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6 easy back to school curls! |Montoya Wentz

1 Nov , 2019  

What’s up Latoya mom, it’s a girl, Samoa Tori twins on my dime Micha and today we’re gonna, be showing you guys, six different ways to curl your hair. Now, remember guys, we are not professionals, we do try our best. A lot of these was our first time trying it out for ourselves. You guys also ask us about our hair routine. I’m not gonna lie, it’s always changing and right now we’re currently using function of baby, shampoo and conditioner. So functional beauty is really awesome.
Brands that create shampoo and conditioners specific to your hair and your hair goals. So me and Maya have different terribles. I think yes, and we also kind of have different hair types mine’s long in mind. I get told that might a lot thicker than my pick and mine is very dry back same time. Very oily mine gets oily like if I shower before bed and then sleep with it and wake up it’ll be oily like halfway through the day. So we got to customize our shampoos and conditioners to our big hair type. The process of getting your shampoo and conditioner is super simple I have to do is go on functional beauty’s website, take a two-minute quiz outlining your hair type, specific hair goals and personalized preferences, and then you get to choose your own color and set for each bottle. So if you want different color shampoo, a different sense of conditioner, then you can do that. Also, you get to put your name on it, which i think is pretty cool, so meet my kids. Can they argue about who shampoo was what there’s no mix-up either? I also went with the colors. I got to pick a color for my shampoo and a color for my conditioner. I liked for orange and yellow and then my couldn’t pick any colors and give them a plain Jane, getting Jane coming down. So if you’re playing Jane kind of gal, you can get some Plain, Jane kind of shampoo and conditioner all the folks at a beauty, shampoos and conditioners are 100% cruelty, free and vegan. There are no parabens, no sulfates, no G and no toxin and guys honestly, I have seen the difference in my hair. My hair has been very volume. I hung even once it yeah, but mom said our hair is very shiny. The other day and anyways guys make sure you guys go. Try out this brand customize, your own shampoo, conditioner, and let us know what you think and as we mentioned before, guys me and I are not pros. Please don’t take this too seriously. You can even see in one of the hairstyles that you try and you’re like. Oh it just so you guys can get idea and also, if y’all’s hairs different than ours. Maybe you’ll look a lot better on you. So without further ado, I decided to start off with the most complicated hairstyle of them all.
As you can see, I am contemplating my life as to whether or not I should do this hairstyle, because it’s so time-consuming and I feel like it – takes a lot of skill which I do not have. But yeah we’re going to need a plastic straws for this hairstyle and don’t worry guys, I’m all about save the turtles, but unfortunately metal straws do not bend or twist or fold or tie together. So plastic straws. It is okay, so I’m not even going to lie. Had no idea what I was doing as you can tell like, why am i starting from the bottom? I don’t know oh yeah, I forgot to mention. If you can’t already tell you want damp hair, my hair is obviously like soaked for here. So don’t do as I did and just dampen your hair. Okay, after several attempts, I finally got my first twist down and once you’ve done, that you just want to push your hair towards the middle, so you can get the ends of the straws to tie together. Like so, or at least like I thought I was tying it, do you see how much I’m struggling right now is honestly so difficult, especially long here, and I don’t know what was the deal, but this honestly was just not my night to do my hair to Film to do anything as you can see, the light fell down. While I was filming – and I almost had this stupid straw in a knot – so I was not thinking up, but I finally got it to tie thinking this, then, of course, just repeating the first step that I did wrapping your hair as tightly around the straw. As you can get it, it’s such a difficult time with this hairstyle. I don’t know why, as you can see, I’m going to tie my third one and it just completely exploded on me, my hair and gravelled, and I try to fix it in my second straw that I worked so hard on decided to also explode on me. But I fixed it and then because you know I can’t catch a break, the freaking light decided to die on me so about an hour and hour and a half later, I’m finally wrapping up the last few strands of hair. I look absolutely crazy. Beige gonna want to repeat all the steps that I mentioned before throughout your entire hair and you’re done, and you just sleep on it and wait to wake up and, of course, just as I thought I was done and ready for bed. One of the straws has started to fall out, so I just fixed it. Obviously, in winter beta, it might frustrating until I woke up in the morning and decided to take them out as if I didn’t trigger enough people by using plastic straws.
I also fell asleep with my makeup on so please don’t come for me and drag me in the comments I was so over it from the night before I just went straight to bed and I had no care in the world. If I had makeup on my face, but the process of unravelling your hair is pretty self-explanatory, of course, just untie the straws slowly pull your hair out, don’t run your fingers through it because gonna be extremely. I don’t even know if you should be listening to me at this point because look how goofy I look. I left a straw in my hair. What’s up guys, it’s a girl, Maya here today I’ll be showing you guys how I curl my hair. So what you want to do is first start off with some washed hair, and this is the curling one I use next you’re gonna take a clip and the style clip works in case it didn’t know, okay. So next I’m going to section off my hair. I like to do my hair in sections it’s up to you. I feel, like I get every piece of my hair curl this way, so I section off my hair and I’m taking a very decent amount of hair. You’Re gonna lay it flat on your curling. What I mean flat is, like you, see my hair, it’s like not twisting. I keep on twisting my hair and making it flat on the wand to get these super full curls and they look really tight at first, but they’re actually pretty loose once we’re done. So I’m just going to continue curling to my hair for the next 30 minutes, and then I will show you what I do at the end. I also forgot to mention that I curl away from my face. You can curl towards your face or you can do both. I know a lot of people do both. I prefer curling away from my face. I feel, like my curls turn out more full, but it’s personal preference. Now that we have our curls. It is time to shake them out. You shake them up and down side to side the whole nine yards guys. I kind of go crazy with this, but trust me, the headache will be worth it, and this is the finished look of hairstyle number one. I really like these curls. I do all the time if you follow me on Instagram, you see that but they’re just really loose, and I like them. My next hairstyle is a much more simple. This is how I curl my hair all the time, and you guys always ask how I curl it. So I’m finna show you so the barrel that I’m using goes from big to small, and I also set my 1/2 or hundred degrees, which is the highest. It can go and the reason that I do this is because it won’t take as long to do my hair. So if I have at the highest temperature in my mind, if I wrap it around to the barrel for all of three seconds, it’ll curl my hair two times as fast as if I had it on a normal setting in my hair, wasn’t steaming so yeah.
I’m not sure if you should do that either, but that is how I curl my hair always use some sort of a heat protectant. The reason why you dis me put any heat protectant in these clips is because your girl already got some in her hair thanks to her functional beauty, shampoo and conditioner. So there’s two different ways: I tend to wrap my hair around the one. In this case, I am twisting it in like a spiral. The other way to do it is to wrap your hair around the wand, lat, in other words, I’m straightening out in strands of my hair and then wrap it around to get like a Shirley Temple girl. In this case, I’m just twisting it around the barrel to get a spiral curl that is kind of like a loose peach weave and what I’m doing here after I curl the piece of hair. I always pull it at the bottom to let it kind of separate by itself yeah. That’s all I do to get my courage quickly, wrap it around the spiral barrel, pull it at the ends, and then I shake my head out and I’m done and yeah that’s how I get my curly hair, alright guys. This is my again hairstyle number two coming at you. I have somewhat damp hair again sectioning off my hair, with a clip I’m going to take a decent amount of hair once again sectioning off into three sections and braiding as close to my scalp as well as as tight as I can. Depending on how loose you want these, I say: curls, it’s more like a crimp, it depends on how tight you do your braids and how baking you do your braids. I went for tight crimps this day and if you don’t know how to braid, I suggest you go and watch a tutorial on how to braid or just skip this hairstyle in all, because your braiding, your entire head of hair. So I continue to braid my hair. I suggest doing bigger thicker braids, because if you have a lot of hair like me and it’s thick, this took me around an hour to braid and I was getting very tired towards the end end. My fingers were hurting as well, but once you finish your hair, you can get a hair, so like so, and then you’re gonna wait a few hours. You can sleep with this overnight before you take out the braid. I kept my name for about an hour. I did go over my braids with a flyer though, but if you’re gonna sleep with them overnight, you don’t need to do that. I was in a hurry, as you can see, mom and Mike came through and helped me get these braids out. We were in a hurry we had somewhere to be but yeah, so once we were done taking off my braids, I just then Flitz my hair again to make the braids more loose. My hair was very full this day. The braids did not want to cooperate, but I made it work.
I liked how it turned out, looks super cute and yeah. That’s it for hairstyle number, two for me for my final hairstyle you’re, going to need some type of elastics, I’m using these tiny, clear ones and you’re also going to need damp hair. I suggest doing this hairstyle at night, so you can sleep on it and wake up. I had nothing going on during the day, so I just did it when it was daylight and the lighting was good in the room. Okay, so the process of doing this hairstyle is actually pretty simple. All I’m doing is parting, my hair down the middle and then sectioning it into two different parts. And then you start by taking two sections of hair and then twisting one over the other and grabbing hair on each side and twisting again so kind of like a French twist. If you know how to do a French braid, you can obviously do this hairstyle quite easy because you just grab hair from top and bottom on each string and twist it into each other and it’ll be connected to you. Okay, so you want to do this until you reach the end of your head and then once you reach the end of your head, keep twisting the hair until you reach the end and then tie it off with an elastic twist until the braid gets tight, and Then wrap it into a little bun and tie it off at the top of your head once you’ve got these steps down, you’re going to want to repeat them for a total of four times or just depending on the thickness and the length of your hair. This process took probably about 30 minutes, and I let my hair sit for about six hours before taking it out, and while I was taking out my twist, I made sure to gently unravel them and not run my fingers through them. Just so I could reduce the frizziness. I did not want my hair to be frizzy. I wanted these curls to look somewhat natural, so yeah, just gently unravel and untangle all of your twists and when you’re done taking out your twist, don’t forget to shake out your hair. So it’s not busy and it will make your hair look more full of volume and the curls will be more defined guys. We are on the last hairstyle for this hairstyle you’re gonna need a t-shirt and scissors. Your own then take your t-shirt. Lay it flat on the ground, I cut from the side of my shirt and then ripped it completely open, so I can get longer strips so once I ripped it open. I then made little slits towards the end of my shirt and began to rip This was easier for me excited my sister’s news of her crap.
I don’t have fabric scissors, but I just ripped and it made my little strip of a t-shirt that I needed So I continue to do this until I thought I had enough for my hair Make sure to make your strips pretty thick if they’re really thin that’s kind of hard for hair to stay in it But then I just cut my strips into about 4 to 5 inches in length because my hair is long, and so I have a lot to wrap up and then, by the end of it, I had about 30 strips from the t-shirt projects you’re just gonna Want to section off your hair again using a clip, so we can do this in layers now, taking my t-shirt strand, I’m going to take a decent size of hair Now guys bear with me This is my first time doing this hairstyle I had no idea what I was doing as you can see, trying to figure out how to wrap my hair It was not staying to save my life, but eventually I figured out starting from the bottom and working my way up worked So I did that and then I tied it into double knots so that way they won’t fall out when I’m sleeping, so I eventually got the hang of it The fact that it still took me about 2 hours to do this mind you it was 4:00 in the morning when I did this, so I was not a happy camper and by the end I figured out like the very last strand, I figured out an easier Way to do it is twisting your hair first and then working your way up and of course, I had figure that out and but now it’s time to go to bed with these curls in and now it’s morning And how do I look even more rough and then I looked the night before anyways the curls stayed in and I was ready to take these bad boys out now As you can see, I started on this side when I first began this hairstyle, so this was in a knot because I did not know what I was doing at the time and it was a mess, as I continued to pull out these strands of t-shirt from My hair you’re gonna be like Maia What is this? This is terrible Yes, I’m very aware: look how I don’t see these curls are anyways It gets better, though trust me somehow I made this work I shook out my curls again did my little magic Alright, I separated the curls put some styling cream in them and then wait for it This is what it looked like after I separated the curls and then boom guys, I’m a freaking catfish I don’t know how I did that I was like there’s no way I’m gonna make this hairstyle look good, but I think I did a pretty darn good job funny when I’m down agency, please don’t hit my line I ain’t funny when I’m down Aegis Lee

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