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8 DIY Unicorn school supplies / Unicorn crafts

1 Nov , 2019  

A unicorn shaped whiteout, a marker filled with Stardust a glue stick made from rainbows and the colorful fur pencil case. If a unicorn goes to school, it takes only fantastical school supplies. Miss Gonzalez brings unicorn to school, but the fantastical creature doesn’t feel the urge to learn. Even if it’s a magical school for unicorns, Miss Smith has seen a lot of strange students throughout her entire career. But it’s the first time she’s seen a specimen like this.
Welcome to our class unicorn, miss Gonzalez and your new classmates are waiting for you at the desk. Our unicorn is a pretty unusual student. Regular pens make her bored but Miss Gonzales brought a special pen for unicorns, take a fabric horn with polyester fiber filling and make two cuts. Stick a ballpoint pen refill inside fasten it with hot glue decorate it with pom-poms unicorns handwriting looks like scribbles. Miss Gonzalez takes control of taking notes and unicorn makes use of her freedom. Looking around this won’t do it all unicorn has to take her own animal notes. Unicorns neighbor needs to correct her mistake. Thank goodness that her magical white out from the limited unicorn collection always comes to the rescue cover a bottle of white out with light clay, use a pencil as a modeling tool to make an ice cream cone pattern on the cap shape a horse head with ears. On the bottle coat the light clay with acrylic paints when it hardens paint a horse muzzle hot glue, faux fur bangs and a mane. Miss Gonzalez also wants to correct a unicorn’s mistakes. This bottle looks a lot like one of unicorns friends, but the neighbor takes away her white out. She accidentally reveals her little secret. Our desk neighbor is a real elf. Miss Gonzalez is excited. She has never met a creature with such cute ears before, but Miss Smith. Won’t tolerate this lack of discipline. It’s time for miss Gonzalez to leave the classroom. Elfie and unicorn are amazing, desk neighbors. What else can be expected from a magical, school Elfie colors, her notes with bright markers unicorn wants to try them out, but Elfie can’t be called the most generous being in the world. Miss Gonzalez won’t leave her little darling without something to draw with draw a heart. On a box of pencils and cut it out coat, the box with acrylic paints create an ombre effect and paint golden stars place. The pencils into an even row make sure there are no indications on top tape to fasten painting unicorn on the pencils using acrylic paints. When dry put them into the box, Elfie is tempted by the unicorns colored pencils, but she’s too shy to ask for them.
Unicorn loves these colored pencils at first she draws, and then she solves a pencil jigsaw puzzle. She is proud to show her portrait on the pencils to her neighbor and she’s happy to share the pencils with her new friend. Miss Gonzales is right here. She helps unicorn, take notes. It’s a pity. She can’t answer instead of her in class. Miss Smith asks the students who is as yellow as a banana wearing goggles and overalls. The new student shall answer that was so unexpected unicorn gets lost in her textbook and can’t find the answer. Then Alfea decides to make her friend’s life easier and gives her a bookmark so that she can always find the page. She needs cut out a printed silhouette of a unicorn with no tail trace it on a foam rubber sheet and cut it out. Hot blue pieces of colored hair strands to be the tail attach another foam rubber sheet silhouette on top paint. The horn gold unicorn quickly finds the right answer with the magical bookmark and the class becomes happier at once this long unicorn tail will tell you all the right answers. Miss Smith is happy with the outcome, and Miss Gonzalez is proud of her rainbow buddy hold on. Why is Miss Gonzales still in class? You should go to the cafeteria instead you’re a cook, not a student unicorn has a rainbow pencil case made from Yeti fur. Miss Gonzales bought it in a special store called the magic supplies. It’s so soft and nice that it warms her heart mix. Acrylic paints with water in a spray bottle Spray. The colored mixture onto a piece of white faux fur, make a rainbow print, wait for the fur to dry fold and hot glue to opposite edges, attach a sheet of glittering felt to the inside fold, the piece so that the felt side is out and hot glue. The fur across the edges attach a zipper so that the slider is inside cut off the excess turn. The pencil case right-side out put a pom-pom decoration onto the pull-tab unicorn keeps her favorite toys in her pencil case, but school is not the place for playing games. Miss Smith won’t put up with Entertainment, Inc class help me find something interesting in her rainbow pencil case. A space ink marker how beautiful take the wadding out of a marker, cut it through and take out the soft filling with tweezers put it into a bottle. Add fillers from two more markers of different colors put glitter into the bottle. You get your own little galaxy inside the bottle put in the tip of the marker, fasten it with hot glue, put on a cap and make it more 3d, with hot glue paint The cap, gold and sprinkle with glitter, Miss Smith, is telling us our homework assignment and the students write it down with a beautiful marker right away.
It has an amazing space, shade, that’s actual star shine Blowing space dust, miss Gonzalez, watches the girls from behind a cover like a true spy and Elfie is already trying on the gold cap as a horn She wonders how she would look if she was a unicorn She just has to dye her hair to be rainbow Unicorn hides all of her school supplies in her fuzzy pencil case now That’s what we call a rainbow collection Elfie is going to attach a note What is she doing? Put that away right now we don’t use regular glue, sticks in our magical school unicorn Won’t let that happen she has a super rainbow glue Stick instead take the glue, stick out of a tube divide It into three parts: mash, every part separately, add different colorings and some glitter put the colored glue back into the tooth Layer-By-Layer compact It Elfi is trying out the glue stick on paper This is a real rainbow in a tube with some extract of glitter and a sticky effect This glue stick can decorate a notebook all by itself The girls colored all the pages With this unusual glue, stick Miss Smith notices magic in their notebooks What is this? It’s just glue, Miss Smith, don’t let a rainbow stress you out Elfi school supplies are mi a What is she looking for scissors markers pencils, No Elfi lost her favorite notebook Unicorn tries to calm her down Maybe a new notebook will cheer her up paint the cover of a notebook white paint a rainbow on top cut a sheet protector to be the same size as the notebook attach tape to three sides of it For a little white glue inside and tape, the fourth side to fasten spread the glue evenly attach the sheet protector to the cover using double-sided tape, print a picture of a unicorn and decorate the background with glitter cut out the unicorn figure and attach the picture on Top of the glue filled sheet protector draw eyes with a black marker If you rub the unicorn with your nail, colorful strips show up a unicorn notebook from unicorn Elfi loves it She can draw any pattern on the unicorns fur with her finger and she can write down her secrets in the notebook Miss Smith thinks the girls are having too much fun again Go back to your notes right now, this time the girls are happy to do that, because writing in the unicorn notebook is pure satisfaction The most important thing is to pick out rainbow pencils These notes will never be boring Did you like our unicorn school supplies,

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