. Actually, I think they’re quite scaly to use it that first, maybe when you’re first going into them, it’s a little bit later and we’re gonna blend that out with the first brush it used, and this is what gets thrown nice under I smoke, and I think I like it as well, because it’s not super warm toned, it’s kind of more a yeah cool cool, it’s more of a cool cool color.
No that looks gorgeous by itself, but the thing that makes it so special for me is when I add, and the naked reloaded pilot is the first time I’ve used this on my channel, there’s pilot, it’s so gorgeous. It is a revamp of the original Naked palette by actually thinking of this as 10 things better you’ve got your warm brains. You’ve got your kit and more pinky. Quarterly’s you’ve got really nice shimmers in there. I just like a little bit so we’re gonna use. This and whenever I’m in the same brush and winnable and with bucked, which is this one right here and I’m going to use that just to make sure the blend is great and I’ve actually used these two products together before it. I just put so nice and it also can use it to blow the blend a little bit more as well, underneath that I love a powder just to set everything and then on the lid. I’m going to use this shade Dreamweaver, which actually looks like it’s boarder, Lincoln a silvery, but with this brave, oh, my god, it looks so good. I’m gonna go Street and with a little flat brush and I’m just gonna pack that color all over the lid, I’m just tilting my head forward a little bit and getting a little bit of fallout. It’s super metallic and then back in with my fluffy brush, I’m gonna go in with the shade endgame, which is the darkest color in the palette, and I’m just gonna take a tiny bit of that. I were just gonna stamp it on the outer corner and give up a little blend, yep happy with that. I’m gonna go in with this shade boundaries, which is the kind of warmer color just here, and I’m gonna just use that and they’re kind of her edges, just because the warmth just makes the blend look a little bit more seamless. But I just love how grungy they’re six I’m gonna go in with my Marc Jacobs, black her GL crayon. This is such a great black Jelena and I can a pencil and I’m just gonna, go in my waterline just to make sure everything’s, nice and dark and then what you can do is you can kind of smudge it on the over a corner and tell Little can I have some milk just in the very outer corner.
It just helps the look, look, a wee bit more pulled together and then I’m actually gonna go in with a little smudger brush in the dark brown and I’m going to go over that black. On top, and just really get that blended in no from a skylight and lashes, I’m just going to use the Ekta cosmetics, superhero mascara and then I’m gonna stick on some Lily lashes and the stay. Oh, what style is this monocle come on big chunky? Bottom lashes, but we’re here, I’m just gonna take angelfire from the Naked reloaded palette and I’m just gonna use that, as my inner corner highlight and I’m just gonna put a little touch of that on the very top of the brave boy. While we’re waiting lashes to dry, I’m going to do my brows really quickly and when he is precisely it might grow pencil because I want a nice fluffy natural bro today I don’t want anything too harsh, so I’m just going to chuck this on really it’s so Easy couple of strokes just to give them a little bit more definition, i’m using the color three. So it’s nice and light just like so, and then I’m going to put a little bit of my gummy bro and the sheer number 5 through them. All I want is, like a maze match your gray with this look. I think that the eyes are so blue note and with all the shimmer and stuff they just look quite messy. I like it, so I don’t want anything too severe on my brows. Are nice they’re not too dramatic either or they weren’t on very easily? For me to do hello, they know when I’ve got your nice and close we’ll do a little thread coat. I’m open to suggestions guys so YouTube products for my freckle, which is a product too much. I use my little toy eyeliner, which has been bubbling away forever. I need to put this in the bin. I like how dark it is. So I do that drum a little dark one. I think I need to put this in the pen. I think it’s done. Anyone with a little cannot pain from Mac and just good good. Can I adopt it and because it’s sort of peel it just blends and let’s Amir and we’ll do our lips yeah? So this is how the look is looking. What I want to do it is. I want to do a nude lip. Okay, just let me live I’m going to use my bare cut fearless lipliner.
This is such a beautiful color, really nice color, so I’m gonna Alain my lips with this just like so it’s nice and late, so it doesn’t Look too Can I record this: is the hood of you in matte lipstick in the shade interview it, which i think looks like a nice kind of deeper nude select for this nice? Not as late as I usually wear, it’s a bit more pink nice finished, but I’m gonna ruin that finish because I want Gloucester day this is the iconic London lip gloss that can a pump in one and the shade Nearly note now all I need to do is set my space, I’m going to use the Urban Decay all nighter, setting spray and drench my face Oh I’m so glad this is creep and then obviously I need to promote So I literally just do not feel like my sales with it My hopes that I do not know what I’m gonna do My weird indie, I feel like will they be, are called hooked braids, maybe and then after I do my Satan spray I always use a little bit photo just in the areas that I know that I need it Don’t need that colored a lipstick I don’t think I would like it if I was peeling, but because I’ve got a bit of a tan, I actually don’t means it That is the finished Look you guys I hope you really like that I just say those look is so perfect for, like a bronze glam look, don’t you think I am so thrilled with my products and I’m so glad you guys have already been getting yours and I’ve seen so much feedback and you guys are loving it So it makes me really happy other than that I’ll link everything that I’ve used down below You can grab my products with you, tan and Superdrug You can also get on the u10 website, but there will be more retailers coming soon I fought with my camera, like tanks gonna go in with a little bit more That’s it I’ve lost it No we’re going to end with the law: okay, okay, because our ship – and please me this tricky game, the bronze low groans or in my hairline, we’re gonna go and mr lorry and I’m so happy to finally show you guys I’ve seen it so many of our dog hair

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