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$14 covers the foundation of the aquarium foundation. Object Management Organization

30 Sep , 2019  

we are back at it. I am back in the studio. It feels super super weird to be sitting down and filming, because I have not been in this space in two weeks that never happens. For me. I am never away from filming for that long because you guys know how much I upload I’m like constantly like in the make up, so I took a nice long leisurely break. I went to Thailand with my family. I’m gonna be talking about that trip.. Obviously, today we’re just kind of getting back into the routine testing out a really cool-looking product.
So when we got back from Thailand, I immediately was kind of like digging into the PR, and I know it sounds kind of crazy. If you haven’t seen that, I will link it below. I filmed that before we left, but when I came home I walked in and it was just like box after box after box after box after box, and I kind of was like. Oh my god, my brain is melting. You know and like I have to unpack and like there was just like there was a lot but my sister who lives in Seattle, who came back and stayed a night in LA with her family she’s like no. Let’s sit down and looks like do a little bit of an unbox and like I’ll help you, and so we were digging through and we had so much fun. We were sitting by the fireplace it was really cozy and cool and the product that jumped out the most to me. I was like very, very just like sucked into this picture, so I was like hmmm. Ok. This is super affordable, it’s $13.99. It is a powder compact foundation. This is what came with their PR, and it says that it’s finely milled. It is silky and texture. It’s gonna minimize the appearance of pores. It’s also got an innovative technology with water lock system. I don’t know what that is. It’s medium to full coverage. I have to apologize. My brain is not in my body at the moment I am having the most severe jet lag ever so if I seem a little bit like whoa. Just I want you to know that I know so. Let’s get to applying this foundation, I am gonna wear it all day long. It is called the aqua assurance, the name kind of says it all. I want to add that it has cactus flower extra. It has chamomile one of my favorite teas, it has Colora, you know it’s funny, it doesn’t call Laura like it’s a health food like you can put. You know a dropper of it in water, but I always think of like Collura, like the plague like the illness. Like they sound so similar and we’re back to having a moment where my brain kind of is not in my body, this is a cruelty-free brand. I really enjoy jcat, they have eight shades, which is not enough, but I do want to say the lightest to darkest is a pretty drastic difference.
It’s not like there is. You know a ton in like the the top five ivory and then here – and here is just kind of this – it does say to prep your skin with a hydrating primer. Of course they encourage you to use the jcat dewy primer. I didn’t have that, so I used the new one from Tarte. This is the quench hydrating primer. I’ve already put this on my face. I did not do any pore filling because I really want to see what this product is capable. As far as filling my portraits with powder, it’s also magical water. I am going to be somewhere in this shade range right here. I’m thinking it’s always hard. Just by you know the swatch on the box, but there is soft and golden beige and natural the rest of them. I am going to donate them because that’s the name of the game right now. I do not like to swatch everything I like to donate as much as I can, but we are gonna use these. Let’s figure out what shade I am ooh, that’s kind of light right. I got a little bit of color, I mean I was rocking SPF. 50 and like terrified that I was going to break out so hardcore, so the SPF that I took with me was the one that drew barrymore actually recommended that I had on hand. I forget the name of it off the top of my head, but I will list it in the description box below and she is right if you get breakouts from SPF this is it like. It is so good. I think that’s gonna be too dark. I think this might be it. Let’s see. Oh that’s kind of dark, actually mmm Wow, okay, so that one was soft tan. This one right here is natural. I think that’s better! Well, it’s kind of light right. I want to embrace the tan and make it almost a little bit more tan. Oh okay, medium beige is a little bit darker. Okay, also like random side. Note you guys tomorrow, actually today, when you’re watching this, I will be on a plane again because I’m going to New York, I got a huge honor from nylon magazine as an innovator in beauty, and it’s just like the coolest thing, like I kind of feel like I am dreaming right now, so that’ll be really cool. I will definitely be snapping and capturing a lot on Instagram story so make sure that you are following me I’ll. Try to like get a bunch of like behind the scenes. Jessica Alba is gonna, be the keynote at the event, and I’m super excited we’re gonna go in with medium beige.
You guys know I like some coverage with my foundation and with the powder foundation. I don’t want it to be powdery and weird, and I am curious if this is going to like fill in my pores like it says it. Will that looks like what okay. This is not the right shade, nope! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Oh! You know what the tricky thing, though, with powder foundation, I should probably do my concealer first, can I be more Chatty Cathy making? No sense, probably okay, we’re now gonna go in with natural, just one step up. One shade lighter – and I kind of have something on my mind like while my mind is kind of all over the place. I know this is taking me 10. But it’s just on my heart to say this. A lot of you guys are watching the documentary, the five-part series with Shane and Jeffrey, and I just have to say anybody who has ever questioned my friendship with Jeffrey or him being on my channel, because that did cause a lot of drama from you guys. A lot of you guys did not like it and part of me, understood and part of me – was really hurt by it. But I want to encourage you guys that may not follow trending or follow everything. That’s happening to go and watch because I think it will give you a deeper understanding of someone that I feel is really misunderstood. Who’s also really bright, talented and I don’t want to put myself in the line of fire like this – is not for debate for you guys like come at me, and you know start that whole thing up again, but I just want to encourage you to go and Take a watch because I think, beyond the Jeffery situation, there are so many people that we encounter in our life. That are one way for one reason or another, and you might not be looking past the surface and there are layers to be peeled back and to bring you better understanding and the other thing that kind of always made me a little bit crazy. With that whole thing is like okay as humans, we all mess up. None of us are perfect, but – and I see this on social media so often so this is not just a Jeffrey thing. This is just an in general thing. I feel strongly that if people make mistakes and they change and they move forward, the best thing we can do is encourage that support that applaud that and hope for the best, because so often I see online someone apologize and everybody will come right, swooping in and Say it’s not good enough, so I think that teaches a lot of people will get. I’m not gonna apologize at all, because everybody’s just gonna come down on me anyway, and that’s just not a good behavior to like keep in this motion.
Do you know what I’m saying so I would encourage you guys whether it’s the Jeffrey situation, another person in social, try to understand like try to peel it back a little bit more anyway. I’ve been fascinated by the series like deeply and I love it and I think Shane is incredible. Like I am such a fan, I have been for a very very long time, but now more than ever so I just I don’t know it’s like on the top of my head and I still haven’t put on foundation so crap, let’s get to it. Please, God be the right, color, okay, first off this is covering like it really really is. This is a little bit light for me. I’m kind of in between shades here, I’m gonna have to bronze my skin up and that’s fine. How many of you guys were powder foundation? I would be curious to know leave that in the comments below I do want to mist my sponge with a setting spray. They show a picture of that on the card and it says that you can get more coverage by doing it, wet really Tonti. Why do I feel, like my mouth area, looks super weird? I think I prefer applying it dry. I just feel like this did not blend as well as I wanted it to. I also wanted to try using it just a door puff, so I’m gonna take a brand new fresh, cleanone and see if I can get a little bit of a better blend in the areas that just don’t want to blend holy smokes. Maybe that was a bad idea: um Wow, a blower pop, will just get you holy crap. What it looks very powdery right now, but I can feel that the second i drench myself in some setting spray some hydrating setting spray. I think this will look really nice. I feel like a velour puff is actually the way to get that maximum coverage and a better blend. The sponge in here is not doing it. For me, I did not like applying this wet because it kind of dragged and pushed and pulled the foundation here there everywhere, but I have to say the texture of this. You guys. I really wish you could reach through the screen and just like feel my skin, because it is so soft like this is the softest powder that is also very full coverage, so I actually right now, I’m quite into it. I’m gonna finish up my face and then I will be back and we will set the skin and see exactly where we land you guys. This is kind of blowing my mind right now, because it’s a powder, but it is not accentuating anything dry. On my face, it is not accentuating lines, it looks really beautiful.
I haven’t even set myself with a dewy finishing mist which I’m about to this one’s from cover effects, but I like how even my skin looks. It feels very lightweight. I cannot get over the price. I thought that this was a little bit of an extreme exaggeration at which, to be honest, I think it kind of is, but I have to say this product does deliver a beautiful canvas for you to work with, and I forgot how much I love layering other Powder products on top of just powder, so it was really nice to do my makeup using no liquids, no creams and have it still turn out. Looking this Dewey and I like it so we’re gonna set the face, and then I will take you with me throughout the rest of my day, do a few check-ins and just see how long it stays looking great. I will see you guys in a little bit well, I feel like Beyonce right now. Okay, you guys it is super super hot here in LA so I think that is like the first test. If your foundation can stay looking cute in a heatwave, then it’s a good foundation, so this has not gotten oily. I have stayed highlighted where I want to be, and the rest of it is just like holding together so nicely and James loves it. We’Re gonna try and beat the jet lag blues by going to Starbucks and that’s the plan, so let’s hit it and get some cavitation. Oh my god, my hero, thank you! You go. You are the best. How is my foundation? It’s beautiful. I cannot shut it about you foundation is it? Who would tell me more looks fantastic? Why does it look fantastic? It just looks great. Does it look like powder? No, no, no, it actually looks super like hydrated, and even you guys, like I really your like summer. Glowy right, I can’t believe this is powder, and then it covered the way that it did. I am really into it we’re halfway through the day, it’s hot out or jet lag. We’Re tired. I’m gonna pray that the caffeine kicks in soon and I will do some more check-ins for you guys in a little bit guys. I am like haunted by that egg in the back there. I don’t really even know what I’m supposed to do with it. Like the giant Beautyblender egg anyway foundation is holding up beautifully, I am so shocked. It’s been on all day and I still like it. I’m gonna go buy dinner, and then I will do a final check-in. Do not Burke boy I’ll see. This was mommy’s choice. To have you come with just know You know so cuca tell me one how much fun you’re having on your outing right.
He loves spending time with me whenever I sit in the car with him, so that’s really cool Do you, like my foundation, puka, it’s powder, isn’t that amazing? Okay, it is now the end of the day I am winding down I’m ready to go and devour an episode of orange is the new black I am so into that again, and I thought I would just sit down right now before I peel off the makeup heel off The makeup, like I like, take my whole face off and like set it aside for tomorrow Before I wash my face, I thought I would sit down and give you guys my final thoughts on this $1399 aqua infused powder foundation from jcat You guys this is so awesome Now every powder foundation that I have recently tried recently being like over the past year or so I have not liked like I really have not liked, and I have tried some expensive ones like I think I even tried from surge lutein or something like that Like a $200 powder foundation – and I put it on – I was like yeah – I did not like it because it was so powdery and I felt like it made all my hair’s exaggerated and my pores exaggerated, and I know what they put in here again I have to say this is not sponsored This was sent to me, but it is not sponsored I really really like this I encourage you guys if you are into the idea of a powder foundation, you like that you, like the convenience of it, you want the coverage of it I think that you would be really into this It did stay relatively matte, so it’s not luminous It’s not super matte either It just looks like your skin on its best day with like pumped-up coverage That’s the best way I can explain it, it did an itch It didn’t dry out my skin It didn’t cake I mean it’s just it’s really nice I, like so hurray for discovering a new foundation That is a powder that is convenient, but is $1399, I’m into it This is a great great foundation alternative If you don’t want to liquid, you want a powder This is definitely worth checking out in the price is pretty gosh darn good too so yay for that, then like it, if you’re not subscribed, go ahead and hit that subscribe button, because that’s just what you have to do these days on YouTube, so drop it down to all I’m here Monday through Friday, at 10 am PST I hope you come back for more Thank you so much for watching

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