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$13 dupe palette vs $65 Huda beauty nude palette

1 Nov , 2019  

What’s up, I am so excited.. I love making them for you. So today we’re gonna be testing out a dupe for the pseudo Beauty. Nude palette, this is what the nude palette looks like. This is a pricey palette, this retails for $65 in the United States, so it definitely is expensive. So today, we’re gonna be testing out a very, very, very affordable tube. This is the folklore sunrise palette, and this is what it looks like. This is only $12, so it is significantly cheaper and a lot of people say this is a dupe for the hoodie Beauty, nude palette, so we’re gonna put it to the test today and we’re gonna do one eye with the Focolare sunrise palette and One eye with the hood of beauty, muted palette and see if it’s a dupe or not and see if we can create the same, I look.
I’m really excited to be trying out a focal our products. A lot of you guys have recommended them to me and asked me to review their products on my channel, so I’m really excited to be working with them today to test this palette out on camera. But obviously you guys are gonna be seeing the results of first hand as to whether or not it’s a dupe as we try and create the looks together make sure you guys subscribe to my channel if you have not already and quick little bell right next To subscribe button, so you cannotified all my future uploads and without further ado. Let’s go ahead and get started. Alright, so give you guys a quick rundown of both of the palettes. We have the hooded Beauty, nude palette right here, very nice sleek packaging. We have a mirror: we have 17 different eyeshadows and it’s eyeshadow base, and this retails for $65 and the wave the focal or sunrise palette also has a big mirror and is how you’re going to be getting 15 different shades, plus an eyeshadow base. And it’s retailing for $12, so literally a fraction of the price of the huda beauty palettes, so we’re gonna put them to the chest. I will hold them up right next to each other, so you guys can see how similar the shades are. There set up slightly differently, but the shades are like crazy, similar hooda beauties on top focal or on the bottom. Your have some swatches of the fall or palette next to swatches from the hood of beauty, palette and stuff. I definitely think we’re gonna be able to create a duplicate, so the first shade I’m gonna go in with is Teddy in the hood of Beauty palette and I’m gonna buff that into my crease.
So this side is gonna, be the side that we use the Buddha Beauty palette on and I’m gonna be using different eye shadows. Not every night obviously going to be using different eyeshadows, but I’m going to be using different brushes for each eye so that we don’t get any like crossover from each palette. I’m going to just buff that into my crease alright. So we got that going on in the crease over here and I’m gonna go on the sunrise palette with my other eye and I’m gonna jump in with the shade giving me mocha and I’m gonna buff that into my crease on this eye. Color is looking pretty similar, which is good cuz. I actually have like a full day of stuff. I need to do after this. So, like I’m hoping my eye, look is gonna look the same and there’s gonna be a Duke or I’m gonna be looking crazy. Going around all day. This shadow is also very pigmented and easily blendable. It is a bit of a lighter shade. Then the shade in the hoodie Beauty palette, but I mean I still think that we’re gonna be able to create a very similar look moving along with the shape tickle in the hooter Beauty palette. I’m gonna pop this guy into the crease as well just to really bring in that perk holy pinky shade and really make it pop. Then I’m gonna go in on the other eye, with tenderly light and do the exact same thing just really build up that pinky color in the crease. And now I think, since this side is a bit lighter, I am gonna go in with a little bit of punch, pink right here, just like the tiniest bit on my brush and mix that, in with tenderly light just to deepen it up a smidge to Try and make them like literally identical there. We go that’s working and now there is a shade, that’s actually just like punch pink in the hood of beauty palette that is called spanked right here. So I’m gonna go in with a little bit of that on this side. Now I’ll highlight the brow bone on the hood. If you decide I’m going to go in with the shade bare mix with a little bit of crave and I’m just gonna pop that right beneath my brow bone and then on the full polar side, I’m gonna go in with pure nude and champagne mixed Together and pop that right beneath the brow bone as well, then in the hoodie Beauty palette, I’m gonna go in with the shade fantasy and I’m gonna use my finger to do this.
I feel like who does shadows applied best with a finger and I’m gonna pop this on my lid. This is such a pretty boy’old shade, then, in the Focolare palette, I’m gonna go in with pop of copper and also using my finger gonna pop. This on the lid Wow see. This is where I thought there might be like a big difference, because these foil shadows are not easy to like formulate. So I thought maybe they would be like chalky and like not as nice as the hood of Beauty side. But, like honestly, it’s like pretty much identical Wow, how pretty and with both palace, there’s like little to no fall. If these shapes just like melts into the skin, which is so nice look who’s honestly, looking like so similar, like you can’t tell difference, then I’m gonna go in with a bit of daydream in my inner corner for this one I am gonna have to Use a brush just because it’s a little area, I’m just gonna pop it right in there, so pretty I’m gonna go in with pinwheel galaxy in the focal or palette and pop into my inner corner whoo. This one is really pretty as well. Alright, focal or and then back into the Voodoo Beauty palette, and we go with the shade love bite and I’m gonna buff this on my lower lash line, I love this purple color and then in the Focolare palette. I’m gonna go in the shade of lavender field and do the same thing just buff it on my lower lash line. Dang all these cars like spot on. It’s crazy. I feel like up close honestly on the focal or side like the eyeshadow all over. My lid almost looks a bit more foiled than like on the hood of UT side. I don’t know if it you guys can see it on camera, but it almost looks better on the folklore side than the hoodie we decide which I’m like honestly pretty shook about, because that’s definitely the area that I thought this palette may lack in like I thought That that might be the difference in between like this palette and the hood, a beauty pal, obviously because it’s a lot more affordable, as maybe those shadows, just weren’t gonna be like formulated as well um. But honestly, I don’t know everything is like pretty spot-on, like I feel like this. I look looks pretty high denticles to me, so I’m gonna just go and complete the look Real, quick, I’m gonna do a little liner and lashes.
I’m just going to go on with this Revlon liquid liner and line both eyes pop a little black liner and my waterline and just pop some lashes um real quick Are you guys so this is the completed? I look low-key I’m pretty shook right now, like my eyes, look literally identical, I mean it’s literally crazy that a $12 palette could make the exact same eye Look as a $65 palette like I knew I liked this palette So it’s not that this palette isn’t good cuz It is but this palette is literally like the same thing like I created the same look for $12, which is so crazy and honestly, a lot of times with the dupes they’ll be like the same color but there’ll be something about the formula Maybe in like the dupe product, the cheaper product that like isn’t as good as like the higher-end products, you know that the higher-end products more creamy or the higher-end products, more pigments in or whatever But honestly I didn’t even see a significant difference in quality With this palette, either like colors were super super blendable super pigments and I actually literally think the foiled eyeshadow on this side looks better than this side, like they’re, very, very similar But I feel like this one pops, almost even a little bit more, which, like I’m just literally shook like this palette, was great quality for $12, like that’s crazy, so highly highly recommend, folklore and their sunrise palette This is awesome and I’m totally gonna be using it I mean, let me know down below in the comments what you guys think like do you think the eyes look the same, but I didn’t find them to be like identical like today I feel like they’re literally exactly the same, so I am so excited be a folklore sunrise palette is definitely a dupe for the beauty news chocolate You guys saw it here and I’ll have a link to the folklore sunrise palette down below If you guys want to shop, let me know other dupes You guys want me to test out on my channel, because I love doing this, for you guys and saving you guys, some coin So let me know down below and dupes you guys here and I can definitely test them out on my channel Thank you guys So so much for watching I love you guys

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