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A 13-year-old makes up for me! |Amanda Anxin

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, it’s your girl, Amanda ancing and Ruben hi. How are you amazing, so blessed right now today we’re getting glam? I just beat her face to the class 13 year old. Did my makeup better than I’ve ever done my makeup? No, she doesn’t I’m living no you’re, so good. Look at this skin. It’s flawless! What I thought I hate yeah do your best American accent: okay or your California, girl, hey guys. I just had a $20 salad and I’m super excited to be here so yeah.
I just got my Starbucks, my PA DJ Kitty and I’m ready to go. I can’t and you’re vegan, oh yeah, I’m so vegan, I’m on like a domed. I am everything I from LA, so I’m even more perfect and yeah an Instagram model. Instagram model um, I’m just so perfect, and there you have it guys. So today, we’re gonna glam, rubens gonna be doing my makeup. then just keep watching so Ruben is the second person to ever. Do my makeup out of my channel and I’m so excited. I know I had such big competition, though, because Jamie said it James is the marcelin yeah. So pretty nervous, do you start with eyes or base? I still have eyebrows and then move on to. I think old. Okay, back in the days to always do my brows, off-camera and then like come on. Oh yeah, yeah. It’s like it’s so much easier, so you’re in the UK. I am, I drove everything all the time. It’s so annoying bloopers! I don’t love everything and it’s so annoying some like. Why do I always drop everything yeah? Okay, I like to like brush them up, though, first because without again oh yeah, those areas do you like bold, brows or more natural, but I like fluffy brows. Do I look pretty even to me, I feel like they’re? Definitely not there like, we have like Chanel and Walmart all the time. Okay, okay, so I just like like to do like hair strokes, so like I’ll follow the shape so like it’s weird cuz, it’s not like I’m like delusional, so I’m like fine, like I imagine, a line underneath the brow II know. I do that’s it yeah. I do that too. Okay cuz, I feel like once you drop a line, then you can like envision yeah the shape of your brow. So how do you like living in the UK? I kind of love it. Everyone asked me if I’m from London, I’m not I’m from like placed three hours away and without it and it’s so much nicer than London. I hate, learn so much. It’s too busy like it’s so busy like.
What’s like a really British thing like cheeseburger, oh fish and chips, I fish in which I hate fish and chips myself. So chips over here is like like ways or lays sort of yes, Lay’s chips, yeah yeah later homosexual walkers, but we call so we call Lay’s crisps. So my biggest thing is like carving up brows. So, like I love to like make the brows so messy, and then I just like leave it all down to the concealer. That’s like my thing, I’m excited for it, I’m here for you for it. Sometimes I just want to stay stuff in a British accent. I don’t know why omma but yeah. Why do I do that? I don’t know why and I want to die down all the time whistling. Oh my god, yeah you’re a wild. Yes wait! Why do a bridge hello, Reuben, oh you’re, so good? Oh, it’s actually really! Good, though, let us so like show Sarah, sir, let’s suck that’s Australian, that’s a gun, so yeah I’ll Shane is kind of like British, so it sounds participant it has like. Oh Sarah, like a charm, oh wow, look at my brow. I was not ready for that, but I’m doing some another’s makeup, I’m actually so quiet – and I have to I don’t know. What’s wrong with me – is a mark right now, I’ll just try to get some more people got really bad.. Did you do it? I did I am or why did they make up the troll? No, not really that many people, just some people were like this is so weird. Oh wow looks good. They concealer makes such a big difference. I know it’s so satisfying. Well, shouldn’t people to cover the brow, so anything ever get at the gum. Diet, pick gum, diet, so unhealthy eat them. Instead of having breakfast and lunch. What do you mean you eat gum? Thank you chewing, gum cuz. It fills you up. You should eat that much! No way, that’s not healthy, I know, but I miss you so skinny you’ll die. I know I I didn’t want to say to them. I told him: I’m gonna look this up after we leave. So when did you start getting into makeup? So I think. Then it came up as a DIY foundation. I watched it and then I made it for my mum and she would like know so. I was like right and I’ll show you how I wear it. Then I put it on also Yas. Yes, Queen. How do you do? How do you do DIY foundation? You like mix moisturizer with powder, it wasn’t even DIY. It was Lucy, but I’d like my shirt. Iron yeah, so how did you end makeup? I grew up like I was always into makeup.
I wasn’t allowed to really like wear it until high school, but I remember I would like snake makeups. I had like play makeup at home yeah. Thank the Dr Pepper lipsticks. Like the lip balm and all that stuff yeah, so I would sneak it to school. My mom wasn’t really ever into it. So I wouldn’t like steal her know she had some makeup, but she was like very natural in high school. I would do winged liner every single day, oh and a lot of bronzer. Whenever I got to college, I moved to a bigger town and they had support eyes even know what support was I’ve never heard. Even I know that was no way. Oh, I grew up in a really really small town. There was no social media. You believe myspace is basis so for a new pic, that’s crazy, yeah! Well, whenever I found Sephora, I really wanted to start getting into makeup and I just felt like I was also in this place but like a place, didn’t have a lot of friends and I feel like I had friends, but they didn’t like makeup. But I love to makeup yeah, so I started watching YouTube and then I became obsessed. How did you like start with channel and stuff cuz everyone? Oh yes, I know people always asking that to us. So, whenever I got started, I wanted to learn how to use liquid foundation just started, documenting my process learning how to do makeup, and I like, fell in love with makeup and found a passion for it. I would like to stack my schoolbooks and my laptop and my webcam and I’ll land a light in a lamp. That’s all I could use so if it wasn’t funny, I would have be able to comb. I know so. I’m now taking like a darker brown shade and I’m just gonna start on the lash line with the the morphe and 506. It’s a tiny old burning brush. I love dark brown eye. Shadows me mood so make sure I like to pack on a lot, and I also like to keep the excess on that, because, when I blend it, this is gonna be important. Otherwise, it’s just gonna be like a splotchy die casts, are gonna bread, batter yeah you’re. Like me, when I do like my Browns, if, like I used like 30 shades of yeah, never enough, I was Miami was tough on Miami was amazing yeah. I would see it over there. I would love like oh my gosh, something top like an apartment there and like is it more by beach? The word that I used to describe you is charming, like I feel like you were just so charming.
Don’t we, my head? Bigger than it is just like the most perfect before proportioned face of it know me yeah no way your cheeks are like so perfectly placed with your name is like yeah. My cheeks are huge. Yes, I’m saying it’s good. I don’t like that. Jewish people pay to get you what you don’t understand. I wish I was bigger eyelids if I could change while same. I want that lid space, like you know, when you look at people not even like Jacqueline, like you look at her eyes and she’s like the ball gown like you’re like Patrick, he does have it all went into space and then Nikki mm-hmm like she has a Little crease space Nikki, oh my god, we went to a busy world okay, so the first time I went to Disney, I got what’s called a Disney hangover. We heard of it it’s like a thing pressing. I had it today literally. I thought it was worse than any drug hangover, anything because I was there all day I thought like I was just drunk because you get something from all the heat and we never gonna water, and I was dehydrated there’s six five, all this water that – and I slept in so late and I was like what’s wrong with me and I looked it up and there he’s like. I saw that Disney hangover stuff, like it’s actually a thing. That was one kid. It was crying in the line like who cries at Disney, like it’s Disney, like you like. There are a lot of good trying cannot be sad at Disney. No, no tonic tea. It’s a super huh. Do you like tea yeah? I have like five cups of it. A day really yeah, but I’m talking like that’s nice thanks, I’m not that into it like green tea. How la can you get? I don’t? Oh I love matcha. I mean I thought I thought she was healthy until this done dude green tea like green tea. It’s like it’s not like a granddad’s drink, though green tea, it’s a wood drink! Oh your Grandes drink! It’s an old drink! No! It’s like very like Grand Isle, it’s like where you like, or was that minty so you’ve been glue, we’re using Lily lashes Miami with house of lashes with my favorite glue, yeah Jesus. I can’t use latex on my eyes aggravate I’m like kind of allergic to it. I know because um I’m just the review mascara first or you look, you did a second nice. Okay, so, like I actually like to put up like place it on the Nash and then I push in to the actual line, but I don’t like to actually belt lash.
I’D actually put it on the three pot with the lash and then it like myself boys. I always start in the center to and then I do, the outer inner yeah, I think lashes placed so neatly anyway. Really you probably could pick up them. I love lashes. Like I have to wear lashes. Oh I’ve never worn. No, I don’t think I have one wake up without lashes in like I’m. I don’t know. I just feel so like been acting like the biggest mistake when people do their lashes, but they don’t let the lash glue dry, because people always ask me about that and they’re like yeah. It doesn’t stay. I’m like you have to let the laughs yeah. I didn’t know that for a long time when I first are getting a makeup, I’ll put the lash go and try to put on I’m like it, not sticking. Oh wait. I like it. So if like say two seconds me too wow, it looks so good. You can’t even see my lashes just like grab the point in just like shove it. So how did you teach yourself how to do makeup. I was good as good at makeup when I was your age. I mean it’s annoying though cause like when I go out with my friends. They always wanted to do that. Holler. I’m always asked to get ready and undergo full yeah. I’D like that. So does everyone wants you to do it? It’s like when you love doing makeup. You want to do all like a hundred steps on everything like I need ten hours to do. I never ate who I was eat. You tell them another. Sorry we’re minimizing flavor wheel of a poreless Queen because clean I have pores, I’m like Ruben. You are so charming, not my not coming up my mouth this foundation. I don’t think I’ve been using it everyday. So expensive, though right no, but you told me it’s worth it, though, have you ever tried to make up forever foundation? Stick! No! I want to try it. Is it really good? It’s really good cuz James, just use it everyday for like here. It’s so good, but honestly I get everyone like. It was huge I’d used to highlight contour yeah and did everything start like so? Did it like gradually go over this time? Was it a one thing that went viral so for my channel yeah. So I was in college when I started so literally between classes. I would go and like the Starbucks on campus or I would go and like the library don’t edit. Okay, that’s all I did like everyone to be out partying. I was always like filming rounds. I loved doing it like it was just so fun. That was a Kim Kardashian contour yeah. I was and it’s funny cuz.
. I thought it was like not good. I think this is silly and I thought it was just I don’t know I just I was like no, I don’t like it and I was like I’m gonna upload it anyways yeah, I didn’t know it was going viral. I think there’s a couple million views on it now, obviously, but it hit a million and all that wait. What and I never back then, like a million views just so much right yeah. What do you think about our lives? It’s good huh! Oh awesome, a tiny dit, this concealer does not crease. Does it not it’s so good? Look who’s in the building the Slayer face is really moving. I look good glam. Do you have to me next yeah yeah? I am actually well. You guys. Look beautiful! Okay! Oh stop bring some guys that I’m friends, let’s say that they get no hate at all. I’m like must be nice camera late. No, I mean like it’s not even like so much hammy. It’s hate fur like see my Merman for letting me doing it. It’s like ridiculous, like people hate like they’re, like oh, my god, she’s such a better mom like what do you mean what I know being a bad mama? I know I don’t like having to be a bad mom for letting a kid like you creative, exactly it’s like a good thing to do. Like girls, girl, you’ll email. No, no. I know how people think like I like that makes these. Oh that’s what you think. I care Oh cute. I feel like on a lot of guys. Friends with. Did you make up its a lot of straight guys, like commenting ya, think I’m like? Why are you here? It was like old man. We got like what are you doing, but I just think I think it’s disgusting and I think it’s crazy that people cyberbully and they think that it’s their opinion, it’s like or their criticism, but like it’s been actually not you’re, actually being a bully, so go somewhere Else by no pencilled it so you’re. I got you sweetie, oh wow, she’s gonna be highlighted doing amazing, sweetie you’re doing amazing. So how did your parents react like whenever, like? How did you get into first using makeup? And what did your parents think? Oh? They were like. Well, I know if it’s like, I never like it was like announcing, like, oh my god, yeah doing makeup now yeah. It was like I’ve always liked one like I’ve, always dressed up with my sister from when I was like 2 years old, so I always like more dresses and wigs and stuff when I was like 2 years olds, with my sister, so I mean there was.
It was kind of like the next step. Almost so it’s like they were expecting it, but they always supported you yeah, oh yeah, yeah yeah, that’s amazing! They were the best honey, so you were on Ellen twice. She was on Ellen, not one time but two times. First time was for singing right: yes, the fissile widow is for singing and then when I was over there, they found out that I do makeup too, and then I did a tutorial with them. Oh and yep, and then it went back over in November to do more tutorials and kami surprised me Kim kimberleigh Kardashian. I was in the musical the car, a musical, No repulsed Rock Reese. Did it? No, I didn’t. Do I don’t cable anymore there’s only one watching up, I didn’t know it’s unusual show you. I mean it’s funniest thing. I’ve ever seen in my whole life. When I met her, she was so nice wait. Did you go to the hello? I went to her first lunch when she invited some of us over to her house and it was so surreal. I guess I didn’t really know what to expect, because I’ve grown up watching the show, and I love watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians we like it. So when I’m at her, it was just so surreal, I’m like small she’s, so tiny, but she was just so calm and emotion and how big our eyes like she was a good ol. Just her face is just so pretty yeah she’s like perfect and her skin was so nice, oh my god, James and I went together. So we kind of like we’re like we went together to the launch, and so we were I’m like just following her everywhere. She went because we wanted like one-on-one time with her yeah, and she was just so nice like she was telling us how she thought it was so cool, doing YouTube and all this stuff, like she kind of knew about us, which was really nice. Yes, like she didn’t have to do that, she’s, yes, I know yeah, I feel like people come for me when I recorded like it’s too orange. I’m like both crying looks like it looks like gray. I like it to be like this to where it’s kind of, would you rather be orange or gray like don’t because this warms up to your face yeah, I don’t want to be three-dimensional. I want you a forehead, so bad. You know I hate it well. I have a three head: I’d rather have yours honestly. No, because you can’t do anything with it.
Yes, you can, I suppose, in like you, don’t the shortest Ferengi 2 goes into fries, it’s so annoying. I don’t set any right down yet. Actually, I mean I set everywhere, but I try not to because I love the look of like a troll. I do too, but but the only thing I don’t okay, I only like it on my cheekbones and lice another, my forehead. I don’t like the appearance of my older around my mouth because, like it’s shiny, sometimes oh yeah, I know yeah yeah, I said anywhere. That’s too shiny yeah, but on the floor I don’t like it shiny. I know just like just so. We can get with your orange really quickly, oh yeah, so for um, my nose contour I’ve been eyeing up this. I don’t know so you earned at the moment, but I take that and then I go in with a pure, bright eyeshadow from Wolfie. Does it make it okay, yeah, let’s be able to give you some nose contours like one of my favorite things. I just feel like I’m still learning like I’ve, like I’m, always changing how I contour my nose please. So just do you like two lines straight down and looked okay, but then it’s so complicated now, there’s so many different thing. I can do yeah like I’m very basic with it, like people always also got a nose job whenever I’d do it and I’m like they’re like do side by side pictures, I’m like no, so what you use for blush for blush, so the one that I brought. It’s super bright or you can use the one, but that’s why I use for something. Oh, let’s see says: okay, so that’s pretty taking. Is it Peggy didn’t know, she’s, pigmented, okay plates on the apples, and then I can move it back. It’s like, as if like we just got sunburned no makeup on. Like I love this number, I’m like okay, our love over highlights. We gotta, get you a new Rodeo Drive. Oh yes satisfies! I love putting my light on and watching it on camera. Have you ever tried using them with oil? No, so you can use like any oil. You have like even bio oil if you’ve never heard about no way from the drugstore.. So you take the Beauty: Blender got some oil, you know and then take and use your blender in the powder and put it on and it’s an insane or he’s a brush. It’s insane! Okay and I’m gonna take a bit of total. I from fenty and just put it on top just we can get it really I think old me, okay, so I’m just gonna be taking the Kylie caramel lip liner.
Why is my stomach groans? I think, was not even hungry? Okay, okay! What’s up real so satisfying educational ones, so this is the Patrick some of Patrick’s da Ah This um I know it’s so cute I love my lip glosses Mm-Hmm, lip glass, okay, so the final step yeah shake it first Oh countless in ecology Oh, I need okay, ready Hmm, you better work Good literally my skin looks so good You know I get like so flawless I just like chimes home Do you like kind of into me, like I would say, laughs? Look I would be doing right now that didn’t do this in 45 minutes I think we look like similar just the eyeshadowsisters, no sister sister shoo shoo, shoo shoo I love it Thank you for doing makeup I love it looks so good I know I just kind of feel like something’s missing here just I know I feel like something’s missing I feel like you know what it is I know, are you thinking what I’m thinking yeah be right back You know, we’ve arrived we’re here, feeling so much better How do you feel now, I feel so much better It’s finally complete more, like my cell life, is complete Yeah, yeah Amanda transformed me by the way, that’s better all right guys! Thank you so much for watching I think you were done for doing my makeup blessing My face, I literally like keep looking in the mirror, because I know if it’s a person wearing wigs this is I got natural hair like it just cream, I’m not wearing a wig, just think about wig This isn’t a wig This is mine yeah, if you’re not already following at Rubin, I will link his channel and all of his social media down below so make sure you go check it out so make a comment say: hey it’s gonna be a good one, yeah! Well, thank you for doing my makeup literally, I like never want to wash it off My brows, though, have never looked better, see No it’s but it she has the best browser know if the concealer trick, I never cut them out concealer and it looks so good like I really like it I’ll Even wear my I know Okay, alright guys Thank you so much for watching I love you guys

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