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10 Best Food Hackers (Re-compiled)

30 Sep , 2019  

Let’s say you need a little bit of lemon juice, you take your lemon and you cut it half. Then you use a little bit of lemon juice and then for all this lemon leftover. So you put it in the fridge or something, and then we come back and look like this: it’s all rotten and dry and dehydrated, and it’s rancid – you don’t really want to use anymore and aspartic crunchy like this one. There must be a better way to preserve your lemon and still get your juice well, there is, this is how you take your lemon, you roll it, and then you want to take a sort of pin and just poke it in the bottom of the lemon.
The exact bottom, where the point is here, then you squeeze and all the lemon juice. If you want just pours out now, the great thing is you’re. Very small they’ll hold it now, so oxygen can really get into it and make it rot. So it will stay fresher for longer times. You want to spread some butter, but when you take it out the fridge, the butter is super hard and really hard to spread. This is super annoying. So what do you do you just pop it in the microwave, but the issue with this is it always seems to over melt the butter and make it into a big soupy mess just like this. That can be very annoying, so there must be a better way. Well, there it’s take a cheese grater and they just grate your butter. Stick. Yes, that’s right! Gravy or butter. Stick now. That’s got two added benefits. One is delivers energy to the butter by the grating motion, which makes it a bit softer and also the higher surface area makes it softer quicker. Also. Lastly, it’s anise funny interesting spaghetti like consistency, which now is super spreadable, so you spread it on whatever you want and you have my soft butter success. You just take a knife in a potato and you put them together and just twirl the tail around. While you cut into the skin just softly in a circular moving, then you take it and you cook it like you normally would now by cooking the skin with the potato, you actually infuse the potato with more flavor, because most of flavor, the potato is actually in The skin, so you get more potato II map and once you’ve cooked it, you can just pull the skin off. Just like this, and it’s so much more efficient.
You don’t waste any potato and it’s much quicker than peeling. It take a hard-boiled egg placed in a jar, add a little bit of water to cover. Then you just place your hand over the jar and shake it like that and once you’re done, which is pretty soon just take the egg out and the shell is basically falling off the boiled egg and that is true, all right trick. Number five. Staying on the same shaking idea, this is a garlic bowl and, if you’re faced in a jar and again shake like that, okay once you’ve done that for a little bit there, you just pop it out, and you just remove some of the husks, because they’ll get In the way, okay, once you remove the husk, just put all these garlic, cloves back inside all right put the lid back on and again shake like crazy keep shaking just carry on shaking, and I just pop it out and all the skins have separated from the Cloves, you can just pick them away and put them to one side, and then you’ve got these beautiful little garlic, cloves and if any of the skins are still on, you can put them in a jar again or just easily pull it off very easy like that. Okay, I hear we have old. Bread is super hard and you can use it well. If I always keep my bread inside a plastic wrapping, so it stays soft just like this one here and then you can still resuscitate it. So here I’ve got soft bread, but very very old and to resuscitate it all you’re gonna need is just some water, so I’m going to put this here so I can put in water over it. Basically, just pour the water over it and pour it on the bottom also, and then you want to place it into an oven at 180 degrees Celsius. That’s 356 degrees, Fahrenheit you’re, going to want to leave it in there for about three minutes and after three minutes of pass, then you just want to turn it round and then hit it up for another about three minutes. If it’s still soft or not done enough to leave it a bit longer, but once it’s done, you just pull it out and it’s crispy again and crunchy, just like it was from the bakers and the inside is nice and soft and tender esteem Ian. Just delicious fresh bread – and this is like an old bread – it’s like a week old radio, but it’s super usable again and just great use so give this a try at home and let me know anything Phylis trick.
Let’s assume you can’t find your bottle open up. So that you do happen to find your bill culture well, just take it and turn it on then aim it at the little air gap in between the cork and the wine. And what will happen? Is it will heat up the air and make it expand, pushing the cork out of the top in a nice little explosive bang. Just like this success by night, when you build on top and pour out your wine, like usually words and enjoy it there, we go done all right. So this next trick is called the black egg. So this is going to crack an egg into a bowl and then separate out the yolk. The simplest way to do this is just with a spoon. You scoop it out like this and just pop it in the other Bowl. Now, I’m going to add some black cuttlefish ink, but if you don’t like the savory fishy taste, this has acknowledges use black food coloring and just mix it together like this. Okay, once you’ve mixed it together, then you’re going to want to fry it. So have it put some oil on a pan and I’m just gonna open it now. One thing that happens, though, is when you beat egg whites. They become a bit more runny, so spread out. All you want. If that happens, just simply push the sides in like this just to keep it in a egg sort of shape. All right now, you’re going to want to add your egg yolk back in just add it on like this and put it in the position where you want to be okay, once it’s done cooking there, you go. It’s simple done just cooking like you would a normal sunny-side up Friday and it’s just a very simple way to make something mundane look very, very different and interesting. I hope you enjoyed. Sometimes you’ve got some eggs, so you just don’t know whether that’s fresher or not Now it’s kind of impossible to look at Agra know it’s fresh, even though most grocery stores these days do print the date on them just like so, but sometimes these days get rubbed off because of some other reason that we just don’t know now in that kind Of case, what do you do to figure out egg is fresh or not? Well, here’s a simple trick: just drop your egg in some water and the fresh ones will sink to the bottom, just like this, and the unfresh ones will go to the top just like.
So now the great thing about this trick is: you can do this with multiple eggs They can have become big enough tough and then you can easily detect which eggs are fresh and which eggs are no good For example, here these two are no good I’m just going to dispose of them and cook with the rest, all right, so now I’m going to show you an amazing new way to make poached eggs even better start off by taking egg and separating it like this Now you want to take some basil or Alba hack in Spanish and just finely chop it up so felt like this and chop it up like that Now you can use any other herb you like, but the combination of I’ll show you is pretty good Okay, so take your basil and add it to your egg Whites just like this and then add a little bit of mozzarella cheese, but you can add any other cheese you like or any other ingredients to that matter You can put little bits of mushroom or little bacon bits, whatever you like with eggs Okay, once it’s mixed up, take another Bowl Take some clean film, then into the bowl, then spray it with oil so that you can unstick it later and place Half your mixture into the bowl like this now place your egg yolk and cover it up with the rest of the mixture Just like so okay not closed up, you just bring up the sides and you can either tie this into a knot or use a little piece of string and tie a knot around it or you can use one of these simple, cheap, little claps and just clamp It shut and you can get this everywhere It’s no point mentioning okay, now to cook it, I’m going to place it in some simmering water for five minutes to get a nice runny egg yolk, but you can cook it a little bit longer if you want to have a more Are data cube? Okay? So once it’s done and just take it out and then you just uncommon and I’m going to place it here on some bread and delicious like this, but you can also add it in say an expedited recipe or some salad or just anywhere You want to use a poached egg This is just way better and more tasty You

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