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30 Sep , 2019  

Good morning, friends welcome back it’s actually. I need to stop saying good morning. Does it hey friends. This is a weekly grocery haul. I did Walmart grocery pick up today and it’s a smaller grocery haul, because last week’s grocery haul was pretty big and we still have quite a bit of stuff from last week so like produce wise, we’re still sitting. Ok, I got a few things, but we’re still doing all right. So if you are curious to see what we got last week, go check that one out, but today’s haul was just over $50.
I do I’m gonna share the meal plan with you in a moment. Grocery pick up is just fabulous. I forgot all about it. I placed the order yesterday and then I got the notification as I was getting the kids some breakfast and stuff. I was like. Oh, we gotta go get groceries, so that’s what we did. That’s why it looks like I basically just roll a lot about it, because I basically did so for the meal plan. Today as Friday, the 12th tonight is pizza night. We already have pizza on hand, so you won’t see that in the hall Saturday, so tomorrow I almost just threw my phone in my face. I’m doing air fryer wings with sides, either mac and cheese and I’m salad or something you’ll see stuff for that Sunday. I am doing hot dogs baked beans and salad or sides, and I’ve got all of that stuff on hand. Monday is pancakes and bacon. I’ve got all that on hand. Tuesday is like easy chicken, parm and pasta, and I’ve got all that on hand. I got the stuff for that last week. I use the Tison breaded chicken breast to do that and just makes it super easy. So all that we’ve got next Wednesday is actually mine and wills 9 year, wedding anniversary. So, on the 17th we’re going out to dinner for that night, we’re going to choose next Mexican restaurant tex-mex here in town and it’s free well, mostly free. We went fun factor fun story, real quick. We went right after they opened. We had not so stellar experience. So when I left them, no, they gave me a voucher for two free, complete meals, including like appetizer dessert and two adult entrees. So we went back to use that one time and that experience was that it was okay. They had like dropped our food in the kitchen and things were slow and we didn’t complain. We were like you know. Stuff happens: they’re like no keep your coupon for next time and they comped the entire meal, like even the kids stuff, which wasn’t part of the coupon anyway. So we still have the two adult entree appetizer dessert to use, and I thought it would be a good time to use it would be for our anniversary.
So that’s what we’re doing next Wednesday next Thursday, which will be the end of this like week of meal planning, we’re doing breakfast burritos and I have most of that on hand. I just needed eggs. I got the steak, so oh there’s also a some stuff in here: I’m making an Oreo Mud Pie to take to a friend gathering and a tea party, I’m going to in two days so you’ll see stuff in here for that as well. Anyway, let’s do it! Alright, so here’s the over literally like this is it there’s hardly anything here and it was fifty dollars because the wings were kind of expensive and I did get some Gatorade. So, like some of the items, I got we’re kind of pricier than what I would normally do. So we got half a gallon of whole vitamin D. Milk. The only reason I got this is for the Oriole Mud Pie because that’s an ingredient I needed – and I didn’t think almond milk – would give it quite the consistency that I wanted got a cantaloupe. We went through two of those. Last week we bought one in the grocery haul and then I picked up another one like midweek Jackson’s been loving it half gallons of original almond milk. We are nixing the sweet, vanilla, almond milk for right now because of Alice’s teeth. The dentist recommended no sugary drinks. So we’re trying to switch her over, she hasn’t been a big fan of it, but we’re trying out with baby girl she’s nodding back. There got just four bananas. I still have a few on the counter. They’Re, almost bad. We haven’t been eating them as much, but bananas are just something I get every week, 18 count eggs. This is for breakfast burritos and it might make some hard-boiled eggs with it as well. For the breakfast burritos I have pork sausage and frozen hash, brown on hand and onion and stuff and tortillas and salsa and sour cream. So really all we needed was eggs for sandwich cheese. I think a long time ago, not a long time ago, probably a month or so ago I saw Carla Mackenzie haul, the smoke-house cheddar. I could have swore that’s what it was. She was like he wanted this kind. So that’s what we got. I don’t know smokehouse cheddar just sounded good, so I don’t know why I did her voice and that wasn’t in it. Sorry, I’m ignore me so close cheddar. We also got great value, pepper jack, because I, like pepper jack, I see enough of it so as well. That’s four sandwiches: a brick of cream cheese for the Oreo Mud Pie, two packets of the great value, garlic, parmesan wing, seasoning mix; I’ve seen people haul these.
Who was it? Maybe I think it was Tiffany from large family love. In fact, so her husband did some wings or something something with this. I believe, if you’re watching, let me know if that was you I’m almost positive. It was these great cameos are not looking very good and they apparently are out or don’t carry or are not carrying. Currently, the bon bon del Monte, bon buns and the last container I got last week. It went bad before we could even use it like. After a day or two, I went to go put some in a salad and it was like oozing everywhere so produce right now, because the humidity is just not happy some more ingredients for the Oreo Mud Pie. I’ve got a box of white chocolate, jell-o mix, pudding mix and a box of cheesecake. so stay tuned for that for when we’re on vacation, I have a few recipe. but this recipe you can real, it’s very versatile. So the original calls for a large family sized box of chocolate, pudding mix. I like to mix it up, so I kind of just decided what flavors might sound good. So this time I did instead of a large family, I did too small. So I didn’t choose cake and white chocolate. That’s what we’re doing there Oreos well great value brand Oreos for the or mi pie, these work and just as well, four pound bag of chicken wing sections. This is for dinner tomorrow tomorrow, the airfryer wings that go along with these – I don’t know I’ll probably only use one. This will probably do two meals, so I just wanted to have two packets of seasoning on hand for when we actually use them. This was an impulse buy, but I it looked really good. Mac and cheese sounded good and I wanted something fancier than Kraft. So I got the Cracker Barrel. Cheddar Havarti and it just looks amazing, so we’ll see it was a little bit. Expensive was like three over three dollars, but I don’t know it sounded good, a 16-ounce container of cool whip or great value, whipped topping for the Oreo Mud Pie. Another way you could do it is doing an 8 ounce of the original and then 8 ounce of the Cool Whip, mix-ins the Oreo cookie one or even the brownie one again, this recipe is very versatile as long as you keep the amounts like the same as The original you can change out, flavors and all sorts of stuff you can even use different cookies, like mint oreos, would be good. Lemon ones would be good with a white chocolate cheesecake, I don’t know, and then they have a new birthday cake cool. That would be good okay Moving forward, lunchmeat I’ve got a 1/2 pound of the thin sliced chipotle chicken breast and a 1/2 pound of the thin sliced oven roasted turkey breast.
I thought those would be good with the cheese selections that I got We were almost we’re getting low on ranch and usually buy the really big one, but it doesn’t have the flip top lid and I hate pouring it and I just realized I don’t think I ordered light Maybe I did it’s fine, it’s not a huge deal, but I wanted something with the flip top lid So that’s what I got: powdered sugar for the Oreo Mud Pie I will probably not use that for anything else, but that’s the smallest bag if they had two cans of beef Roni for Alice just to have in the pantry This came as a 4 pack, but the packaging ripped So this is just their great value like Easy Mac The 3 cheese both kids have been liking That or I’ve been liking that when I just want like a quick lunch, do that slice up some fruit and fruit and veggies and call it a day and then Gatorade zero? I got it was a 12 pack of the mini bottles of flavor Don’t even know where’s the flavor at this one doesn’t say it just says: Gatorade isn’t on the back part of it there It is so it’s a whole pack of the Gatorade, zero sugar berry and a tel pack of the glacier fries So those will just be on hand will, and I have been drinking those I figured the kids could have them if we’re doing like bike rides or going to the pool or whatnot So that is this week’s grocery haul, not a lot But let me show you what we have in the fridge stuff, so I still had half a watermelon that will probably cut off and use today and really near breadbox like this is just breads and bagels fruit bowl is holding bagels right now There’s one apple left a few like miscellaneous loaves of bread, blueberry muffins that Jackson and I made yesterday I’ve got some onions and garlic here, but, as you can see, the fridge is still pretty full We’ve got some almond milk and stuff here cream cheese There’s some veggies here, salad, stuff stuff to make salsa, which is gonna We’ve got broccoli and blueberries salami more veggies This entire drawer is full of like yogurt and orange cups and baby bell cheese, so we’re doing all right So that’s what we got for you this week drop me a comment If you have questions share with me, what you’ve got on your summer menu for this coming week and until next time, I will see you later bye

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