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$11 salad and $95 salad

1 Nov , 2019  

So you just saw a bunch of wild footage. You might notice that not all of it is salad and that’s because today we are exploring great salads and the foods that you eat with them to make them so great. Today, I’m worth it we’re gonna be trying three salads at three draftee different price points to find out, which one is the most birthday and it’s bread. This is going to be a giant episode. I mean first off what is a salad fruit, salad. Is it a salad, macaroni, salad? Yes, sadly, this is one that I cannot believe we’re doing in a lot of ways.
. They said we couldn’t do it. You know salad, who said we couldn’t do it where’s? My salad dance, you have a salad, dance yeah having danced for us in a while Steve, you gotta start with plucking. The greens plucking, the greens, mixing the ball, mixing the ball. Our first salad is a papaya salad brought to us by chef, plow and chef fern jus of LA’s, most celebrated Thai chefs. They opened a number of tyrants, we’re going to love to eat Thai Bistro.. When you add a salad, much like Adam on this show right, because you could have a good meal, but you can’t have a great meal without Adam. I mean it’s Alex. What kind of restaurant is loved to eat? We want people to come and eat and feel like this eating at friend’s house is a lot is the more we must sell up in Thailand, it’s spicy and sour and sweet. I love that today. I want to make a medium spicy, okay, other people who work here. Just her, do you say medium spicy and they were like? Oh that’s, very spicy yeah. This way we have the side like tell people that is really hot yeah. I want to try your medium spicy. Okay for the papaya fella he’s have green papaya. Thai eggplant is that it’s not the same here. The long one, the wrong one. Yeah and crispy cut this more pieces and put in the mortar, together with the sauce harm sugar, lime, juice, tamarind, sauce, fish, sauce and parting. Why is it important to pound it instead of chopping and mixing the ingredients? You want a sauce inside the wettable, so you’re like crushing the vegetables and then the flavors go in you’re, putting forever intuitive vegetable yeah like real, spicy and simple, but the tent is authentic. Is it usually eaten as an appetizer or with the meal in estimator? We put everything in common good.
I love that if the food is done bring it out right like no need to wait, and so the dish that we’re gonna pair this with is The Crying tiger. Why is it called The Crying tiger because Eve bond heart still headless ow? Oh, sounds like a tiger. That’s crying right! My moms will me like man. I don’t know about this story. My mom, my mom, told me like that, and then I think we’re also gonna have Jade noodle it’s made from Phoenix and we topping with roasted duck barbecue pork, crispy, pork, awesome and say the heater, oh ho baby cute. Shall I serve you some selfies? Oh, my goodness, I’m eating this like pasta, that’s a good call! You can twirl it up like pasta, Cheers that is insanely good. It’s lingering! Yes! Now tickling the back of my throat, the spice yeah a little bit of a you know a lover’s tickle. So on the spectrum of tickles, this is like a feather, not just like the full coochie-coochie-coochie-coo. I love the way. This days you can’t hold on to any one. Flavor you’re, like yeah, tastes, a little shrimp. Then they peanut. Oh here’s, why? No it’s a little spicy! How do you mean not gonna be the best part of the sound, yet the texture, the texture, yeah, let’s try some crying tiger. Yes, that is exactly what I want juicy marinated steak dipping in this very fishy sauce, we’ll get in surf and turf here, Jade noodle made neuters. This is a bitters whoa, sorry yeah, just seeing the color right now, it’s green. What I’m going crazy right now, but you sound a little crazy. This is amazing. With this one noodle do I eat the whole thing in one go I mean obviously elbow struggle. I feel, like I’m gonna regret, saying this, but I could have had this salad. A little bit spicier, let’s know some more Chili’s on here. So what is this? Homemade despises scary-looking? Be careful! Oh okay, haha! You are you’re finishing this plate, young man. Alright. Now we do the Figge right. Yes, we usually grab and make it like a ball and dip. Well, you want spicier right touch. No, I’m guys there. You go whoo-hoo spicy her. This is the first time I’ve been at a table where there was beefy steak. Crispy, pork, noodles and the thing that’s gone is the salad, the salad that was a very unique salad, great example of what a salad can be. It doesn’t have to have leaves just like this, a lot that we made this morning, we’re eating ambrosia, salad, truly one of the most bizarre salads in existence.
We couldn’t find a place selling it, so we had to make our own. We actually got the recipe from a former colleague of ours, Scott Loy, who’s, now a producer at the New York Times. He grew up eating this he’s a staunch supporter of the Ambrosius salad driving to our next salad location, perfect opportunity to try your ambrosia salad. It smells delicious, it doesn’t sound delicious. Oh, this isn’t like a dessert course. I guess pull over and eat this actually liked it a lot. You know it’s not that crazy. It is a dessert for sure it’s just like all the ingredients of a cake. The actual case, sound fact, salad fact somebody else’s halifax. Thank you. The literal translation of ambrosial in Greek is immortality. It was originally the name used for food that could only be consumed by gods and goddesses in Greek and Roman mythology. Pretty big praise for this salad sense, though I think it’s more that you have to have this strength of a god to eat this as a salad. Well, thanks for chatting Scots we’re headed now to p3 emotes a throwback to our very first episode together this time. We’Re going to meet with the chef/owner of Petri of Malta, Nancy Silverton, I am so excited about this Nancy Silverton is a Los Angeles. Restaurant legend we’re gonna be trying her salad as she put her name on. It has to be so good. We got to get a little pizza right, it’s a little taste, I’m cool with that. What makes a really good salad, it’s not easy to make a salad people just think of it as tossing, but you’ve agreed against together in composing the salads. I think each one has to serve a purpose chopped really. What you’re eating is a chopped up, antipasti tray, you’re, getting salami pepperoncini onions that salad works, because you can get a bite of each ingredient in one mouthful, iceberg, lettuce and ridiculous. I really love always season those lettuces with kosher salt, fresh, lemon juice, toss that sliced provolone or bon Sabine’s, sungold cherry tomatoes, the yellow super-sweet ones, that’s toss with oregano vinaigrette and piled high for the drama right. That cell goes by and everybody can say – oh I’ll have one of those.
Would you do us the honor of building out a perfect meal with some zipless salad, so I think, with an old-school chopped, you’re gonna go old school huh now put Pizza also know this pizza is named after my son. His name is Benjamin, and so we call it. Pizza Alabama sounds better than pizza all our bad, but my son would always order the pineapple pizza and I’m like that is awful. How could you do it? You know you knew that pineapple came from the can and it was sweet and it had. I think, Canadian bacon, you know, but it was really the worst choice. So I was determined to make one that I would even like. The pizza is definitely the focus of this restaurant and how can he a piece about salad, yeah? We came back the pizzeria Monza two years ago to the day, probably not yeah. It’s not completely made that up now we’ve been upgraded to the wine cellar room, Cheers mmm, a dangerous wine, it’s very smooth and I have to deflate salad Mountain a little bit. It really doesn’t look like any salad. I’ve seen before just the size of the ingredients. The density of it, it really looks like stuff that fell out of an Italian sub. Like the color palette here, light pastel dish, colors, I mean look at what I’m wearing Cheers. Now, it’s such a good salad. Oh, it’s not tomato! That thing burst like a piece of boba. The acidity of this salad is making me want to eat bread and savory stuff. Next, I have like five analogies I could use, but they’re all gross count them off. It’s like wetting, your toothbrush before putting toothpaste on there. It’s a must-do, if you don’t do it, you’re monster number two: putting water on a waterslide before you go down you’re asking for your skin to be peeled off. If you don’t do that three bedroom activities, I’m getting concerned about the lubrication theme of all these comments, for I’m done ahead of the pineapple pizza has arrived. Oh you, like that, Annie sorry, action, we’re gone. How good the crust is here. It’s a great pizza. Let’s try a little salad break: oh hell, yeah! You get the acidic salad bounce back to your sweet and meaty cheesy pizza. Listen as a Cavs fan. I went through many many years with LeBron James was the only great player on that team and we couldn’t win championship Pizza LeBron, but you can’t win the championship with LeBron.
Only no, you got to have those salad players so much pressure being a pizza Adam, the salad of our team, mmm, it’s more like the marshmallow. I was not expecting Nancy to suggest pineapple and ham pizza. We got a pizza to go as well, because two pizzas, it wasn’t enough one of the quintessential salad and pizza herrings – doesn’t have this salad component at all, but rather than dressing yes talking about ranch on pizza, forgive us a Nancy! You want! You want emotion. I know we’re just dipping: go we’re doing this driving the car neaten pizza with ranch. I gotta make this mall right there. He took Joe’s Shanghai kid. Hmm, I don’t know any almost hurled, they’re, definitely pretty good. I just had a bite without ranch. It’s way better got a ranch fact. Hidden Valley Ranch is responsible for introducing ranch dressing, ranch style. Dressings are now the favorite salad dressing flavor in the u.s. to state that you’re. The first of anything very impressive, we’re heading now downtown to a place called the manufacturing. This is a giant complex that has bakeries a couple of restaurants: a market space, one of the restaurants in that space, Tartine Bianco, is where we’re going next and we’re meeting up with Chris Bianco one of the creative visionaries behind that space, as well as chef de Cuisine, Camden Hershberger, so we’re having egg Liotta a classic Italian steak. Preparation typically served with a small arugula salad. So are we getting a steak or rigging a salad both before or during Robin and with Robin comes Batman? That’s right! I don’t want to eat bats though, or Birds. Well, not like birds is about a brick. Bat is a mammal. They have nipples we’re in the manufacturing built 1917 most recently American about was here before and they manufacture clothes. Now we manufacture. Well, I guess the earth manufacturers that’s kind of the crux of our work – is trying not to screw up what’s already perfect. My part of child, in my collaboration, is really about finding incredibly talented young chefs, like chef, Camden, tortilla, Bianco and working with them to being a band, not a solo artist. Today we’re going to be trying this tagliata.
What is that dish? Okay, yeah uh. You know sorry, I wasn’t saying that right, ya, know gee, you know many times they slide the G like slice thick, but it sounds about 30 ounce bone in New York cut about two inches thick, the beef we get from small farms, either in Washington or Northern California, we grill that over almond wood presented with the bone, just in case you want kind of non adapter where Stephen always gnaws on the bone. Actually, it’s recommended yeah, okay, good! I’m glad I’m justified here. The salad is constructed seconds before the steak, a slice arugula. It’s dressed in sherry, vinegar, olive oil, salt and a little lemon juice. It has to be fresh because, as soon as the salt hits, those greens, it’s pulling the moisture out through osmosis. Why arugula it’s nice and peppery? What do you need with a piece of protein? What do you crave? You know for us something bitter something cut back, so that’s the job of a salad. Yes, you have the steak, that’s beefy and heavy and rich. Then you have the salad. It’s light, its crisp, it’s a city as we get older. I think we realize the secret to any of it because balance yes, like when you’re younger it’s volume, all I want to do is make it louder and then finally find out. What’s the tipping point of volume I think maturing is uh? Is restraint holding something back enough, so people can read that chairs even chairs salads, that’s a sick one! I know what Adam come here and drink this wine all right. Let’s bread! I wanted the Porsche first, look how spongy this is literally incorporated porridge into the dough. It’s such a moist crawler. Is it my first time having Tartine bread Cheers? This is Wow. The texture is very unique. Yeah, it’s like gummy in a satisfying way. Hmm, we had to start with the bread, because tart team famous for their bread, they’re baking loaves all day, so you had some bread. While you wait for your salad to come, but of course it’s not the salad, that’s taking a long time. It’s the giant steak. We’Re having, alongside of it thank you, whoa net salad. In all fairness, the salad is 50 percent of this plate. Right now cheers take chairs Andrew wow, that’s a great salad. This might be the best date that we’ve had on the show. Yeah, it cooks your whole mouth It feels like your mouth is drowning in flavor this time I’m gonna follow up with the salad right away.
I can already feel myself getting ready for the salad yeah that rocks it Just kind of like deletes the steak from my mouth so that the next time that I eat it, it’s like the first time again steak and salad opposites you, my friend, are the steak Slow rich beefy me the arugula a little bitter, a little peppery a nice cut into your sarcastic tone Okay yeah! I am proud to say I him the salad of this duo If you’re this salad, you should be proud Kim, did mention the dandelion and celery salad I think Adam should eat that what a wild place that feels like Disneyland for food they’ve paid some watch attention to detail I mean we walked in there and Andrew could not get over how much he loved the chairs there Oh, my god, before we get to our worth, it winners, three favorite things from today that weren’t salads oh, go Okay, number three: the bread at Tartine; oh so good, number, two, Scott, Lloyd and the ambrosia salad You took us way deep and dark into the salad vortex on that one number one though the sign I’d love to eat That said caution of spiciness What are you? Okay, number three pink milk at love to eat: oh yeah, that was wild number two The butter swoosh at 13 Bianco Had your seat heater on for all the car rides so far, and you haven’t noticed it’s like 80 degrees today What does your butt feel like right now? No, it just feels like normal, normal hot ass All that being said, Andrew, which salad was the most worth it to you, my worth it winner today, love to eat, papaya, salad, bright, acidic, spicy, hearing that people just eat that as their meal with sticky rice, I’m gonna start doing that Steven who’s Your worth of winter, so the tagliata was perhaps the perfect state Well, that being said, my worth winner goes to the papaya salad I cannot believe him saying that cuz, I cannot believe I’m agreeing with you Annie, make sense, Adam who’s, your worth a winner, Oh with the celery sale Oh wow, yeah that salad is super good You know in when you’re playing Madden, I don’t I’ve, never played it Okay never mind you

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