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2-year-old and gopro/licciardo-toivola vlog

30 Sep , 2019  

We’ve never changed it before and you’ve got a um with a curse on it. Don’t want no people on that. Okay, I’m gonna we’re going to be all laughing and watching what what’s she doing, hey but Aphrodite. What’s wrong, what’s wrong with her guys, what’s happened? What’s wrong, what’s wrong, make sure she’s cool? Oh the big scary! It scared her just Cleopatra, come and help you. If I need help you get your brother out of the car park and onto the grass enjoying the grass Shakespeare, hey sweetie, that milk out of them goes on white shirts, and I have to throw them in the rubbish.
If you play with them, just don’t put them on your shirt, show Nefertiti the bad stuff in them. It’s not bad stuff. Just show her the stuff that Rick shirts. Oh, do you want to keep them over there because I make us walking into the car park again whoa yeah. Tell me when you’re ready? Are you ready? I do want to see it open. Okay, I’ve seen it being changed. and she was filming from three meters away. I’m 2 meters away, and this is crazy. This is the first time it’s gonna be the whole trip, without that I’m leaving a little bit further away. I’ve gone from here we’re loving this trip. I said I wanted to vlog our life and show everything now that I have more time on my hands I only have to vacuum a little 3 metres by 80 centimeters.
She doesn’t like that It’s bad home She picks them up Yes, oh well, it’s not home This is home Now the ends are beautiful, they won’t hurt you, Oh, the ends are beautiful and the bees are beautiful, Ursula ever-moving, no grass stains until he can show me these same I know okay, no more picking them up your sister who take care the laundry it does not like it Take him out everybody’s here, except you’re, blocking all the little people behind you Listen, I stepped in a puddle There was okay Go that way Everybody that way get him a car he’s gonna try to do Houdini to this camera He likes it He knows it’s filming him Putting this GoPro thing on a chest film everywhere she goes inside this You wanna come a laugh at Jerusalem round two We actually doing this, which output might splatter, and you read Shakespeare I don’t like hearing I don’t know that could happen while you’re changing poopoo, you left it until it was father Cleopatra I didn’t see how you opened it Shakespeare, blocked it Oh poo, it’s good I just um found it out Yes, we can go to the airport with our own poo poo It’s the first time for everything They’Re beautiful building now has a tank of poo in it No not at all Oh, I noticed that our cut you you you, you go You

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