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$30 children’s cosmetics vs $30 real cosmetics

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys, it’s Tina Hume, keeps makeup versus real makeup, believe it or not. These are both the same price. Okay. because I saw this at the toy shop and it was $30. I don’t know why kids makeup so expensive. However, there is a little booklet inside ways. The kids can. I guess draw and do face. Charts like this is legit face, chart what you see a Mac and now they have it as kids, toys and makeup. Sorry, that’s really interesting. So this set here is the top model makeup studio set.
Like I said before inside you get a little booklet full of face, charts where the kids can fill it in and draw and on the other side is the actual makeup. We have the kids eyes shadows next to it. I think liners then chicken, perhaps even a contour, color, there’s also lipsticks or lip glosses and finally be tools for the real makeup. I’ve got the next Beauty on-the-go palette. On top, we have the eyeshadows there’s 36 different colors and underneath we’ve got the contour shades highlighted cheek colors and all the colors I’m interested to see how the kids makeup will compare with the real makeup since they’re the same price. Okay. So let’s get started. So I’m going to start off with my brows first, because that’s how I usually start my makeup off. I think I should choose brown I’m going to fill my brows in with this brown. I think it’s a high liner, I’m pretty sure, works for my brows. Okay, I’m going to go in with this eyeliner and attempted some of my brows in because it was so short. You know when I was young. I never really had like makeup to play with. I think I only had Barbie dolls, but they went even the real Bob you’d, also like the cheap, you ones they can get from like the dollar shop and I used to make clothes out of tissue paper. Oh gosh, those memories. Okay, I think I’m making this work. It’s looking a little bit better. It’s just really soft to some it’s an eye liner. So it’s really soft. I’m going to attempt to kind of like blend it out with this Bunji chibi eyeshadows applicator, oh yeah, that’s looking much better yeah! So that’s just brow with the keeps maker, not bad. I feel like. I can definitely wear this out.
Let’s do the other side now this palette doesn’t really have any like brow, pencils or eyeliners. I’m going to use a brown eyeshadow. I think I’m going to use like this shade mixed with a bit of black since there’s no other. Like really matte brown shadows, it’s going to go into this side. I’m actually kinda worried about this focus equals powder. So it’s not going to be as defined and there’s no exact color that I, like so making Cole’s, create a brow shade. Actually, I’m feeling that the sides will end up looking better than this serve, because these powders aren’t that great for your brows. I think I’ll actually use these like contour bronzing shades, see how that will look, my brows. So that’s that side done comparing the two which one do you like better time for the fun bits eyes now there are some pretty funky colors on this makeup palette. For the kids side, I’m going to go in with like a pink and blue eye shadow and I’m going to attempt to blend it out and make it look nice. So I’m going to go, introduce my hot pink shade, I’m going to use it a little eyes! Shadow brush applicator, bingos, okay, I think this is actually whoa whoa, it’s actually really pigmented. I did not expect that. Oh gosh, okay, really pink, which is a good thing. You want your eyeshadow stigmatised fish if you’re going to pay $30 for this set. Actually thought it’d be really like light and not pigmented all this sprite, so hello, this applicator, so small. I thought I’m going to like drop it or even break it like trying to be really big, penises turn this thing around and I’m going to attempt to blend it with the clean side. Surprisingly, it’s alright. It’s not too bad. Let’s add a bit of blue on there. I might just do blue and whoa whoa. This is pretty pigmented turning it all per for now, because I added I added it over the pink. So I don’t know it’s got blue turn out. Okay, I’m sad looks a bit like Harley Quinn here, I’m going to attempt to use this brush. I think it’s for your, your cheeks and I like the really small cheek, but I’m going to use it to like soften up my eyeshadow, pull it in a corner.
I’m adding this like light teal color for my lower lashes, I’m going to go in with this like eyeliner and looks kind of pinky totally. It is so hard it’s hard to apply this onto my eyes. I look really tragic. Don’t I I’m trying my best to make this work so, let’s go in with eyeliner. This looks like a black, but I’m going to learn my popular and again so hard. I have no words to do this. Look, maybe I should try to say, but should I like call my lashes and like mascara or something I just feel like? I don’t know, look of it tragic. Okay. I really don’t know if the mascara saved up I’m Kris, I’m just going to go, fall out and just going to apply lashes on. I think I think I kind of saved it with the lashes. What do you think time for the other eye? Let’s move on to the next palette, I’m going to pick similar shades so that you guys can compared to so might go with this like pink and maybe like these colors. Could you imagine if Lee keeps makeup, so I looked better like oh, my god, I’d be so crazy. All right moment of truth, let’s go into pink, doesn’t look too different from the other side, then I’m going to go in with the blue, oh to turn purple. It’s actually a lot more fall out on this time. I really don’t know which side of the better. No, I feel like a kid’s makeup is maybe like a little bit more pigmented. I feel, like the Blues, show up better, but obviously this so so much easier to blend. So then again, I am using normal tools and then finally, I’m going to go into my little lashes, because that is both sides done. What do you think? I don’t think it’s not bad. I feel like lashes, definitely saved a day, and I mean when you’re using colors like this, it’s kind of hard to make it look better. I’m actually starting to look a lot like this chick right anyways. Let’s move on to cheat, I think I’ll use, maybe like the back color the cheeks, this one’s actually not that pigmented. You know what I’m going to use something is, I feel like it’s bit of a struggle with this cheek color. Oh that’s! What okay, I’m sad to look like a drag queen, but that’s okay, let’s move on to the other side and then I’m going to use maybe like these pink, my BB shade, or maybe like.
Oh that’s, really thick. Oh some children’s clown. This eye doesn’t really look that much better alrighty. This side doesn’t look that much better. Now, let’s move on to it, I’m going to attempt to use this little frail-looking lip brush. It’s like really cheap! Do all this stuff coming out of it things that can see. That is always like a little like fiber things on it. I’m definitely not going to put that on my lips. I don’t think it’s very hygienic. I’m going to use a normally crush. There’s four lip colors to choose from. I don’t know what color should I go is maybe like this pink or a formula of this is disgusting. Oh, it’s all lumpy kind of smells nice most like candy, okay. It starts to look a little bit better. Now that I smooth the lumps out, it was really sticky and gooey. Let’s try the other side. I think the closest color I have to that other shade. Is this pink color here this lip color feels less sticky. Maybe it suspect a little bit more pigmented than the kids makeup. Here’s a close-up of my makeup to see the kids side, and this is the real makeup side, comparing the two sides. I actually like my brows better on this side, because that kid had mixture like eyeliner that I use as a brow pencil I feel, like you know, using powder, wasn’t as defined by saying that, like the eye shadows is pretty comparable. The next one was easier to blend out that had more fallout, the kids maker was super pigmented. I was really surprised, like the eye shows came out really well on my skin. The cheek color and Sun was mashed, not that great, but in saying that this side, the colors not so much better and the lips I feel like I would definitely go with the next bluish color because of so much easier to apply and a bit more pigmented. The sign was all like lumpy and doing it’s really sticky. Surprisingly, when i zoom the camera out and from a distance can make it doesn’t. Look that bad I mean the color choices May look a bit tacky, but in saying that, like you can only tell it’s not like a big big difference compared you like the kids makeup and the real makeup.
I definitely wouldn’t really use the kids makeup ever again, but it was kind of fun to play with it If I had a kid and I Neal can spend like $30 on like a makeup kit, I think I’m kind of buy the real makeup because then they have like more choices and I feel like the quality is better than the gradients, probably better But I don’t know: is it like wrong to like by little girls makeup, because you don’t want encourage that right? I feel like they need to be a bit older to wear makeup If you guys have watched until this part, I had a little surprise I’ll be doing a giveaway I’ll be giving away these benefits very little lip steps These are all the colors there’s, eight of them, plus inside this little secret compartment You get the they’re real mascara and the tinted primer so I’ll be giving away One of these set – and all you have to do is follow me on instagram That’s at Tina Underscore yong, like my latest, photo and comment your name country and, let me know your funniest childhood memory I’Ll tell you mine when my brothers and I were like, I don’t know how old I wasn’t in school yet, but my dad bought home like a box All those like old school computer papers, you know the ones with the holes on the side and my brothers and I ripped half the boxes up We dipped it into small pieces, we jumped on the dining room table and then we like threw up in there and pretended it was snow So there was like pieces of paper everywhere in the dining room and when my dad came home he was super angry and everyone got like a smack in the bottom with the broom At that time it wasn’t funny, but when I think about it now that was actually hilarious, so yeah, let me know your funniest childhood memory and you could win That’s it for now Thank you for tuning in please subscribe to my channel If you have already and I’ll speak to you guys next time bye, you

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