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1 Nov , 2019  

Look how dirty that mirror is way to whoa. Also don’t want to put this well, I don’t know weird for my camera. Don’t want to get my pal that thing sucks! Oh, yes, that’s the angle! I want hey homies. What’s good, okay, I got it and love. My must be yes, besties go besties, you go um. I love hyping up my best friend I’ll somebody Bucky, then where’s the mic girl. I literally asked for the barco. It wasn’t admit microphone. We heard that baby baby girl. What’s your name, let me talk to ya.
Let me buy you a drink. Did you guys really think it’s gonna be makeup collection? No, is the cover hey guys, I’m doing a makeup collection because it’s 2k 18 and lost how I did one of these is very long ago. Seven months. I think I believe, and I’ve gone so much more makeup and you guys are really gonna hate me so much because I hate myself so much. This is ridiculous and if you haven’t watched one before this, it’s so different since then, I’ve become a vib Rouge. On Sephora – and if you don’t know that is it’s people who spend a poop ton of money when they don’t need to own makeup. You girl literally, has Sephora box right there, where’s the microwave. Oh my god, I said. Okay, I think I’m done touching blocking the microphone the whole time. I think that’s it. Oops anyways, I’m Naomi collection updated one, because a lot of you guys asked for them, and I like these a lot and then they I enjoy watching them so yeah. there’s more okay, um. Also, I don’t like wearing eyeliner what that washers solar. It’s been five minutes! Oh, my god, okay Wayne, once I’m gonna, go ahead and just start now, yeah focus on my hands all right. Honestly. I love it when my camera focuses so much, don’t you guys love it when it focuses so I do so much. Okay predicament sound okay, but this is how what it looks like um. I got this desk thing from Ikea mm-hmm and then I got this thing from Amazon, including the lightbulbs actually got this from Walmart in my garage. Actually, lights, don’t know, and then these are from Walmart, and this is just a nightstand like a random one. That’s doesn’t work um, so yeah, it’s all sir over here, but here I have setting sprays and like some primers, mostly primers and Sainsbury’s. I think that’s low and all this thing is most of this stuff. I use a lot but yeah. It’s all dusty, yeah mind.
If I light, I don’t use it stuff, like Urban Decay’s, something spring specific, then money’s and hangovers wait a second. Why do I have to basically just a lot of primers and stuff and then then it’s next drawer wait. Do you guys remember when I first time I glared or whoo, every single butter in here is from bulk glitters super glitters. Whatever, oh, except I lied, there’s a mixin, I love being the fat liar there’d, be I have one next one: it’s not focusing, but it’s there um. I have my primer in here. I have some cream eyeshadows down there. They’Re actually really good, but I forgot. I have uh, mostly everything in here is quitter. The next drawer is my concealer drawer, and I get stuck. I already know it in here. It’s a drawer full of my concealers love, concealer girls have so much. I actually use literally every single concealer here, because I just like switching up everything and I have with 20 shades in to start a cape, because my using for different things, I shouldn’t throw something yeah. This is my consider. I have emotions, don’t you, but I feel good stay here. Wow my gun, this hello, Anna, not for the same. My next door is just a bunch of primers. I have Paris up here and down there, because I love primers so much over here I have some eyebrows stuff. Some gel liners that’s a little easier yeah somebody, some pal pull me needs polymerase, remorse or Holmes. Also this is new wait hold on. I can’t open it. I can’t anyone like look at that Chloe Palmer. Are you nothing yet? Oh, so it’s blurry, so we can’t really not yet. Please are some of these steel of things that are actually really good. Some gel liners concealer dry rose. It’s mostly just an eyebrow drawer, and then I have this kind of it’s things that are the same shape. I can right here, yeah I’ll go through. Some bones is back there. I forget this, for is just a bunch of lipsticks. Oh it’s stuck! Oh my gosh. I have some lipsticks in this drawer, so maybe no I have my teeth belong in there. I have a bunch of lip liners and colored eyeliners just kind of bunch of long things. So I think I should be in here. I’m not gonna say what it is to be a joke right and we’re gonna get it, and it’s not really about okay. I can’t open this one. Eternity don’t do that right now to myself um, but this is just a bunch of mascaras and I have some like pencil eyeliners and some it’s just so old here for the middle of two hundred years, sucks by the way don’t get it.
This is just a bunch of my mascaras and some eyeliners and stuff like that. Next, I’m gonna go through this thing. I actually didn’t really get this. My sister’s had a nightstand and didn’t use it so on you need one make up in up here. It’s really messy. I just have a bunch of stuff that won’t fit in the actual thing or anywhere up there, some loose powders. I have the laura mercier up here and then the patrick Star, one I’ve been using these written along. So that’s why I’m up here? I also have two of my favorite foundations. I have the sheer glow right here and then I have this 51 LEDs and then I also just put things that I need to use that. I just thought that I want to try and stuff because I forget, I buy stuff and I’m stupid. So I have this NARS one, that’s new, I’m gonna try and then this is you a 1 and I’ll have some powders back there and like ugly stuff back there that I won’t show. But then I have some jars filled with like lipsticks and glosses and stuff. These are guns. I don’t use that much the ones I usually use are over there, which I will show later here. I have my foundations that I use a lot and then my loose powders as well so over here I just have my with powder – looks packed I’m another one more see examples out of this one, and then I have some pity ones and more back there and Then foundations I have, I have foundation like Lidl, one, the Milani ones. Is you a ones sunny and then I also have two and then like some drugstore ones as well and then over here? I just have a bunch of highlighters, so I just have a lot of pretty ones down here and then I have more powders over here and it’s like really full and I need to get rid of a lot, also its falling into slides. So thanks: okay, I was really messy well and in this drawer over here I have my lashes and a bunch of powders and stuff. I have a lot of my daughter lashes over there Lily once we lashes, I have some of these, which are also really good. Then I have some powders, some bronzers, more powders, more bronzers, and I also have some blushes as well over here and then I have my 56.
This drawer, like doesn’t close half the time opposing now down here. I just kind of have a bunch of stuff that I use sometimes, but not normally, then I also have my skincare as well, and I actually do use a lot of that so to have some like moisturizers some masks, some toners then, like I don’t know if This is the Fendi foundations that I got in the wrong Shay and they give this away but like they’re, there um and then I have a bunch of pilots from morphe like something more eye shadow palettes. I don’t really gravitate towards and I have some face – palps. The morphe like the blush ones and the contour lines, and then I have this, take me to Brazil pilot and the Nubian one and they’re, just like a wedge palettes that I used a lot before and now I just don’t as much but never here. I have all the palettes that I use actually love. These are my palettes. A lot of them are eyeshadow ones up here, but there’s also like some glow kits and some contour ones into like that. So over here I have like my mini ones. I have a mini Aussie, Aussie one and then I have huda beauty is so small. I wasn’t expecting maybe a small, but it’s really small. I have my honest Ozzie one. All together, I have my Buddha Beauty, one all the other. I have a highlighting palette from them a lip palette. This is not. This is lip palette. Yes over here I have my morphe ones. My morphe palette that I use a lot. I have my magnetic one and then I have my highlighting palettes. I have a BH Cosmetics, one, no three Anasazi ones right here, right there right there, my color pop palettes back here and then another some Sigma ones, and then I got my cream contour all that it’s my dirty mirror. It’s not focusing on it because this doesn’t put a focus is on dirty stuff, nevermind and back here I have like some small ones from like out that I need to use, but I don’t really know worth it. You know – and I have some lashes back there like from Demi Demi – must be lashes over there too, and I thought a lot of stuff back there that I used, but not really then over here I have most of my lip stuff that I have that. I, like a lot I have most of my favorite. I have a lot of my favorite liquid lipsticks up here and glosses Am I doing with you’re all dusty, okay and then over here I have my.
I got products that I use on the TV I have my benefit stuff like I’ll have two of these, so we have two perspective eyebrow pencils, because I thought I ran out completely, but I apparently had one like in my purse I forgot about so like I have to I’m recently get upset Oh so dusty of so he’s watching it’s watching dust ooh, so pigmented stay back there It’s not only that dusty! This just collects a lot of dust, so please I know I’m going to get yelled out for that by the way Those who you don’t even these you’re making Shh, but then I have some eyeliners that I really like and my eyebrow stuff I do me through that and then I have my lip stuff all over here, so yeah yeah then over here I have two palettes that I think just look really cute So they’re like it right there I have some mini palettes over here as well, and then I have my brushes over here which are also dusty Buy you some I promise and I think that’s it did I did I say everything I think I did yeah you guys hate when your baby niggas dirty because of me it’s so dirty and dusty, but I don’t know why I use it all the time Oh because there’s dust in there, maybe that’s why I mean in no way trying to brag when I show you guys this and I know a lot of you guys do that’s the first just clear My second disclaimer I buy almost all my makeup I get sent some stuff as well, but most of it I do buy I don’t like get everything paid for wait, not not everything, not everything Okay, almost nothing I have is paid for for me I love makeup and I use it all time, as you can tell awesome eye makeup, channel so kind of necessary I would think unnecessary to have makeup when you you’re about to get yelled at by me good You won’t shut up, that’s so funny so funny Yes, food, as I was saying, yeah a little big me up I love how you’re flipping me off it’s better when I do it because I have new Mimi, I love you, I’m gonna go bye Also My eyebrows are moved over here and it’s because I forgot that I’m brow gel food gave up Thank you and so does nothing um I also have any boogers in my nose Don’t comment about them Yeah, I’m aware That’s all I wanna say also say: bye, focus,

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