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2019 bullet diary setting + January plan with me!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey everybody hope you’re having a great start to your new year. Today, I’m going to be setting up my 2019 that bullet journal, which I am so excited to. Finally, do I’ve been looking forward to setting up this journal for a while every year I get a new journal and I’ve had the loose term 1917 journal for the past three years. Ever since I started bullet journaling, so I decided to get it again because I am so used to using this journal and I love it so much so I stuck with the same brand and I just got it in gray this time, which has always been one Of my favorite colors, I know that’s kind of weird, but I love love gray so this year I wanted to decorate the front of my cover, so I’m actually going to be using my heat embossing tools.
To do that, I don’t want to do it with ink cuz. Sometimes it may scratch off. So I’m going to go in with my Versamark er, which is kind of like a glue pen and then I’m going to take my Ranger embossing powder and gold and I’m just gonna sprinkle that on top, so I’m gonna put a lot of this powder On because I can always reuse it, I’m just going to make sure I cover all the spots with the glue on it. So I’m just gonna top that back and forth and then I’m just going to take a any really paint brush that doesn’t have anything on it and I’m just gonna wipe away the excess – and I like to do this over a white piece of paper. Because I can easily just fold it up and put it back into the bottle. Now, I’m just gonna add a little bit of detail by wiping away some of the gold with my pencil, I’m just using it without the LED in it, and it just makes it a little bit more detailed and now it’s time to take my heat. Emboss err, the one that I use is by paper source, but there’s a ton of different ones out there. But this one just is the one that works for me and I’m just gonna kind of go over all of the gold embossing powder that I put on and I’m going to make sure that it’s all melt. I absolutely love this part of heat embossing. It’s so satisfying to do and right after you can rub your fingers over it and it doesn’t scratch off. So I just love this method of adding a little bit of gold or metallics to my journal. Alright, so now that the covers done, we can open it up and I’m going to start planning my pages, so first things. First, I got write my name on the front page of my new journal and the next pages after that are just kind of like table of contents pages that you can fill out later.
But I’m going to start on the first blank page and I’m going to bring out my little typewriter stamps. These are one of my favorite buys from the year. They are so cute and they’re super easy to just put together and make words with, and I use the color box archival ink with it because it doesn’t fade over time. So I’m just gonna dip that in and I’m going to write 2019 on my front cover. I just wanted to do something really simple on the first page, and I thought this was the perfect way to do it. Also, if you didn’t notice, I’m putting all the products I use in that little bar that shows up every once in a while. This is my cute and simple. First page of my book journal so last year I made a painting and a calendar for my first couple pages of my bullet journal and I wanted to do the same for this one. So I’m going to bring out some extra just mixed media paper and I’m actually gonna be trying something new. I’ve never used washed paint before I’ve seen other artists use it and their paintings always turn out so bright and beautiful. So I’m going to try that out for this painting just to kind of try something new and I just got some cheapo artist, soft brushes from Michaels and you can find them on Amazon. I don’t want to use my nice watercolor brushes for this, because they’re not meant for that. So I’m just going to use these and I’m getting this little plastic paint palette and I’m just going to put whatever colors look interesting to me. I got the 24 count and so the 10 count gouache set, because I wanted to try out all the different colors and I wanted tohave options but yeah. So far it looks really beautiful and I’m just gonna take out my little water bowl so that I can wash off my brushes and then we’re gonna start painting, and I am using this washi tape to kind of put a border around my painting. I’D probably suggest using a tape – that’s meant for this. Instead, because sometimes it lifts the paper up a little bit. But if you don’t have special tape to do that, then you can just use washi tape and peel it up very gently. So I’m just going in with a bunch of different blue and teal colors. At this point, I have no idea where I’m going with this painting – usually I kind of have an idea of what I’m gonna, but at this point I’m just kind of trying the gouache out and seeing how to kind of work with it. But yeah, as you can see, I just kind of wiped that whole thing away, and then I came up with an idea to do a moon in the middle.
So I just took my Posca white paint pen and I’m just gonna fill in the center of that circle with some white gouache last year. If you didn’t notice, I was kind of obsessed with drawing stars and the moon, and so I kind of wanted to do the theme around that for this year. So I’m just starting out with a simple moon and I’m noticing that gouache is really really thick. And it’s a lot different from watercolor. It’s really nice, though, because if you put a layer down that you’re not happy with, you can easily just layer right over top of it, since the paint is so thick. So now I’m just doing little white splatters for stars around the moon and after that I’m just going to put a little bit more detail into my moon. So now my moon painting is done. I just waited for it to dry it before pilling up the tape and I’m just making sure to be very careful while doing this, so that the paper doesn’t rip or anything. Some of my goals for this year are to tie a bunch of new things, whether it be an art or different hobbies that I haven’t really tried. So I thought doing this. Gouache painting for the first painting of my bullet journal would be the perfect way to start out my journal. Okay. So now I have scanned my painting and I sent it over to my iPad into a app called procreate and I’m just using the studio brush pen to do the lettering for the painting, and I wanted to write the word dream on it, because it kind of Goes along with the starry moon theme and I’m just going to send that over to my computer and print it out. I have the printer scanner that I use link down below in my description, but it’s called the Canon MX and it works really well for me. So I’ve been using it for like the past a couple of years now and I just used my handy paper cutter to cut out the painting and now I’m going to start the other side of the page, which is going to be the calendar. And I kind of want it to match with the theme, so I’m going to go for a kind of like starry theme. First, I’m going to bring out my decadent pies of watercolor palette. I’ve been loving this palette. Lately they have some really really pretty colors, but my favorite both of the blue colors, which I’m going to use for the lettering of the months. So now I’m just going to take out my laser ruler, which I love while doing calligraphy on paintings or any artwork, that I’m doing I hate putting pencil lines on my paper and then having to erase the lines.
So this is the perfect thing to kind of get around that doing lettering with watercolor and a paintbrush is actually pretty difficult. I can’t usually do this with just any paintbrush. The one that I’m using is the only one that I can really letter with. It’s the ones that are Newton, I think it’s the size, one paintbrush and it’s the only one that works for me to do lettering. So, if you’re having trouble with it, it’s not just you don’t worry. Another thing you can do is get the watercolor brush pens that they sell at the store, and you can dip that in some of your watercolor and do it that way. Whatever works the best for you, and so I just wrote 2019 on top, but I kind of hated the lettering, so I’m actually going to redo it later when I scan it to my computer, but it works for now. So I’m just going to do a bunch of stars around the outside and doing it with some black pen and some gold pen to kind of get some shine in it too, and then I’m basically done with this little calendar. I love the look of the watercolor lettering and I kind of tried to make sure that some of the letters were a little bit different from the ones next to it, by either adding a little bit more color or a little bit water. And then, of course, I had to use the gold in there too, to make it a little shiny but yeah. I love how both of these paintings turned out and I actually ran out of my tombow dual sided tape. I usually would use it to paste it in, but it’s coming in literally tomorrow, so gonna have to wait one more day because it’s my favorite tape to use – and I don’t want to use like real tape but yeah. I love how these two pages go together and I’ll actually have them, so you can find them there if you want tohang it on your wall or put it in your journal as well. So now I’m going to start some new pages and last year I did this little monthly. I don’t know what you would call it like kind of like a log of each month and the days that go along with it, just so that I can put any important dates that I want to see coming up on these two pages. Oh yeah. I think I called it a future log last year yeah, so this will be my future log for this year and each one of those little circles.
I did with my eco line watercolor brush pens, which I’ve been really loving. Lately they have these little sets that are really cute that I got from, I think, from Amazon, and they are just the perfect way to put on a little bit of color without breaking out my whole watercolor palette every time and I’m just writing each month. With my uniball white, Sigma pen and I’m gonna do this on both pages that this page is going to be kind of like a galaxy theme. The first year I used a future log, I loved it and I used it all the time and for some reason my past journal. I didn’t really use it at all. I think I just kind of forgot about it, but the Sierra I want to actually be able to use it so so that I can reference any important dates. I need to remember, and also it’s kind of a cool way to see all of the different things that happened in one year. So now I’m going to do this page, which is going to be kind of like a blush, a floral page, and these are like the two themes that I tend to gravitate towards to either florals or kind of like a starry night kind of theme. So I wanted to use those both for my set up and to do the lettering. For each month I used my favorite brush pens that I like to do for simple brush lettering and they’re called the tombow food. Oh no Sookie brush pens, I think they’re. Definitely one of the best brush pens to use when you’re, first starting out lettering and they’re just so simple and crisp, and I just love them a lot all right. So I’m just finishing up my future log and then I’m going to move on to at the next pages. So I don’t expect to use these pages a lot, so I’m not going to put a ton of time into them. But it’s always nice to write out whatever goals I have for the year and kind of be able to reference back to them. If I need to or if I want to kind of get some inspiration. So I’m going to make this page and on the right side, I’m going to do a bucket list, page of maybe places I want to go or things I want to do so. Yeah these two pages, I’m not putting a ton of time and effort into I’m. Just gonna make it really simple all right and those are all the pages I’m doing for my 2019 initial bullet journal set up now, I’m going to get into my planning of January, and I want to do a little bit of watercolor and a little bit Of gouache, so I’m going to take my Payne’s gray, watercolor tube and I’m going to use that with a little bit of the blues from the palette I used before, and I’m just going to coat the entire paper with this and you guys know, I love my Blues and my Gray’s, so I wanted to do my first painting of January at with these colors and I’m actually going to take out that paper sourced heat embossing tool that I used before and I’m going to use it to dry out the paint a little bit.
So that I don’t have to wait a ton of time for it to dry, and this is how the painting turned out before I do the gouache part of it. So now I’m going to take out my washes again and I’m actually using this clear paint palette. This time it’s hard to use this paint palette with watercolors, but it’s really good for saturated paints like gouache. So I wanted to do some roses for my painting and I want to make them a little bit messy, not super detailed or anything, but I definitely struggled with this first rose because I’m not super familiar with gouache. Yet so I don’t really know how the texture goes down, but it’s super thick and you can definitely layer it, but sometimes it can get a little bit too layered. So I kind of wiped off a layer and started fresh and I’m kind of getting the hang of it as I go, and I’m trying to use definitely like some darker purples and reds to fill in the shadows of the petals. I chose to do more messy. Looking roses, because I knew I would be way too stressed how, if I was trying to make a rose, look perfect and super detailed. This is my first time using gouache, so I didn’t want to get too ahead of myself, so I’m just having fun with it and I’m kind of learning as I go. So I’m just finishing up my last rose and then I’m going to take some black paint and I’m going to go in and do some of the petals for the roses and for some reason my camera start recording at one point. But I made this mistake on the left side. You’Ll see in a second, where I did like a big blob. Basically – and I just covered it up with another rose. Gouache is like really really thick, so just went right over it and I didn’t have to worry about it, but yeah. That’s the good thing about using gouache opposed to watercolors watercolors is kind of hard to layer without seeing the underneath part of it So it was really easy just to fix that little mistake and now I’m just using another small black brush pen and I’m just doing some little wispies and details, and this is how my flower painting turned out so now, just like with the other painting I sent It to my iPad and I’m going to add the lettering in for January, as well as the little calendar at the bottom.
So I’m going to do that and I already have the calendar set up So usually I just paste it in there, but yeah digitizing All of my artwork this year has been a great way to be able to keep my original paintings intact I just love keeping the originals without the lettering on top, so I like putting it into procreate and doing it this way So now I just hit the little share icon and I’m air dropping it to my computer and I’m printing it out and it actually turned out really really beautiful As a print I was kind of worried that the gouache wouldn’t come up kind of like as textured as the original, but the scanner actually did a really good job of capturing all the details So before I pasted that painting into my journal, I’m going to do the important date section that kind of goes along with it I do this every single time and I just have been loving it So I’m going to make this little important date section that will kind of match it on the other side of the page and I’m just going in with the same colors that I used before and then I’m going to use the same as wash paint that I Was using as well and I’m going to just do a cute little rose in the corner to match the original, and once I finished, adding all the small little details This is how my little roses turned up I’m so glad that I got to try gouache for the first time, and I definitely want to paint with it some more and maybe learn some tips and different things about gouache, so that I can get better at it As with anything, I just need to keep practicing and learning from others, I’m probably going to watch a few YouTube tutorials or some Skillshare classes on it, but yeah Now, I’m just printing out this print to go right next to my calendar, but yeah You guys want or in blank so you guys can check that out if you’re interested – and that is my final setup for 2019 I’ll definitely post more of my January pages on my Instagram and I’ll also flip through all of them but before that I will be putting up my 2018 bullet journal flip through So if you guys are interested in seeing all my pages from my last year’s journal

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