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73 fashion imitations of saffron Buck

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi saffron hi welcome to the Marion hotel. Are you ready for your 73 questions? Yes, so what brings you to Dublin – and here my doctor, amazing, you have a book about the best of all my number one bestseller Wow. What’s your favorite type of music to use, probably an old-school art and who’s the best person you’ve ever seen in concert man Katy Perry, not R & B, though who’s your celebrity crush, Zac Efron and your favorite film, the last song or the amazing spider-man favorite actor.
Miss McCarthy she’s hilarious: do you want to get married when you’re, older, yes, and what about having children? I thought wait: where would your dream house be? So is America, your favorite country? Yes, why would you like to hear that you’ve never visited before Japan why’s that Christmas or birthday? Well, you have to say that, because we’re nice for a very passive fireplace beach or ski, probably each the Sun or snow Sun – a new favorite season and is my middle name. What’s your favorite thing about Christmas, get to spend quality time with my family and the best gift you’ve ever had. Definitely, okay, it’s not really my Christmas present, but my baby niece my life she’s adorable. I feel like she wasn’t my gift worst gift you’ve ever had. Then one time I got given this candle and it’s not like diary, Oh God are you a party girl or a cozy night, young girl, ah cozy night in for sure, singing or dancing? Oh who’s, the funniest person you know. Can I see me, what’s the worst trait you have? Oh, my goodness. I am so forgetful. Anybody who knows me would totally agree. So, what’s your best trait, then my kindness, what do you look for in a person, biote and kindness? Do you have any pets? A dog Bella and she’s adorable evasion. Freeze. What’s the best thing, that’s happened to you this year, so many great things, I’m so grateful. I brought my own a jump remark. My own book number, one bestseller, probably the best thing to top it all off. I got a million subscribers Wow, the Frick I freaked out. I cried that’s amazing. So what’s the worst thing that happened to you this year, though, I can’t really complain. What’s the one thing you can live without my family, who is the last person that you sent a text to my best friend Anna and will you show me the last photo you took okay This looks like really embarrassing, because very good, Instagram post so get ready for this here, beautiful and Worcester on your phone.
How many unanswered texts do you have another one, this embarrassing? 112? Oh, my goodness! So do you prefer Instagram or Twitter? You know what was such a hard question and there any makeup trends that you hate, wait my brows, who even started that I agree fashion trends that surprised you socks and sandals and your favorite makeup product I think everybody that knows me would know that I love a good five then also, I might be dipped into lashes So is that a whole second you’re, so good, like your own makeup, do you ever think you’re gonna have your own range I mean I would love to do you prefer your hair, long or short, long straight or curly curly, which is kind of like the opposite to what I have What’s your favorite quote believe in yourself why’s that, because, if you don’t believe in yourself, then nobody else will do you, my nickname, SAFF Saffy, Saffy B Do you ever miss school? No, I don’t thank you who’s, the boss’s person in your family It’s having a question My mom and in one word describe each member of your family’s mum bossy by carrying yeah, loving Kacie, a soft knee Nick hold beautiful Jordan, an owl jet cute Harlow, a princess, and how about you clumsy? If there’s one thing in the world that you could get rid of, what would it be cancer? What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought my car? When did you learn to drive, then I haven’t Oh so winter test If there’s one bit of advice, you could give your 13 year old self What would it be? Ooh outfit change It’s been a long morning getting ready to head to the spa What’s your biggest regret, I don’t really have any What would you change about yourself? Have a gutful I am running or yoga yoga tea or coffee yuck Neither I will see the water, what’s your biggest secret If I tell you it won’t be a secret anymore Who do you hate, hey, so strong Wadud? Who do you just like them, Donald Trump? What scares you dialing and what excites you, the future, who knows what’s gonna bring? What are you looking forward to most for next year, learning new experiences, meeting new people, I love meeting new people and finally saffron What is your 2018 goal to be as happy as I am right now, amazing, thank you for taking part in our 73 questions

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