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15 smart hackers. Every student should know.

1 Nov , 2019  

I got an F again, thank goodness for student life. Hacks every student knows that you can’t use your headphones. Aha, you need to listen to the teacher, not your favorite band come on. I can’t do anything without music there’s a good light pack. Just for you. Take your headphones and yarn matching your hair color wrap the yarn around the headphone wires leave the headphones alone. They won’t be visible anyway, plug the headphones in and cover the wires with your hair.
Nobody will notice, and even the strictest teacher won’t suspect anything for this idea. You need a plastic tube from slime color. The tube yellow, using spray paint draw a banana with a black permanent marker. Nice right take a piece of bright, yellow foam paper and a black elastic band hot glue on the elastic band to make pockets for school supplies, leave the edge of the elastic free cover. The tube with foam paper fasten velcro at the ends of the elastic band roll up a paper with notes, put it in the tube and close the cap. The result is an ice organizer for school supplies. Will you make one for yourself for the next idea? Take some paint and wheels from an old toy car paint the wheels blue put them on a skewer shorten the skewer cut a coffee. Stick: fasten the pieces to the sides insert a crossbar between the sticks, color, the sticks pink, take a regular ballpoint pen, hot glue. The piece to the body of the pen, the result is a pen with a built-in massage function, mmm so nice to relax my muscles after a long and boring class, it’s better than any spa. And now, let’s prepare a small surprise for the teacher. Take a piece of soap and rub the blackboard with it. I wonder what the teacher will do and here she is, Oh, drew the Sun. What is this nonsense? Let’s write the topic of today’s class. Oh, why doesn’t this chalk work at all? It must be defective. Let’s try another one, but the second piece also doesn’t write on the board. What she’s tried all the pieces of chalk? She can’t hold back her emotions. It seems like she noticed something. Why is this board so shiny? Ah, the good old soap trick. Well, since I can’t write anything down, I guess we are doing a dictation today.
I hope they didn’t apply soap to their notebooks too, and now take a light fabric bag and black acrylic paint draw rectangles on the fabric. With a pencil go over the sketch, with black acrylic paint, write labels in front of the windows student ID keys phone iron. It so that the paint stays on your new reminder. Bag is ready. You can check the boxes with a marker and you won’t forget anything, but then the bag can only be used once instead just go through the list before going out and check whether you have everything a great accessory for absent-minded students for the next idea. Take a regular notebook write, a beautiful motivational message with ahot glue gun, take a ziplock bag, cut it to the size of the notebook fasten it to the cover, like this decorate, the outline of the bag with a sequin ribbon. The result is a notebook with a transparent pocket for office supplies. Just imagine no more bulky pencil cases, all your things are in one place very useful for this idea take a box similar to a tic-tac container, a paperclip and a picture coat. The box with Elmer’s glue, attach the picture to it. Take bright neon sticker paper cut a piece of it and fasten it to the box. Secure the paper clip with it apply hot glue to the bottom of the box. Pour in some shiny stars, fasten the box to a notebook. It looks like a bright stress-relieving toy, open it and there’s candy inside. After all, sugar gets rid of your stress faster than anything else, and for the next idea you need a notebook cut out the sheets with a paper knife cut strips out of the cardboard and glue them along the inner outline, use ahot glue gun, put a Power bank and a charging cable inside decorate the cover with a charging icon a gold lightning bolt. Now you have a convenient box for a portable charger. You never know when your phone will die. A notebook with a power bank comes to the rescue one portion of energy for my phone, please plug in your phone and you can keep browsing Instagram and if you close, the notebook, no one will suspect anything for another idea: print out a picture of a bunny Take wooden skewers spread the sticks on the drawing mark, the location of the corners break, the sticks.
According to the marks hot glue on the pieces of wood, focusing on the pattern glue The main frame at small details cover it with spray paint: fasten the bunny to your refrigerator or the wall Now you can attach notes and the warmest memories to it, use mini clothes pins as fasteners, beautiful and very useful Here’s how to turn a boring class into a pleasant manicure, carefully move the cuticle with a pencil, eraser repeat the procedure with each finger clean and polish The nail now take some tape attach a strip of tape to the nail paint the edge of the nail with whiteout, wait until it’s dry and remove the tape you get a neat strip do the same with the rest of the fingers Now you know how to spend time in class in a fun and useful way A neat French manicure looks cute and delicate perfect for school, and now we will show you what you can make out of a doll teacup and a ruler cut off the handle from the cup coat glass with lotion and draw a bent finger and a circle using Colored hot glue join them to make a stand on a leg, attach the mug on top insert a piece of a ruler inside and glue it The result is a lamp with a light beam Let’s use it as a bookmark insert the ruler inside the lamp stays on It looks very unusual Here’s a light pack for bringing candy to class This is what you will need cover a straw with foil, attach a metal tip from a pen using hot glue, decorate The lower part of the body with peach colored foam paper cut a paper clip glue it on top instead of clamping shorten a wooden skewer insert it into the body as a rod make a plug from a thumbtack and a pom-pom insert it into the straw from Above put Tic Tacs in the straw insert the cap One portion of candy will obviously not be enough, so it’s better to make a few pens It looks like a regular pen, but it has a secret inside, take the cap off and pour colored candies in your hand, you definitely won’t get bored in class Did you like our student life hacks, so you won’t miss even more ideas for students from trim trim, select,

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