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100 shoes!??? Arrangement and organization of extreme shoe cabinets

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back.. My shoe cupboard with me because I have a bit of time: it is a school holidays. At the moment, mrs. is helping me and I have got so many shoes to get rid of. I think the last time I did this and please don’t judge it’s maybe like 10 years or so ago, so there are so many shoes in my cupboard like it’s overflowing anyway. I thought it was time because I know I’ve said I promised you guys a closet tour, but this is just on the lead up to it.
So this particular closet is one of my shoe closets. When I say one up, I don’t really have to shoe closets, but this is like was a linen closet and now it’s like a shoe closet and I have so many pairs of shoes because I don’t know if I’ve told you before but previously like years ago. I used to be a shoe buyer, so one pokes of the job was that I got a lot of the confirmation samples which were sort of like samples that we just used for reference and confirm or the production stopped. I was the sample size, so I got to try all of them and I got a lot of them for free, but yeah. A lot of the styles are just so dated. Some of them are just way toohigh. I just can’t wear them anymore, so come along with me, while I declutter over hundred pairs of shoes. So this is the situation of one of my shoe covers. It looks kinda neat, but it’s not. I really need to go through it. As you can see, it’s a mess and I think some of these shoes I haven’t even worn in ages, yeah and then need to see what all those boxes are up there: yep okay. So this is the first round of culling. I don’t think I’ve cold. My shoes in ages, so that’s probably looking like – I don’t know, 60 pairs. Let me show you the cupboard. It’s looking a little bit better, but I feel like I haven’t done that much because those shelves are still looking really full, but beforehand they were like stacked at the back and yeah. It doesn’t look like I took all that out, but yeah okay. First round done. Okay, so this is the progress so far you can see little little gaps, looking a little bit better excuse the light because there’s a down light, and so I still got a lot to go, but I have got rid of this much shoes, I’m just gonna Flip the camera around okay, so, as you can see, there are lots and lots of shoes, I think there’s probably like. Oh maybe a hundred.
I do not have to count a hundred pairs. So a lot of these I some of them still even have tags on them that I haven’t even worn from ages ago and just to let you know, yup Mel is a bit of a hoarder and I have not cold my shoes in years, but definitely a Lot of these are just Styles, I just don’t wear anymore or some of them. I will be doing actually most of them I’ll be donating, but I we’ll be asking my sister’s, my mom and my friends, who are the same size as me to come over and just whatever appeals to them just to take. In the rest, I will donate but yeah it’s either that I just have too many shoes honestly and a lot of these shoes. As you guys know, I used to be a shoe buyer. So a lot of these were confirmation samples that, as a perk of the job I was able tohave but yeah a lot of them have just I don’t know it’s just not my style anymore or yeah, I’m just not loving, and it’s just time to call So I did want to mention that these are all my non designer shoes and this is a collection over many many years guys. So, yes, I love shoes, but this is a little bit ridiculous and that’s why you can see a lot of issues are just so out of style at the moment and some of them honestly. I just can’t even wear, because how did I even wear things this high? I definitely can’t wear things this high anymore and, yes, you can see a lot of hidden platforms that that hasn’t even been worn. I don’t even know why I bought those yeah. That’s not so nice anymore and yeah. I’ve got some vintage shopping shoes you can just tell they just need to be yeah, probably thrown out, but the style is still really cool with the perspex. But if you just look at the inner sole that needs to be replaced – and you know there’s still really nice – that’s why I said: there’s some that are still really nice, but I just don’t wear anymore and a couple of them. I do need to actually throw out, but some of them are just still brand new condition. I’m just not really you guys know I’m not really into flats. I’ve got something similar to this, so I you know I’m trying to be a bit more ruthless and yeah. Some of these boots are still really good, so I just think they need new homes. Yeah just cannot wear this much shoe hi guys so recess is going tohelp me sort of arrange the cupboard.
Now I probably got a fastball with this, be it in two categories, so we’ve taken all the shoes out – and this is gonna help me and count how many pairs of shoes I actually cold. So, let’s get to tidy not this cupboard. I can’t service is taking longer than I expected. Okay guys, let me show you up close everything. I think it’s pretty much arranged and there’s still space. Let me show you the progress, so, let’s not from the very top. So I’ve put all my boots up here. I’ve really scaled back on them, so I love those. I picked them up in an op shop in America, so original cowboy boots, and then this section here are my ankle boots. These are the ones that I use so so much absolutely love them, and then I’ve got my wedges in this section, as you can see definitely loving my perspex. I only just got these. I’m gonna link them in if I can find them they’re from ASOS they’re so good. I got two pairs but I think the white sold out and this is wedges and then those are my runners and let’s move on to the flats. As you can see, I’m not really much of a flats person, that’s all the flats I have, and those are the sort of flat sandals. That is all the flats I have besides runners and then we’ll move to this section. So those are my most worn black heels and then these are sort of like my two strap heels. I have sort of a range in this section and then over here are my sort of lighter coloured ish heels, lots of heels and different heel Heights. Moving up to these are my like tans and caramels sort of heels, and definitely you can see where my favorite is. I love pointy toe shoes. I’ve always been a favorite, so I’ve just arranged them days. You can see it even goes up to this shelf here. I’ve only got like a touch of color, and so these are all points, whether they’re strappy and then these are just a few sort of almond toe or round toe. Now up here, I’ve got a lot more space like before guys. These were like stacked like. I would have double stack, stack, stack, stack, stacked and it looks still looks really full there isn’t that much room, but you should have seen it before and the other top here is just like really high heels more occasion I’ve got all this space here, and these are, like you know, special occasion, shoes and this I’ve still got space at the back for another few more pairs, and these are my colored shoes.
I hardly got any of them, got: yellow red and that’s light pink and all these are my pig toes So that is it Let me just give you one final glance, so this cupboard here is mine on designer shoes and guys, as you can see, I’m a huge shoe lover, but this is a collection over 20 years So that is why I thought it’s finally time I think the last time I got rid of my shoes was probably 10 15 years ago Hence why I’ve got rid of so much miss s is actually counting at the moment So I’m gonna pan over toher and she’s, going to tell me how many pairs I have got You know rid of and I’ve never got rid of this menu before I’ve got my bestie coming over my mother, my sister’s, coming over in the next couple of days and let’s go over How did you go miss s, a hundred and thirteen pairs, and I think she double counted just to be sure as well So if you look here, a lot of these stars are just a bit dated to me a lot of flats I just have not touched I always wanna wear flats, and then I haven’t even worn them, as you can see, look that one’s still got the tag on it and some of them I do need to throw away Some of them have missing stones and a lot of them that my family and friends don’t pick, I’m actually going to be donating to a woman’s shelter, because I think you know they might like them, especially the boots, or you know some of the runners You know they might even want heels as well, so I’ll donate them and, in the rest, just to my local charity, most of them are in really good condition Some of them haven’t even been used, so that is it guys that is my mega hundred-plus declutter I’m pretty proud of myself because yeah I’ve totally admit to you, I’m a bit of a hoarder, but I feel so much better about my closet now and that I’ll be donating a lot of these as well So that is it guys I wasn’t going to record it, but since I, since miss s, it’s on school holidays and I’ve taken a few days off, I finally got the opportunity to actually clear a few things up So I want a major sort of declutter at the moment and yeah actually feels really really good If you did

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