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$20 to $200 jeans

1 Nov , 2019  

Jeanne’s they’re a wardrobe staple and American classic, but are people who spend $200 or more on a pair of jeans, materialistic bougie, wasting their money or our performance of cheap, denim, cheating themselves financially and sartorially? Let’s put it up for debate, let’s start with high-end buyers. Why is the cost hashtag worth it? Well, when you’re buying a pair of jeans, you want them to be perfect. You’Re gonna wear the heck out of them. So why not invest in a pair? That’s actually gonna fit.
You well, and you wanted to look damn good. If I spent $300 on a pair of jeans, I would have to live in those pair of jeans like that, would be rent for me or like food so like. If I can’t eat my jeans or live in them, like I’m out of luck to the production of expensive jeans, it’s very different, the more expensive your jean is in most cases, the more ethical the process is a fabric is probably fair traded. How do you respond to that? I buy cheap jeans because, as a marginalized size in the industry, those jeans are not available to me. So if you’re a company – and you don’t go above a size – 8 10 12 you’re telling the rest of us – we don’t want You to be representing our brands, then hurry jeans are actually only for the people who have the luxury of fitting into them, so I’m gonna ruin everyone’s day with the truth.
Take a moment, cost per wear is something that’s brought up a lot What’s your take on that, if you spent $200, where I’m 20 times and you’re paying 10 bucks a pop see, I haven’t found the one jeans are a lot like relationships, I’m okay right now with having like Jean hookups spending $30 for something that’s gon Na stay with me for five or six months, how are you so rich? Where does it come from? I will say that I am NOT rich I just know how to cut corners, so I cancel urge on things like team, even though I want to look like I have the acid Beyonce I want to see Beyonce live so it’s like Do I buy these tickets or / these jeans that might make me feel like her I just think, there’s really no shame and spending some good money on a pair of jeans, you’re gonna wear it like crazy The cost per wear is totally gonna justify the purchase I think you can still find things that you look amazing in without breaking your bank You can still do all the fun things you want to do, while still rocking a nice badass pair of jeans You don’t have to go out and search the universe for that One perfect person Josh Jean I’m getting married a Morgan, emoji, getting very emotional over jeans jeans, they’re, like a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or a life partner, very desirable, very elusive

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