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12 summer thrifty flip ☆ jeans to shorts, cropped tops, patches + more DIY!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys, what’s up, honestly. Ever today, I’m gonna be taking you guys through and showing you the entire process of through flipping and DIYs. All of my incredible throw finds from the last couple of months. I need me some new denim shorts. Some cute crop tops all that good stuff for summer, so I’m gonna. Take you guys and show you high transfer. All of these very, like thrift, es clothes and I’m just gonna make them a little bit more trendy a little bit more flattering for my body type, and hopefully you guys can actually take some of these tips and apply it in transforming some of the clothes That you have in your closet now to – and I think you guys will really appreciate this, but I’m planning to transform all of these clothes with like no sewing.
So if you guys don’t have a sewing machine or even don’t know how to sew, don’t even worry about it, because these are really simple DIYs and, let’s just hope that they work out well. The tools that I’m gonna be using all you’re gonna need is some fabric scissors. They are much better than regular scissors trust me, and this is actually like a fabric bonding glue. So you guys, can you know bond fabric self-explanatory, a little washable marker for us to make our markings and then this little elastic you guys, will see what we’re gonna get into what that’s wearing my high-waisted Lululemon leggings. I wear high-waisted because when I’m gonna go ahead and turn some of my tops into crop tops, I like wearing high-waisted leggings to kind of be able to work as a guideline. So I know exactly how short I want the shirts to be so with all that being said, I’m excited to get started, hope you guys will enjoy and let’s get in alright, so getting started. I’m just letting you guys know now, if you’re somebody who gets very triggered by people cropping a bunch of tops, you’re gonna get triggered by this. Because, honestly, I have a bunch of tops that I personally feel like aren’t so flattering when they’re too long. So I’m gonna go ahead and start cropping them this sure to actually drifted from the kids section yesterday it was like an extra-large, but I really love the color and this graphic on the front. It says, Los Angeles really reminds me of something to brandy. Melville is making right now, so, let’s make it a bit more brandy, yet really simple, I’m pretty much gonna do the same thing with all these tops, I’m just grabbing a little washable marker. I just stretched out the shirt, obviously find the pants guideline.
It’s right. There I probably wanted to come up tohere, so you know what let’s just make that the mark so getting started with this first DIY, we’re gonna be giving this top or raw hem. So all you’re gonna want to do is just lay down as flat as you possibly can. The flatter and the more lined up the seams are the cleaner. The cuttings are being grabbing your fabric. Scissors just go ahead and give it a straight cut. We’Re for you marked your guideline and once that’s done just give the raw hem a bit of a stretch, so it can be a bit more warning, so this little crop top is done honestly. I just left it as a raw him such a cute crop top. I really love this design in the color, pink with a pair of jeans, gonna look so cute for something basically, I’m just gonna do the same thing with a couple of more of these, like little tank tops that I have. How cute is this bedazzle guess one loving this whole bedazzled trend, so gonna cut it see how it looks and then we’ll take you from there so getting started. We’Re gonna give this yellow guess top a raw hem as well, and what I notice with this Jersey material is that sometimes it’s actually best to weigh it down. So, as you guys can see, I’m just putting something that has a little bit of weight to keep the edge down. So when I go ahead and give this you’re to cut it’s actually not gonna pull out the fabric and will help you in getting a much cleaner cut so yeah. I agree these jersey materials, the ones that are like really really thin, they’re best to just leave with or raw hem. I have a couple more tops. I’m gonna do the exact same thing and show you the befores and afters. So, with this next little t-shirt, I’ve actually worn it before it’s the cutest Calvin Klein t-shirt, but I do want to fix it up a little bit to make a more flattering right now. It is obviously like pretty long, which I don’t like, so I’m probably gonna go ahead and give that a crop and then just give it a little bit of a clean hem. Again, though, because we are gonna be doing a clean hem with this one, we don’t need to leave that much space because we’re only gonna fold it over a little bit. So let’s say I want the end result to be here. So, let’s cut it right about there support this Calvin Klein. One is actually a much stronger, thicker material, and I thought that this would be a perfect one to actually give a clean hem to so just us, so we’re gonna cut along our guide line. Just like I’m showing here once that’s finished, go ahead and turn your shirt inside out and straighten it out really flat, and then I’m just gonna be folding up the edges about a centimeter or sohelping me in creating a clean, hem and then literally you’re.
Just gonna be gluing that down this bonding glue is amazing, it’s so tacky, which is really great and folding down your hem. It actually stays down stays put and it dries really quickly giving you a perfect little crop top. So next up, I’m pretty much gonna show you guys something that all of you for sure found at a thrift store before just a big oversized t-shirt. I actually really love this color when I saw it I was like. Oh, I really wanted to shirt in that color. I dohave a really awesome idea for this one. Obviously I want it cropped, but I do want it to shut the waist, so I’m actually gonna be adding an elastic to it to make it a little bit more form-fitting. So it’s not like swallowing me whole first step. Obviously all you guys are gonna. Do is give it a crop because of the fact that we’re gonna be adding an elastic to it. You are gonna need a lot of excess fabric, so what I would suggest is a look at where you’re probably most likely gonna crop it like, for example, I was gonna crop it here and then just add like another two centimeters, maybe so I’m Gon na go ahead and mark that down probably gonna give it a crop right about there. I am so so so excited to show you guys this next DIY. This transformation was pretty incredible. So basically, all you guys are gonna start off with is giving the shirt of plain or ahem again leave two centimetres extra fabric, because we will be folding down the hem and it will end up a little bit shorter than your initial cuts. Next up just grab the elastic and have it wrapped around your waist. You don’t want to pull out it too much because you do want it to kind of slightly since you in, but not way too much that it cuts off your circulation. You feel me, then, go ahead just snip off that access and you’re supposed tohave a band if it fits perfectly around your waist. So turning your shirt inside out, we are actually going to be placing the elastic all the way at the bottom of the hem and we’re not gonna be gluing the elastic at all. Instead, this elastic is just meant to act as a guideline for now to show us where we should be putting our glue. You guys have to keep in mind that the elastic will be threaded eventually, so you are gonna want to leave significant space from the edge to the point that you guys are gluing, remove the elastic and just like I’m showing right here, just hold the bottom Of the shirt and attach it to the glue, it’s probably easier to see it than have me explain it, but initially all you guys are gonna want to do is leave some space so that you can later on spread your elastic, so you’re gonna.
Do this throughout the entire top and just make sure to leave a little slip open for you guys to thread the elastic once it’s dry? Okay, now that we’re fast-forwarding a little bit, I’m gonna be showing you guys a little hack and threading the elastic to make it so much easier. All I did is cut a little slit, a really close to the edge of the elastic and I put through a bobby pin. You can do this with a safety pin as well and then, where you guys left off that hole in the shirt you’re actually going to be going ahead and threading it and, as you guys can see, the bobby pin is really gonna help you and bring You that elastic throughout the entire top, just making the whole process that much easier, you’re gonna thread it all the way until both edges are sticking out, and then you can honestly just glue them together with some bonding glue, but instead I just decided to sew Them together, I feel like it will make it a little bit more secure and hopefully last a little bit longer too, but gluing is always an option once you sewed, the two edges together, make sure to thread the rest and then you’re going to want to go Ahead and close up that little hole that we had left just apply a little bit more of that glue and it should hold it down perfectly and that’s it in terms of an elastic crop top that is fully done. So this next part of the DIY. I actually got the idea from summer Shiki I saw that she took a plain, simple sweater and ironed on some champagne patches, which is so genius.. Guys should definitely check it out, but I decided to do the exact same thing, so I ordered these champion patches from Amazon they’re like nine dollars for a bunch and I’m actually gonna, have the link down below. If you guys are interested to go ahead and check it out, but yeah, it’s simple as that, you guys choose your patches. You can see whatever goes well with the top. I just decided, with this big graphic champion logo on the front and the little seed to go on the sleeve. Just like all the champion tops. Do I’m just simply ironing hone with a fabric in between and voila beautiful shirt looks like. It came straight out of the Urban Outfitters site. I mean freakin amazing, so easy to do and honestly recreated this top tremendously.
So I actually went ahead and went a little crazy doing this method because I thought it really transformed oversized looking tops so beautifully and made it so much more flattering for my body type. So I went ahead and did it with this vintage Harley Davidson top as well. It was honestly just too big and swallowing me holes, so I just chose to do this whole glueing elastic method too, as you guys can see so simple, and I think he just taught me he took me about 10 minutes to complete, but what I thought to Do with this one and make it a bit more interesting, obviously, I’m gonna give it a little bit of a crop, and otherwise I’m also gonna give it a little bit of a slit here. Maybe a couple mix-up here just to give him more of that distressed. Look so with this next little pink tank top. I was getting all the mm vibes of this, so the first thing I did is went ahead and give it a little bit of a raw hem and the whole tie. Dye really brought me back to the time that everyone wore those like tie-dyed distressed tops. So I actually went ahead and gave it a slit down the middle to create more of a v-neck style and then just add it on a few little slits throughout the top of the shirt, and this is actually a really thin tank top. So I wanted to show you they can use the same method with honestly, almost any fabric top doing the same exact method once again, and I just love the end result of this top. It’s so something that it could have bought off of Urban Outfitters or even brandy, melville really stunning. Oh yes, I am excited because now we’re getting on to my favorite part, and that is everything to do with denim, and basically I found these on my last thrift trip they’re, actually a Bermuda shorts from the men’s section. They are Levi’s, though, which is amazing and even though they’re a little bit loose-fitting at the top. I think these would make some really cute baggy shorts. I always prefer to cut it a little bit longer and then go shorter every time I try it on so this is probably about the link that I’m gonna go for. I left it a little bit longer and they only marked it on the one side, and I will show you exactly why one side is enough, alright, so getting into making our distressed denim. This is so so so simple, you’re gonna want to lay down as flat as possible. It’s really critical with denim that you lay down really straight and then using fabric scissors. I’m telling you guys fabric scissors make the biggest difference they cut through denim like butter.
So in this case, I actually did decide to cut it a little bit lower than my guideline, because I realized that once I frayed up and put it in the laundry and may get even shorter than I initially thought and then just folding it over you guys Are gonna want to lay down flat, once more and after lining up the seams? Together, you can get a very clean cut for the shorts and it’s a really good, easy hack to make sure that your shorts end up coming out. Even to the stresses, then them a little bit more you’ll see better close-ups in the next pair of shorts. I’m actually gonna be DIY in those distressed patches that people see on vintage shorts all the time and in order to achieve this look you’re just gonna want to create two little slits that are parallel to one another about a centimetre in width and then The fun relaxing amazing part is just going ahead and tweezing out all the little vertical strings, so these strings are typically blue and denim and then by taking them out, you see all the white strings that are being revealed horizontally. It is so fun it’s so satisfying and so relaxing to do this. I was just chillin watching friends. Doing this whole entire method. After you pull out all the little blue threads, that’s pretty much. The end result that you’re gonna get so I’m gonna go ahead and repeat this throughout the shorts, and then I’m tellin, you guys once you throw them in the wash. These will look so worn in so loved, so vintage, and I’m just really obsessed with how they look black denim shorts, you guys know, are always such a staple and I actually found these jeans, which surprised surprised, are also Levi’s. These are the 5/16 fit honestly. I do already have a similar pair of black jeans, so I decided to make these into shorts and mark off where we want it to be cut getting too distressing once more. As you can see, my technique is to just pinch down the fabric, create a little hole and then go and make some longer horizontal strips and be careful also to not cut through the pocket when you’re doing this same method as before. We’Re gonna go ahead and grab at all those tiny little strings. To give it a more distressed at vintage. Look and that’s pretty much it after throwing them in the wash the holes are gonna get bigger. The threads are gonna come out. Looser you’re gonna see a little bit of the pocket, giving you all those things you love about Levi’s shorts, and for this last pair of denim I found these. I thought they were super super cool I really love the fit of these look at those pockets.
How sick is that? I’m obsessed with this detail they’re, definitely like a true straight like Jean, as you guys can see what I’m gonna be doing with these is I’m actually gonna distress the heck out of them, because I don’t have a single pair of denim with holes in It I mean, isn’t that weird, it’s actually already really cropped, so I don’t want to cut too much off of the bottom So I’m just gonna make a tiny little marking like right at the seam So then I can cut it straight across and then, when I throw it in the wash it’s already gonna free up at the bottom, when it comes to the actual Jean we’re gonna do kind of the same thing With the markings like I said, my knee is right here, so I’m probably gonna do the holes right about here and just to flare it up I may actually totally add a couple rips on the sides just to give it a little bit more edge and personality Why not? We can be really creative here guys, but that’s all the markings done for these and let’s get into jazzing the sub Once you cut out the hem and put it in the laundry it’s gonna free up on its own, so you’re pretty much done all the work with the cuffs, exactly where we made the little mark for the holes in our jeans I’m gonna go ahead and create two slits right there and again You’Re just gonna want to make two parallel slits about one centimeter apart and doing so is actually gonna make the little strings come out much easier, stretching the fabric, sometimes loosens it up A bit so go ahead and try that too just have fun with it honestly be creative I just made a bunch of holes in this everywhere and worst case I paid like what $3 for these jeans, so even if I mess it up, I I feel bad whatsoever, I’m so sohappy This is actually my first pair of jeans that I have with some nice — Let’s I really love the way that it ends up looking and I think, with a pair of heels or even sneakers I can rock this one over after what feels, like, maybe three hours later rip to my vacuum cleaner so I forgot to record an outro, but thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed it be sure to give it a big thumbs up If you did comment down below which of these DIY is your favorite, which one you try out for yourself and also subscribe down below to join the family? If you haven’t already love y’all so much and can’t wait to see you my next one, bye

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