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17 hacker attacks in awkward moments

1 Nov , 2019  

How to tie shoelaces to keep them from untying where to put things during a jog and how to get rid of an unpleasant smell in your shoes. we will tell you how to deal with various awkward situations. One embarrassing circumstance can ruin even the best date if the girl’s legs are hairy. Bigfoot legs don’t go with your new short dress. But what can you do if you’re out of shaving foam when you need it, the most use a life hack, use, hair conditioner? Instead of foam apply it on your skin and shave as usual, the hair conditioner is no worse than a special tool for shaving the razor slides smoothly and, most importantly, after this procedure, you don’t have to use body lotion.
Your legs are smooth again. A confidential conversation with a friend is interrupted by an unpleasant smell. What can you do if your shoes are the ones being smelly? Ok, this is so awkward for this aroma light pack. You will need an orange cut, a thin layer of an orange peel dry, the zest on a heater put the pieces of dry peel in your smelly sneakers. They absorb and eliminate unpleasant odors who invented dresses with zippers on the back. I bet it was some man’s idea. Not everyone has enough flexibility to turn and zip it to the very end. An ordinary ribbon comes to the rescue pass. The ribbon through the ring on the slider, pull the ribbon and zip. That’s it no more issues getting dressed. How many times have you burnt your ear with a flat iron while straightening your hair, I’ve lost count? You need some foil tear off a piece and fold. It several times wrap your ear with it. Look at these cute silver, elf ears. You can safely straighten your hair and no longer be afraid of burns. How annoying is it that there is no place for a purse in the woman’s bathroom, washing your hands and holding your bag at the same time isn’t easy? You can use a rubber hook with a sucker, just keep it in your bag and when you need tohang it attach the hook to the wall, hang the bag on the hook and calmly, wash your hands and after that, just unfasten the hook from the tie. Oh and put it back in your purse, how have we never thought of this before a shopping bag turns into a portable narnia? When you try to find something in it and, of course the headphone wires are more like spider-man’s web to tidy up your things. You need a glasses case twist, the USB cable and lay it on the bottom of the case place your keys there too, and neatly roll up your headphones with a new home for your small things. Finding headphones is easier than ever. They are always in the glasses case, just take them out of the case and enjoy your favorite music.
No matter how many times you tie the laces on your sneakers, they will always find a reason to break free, but there is one secret tying laces make a very special bow cross. The ends of the laces make a loop and pull it from below fold. The second end with a loop but lay it on top, tighten the laces and you can make it even easier tie the shoelaces, but make a double knot then tie up the ends with a bow and repeat the same weave with this lifehack. You can forget about your shoelace worries for a long time very convenient. I asked a friend to take a picture of me, but the result of the photo shoot can hardly be called successful. There are so many pimples on my face that no Photoshop can take care of them for this life hacks. You will need tape and foundation cut off a small piece of tape, cut it into even smaller pieces. Stick the pieces on the pimples apply foundation on a sponge and mask the pieces of tape on your face. Take a photo. The pimples are not visible at all. That’s way better going for a jog and don’t know where to put your money and other necessary things. Then this next blow pack is especially for you. You need small socks, cut the sock in half turn the bottom of the sock inside out. Take a small zipper, hot glue it to the sock. Now turn the sock inside out again attach the resulting wallet to the top of the sock. You can put the money and the keys into it and then pull the sock onto your arm in this zipped pocket. All your valuables will be safe and sound ready-set-go. Maintaining water balance is a guarantee of health and beauty, but one awkward movement is a guarantee of a broken glass, and this is the third one this week for this life hack, you need a rubber suction cup cut off the excess hot glue it to the bottom Of the glass the suction cup sticks to the smooth tabletop, and now the glass is not so easy to move very comfortable ugh, it’s sohot today and my head is sweating in this cap and what is with this black stripe? Did your baseball cap take a mud bath to avoid such an awkward situation, use regular, masking tape, fasten it to the inner rim of the cap here now it’s much better and there will be no more dark stripes on your hat, only joyful and happy moments. Toilet paper tends to run out at the worst moment and don’t pretend that it’s never happened to you. Let’s prepare for such a situation. You will need a pack of napkins use. Double-Sided tape fasten it to the back wall of the toilet tank, an untouchable stock for special operation No TP is ready, want to wash your face, but your hair keeps climbing in your face and why is there never a rubber band nearby velcro comes to the rescue.
Fasten the velcro to your temples, sticky strips will hold your hair and nothing else can prevent you from washing your face unusual, but very simple Oh No, it’s time to go out, but your hair is like a bird’s nest Combing, it is impossible You will need a spray bottle: pehoe bow oil and rosemary oil Pour some water into the bottle Add the oils before use be sure to shake the bottle Well, spray The oil solution on your strands, the oil nourishes and smooth the hair and combing, is no longer a problem After this natural conditioner, the hairstyle looks well groomed and neat, and it’s so soft and fragrant This rug keeps lighting on the floor and everyone’s tired of it What can we do? It seems like one of them has an idea and to make it happen, you need velcro, cut off four pieces of velcrohot glue, a piece of velcro to the rug glue The second part to the floor, spread the rug and secure it in the corners That’s more like it You can move the carpet with your feet as much as you like, or even arrange a party on it It holds on as if it is glued down I have two questions: why is it sohot and where did the remote control from the air conditioner go? Is this some sort of punishment? Why does it always disappear? I finally found it it’s time to attach a GPS tracker You need an old telephone join the remote and the phone, tighten it with elastic bands, save the phone number as remote, and if the remote gets lost again, you can just call it Life has never been easier Slippery steps of stairs can be very dangerous, especially if you walk around the house wearing socks without slippers, a foam rubber tube will help protect you from falling cut the tube into four parts Hot glue, the pieces to the step The soft lining on the stairs will not let you slip, you can safely run up the stairs and no longer be afraid of falling next in line is the duvet cover challenge? Why is it always the same? You try to put a cover on a blanket but end up inside it yourself This is simply impossible, but fortunately, here comes a friend who knows a secret light pack turn the duvet cover inside out and put your arms into it Find two corners grab hold of the corners of the blanket and pull it into the duvet cover, shake it just a few seconds, and most of the blanket is already in the duvet cover spread the ends, and it’s done my friend is completely shocked room select,

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