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9 Simple Recipes to become an artist / creative painting hacker

1 Nov , 2019  

You’Ll never get bored with unicorns around whatever you do. It’s always fun. This portrait of my friend doesn’t look very much like him. Oh, my goodness, it’s a monster. We need to come up with a better way. A clearer folder will come in handy place, clear plastic onto the face of your model and trace the outlines with a marker ready, this picture looks more natural. The portrait is way better than all the previous disasters. This day is as boring as this white paper.
It’s going to add some colors to it. Cut up some colorful crepe paper cover it with hot water. Take the paper out and dip white paper into the colored water tint it and let it dry. We colored our plain paper, but that’s not all. Yet. Let’s keep creating leave a few bright fingerprints. Gouache paint will do the trick. Are these just colorful spots no get some pens and turn the finger prints into cute aliens whoa? Look at that. We created a whole new planet of monsters. Out ofour finger prints, the whole world is a canvas. When you are a young artist, even a door can hold art. Thank goodness the parents haven’t seen this exhibition. Yet rubbing alcohol will help. You remove marker traces quickly, put it on a cotton pad and easily erase marker lines off the surface, and if you have a particular place, you want to draw on just cover it with plastic, wrap and draw as much as you want. Do you like playing with toy guns, rainbow unicorn uses weapons only for drawing, but it was not a regular gun. It’s a hot glue gun, apply hot glue to the details and the outlines of a drawing on a primed wooden base. Ritz acrylic spray. On top, when the spray dries remove, the hot glue add details with acrylic paint. We are armed with a gun and spray, and a bright painting is all. Does who’ll get this masterpiece? My sister, of course she loves unicorns, welcome to the magical, unicorns DIY school cheer up you guys to a bright dream for masterpieces very quickly.
Now that we’re magic, your turn, but we only have tiny pieces of pencil that won’t stop us. Remove the paint off hold pencils using sandpaper, cut a frame out of a square piece of cardboard, hot glue, the pencils to it, color the frame with acrylic paint. Now that’s magic. A portrait ofour favorite rainbow teacher will look great in this bright frame. Oh, No Cinderella didn’t just lose her shoe. She lost her whole foot. No sad take all of this away. Nothing can help now. Even unicorn is trying to come up with a way out and she eventually comes up with something we need. Monster therapy cut a plastic folder, wrap the edges in parchment paper and seal them with a flat iron leave one edge open, pour in liquid soap, putting glitter and star-shaped sequins, add googly eyes seal the edge with a flat iron cover. The edges, with a decorative tape, draw monsters on the folder with a permanent marker. The goal of this game is to find eyes for every monster. This is so much fun. We have forgotten all about Barbies, broken leg. Looking for eyes is way more interesting than crying. This picture is missing something I want to complete this boring landscape cover the surface, with plastic, wrap and put out a clear canvas. Four different shades of blue liquid acrylic paint distribute the paint over the canvas using a hairdryer for yellow acrylic paint onto the bottom part. Adjust the paint with a ruler, not bad, but a child can improve any picture. I just so happened to have a few fish that are looking for. A new hull draw a big fish on a sheet of thick paper, cut out a stencil with a utility knife Make a few fish of different shapes and sizes place the stencils onto a canvas hold it with your hand and apply paint using a sponge, now trace the outlines of fish with a marker and remove the stencils define the details with a black marker.
Now our fish look more interesting Well, what do we have here an ocean floor? We need some bubbles, dip a marker cap into white paint and create bubbles near the fish wow I’m a genius This painting wouldn’t look as good without my bubbles, a 2d fish tank is all done My brother doesn’t want to pay anymore I need to make him interested in art again unicorn help What do we have? We should try some foil I bet you haven’t seen anything like this before apply acrylic paint to a canvas paint stripes create a color transition from the darkest to the lightest roll foil into a ball place the ball onto the canvas and make imprints paint a dark strip Retouch it using foil, scrape a line inside apply a strip of paint vertically on top make lines using an old toothbrush, create a tree trunk, add leaves using a foil ball Pein, a reflection of the tree at the bottom It turns out that a toothbrush can do more than just brush your teeth It can also create masterpieces amazing a space landscape made with tinfoil here’s an unusual way to create a painting without brushes We need a lot of tape and saran wrap cover a canvas with saran wrap You can wrap the table too and now paint with your fingers Take the wrap off the canvas Wow We don’t need brushes for abstract art Did you like our drawing life? Hacks? Let us know in the comments what kind of painting you’d create? Would you use hot glue, plastic, wrap or foil and a toothbrush, so that you don’t miss new useful tricks on trim drone

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