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30 Sep , 2019  

Maybe I should insert some batteries C-size or D size I think Batteries are ready, , and I’ll turn on the switch Switch on Now it doesn’t work, No, not again Perhaps this part is broken Well, Somehow 2 screws left over, But finally power is on See Well then, Let’s start, Are you interested too Ko-chan Now I’ll add three cups of water Ko-chan? Don’t move the camera This handle Ko-chan, pushes it like this Three cups One, Two and three, Then I add this detergent here It’s old, but still fine Then close The lid Ko-chan be careful Press This timer button here and press the wash button Go It worked Let’s look inside It’s swirling Now I put in this panties *beep beep, beep*, Okay, wash is done I brought this bucket here And drain here, Hey Ko-chan, Ko-chan, Oh water’s, coming Oh, wait! Wait, wait! Wait! ! Through the hose the waste water flows, out Water in washing machine tub is gone And again Add three cups of water And switch on *WOOOOOOSH* It’s washing *beep beep beep* It’s done I used to doing this Drainage, Two-layered, washing machine used to be the standard some decades Ago now full-automatic one has prevailed Look soppy, panties, *chuckes* Put this into here Put this on Close the lid I don’t think I should close this cover , Because I want to watch it drying Press the timer On Maybe it doesn’t work as long as the lid is open *gasps* Amazing It works as if it’s not just a toy Lid isn’t closed and it doesn’t start Safety, design, *beep, beep, beep* Completed Ah, it’s well dried, That’s fantastic! This is so good Happy to review fun toys I’ll leave of around here Bye-bye Tomorrow I have a present campaign

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