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$10000 cooking 2: must see genius food hacker – Best gallium wins challenge to target hacker

1 Nov , 2019  

We’Re making three different dishes. The winner gets $10,000., But this cook off has a huge twist. So let’s go. You challenged us to make a pizza, but here’s the twist. We’re not allowed to use a rolling, pin a pan, a knife or a can opener.. So, let’s go. I’ve got a whole bunch of dough cause, I’m making a Whoa Chicago deep dish: pizza, man. Nice.. I have to cook my eggs, but I can’t use a hotplate or a pan., So I’m using dry ice.. Oh, my gosh, That’s gonna freeze an egg.
There’s, no way it’s gonna cook, the egg though.. I guess we’ll find out. Three two one., Oh Dude, it’s sizzling, bro. Whoa, whoa whoa. If you do that, I’m gonna create my Chicago deep dish, but the issue is, I’m not allowed to use a pan., So I’m just gonna have to kinda, Let’s just mold it with my hands, get that out of the way. here like this.. This is pretty cool, man.. Look at it right. There, man just kind of like bluh, bluh, bluh, bluh, bluh, bluh, bluh, bluh, bluh bluh., Oh dude, I’m gonna try to cook the egg. In this thing, here. Yo, it’s like bubbling up That is so cool. I gotta say: that’s probably the coolest way I’ve ever seen: eggs cooked man.. This reminds me of a stress ball.. The deep dish crust is done.. Next up I gotta make some rotisserie chicken right now.. It totally worked. Oh Look at this. Wait just pick. It up is it stuck on there, though It’s a little stuck., What Oh, my gosh Dude. It looks like a saucer And because I’m not allowed to use a knife to slice up the chicken I brought along some wolverine claws, Whoa out of my private collection. So.. Wait a second what Yup Three two one. ( yelling )! Oh, Oh, and don’t try this at home! Yeah, do not try this at home.! Do not! Here we go. Let’s send this off., I didn’t know Whoa. I needed chicken Woo Iron Chef, but now I do Alright. Here we go.. I have a lot of chicken.. Oh my gosh ( growling ) Kind of blacked out there for a second.. What just happened That was crazy. You got chicken in your hair. Now look to the side.. Do I, And since I can’t use a hot pan or a grill or anything, I gotta use two irons. Wait for what That’s right, I’m cooking the hot dogs just like this., Oh my-, oh geez, That isn’t really cool man.. This is totally working.. You lost a dog. Next up time to slice up an onion., (, grunting and heavy breathing). Alright, my hot dogs are cooked., Alright. Well, you know, I think, it’s time to retire the wolverine claws and man I gotta say these things were a ton of fun. (, growling, ), (, yells, ), ( growls ). To cook my steak. I have a brand new way of doing this.
. We are using Gallium, or, should I say, liquid, metal. Wait. And I’ve heated it up. What where the Gallium is now molten, It’s extremely hot and we’re gonna be pouring it on here to see if it sears it and cooks, it. You’re, not gonna eat that right, No, you cannot eat it once the Gallium has touched it we’re just doing It to see if it’ll actually work. Do not try this at home, Put some safety goggles on.. We got a cutting board right here.. We are taking this very seriously.. Whoa Gonna get out of the way a little bit., 3. 2 1 Ohhhh No way. Listen to that, oh my gosh, Great job Yo. I can smell it sizzling., It’s literally molten metal right now, guys on the inside of this thing. Eww, Look at the metal’s like still liquid and everything dude. Wow. This is definitely gonna win me the $10,000.. Alright, next up, I gotta roll out my dough, but unfortunately I can’t use a rolling pin, so I gotta use these things. Hold on. Why do you have blue dough Dude? This thing is very difficult.. What is going on Alright here we go we’re just gonna lather, some of this cheese on just like this.. What are you doing? I’m trying to roll this thing out. Here we go I’ve now lathered up my cheese., It’s time to shave it.. So, let’s see here here, we go. Just gonna shave it like this.. This is actually working out. Ohhh, Look at that man. Cheese, shaving out the wazoo bro., I’m putting the hot dog in the crust, and now I’m attaching it to the crust. You’re encrusting, a hot dog.. Yes, ( drums ). Alright, my crust is done and now it’s time to cut up some pepperoni.. What are you doing? I’m brickening my cheese, man. Yeah. I can’t figure You’re what out how to cut it.. That’s not a term That absolutely is man.. That’s like really clean.. I hope you sanitized that brick Collins. I did man, I always clean my bricks before I use them in my cooking. Alright time to cut up this pepperoni., Wait how you gonna again see how you gonna cut that up without a knife., Oh. You’re, probably Gonna need to use a brick, Oh no, no no. Uh huh. I got the best way., Alright Collins, I got the saw Yo what You brought a full saw you’d use to chop down a tree Yes.. This does not belong in a kitchen Devan. Here, ya. Go., Do not try this at home.
Three, two one Ooooh, Yes, Yooooooo $10,000! Here I come. Time to get rid of the saw. I think I did what I needed to do.. Wait, wait! Wait! What about my cheese, though? Okay, fine., You know what back to the brick bro back to the brick.. It’s almost time to assemble our pizzas, but first I need the most important ingredient tomato sauce.. While you do that, I’m gonna make some squiggly potatoes with some squiggly scissors. Here.. Oh wait! It broke my squiggly scissors.. Oh yes, Yes, Oh My Gosh. It’s opening! I need something to put it in.. Oh yes, What Squiggly potato number one.! It’s such a little amount of tomato sauce for the amount you’re having to squeeze that thing. Dude. I know. And the finishing touch I grab my mom’s hair crimper like this and no we’re gonna put this thing inside like this and then we’re gonna cook, the potato just like this.. What Here we go? Alright, I’ve got all the sauce I need and now it’s time to assemble our pizzas.. This is like ketchup right Dude. That’s like half of my sauce, Oh man, double dip. What’re, you doing Alright. Well now, let’s assemble the pizzas.. We’ve got all the pizza ingredients and now it’s time to assemble it., So I’m gonna kick it off right here with a whole bunch of tomato sauce man Same dude. Alright, here we go. Three, Two One ( yells ) Whoa Dude. This thing splattered it man, ( yells, ), What I lost concentration for a sec.. My pizza was so great., But it got on me bro.. Next up. We got some of this cheese, so here we go. Let’s just splat down the cheese like this: Oh yeah, man, Whoa First layer, is all done time for the second layer.. Alright, next up, I’m laying down a base of cheddar cheese, I’m putting a whole bunch of chicken and onion for this layer.. Alright, here we go man just gonna keep pullin it in pullin it in uh oh.. I hope it tastes good because it doesn’t look so great. This is food Devan, it’s not about how it looks it’s about how it tastes., Alright time to put the finishing touches on these things and find out who wins. The $10,000. Got the completed pizza’s and I have never seen a pizza that looks like that. Before.. Here’s the big, reveal you ready Three, two one ta-da Bro And when I slice this thing open man, it’s gonna be incredible. On the inside. You get to comment down below and vote. Who’s pizza. Do you think is gonna taste better, We’ll be trying them as well as choosing the $10., You challenged us to make a taco, but we’re not allowed to use a tortilla press, a knife or a griddle.
. So, let’s go Because I’m not allowed to use a griddle, I’m kicking off by turning my watermelon into a functioning grill right, now. Wow And since I can’t make a normal tortilla, I’m making a rice tortilla. Oh Okay! Here we go. Let’s go. Dude ( yells )! It’s in my eye, it’s in my face.. Alright, here we go.. Well, I’m going to continue over here.. I am drenched off the bat.. Instead of making normal white rice, I’m making purple rice That is brand new bro I’ve never seen a purple rice, taco before.. That seems like it’s be a lot more convenient man.. I’m really excited to see if it works. I’m confused. Whoa. Is this cause? You Three two can’t use a knife One.? Oh my gosh, I feel like One., Oh my gosh. I feel like I’m using a sword right now: okay, ( grunts ). I hear it goin’, Oh snap, Dude, No Nice, But a perfect slice off the top Good job. Come at me. Bro, Give me a high five Yeah. The rice is cooked and it’s cooled and now it’s time to make the patty.. This is called juicing from the bottom, Careful (, yells ), Oh man. I regret nothing. Alright. Well now, I’m taking out my rice from the top and I’m gonna, lay it down on this very hot skillet. Thing., Wait why -‘Cause! This is gonna cook, the patty dude.. It’s like sizzlin bro, you’re gonna like crisp rice, though man. Exactly., (, yells ). What It ran into my armpit. Final step is to make the grilling top here on the melon, so we’re bringing back the drill baby. It totally worked. Oh, my dude, that’s super crispy., Wait dude. What are you drilling on your watermelon? I’m gonna be grilling a whole bunch of meat for my taco.. I think my purple rice is finally ready to be formed into the perfect tortilla shape. Time to finish up the watermelon grill. This thing is coming along amazing., My purple rice taco, shell is done now, it’s time to slice up my pepper. Wait! So how you gonna slice that without a knife – Oh Liquid, Nitrogen Dude, this is so cool. I know right! Oh my gosh Do not try this at home. We have a trained professional here., It’s time to dunk in my pepper., Oh my gosh. This is food grade liquid nitrogen, so you can actually eat whatever you put in it.. Three, two, oh wait. Three second like-challenge we wanna see, we go Three. Two One Done Three, Two One Ohhhhhhhh. It’s like bubbling up. Oh Oh, oh, oh, It’s bubbling up. Alright, I gotta get it out. I’m gonna use the pineapple to protect myself Dude. This is definitely gonna win me the $10,000. And the steam is like all by my legs right now. It’s so cold. This is insane.
Oh, my! It’s like a hot bath except it’s freezing, cold Whoa. Look at that! It’s working Dude! This is the most amount of liquid nitrogen we’ve ever had before. I kinda wanna freeze my pineapple now.. Can I freeze some pineapple? No, no! No! This is for me Collins.. I just wanna freeze some pineapple.. This is for me.. You can actually knock on it right now.. I have never heard a pepper that sounds like this before. Man, this is-, I haven’t either., so cool Whoa. Oh, my gosh, It’s already starting to crack. Alright, it’s ready to go.! Oh my gosh, I’m setting it down.. It looks like it’s been stuck in cryo sleep for years, man., It’s like coming out right, now. Again do not try this at home.. You ready Yes.. Three. Two One (smashes pepper, ) Ohhhhhh. Oh my gosh, No Way (replay in slow motion) – And this is all I need – that’s perfect. That sounded like a piece of glass dude. That is the best alternative to a knife. I have ever seen Holy cow. This is insane Alright. My first ingredient of my salsa is done. Next ingredient. Is this mango and a drill. Wait you’re gonna put a drill in a taco? No, no, no I’m drilling the mango.. Why are you drilling the mango bro? I gotta drill. The mango to get the mango out to put it into my salsa. Now I hit reverse and we reverse outta there and look at that A little bit of mango at a time.. If you can’t tell this is my not impressed face. Dude, I’m working without a knife., I’m not impressed., Have you ever tried to make salsa with just a bunch of diced up fruits and vegetables without a knife, We’re not impressed.? Next, I’m gonna pickup some piece of pork right here: alright, let’s just drop’em in.. So here we go splash. And now I’m cracking these crab legs., I put a whole bunch of hot coals inside the watermelon grill. So hopefully this is gonna work. And do not try this at home. Bro. This looks so good. Three, Two One, Oh Dude, listen to it sizzle bro Dude. I didn’t think this would work man., A watermelon grill. Well, what might not actually work is cracking these with some bolt cutters. Wait Bolt cutters, An employee at target, told me it was a life-hack.. Alright, that’s enough pieces of pork for right, now., Perfect! So now I’m gonna let those cook and roast Whoa.
It fits. Oh yes, Oh my gosh. It actually works man Dude Here how about this bro I’ll help you out a little bit Devan.! You don’t need any help. I guess okay. No help needed.! Oh snap, Dude mine are cooking. So perfectly bro. Look at this! Oh! It’s starting to come along. Yes, Look at that! Alright! Here we go gonna press. My tortilla got a tortilla pressing, contraption. Dude. That is way too elaborate. You can never get too elaborate when trying to press a tortilla.. First, I’m gonna put the two pieces of glass together like this. What are you doing? You got a frog man. I got a frog. You’re supposed to make music with that. Separate the two just like this and then plop it down. Ooh, Yep yep, yep yep, yep Yeah. We have a little pump here, so this pump is gonna be integral to the plans.. This does not come out dude.. Oh my gosh. Are you seeing this Whoa Look at this Dude? Why is it not perfectly circular, though, That is amazing., I’m a little concerned.. Alright man, Nice, There is my taco shell.. That is the most impressive way I have ever seen a tortilla made. To cook my tortilla since we’re not allowed to use a grill. I made a hot rock.. Basically, I stuck it in the oven and got it super hot.. Do not try this at home.. So, let’s see if it’s actually able to cook my tortilla. Three, Two One Ohhh, Oh no, I forgot to PAM the rock.. I gotta PAM, the rock hold on.. Alright, Here we go Here. We go. You ready, Yup, Three, Two One: Teamwork, man, Yeah, Oh dude! It’s gotten crispy To cook my tuna, I’m actually using beeswax., Wait, beeswax, Yes.! You can cook something with beeswax. I guess we’ll find out Three Two One: Are you pouring it directly on the fish Yeah? Oh my gosh Yo. It hardens instantly. Keep going keep going. Oh, my gosh, This is amazing. Alright, the wax is all hardened, and now it’s time to break out my fish. Ohhhh Wait a minute. It looks like congealed bologna with some weird some stuff in the middle man.. This doesn’t look so good.. I gotta break it, open somehow., Yeah, how you gonna do this. I don’t know. Three two one. Ohhhhh. Oh my gosh Dude. It breaks away so easily., It’s working out! Perfectly.! You gotta, be careful you’re, getting wax all on my hot rock bro.. You gotta, be gentle with your fish man.. Look it it cooked all the way through.. This is the final stretch right here., Oh, Oh, my gosh, Whoa Yo. That is amazing. I did not think that would work at all. Got our tacos and now it’s time to assemble them, but first we gotta. Add some seasoning to it.
. Yes, So check this out.. So here we go. (light saber, sound effect. ) Ohhhh Touch sabers. Here we go. Oh Flips, off., Let’s deactivate there, we go. Seasoning time, see if you hold it down What I gotta go with the wasabi next. You makin’, like a like a sushi taco.. Oh my gosh dude. I still can’t believe that the watermelon was able to fully cook the meat. Next up, I’m adding this ahi tuna. Aw man. There we go. It’s very nice and pink on the inside though.. I know Alright, Just gonna add this on top. Wax cooked fish man. How it that gonna taste Alright. Look at this though. Alright, now it’s time to put the finishing touches on these and find out who wins. Got the finished tacos. And you added a whole new element. Man, competition is tough., We’re going for $10,000 man. So here’s the big reveal. Three, Two, Oh yeah, Five second subscribe challenge. We wanna see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds. You ready Here. We go Five, Four Three, Two One Done. If you can do that, comment down below Keyper Squad right now and let’s see how these look. Three two one ta-da, Oh my gosh, I made a little extra thingy and everything You get to comment down below Man. Who’s taco do, you think, is gonna taste, better, We’ll be trying them and choosing the $10., You challenged us to make a burger, but we are not allowed to use a knife, a hotplate or a pan. So, let’s go To kick mine off. I gotta crack some eggs And I gotta slice up some tomatoes. Three, Two One Ohhh No way. What are you making I’m making the breading for my chicken. Next up is for me to slice up this beef, but I can’t use a knife, so I’ve got the next best thing: a paper shredder Wait. That makes no sense. That’s the office paper Really shredder. Devan.. Wait: okay! I don’t even think it’s gonna be able to grind up that meat to be honest. Bro. Next up, we gotta melt the cheese, So we got my moms wax melter over here, just gonna place, some cheese in and I’m sorry mom from now on. Whenever you melt wax you’re gonna smell like a little bit of cheese.. Alright, my beef is tenderized and Collins. It’s time for you to hold the shredder.. This is raw. Meat, do not touch raw meat and do not try this at home. Ready Set, Go Oh Snap. Dude it worked, It does sound kinda broken though., It’s stuck. I want it back. I want my meat back. Why you can’t get it. Ah, my cheese fell. Look it’s starting to overflow! On the top Devan. I gotta, say man. I did not think that this would work bro, but I’m actually shocked.
. I’m actually kinda surprised. This worked too.. If this was featured in an infomercial, it would be the next billion dollar product for sure. You ever find yourself at 3 p.m. thousands of feet above the earth in a Goodyear blimp with nothing but raw meat and a paper shredder No.. But if you did, what would you wanna do with it? Devan You got raw meat, Beef basher? No, that’s not the design yet.! You got raw meat and you got a Beef. Basher Devan you’ve got raw meat and a paper shredder Beef basher 2000. There we go Ours Order today by calling my personal cellphone number 555. 34. You can’t give that We’re on air Got my garlic minced up. I think I’m gonna make some aioli and I’m gonna use this mustard next.. As you make your aioli bro, I’m gonna be filling my patties with cheese.. Alright, here we go so, let’s see if I can suck up some of this cheese. Three, Two One. Oh It’s working! It’s working! Nice Nice Gotta overpower this garlic with all the other ingredients.. Oh my gosh, I’m gonna go on the side like this. Here we go three two one just gonna inject the cheeese. What are you-? Oh, It’s dripping out the sides. Oh boy, Okay. Time to mix my stuff up next up gotta cook, my shrimp.. We don’t have a hotplate, though how you gonna cook that thing dude, I’m gonna use an electric fly swatter.. What if it like, combusts the shrimp? I guess we’ll find out It’s an electric fly, swatter bro. If it touches it, might just go: boof (electricity, crackles, ) Ohhh. That was definitely a piece of shrimp.. Alright. Here we go three. Oh my gosh, Oh boy, Two One Ohhhh Ohhhhhh. I did not think that would work bro.. I didn’t either.. Next up, I gotta chop my onions, but since I have no knife, I’m gonna use a figure skate A what. How are you gonna slice it? It doesn’t seem that sharp man. Three Two One. Oh yeah, Oh my gosh, If you do that here, we go I’m gonna pop, my potato on the top here, like this. Got in my eye. You shoot onion juice in your eye, man ( yells! ). Are you alright, So how bout this I’m just gonna borrow your skate real quick.? This was a much better method, so here we go. Just gonna slice. Up like this, give us a second. We gotta finish this up real quick. Dude. This no knife thing is so tough. I’m gonna have to use pencil sharpeners to cut my onion., I’m having an issue with no hotplate, but I think I’ve got a great solution: a curling iron to cook my bacon. And remember, do not try this at home.. Oh, You hear the sizzle. This works, Oh my gosh, just gonna take it off and just gonna place it down.
Here you ready Three Two One ( mumbling ), Oh gon, na curl up a few more of those and then it’s time to assemble the burger. Time to dredge my chicken. Dredge it. So I’m just gonna dip it in here. First, That’s called dredging And then they go right in to here. Wait ew, my gosh. What do you mean? “ Ew, my gosh”? This is gonna, be amazing. I don’t know man, it’s kinda questionable.. Alright. This is my last piece of chicken.. I’ve got my cheese-filled burger, patties and now it’s time to cook these in a very unique way.. You ready, Devan, I’m so ready.. I’m sure this is gonna blow your minds. So right now, let’s hop outside.. We have a Lamborghini here which was lent to us by our friend Chris. We’re gonna be cooking. The meat in two different ways. Number one is on the engine and number two is on the tailpipes.. Here we go. Three Two One: Oh man, (car engine, revs) Dude, Oh my gosh. What I’ve got the burger meat and now it’s time to see if it will actually cook., Do not try this at home.. So here we go. Lem me get’em in position.. Three Two One (car engine, revs) – Oh, Oh, my gosh Dude. It is so hot right now I can feel the heat coming: off., (, elevator, music, ). Alright, that’s enough right now for the burgers Devan.. So next up we’re gonna see the tailpipe can cook your chicken. Alright. Three Two One (car engine, revs) Dude. What This is insane (, elevator, music) Done Alright Alright., My chicken’s looking super crispy dude. And the burgers are almost done so we’re just gonna be cookin’em a little bit more and then we’ll be adding these to our burgers.. Now surprisingly, this didn’t work. So we actually had to put it in the oven.. It’s now time to assemble the burgers, so I gotta say off the bat bro, my bun, What turned out so good Mine looks so boring in comparison.. It truly is, I really hope, these unconventional cooking techniques work’cause I wanna win the $10,000, so bad man, Dude same., For my burger patty remember this thing is filled with cheese. Yo dude. Yours actually turned out really good.. Next up we’re gonna get some pickles on there ,’cause you gotta get some salty crispy crunchiness on it. Then, of course, we’ve got the spirally bacon.
Time to put the finishing touches on out burger and I’m really excited to see. Who’s looks better but, more importantly, who’s, tastes, better.. So right now, let’s finish these things. Up. We’ve got the burgers and I say mine is definitely worth the $10,000.. I don’t know man, I think mine is., So here’s the big reveal Three. Two, Oh wait! If you wanna win a 15 minute, the word “ eat” to 81800 you’ll automatically be entered in to win and lets see how these turned out.. Three Two One Ta-da You get to comment down below who’s burger. Do you think, is gonna taste, better, We’ll be tasting them and choosing the $10., It’s time to find out which pizza tastes better.. We have two very different pizzas mine. You got a whole bunch of layers to it.. It’s extremely heavy dude feel it.. It’s like Yeah.. That looks really heavy. Okay, Oh my god. It’s like 20 pounds, bro.! It’s not that yeah! That’s really heavy.! Are you kidding me? Bro, That’s extremely heavy and you’ve got a blue pizza, so it’s gonna be really interesting to see which one tastes better. Devan, which pizza? Should we taste? First, Let’s taste yours dude. I really wanna see. What’s on the inside of that. Here we go. Do not try this at home. Here we go time to slice. This open three, Two One, Not too quick., Not too quick, Yeah! Okay! Here we go okay. Now open, it., Open it up.. I wanna see what’s inside. Three Two One Ohhhhh. Oh, my gosh That looks so good Dude. You can see the layers man, it’s perfect., Dude. Alright, here you go Devan. Here is your piece.? Oh thank you.. That’s your piece right! There.! I didn’t know. I wanted such a big piece.. It’s a two slice pizza guys. It’s kind of a Chicago deep dish, tradition, wait so seriously. That’s all you’re gonna do just a forkful. Yes, what are you doing here? I’m just trying to turn it around. So I can get a bite of it.. It’s gonna fall out.! Okay! Here we go. ( screams ), It’s coming out Three Two One Mmm Whoa Mmm Whoa, Mmm Mmm. That is super good. Oh my gosh two thumbs up ( mumbles ), the barbecue sauce. Dude. I did not wanna like that, but that was so good Nicely done. It’s like a smurf pizza man.. What do you mean? Dude You’re, breaking the middle? Oh, my gosh Devan come on clean slice. I got mine perfectly clean, Devan, you’re being judged on this man.. This is a little bit more difficult than I expected. A dry ice egg. Man, you put an egg on a pizza once before, which I questioned, but it actually tased really good, but a dry ice egg. It looks like it turned out, though, didn’t it.
It has a weird like texture and quality to it. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s not quite the most appetizing look.. I don’t know if you’re looking at the same thing, I’m looking at.. Oh, I definitely am man.. Here’s, the first slice. Collins. You can have the honors.. Oh see you missed the egg. Your blue crust is um- Is what Fantastic Amazing Like the ocean Reminds you of everything good in the world. Suspicious. Here you go, Collins. Yep, be very careful Here. Is your yep there ya go. Time for my slice. Wait? Why do you get a bigger slice than I do man? I did. If you look at the exact okay they’re, the same., I tried to make it pretty equal. They’re the same they’re, the same okay, I take it back.. I did a good job on this.. Three. Two One ( coughs, ) Whoa, Whoa, It’s so bad. It makes you wanna. Do kung fu. Wow hat’s like a weird combo, man., (, mumbles ). Why ( laugh )? That was like some really good elements like the pepperoni Yeah, the cheese I got. Ta say man, the crust, the blue crust, Yeah. No, You get to comment down below and vote who’s pizza. Do you think, won this round. We’ll be announcing the $10.. We’ve got the completed burgers and now it’s time to find out which one is worthy of the $10,000 prize.. How bout we start with yours. First, I’m super ready. What really makes these burgers interesting is that they were cooked using a Lamborghini. So it might, I know, change the whole taste of’em.. The chicken was right by the tailpipes man just taking a whole bunch of heat from the car.. Alright, I think I’m gonna cut it in half first. With a fork and I’ve never seen someone just cut a burger just…. Alright. Here we go going down the center. Dude, the shrimp I forgot with the electric fly swatter. Man just zappin it. I don’t know if it cooked it or not. Yeah. Oh, there goes a shrimp, You lost one.. This is a tough one. Man.! Alright! Here we go gonna try and sink my slice. Ready All right. Yeah. What are you pushing it into mine for Three two Hold up? What are you three, two one-ing, I’m revealing your burger. You have a lot of full onions in here, man. Yeah. It was more for aesthetics.. Oh, my gosh, it’s all sliding apart Devan., I gotta say in terms of construction. This burger gets a B minus.. Can I order this burger without onions? Can I just take the onions off? Please I’m the chef and I think you should eat it. The way the chef prepared. Here we go. What are you doing? I’m not taking off the onions. It just fell, off. Uh-huh, really Yeah on purpose.
, Oh wait. Now I lost the bottom. Bun hold on Devan., Really You’re, so much drama man Just eat it.. Three Two One: Once you get all the flavors, it’s not so bad. It made me, do a little “, Hmm” Yeah I like that., Got some cheese. You know got some burger., I gotta say that was really good. Once you get past the initial onion man, it was delicious Yeah. That was actually really really good.. Here we go. Time to slice down from the top man, but do not try this at home., Oh man, the cheese, Three Two one. Ohhhh Look at the cheese, Whoa Bro, it’s all wet and slimy., I’m just doing my best to make a great burger man. Right Now, let’s see how this cheese-filled Lamborghini-grilled burger, tastes., Three Two One: Oh, What It’s so dry! It’s like a saltine cracker., The pickles taste, really good.! You get to comment down below and vote who’s burger won this round and we’ll be finding out who wins the $10,000.., We’ve got the completed tacos and now it’s time to find out which one is worthy of $10,000 and just remember, we grilled the meat on a watermelon, so it might change the whole flavor of this thing. Oh yeah, This thing’s in a taco bowl that was made by a hot rock.. Alright, I don’t know how we do this. Do we just I’ve, never eaten a taco bowl whole before. I’ll grab my fork and knife. Oh yeah, you wanna split it in half. You did do a good job of cutting these things man.. Thank you. Wait cutting what Of cutting these Oh yeah, yeah yeah.! That’s right! Thank you.. My art on the side is definitely (. Kissing, sound), You’re. Opening this thing up and not in the best way. Man., It started off as a taco bowl and it’s turned into a regular taco.. Alright. So I guess, on the count of three we’ll see how this thing tastes, you ready Three, Two One! Oh yeah, You know what I didn’t think the flavors blended, but they really do. I think that watermelon actually really helped with the fruity flavor.. Yours is gonna have a tall mountain to climb. If it looks to beat this one, here. Yeah, the pomegranate seeds like tied the whole dish, together. So now, Devan time to find out how yours, tastes., Yeah mines got a rice, taco shell prepared in a coffeemaker. That’s not even the craziest thing.
Bro you have fish That’s been cooked in hot wax I think this is gonna taste great I don’t know man Three, Two: Oh wait We just launched our brand new Keyper club and if you become a member, you will get exclusive access to live streams, merch discount codes, custom, emojis, loyalty, badges and exclusive content You can’t see anywhere else So click the top link in the description to join It’s only $499 a month and let’s see how this tastes Here we go Three, Two One: Alright, oh, that doesn’t look good (, mumbles ), The wasabi Ohhhhh Oh my gosh automatic disqualification trash It just overpowered the whole thing You get to comment down below who’s Taco won this round Now it’s time to find out who won the $10,000 There were three different dishes and I gotta say Devan You definitely won the burger dish, Oh yeah definitely, That was all yours, but the taco dish that was mine right there Yes, unfortunately, And what it all comes down to is the pizza dish so mine, I gotta, say a lot of really unique flavors but all-in-all It had multiple different layers of all, it’s goodness within yeah But presentation was super weak Okay, yeah, I gotta say the blue crust was definitely a nice touch on yours, egg in the middle Yeah mine looked the part, It looked like $10,000, But ultimately it comes down to taste, Devan Yeah And if we’re jusdging based on taste, I think you Know the answer Unfortunately, I don’t think mine was the greatest Therefore, so I think you won Yes, I won the $10,000 Nicely done So comment down below what would you buy with $10, You got five seconds here We go Five Four three two one done This is going directly to my savings account We love you Bye,

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