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30 questions in 3 minutes and “rally” champion Ivy strangely

1 Nov , 2019  

Howdy y’all I’m Evy ugly and I’m here at BuzzFeed to answer 30 questions in three minutes In a suitcase on the floor at the hotel room, I think it might have been Sam Smith’s How do you sleep? You gotta like start your day fresh So you have to like cleanse me: I’m a drag queen I love me It’s me What’s the shower Brianna she’s, just the baddest she’s, so dope she can do anything She could pull up any hair, I’d, say kooky chill and then angry I’m an angry person blow Someone or write ask ela you’re automatically hide just by being there you wake up and you’re higher than everybody You don’t feel any pain drag it’s just fun and easy It has to be the jellyfish I knew that was gonna be iconic long before that ever got on drag race I was like ooh This is gonna, be the stuff that gets me on drag race and then makes me win It look how it happened I really liked Amsterdam, a la everyone was super chill They were chill Cheetos I love Hot Cheetos or just hot sauce in general, actually a hot sauce straight-up I would actually really love to do something with Alaska cuz she’s good at music, and she makes a joke out of her music That’s just everything, probably that little like mischievous type, all the one That’s like you know I knew it would have happened, I’m fine with it I wish people would just stop adding me, though it’s creepy yeah They were willing to lie to me about being a fan First, I just do I just fall into it It’s probably banana because I’m allergic to them in real life, so like fake banana flavor is this You know there’s drama everywhere to nanmura to work the world docu-series to find out I wasn’t good at anything else That’s why I became a drag queen I’D need music, like munchies, probably pot to go along with those munchies I’m sorry, hey there, I’m sorry! Oh god! I would never be a dog sleep or if it’s not sleep, then stare grumpily at whoever’s Keeping me from sleeping right now, I’m really really into like some old-school Grace Jones, make sure you check out Vas events com2 grab your tickets to work the world tour starting Basically, right now come see me in a city near you, adios I’ve got more cooking to do

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