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5 ways to turn crayons into cosmetics! |Julia Gilman

1 Nov , 2019  

This is too dark. This is empty. This is the one Wow. Do you ever have this problem where you know the exact iPhoto color you want, but you can’t find it any of your palette and you’re not trying to go out and spend like a ton of money on a new one. Well, for you, hey guys, Julia. This is the first time you’re,000 likes for making make amount of crowns. That would be amazing. Also.. So you better stay tuned for that or if you follow me on snapchat, then you’ve already seen my haircut, but this is an event don’t next week and if you don’t already follow me on snapchat, you should you’re probably missing a lot.
Also, if you didn’t already know, I’m holding a subscriber to whatever I’m giving away this and in camera here to the YouTube winner and all you do for that is just be subscribed to my channel and then give away this iPad air 2 to the Instagram winner And all you gotta so that if you subscribe to my channel, follow me on Instagram and then click the link where it says: Instagram giveaway my description box and then tag 3 friends in that picture and the winners will be announced on this day right here.. Sohere’s what you need for that! I’m going to start by splitting in the coconut oil into a glass bowl and you want to make sure, there’s more coconut oil than crayon Kravis. So much harder to peel – and I thought the Crown’s are really hard to peel and then you want to light the candle place, the ball over the candle, so it’ll heat up, and you can also use like a double boiler for this or microwave. So just pour the mixture into an old eyeliner container and that’s it now, I’m going to put this fish for, like third risk total loss. Sohere’s we just turn out the eyeliner show you what the finished product looks like I’m using you sent me the curse on my eyeliner brushes, but it still turned out really well now until it sticks. Nohere’s what you’re gonna need for this one. For some reason I didn’t get this on camera, but I pour in a few drops of castor oil and a few spoonfuls of coconut oil. This partly scares me if it goes in gonna turn.
Right now just place the ball over a candle until heats up and mix it together. I don’t know why does it makes me feel like I’m in science class in like middle school, doing this over candle? Oh, no, the candle! Now you want to make sure each product is completely liquid before you pour it into its containers, because this isn’t a professional Factory where’s the makeshift funnel and then it goes a mess but they’ll work and that’s it. I’m just going to place in the fridge for 30 minutes, sohere’s just me trying out the lipstick to show you what the finished product looks like and those of my favorites. Actually, this is actually so good. So anyway, now I’m here concealer. Sohere’s what you give me for this one pretty similar stuff, so we’re going to take this lotion and just put a few spoonfuls into the glass jar so pick three colors that you can mix together to get well see your skin tone as possible enough. My least favorite part and peeling the crayons, so I’m doing it and then placing them in there and then you want to light the candle and do the same thing as we’ve done for the other two, where you just mix it together over the once. The mixture is a liquid, pour it into the container and put it in the fridge for 30 minutes again. Sohere’s the finish, concealer, I’m going to try it out for you guys to see how it works. It reminded me a lot of benefits boiling concealer, I’m going to cover up this little pimple right here. It’s definitely not the best coverage, but for using crayons, I think, is pretty good now onto our contour, so you’re going to need a gun. Similar things are three other ones, so I’m going to start by pouring in the foundation and then a few spoonfuls of coconut oil singing both take 45. When your fingernails don’t work, you gotta use your teeth after I have successfully unpeel the crowns, I’m going to break them up and put them in the jar bowl, not jar, light the candle and then place it all over the candle mix it up As the other ones come with the formation and then I’m going to pour it into our empty contour containers and put it in the fridge for three minutes: here’s our finished cream contour now to see how it turns out pretty pigmented, we’ll see how it looks on The face it’s pretty good, it’s just a little bit hard to blend out two fingers, but not exactly a big fan of cream contour anyway, so I’m probably despised now for our final crown makeup product, the eye shadow.
Sohere’s what you’re going to need So I’m going to start by taking some coconut oil and then a piece of our pink crayon and then lighting it over the candle doing that same process And then I do that with the purple one and all the colors of the rainbow until I’ve filled up the eye shadow palette So now I’m just going to pour in each color I wanted to do the rainbow colors you could do ever colors You want to actually had a sparkly blue crayon and a sparkly green crayon and sparkly purple crayon, so it actually did some sparkly cream eyeshadows and again, once they’re all filled up we’re going to place it in the fridge for 30 minutes till it cools down I’m just going to end things on my arm because there’s so many now it’s time to test these babies out and see what they look like on the skin, and I was flabbergasted at how pigmented this red is the finish Color windows are anchored on the yellow because it was my like ardent crease, but now that my arm is a complete rainbow eyeshadow mess So you have a finish our shadows Basically, some of them were really pigmented and then some of them just work, but either way I think is a really good thing if you want to put it underneath, like a pressed eyeshadow if so, make sure you subscribe to my channel for more and leave a comment down below letting me know, which one is your favorite and if you’re going to try any of them and then, if you do find them, send me a picture like Twitter Instagram As I definitely want to see it, thank you guys so much for watching you can click your screen to watch it or leave My script is almost immediate You guys later bye,

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