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20 beautiful hackers who change our lives!! Shani Grimond

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, my chickens, welcome to my channel.. If you haven’t already so. ok, so the first pack is one of my personal favorites. If you have ran out of lipstick, all you need to do is take a really pigmented blush, your favorite lip balm and mix it up to make a little concoction, and this was so pigmented and so moisturizing. I really loved this one and to top it off, the color was stunning. The next pack is going in with your favorite sunless tanner, and I’m just going to take an old, a makeup brush that I can get dirty pump a little bit onto a tissue and blend it out.
So we don’t have it too much, then I’m just going to apply it like a bronzer, so I can have some natural definition to the face just for the days where I don’t want to wear makeup at all. It’s just a bit of a glow as well. So just putting this under my cheekbones and jaw bone, then I’m taking a tissue to clean a little bit under my cheekbones. So it’s a little bit more clean, but I’m making sure that it is still nice and blended and voila. Let’s go ahead and make our own cream blush, so I’m just taking a rosy, pink, lipstick and warming it up on the back of my hand, so it blends into the cheeks easier and just going in with a stippling brush. So I’m just putting this on the apples of my cheeks and after lending it back, and this just adds a beautiful luminous glow and at the same time, it’s going to give you a nice flush of color as well. If you feel like your foundation, isn’t as full coverage as you’d like just go ahead and take a medium to full coverage powder just a little bit into the foundation and mix it up, and it is going to add so much more coverage to your face. So on this side, I’m going to show you what it looks like without the powder as you can see it isn’t covering as much I like a light coverage foundation, but obviously sometimes you want to switch it up. So on this side, you can obviously see that there’s no skin protein through at all. It just makes the foundation a lot thicker and you do have to use a little bit more foundation, so you’re going to be using more product at the end of the day. But it definitely definitely does work, so this one is a really weird but trust me. It works, I’m just taking a tampon and some nail polish remover and using this to take off my nail polish, I actually had gel on.
So it wasn’t coming off, but just an example. If you don’t have any cotton balls left, this works well and it’s better than using tissues as well, because tissues leaves little balls behind nope thanks girl, all right, let’s go ahead and draw on some first circles. So I’m just taking a bobby, pin opening it up and then using a dip, brow, pomade and dipping it in and just going in all over my face. I think freckles are absolutely beautiful. If you do have natural freckles, I think they’re stunning and if you don’t start stunning as well, but if you do want to play around with makeup, this is a perfect way to do it. It’s really easy: just go in with a stippling brush and blend them out a little bit, so they look a little bit more natural. This one is for everyone that has really naturally straight lashes. So what I’m going to do on this side is just curl. My lashes, normally as you can see on me, this works perfectly fine as it is because I naturally have kind of curly lashes, but if you do have straight lashes, go ahead and take a blow-dryer onto your eyelash curler make sure it isn’t hot. Just make sure it’s a little bit warm. You do not want to burn your eyes, make sure you take it first and this honestly it like my lashes like not permanently, but for the day they say it curly. Now I’m just going to go ahead and take a regular eyes shutter, and what I’m going to do to make it multi minted. Is your white eyeliner down first as the base, and then I’m just going to put it directly over the top? So, as you can see, it definitely shows up a lot more, but this is only going to work for really bright colors, another weird line, so I’m just going to take a liner it’s going to the line of the better. So I’m just going to cut the edges off with some scissors that put it on the back of my hand, so it’s not too sticky and I’m going to use this as a shadow shield. So it’s going to catch any eye shadow that falls down what a great creation, if you don’t have a steady hand, just like I do, and you want to contour your nose just take an eyeshadow brush and use that as a guide when you’re contouring. So I’m just taking a dark concealer and then blending it in with a Beauty Blender, and it is so straight and so perfect no time to mess up all right now to clean up the contour.
Another tip that I have is going in with a light. Translucent powder and just running this right next to the contour, so don’t put it on top because that’s going to seat the purpose because it will brighten it a little bit but just beside so leave it on for five minutes and generous is going to be snatched. If your foundation is too dark for you just go in with any light concealer and it makes a little bit into the foundation and it will be matching up perfectly in no time. This one is a really basic hack, but I feel like a lot of people. Forget it, including myself, so so you go tell if you have a really dried up liquid lipstick, just go in with your favorite lip balm, croute your lips and apply it like you normally. Would this way it’s going to be really moisturizing on the lips and it’s going to be so much easier to apply this one is another personal favorite of mine, so I’m taking an eyeshadow and using this to highlight my face so sometimes I think that this actually Works just as well, if not better than an actual highlighter will some, because some highlighters are balm, but this looks stunning: you can use any election, panie light shades and they work perfectly another baking hack. So going back in with my translucent powder, I’m using this to clean up any of the eyeshadow that may have came out a little bit too far, so just using my Beauty, Blender, and it’s really going to sharpen that line. But it’s not going to be too harsh. So while that’s baking it let’s move on to another hack and just taking some eye drops and a black eye shadow, and I’m just going to scrape that off and mix a little bit of eye drops in there. And this is going to create a little bit of a mascara, but it’s not going to add any texture or anything It’s just going to really lock in up those lashes, because you know if you run out of mascara, you need something on the lashes to make them super dog, oh so random, but I’m just taking a tooth brush and creating them like I would with mascara and Not long what they definitely black, now going back in to clean up that translucent powder, just being really gentle, because I don’t want to move any of that concealer and hello darlin a clean line – that’s not too sharp! So the next pack is and making any fluffy brush a contour brush.
So what I’m going to do is take a bobby pin, I open it up and I’m just going to pinch the sides of the brushes This is so weird I was like what am i doing, but the brush alone after it doesn’t roll it or anything, I’m just really pinching it So we can get a nice fine line when we’re contouring and it’s not going to be blown out too far If you have any dried up old eyeliners go ahead and take a lighter and try not to actually set it on fire like I did the first time just run it under the lighter really really quickly, for literally not even a second and then you’re going to Have a nice creamy eyeliner right here I have another eyeliner hack, so I’m just taking a metallic eyeliner and going in and filling my lips in because I feel like metallic lips are cool, but I don’t want to buy a liquid lipstick Doesn’t I like just because I don’t use it that often so I feel like it’s not really worth some money, but this actually does look really cool and it was surprisingly comfortable on the lips It’s just not going to last as long, but it still works If you have dirty makeup brushes and a spare block of soap laying around, I definitely recommend using that to clean the brushes I love this stuff one because it is it really moisturizing and it’s going to clean the brushes at the same time and just top it off it’s going to take two seconds because you actually just holding it there swelling swelling done This is the hatch that you guys have probably seen on my channel before, so I’m just going to take a pressed powder and I’m using this to basically bake underneath my Efron’s eye, but instead it’s like so much easier So I’m just going to clean up any bronze with that may have gone down a little bit too far, and it is so much easier next pack and the last hack of all If you have a liquid lipstick that is really hard to take off, all you have to do is put on some lip balm over the top Let it soak in and then a wipe it straight off with some tissue or toilet paper and bone girl It’s off So here we have the finished hacks I really hope you guys enjoyed it There’s you get to subscribe to my channel If you haven’t already

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