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11 years old, long fingernails, challenge a day! Ah!

1 Nov , 2019  

So I’m finishing up the braid and I’m going to show you how it turned out. This is really hard: hey guys, i’m shanley and today i’m going to be doing the 11 year old, wears long nails for a day. Okay, before you guys comment down below i’m copying sister forever: oh you’re copying allison dumbly, so they challenged me to do it a couple of days ago. So please don’t and even though it’s like a trend on YouTube now, so we’re not basically copying them. So please don’t keep commenting that because it’s not true so yeah right now.
Okay, so I haven’t brushed my teeth yet I know that’s like but like I had to do it with the challenge. So I just came straight down right when I woke up, which is right now and I’m gonna put them on I’m trying to find like one nails and then we have the nail blue and then we have blue nail color and then the gel on top. So yeah I’m trying to find them in being this long. I acrylic nails before, but they weren’t this long. They were like a really short. They were like this, so yeah, Oh before you want do it the shot of the day. Let’s do it over here too, like this time come below what you want to see that it also come around below. If you want us to make a vlog channel and the only reason it is is because, like we have so much vlogs like we vlog every single day and like it’s hard to post them in time. So that’s why some of the vlogs that you just seen like me with the red hair – and that was a long time ago, so yeah and we didn’t want those logs to go to waste. So yeah like these are my nails right now: they’re ugly, oh my god, I’m nervous and excited and Alison gave us this and her mom because she started to do acrylic, nails and stuff and because she wanted me to do it, that’s why they came and gave It to us so yeah, I’m excited two days ago, our cars got stolen one day, honey. Monday morning at bed they came back the next day, like the police found them. So we found my mom’s car first in the morning. The other day, no one day were missing all day and then the other day they find one first. So what like, after they got stolen the day after that, they were still missing. But then, the day after that they found my mom’s car in the morning and then my dad’s car at night. Oh look! It is not for eleven-year-old at all. No um humanik go to the school. We don’t know, oh my god.
They would kick me right. Oh, you made that one cookie if you’re moving a lot like. I want to move to California when we’re older. Oh my god, I’m almost done. Why also? Why did you have to challenge me to do that, and you say that you didn’t want a more agree. I know what if these actually stay on, but I thought you’re really pretty good mm-hmm nice hello, my little friend mmm, I like it Allison not only had bright, pink you’re welcome, Allison, okay, so she’s gonna pick the other side. Now this is a better angle than there was before my lady’s color. So much next time, I’m gonna paint my nails that she has a crush on right. Now, a lot of you guys like say how do you know Allison? How do you know I’m like I’m like where cousin you born six week after her? I know I was six weeks all right after their pretty let it dry I’ll have breakfast first and then brush my teeth, because with braces food gets stuck. So there’s no point of rushing your teeth before. Okay. What do you want for breakfast cereal cinnamon, toast crunch, I’m having cereal? I am my cereal with milk. How do I hold it? Norma Norma! I cannot wait candy! Don’t do that. Wait, wait! A minute! Wait! A minute do these: you take the spoon like this Kimmy, giving you food. The challenge is Kelly. Take the spoon like these. Ladies, oh my god like that, hey! No, it’s not mom get these nails! Man, oh my god, that’s gonna be funny you mind doing your hair. No, I can’t even take this hair tie. Oh it gives me garlic, free you and I mm-hmm okay guys. So now I’m gonna go brush my teeth, so I’m gonna go upstairs hello. So what we should eat. This is very making sure they’re dry. So I could I get them wet and then he just mentions mush. I don’t have an electric one. I know it’s hard. It’s like weird, like, like your hand, could finally like a wrap around the whole thing. I mean it dude. The long nails would make it extra. So I want to put it on my toothbrush close, close, the lid and now let’s go and then I put the water on yeah stop it. So it is a waste water or while I’m brush my teeth. Oh, my god, every time I brush my tongue, it makes me cry. I don’t know why. Okay wash my face, stop we’re gonna go. Do my bed now.
So let’s go to my room: it’s a mess! So I’m gonna set you guys up and then you turn off my TV, because I have my TV on turn my TV off cuz. I always have it onevery night cuz. I cannot sleep without it. I don’t know why I my pink pillows, I’m hurt pink pillows right there and I put this over it. Then I have my gray pillows and then I take my fluffy pillows. Let’s put them right there then I take my throw blanket. Put it on the side. Like that, then I take this stuffed animal and this stuffed animal and then I take that was like so sit up so Allah says so now. I’m gonna text Alison for you guys, so I’m gonna go to his messages. Go to Alison. So my text, her so hey, hey, oh my god, stop! No! I don’t want that. Hey! I’m just pressed that hey! I have no! Oh, my god! This is so hard. I know how have the my god? No no! Oh, my god that was so hard. Okay, so now I’m gonna do my hair. Let’s see the light is over here, so I’m gonna have to put your eyes right here. Okay, so I’m gonna do my hair. Now it’s gonna be so hard. So let me take this out. You know, I can’t do it that way. Oh my god, so I got one out. I do not know how I’m gonna take this one I’ll just keep in a bun. This is so weird, oh my god. So now I’m going to take my parrot or take this take this. Oh, it’s not the best-looking burn at all. This is not a good bun, but I mean it works, looks so bad. Oh, look! How bad that looks.. So, let’s see how this turns out, okay, so got my phone. Oh Alison said. Oh, so I said that little sentence took forever to write you, okay. So now let me go I’m here to clean my music. We is right here, PYT, daughter, Kelly and I already have 17,000 on it like. Thank you so much okay. This is really gonna, be hard, see you guys when I’m actually gonna do something. So I tried to my hair again and I have this thing and I had to get bobby pins and look what happened they fell. So I just got the cameras like I tried to pick it up and I’m sorry. I didn’t film me trying to do this. Hair because it was really hard to film and like it’s just really hard, so I’m gonna try to pick these up. It’s gonna be rare Wow. Well, it was that easy see the second one. Oh there’s trying to pick this up. Okay got the second one. Oh I got to. I got to pick these up. Okay, so I need to get the Balder pin. Please don’t fall again. Okay, I got them so now.
I’m gonna pick this up gonna try to bobby pin this. Actually, I might just leave it like this. Yeah might just leave it like this. Actually, let me just bobby, pin like these down so yeah. I just got done with my ear. I promise you I did this like. I was just over there like. I have like everything and I just did it so yeah. I didn’t turn out that bad, it’s actually really cute, so it was kind of hard like to get these this thing through, but I think it turned out good. So, let’s see my mom’s reaction, wow thanks, not bad, nobody. It was kind of hard you see with that you still having all of it. Huh you still haven’t yet. No, I texted Allison it’s one little Center. I said: hey. One hour like I was like I kept pressing the wrong letters. Oh and then I did musically. Okay, Andy, you did you better? Never mm-hmm. Okay sounds good. It’s actually not that bad. This is better than what I drew it without a. I know this is better than one, then I do it without nails. I know so. Yeah I’ll see you guys later all right guys, so I decided to eat some Peaks or rolls so I’m gonna make me some I’m gonna there you go so the oven over there. It’s preheating, we have the little tiny oven, but because I’m not gonna use the big oven so um, it says for this, you could toast 20. These are so good. So I have to put it in like this, that we wait like 15 minutes all right guys, so they’re almost ready, so we’re leaving they’re almost ready, yeah a couple more minutes like seven more minutes or something like that. Let’s go see what that is herkie. It’s no one: no one’s there, herky he’s fine baby. It’s fine herkie lets you whoa. There is a huge Walmart packet, Harkey, there’s no one here. Let’s go bring this over there mom. We got a package. Well, my mom’s, an ugly film opening this and I’m gonna try to with easy news, tell us openers careful on the floor. Oh it’s not the same! Color that I have. I have to return that it’s not the same. Color like Henry has no way. That’s it. They said, dark blue yeah. I have to return that it’s not the same column. There is some cream and a night cream yeah. Let’s go upstairs and see. What’s what I’m talking about it’s so different. Look at he, hello, he’s this darker and this one is different. No, I need that blue. Now I have to return this so now. I’m gonna try it with this plate.
Oh that’s easy because you don’t do it with your nails. I, like that touch cheese right now. No I mean that is no bad. These are the pepperoni ones to the wall. You can have some so now. I’m gonna eat them and watch TV and drink water and then I’ll see you when I do another thing and also Alice and Emily are coming over later. So they can see that I do the challenge. Then they are gonna. Tell me stuff to do so. Yeah see you guys later, okay, guys, I’m here and we’re gonna. Do a homemade mukbang, but Hayley’s gonna make it for us because she has to do stuff with our long nails and what I want. Our pizza rolls popsicle. I am a sandwich: where are the peaks rolls big furrows, and I want one of those you can’t just grab yourself, no you’re gonna hold it with your long nails. Guess what you put in the microwave? That’s an easy way to keep the little just put them in the microwave for three minutes and they’re gone, they don’t taste them clearly. Can you pick up my shoe? I want to see what you do, how you gonna pick it up. It’s like another hook. He’s like you hooks her: okay, let’s go hailey. Okay, I need shoes on so we are gonna work out and we just made plans. It’s all sunny and then looking down with the frown. Okay. We are I wanna. Do this yeah, I can do it. I did that too. So we got plans after Keeley takes off those nails at like 12 o’clock. We’Re done so when we get done when Kayla gets done with her nails, we are going to go, get our nails done like one of these weeks, not tomorrow I’ll show you guys our options yellow, but not that one guys it’s gonna, be the coffin shape. So there’s those ones these light ones which is the ones I want like this light, color, not long. Oh, my god, I think we’re good, like water fills your nails, guys. The nails in the water actually feel really good. Oh hey guys. I saw my long nails and Natalie from Natalie blogs and Martin and we were learning to edit some nails for our moms cuz. They work very hard on yes, so I’m gonna be doing braids in her hair with long nails. That’s how much they bring just to on the phone, so I’m gonna try guys. So I hope you guys could see her head. I can’t even see my hole in the head So looks that way.
Okay! So I’m splitting her here right now with this brush and look at my puffy hair, ignore that please, what do you think puffy cause you’re? She says her hair My hair is better than hers like mine, is puff and, as you know, she cut her hair for school I know that some people don’t like it, but I like it yeah That’s all that matters that you like it and no one has the right to judge you You have a long finger No, oh, my god are those acrylic yeah Really that means they won’t come off No like it’s not like it’s just the glue It doesn’t have like all the drilling You know that this is not the best is like these are rody, and it’s pulling my head It’s really hard with these names like if I say how it’s, because, like it’s pulling my scalp okay, now it’s getting My eyebrow feels like my eyes, like behind my eyebrow lately, so I’m finishing at the braid and I’m gonna show you how it turned out I know one braid, so here’s how it turned out Yes, I tried just Are you just doing one reader book? Do me do both? Yes, I’m like I know it’s great, but it’s like pulling my head I want to see you oh well, this deck, because your hair is like uneven So let’s just go Show the parents let’s go I only doing one side cuz they’re her her head Oh my god Somehow nobody said no, oh, my gosh, that’s coming out and it was actually really hard like I had to keep redoing in stuff, but my mom turned out to like it so she’s using it so yeah and none of my nails fell off like I have to stay with the until a full wall like I was kidding, but yeah, I’m gonna try To peel an orange now, so I’m going to use my teeth, peeling it! This is actually really hard It hurts her really hard cuz like you’re, putting pressure on where that your nails aren’t there and it hurts So let me try tis see if it’s good These are like tangerines cuties forever, so I already took a shot where it wasn’t that hard, I wash my hair cuz I went in the pool It actually wasn’t that hard though so I’m like so mad that they haven’t came off yet anyways If you like this challenge or know, you won’t hurt her feelings, if you say no cuz

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