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A comparison of Fred Moisturizing Foundation with oily skin and Fred matte Foundation

1 Nov , 2019  

Hang on to my channel, my name is named panda. Every monsoon is the day. I am super super super excited because I am going to be reviewing as well as doing a weird test and give you guys the pros in kind of the new fancy beauty. Products are hydrating foundation. It is a tongue twister, yes, but not only am I going to be demoing this product, you guys, I’m actually also going to be showing you it compared to be pro filtered mattifying foundation. Now I have oily combination skin, so I’m super interested its Ian Kimble Woody’s game, girls or the combination skin girls get away with this hydrating formula.
. But before we start, you have to comment which size you think is which so, which side is the matte side and which side it’s the hydrating sign.. Then go ahead and come back and I’m wishing like my facebook ID, I did use these Dermalogica prism Poseidon with SPF, just because, since I am going out faceting when I test out the foundation, I want to make sure that I protect my skin and that it’s Protected from the sun rays, because, even though you have melanin you spoony ICL, okay, someone left this thinking for a little bit and once that dusting and I’m gonna come back and try it out the new Pro mattifying primer from fancy beauty as well. As do one side of my face using the original formula and the other side of my face using the more hydrating formula sum up, we get started with the primer. One thing I can say automatically is that the consistency is very, very shocking to me. I usually assumed that with primers that are mattifying, that the consistency would be. I don’t know thicker or maybe just that I’m used to silicon primer, but this one found this one is super super super thin and very watery, and maybe I shouldn’t be applying it with the brush. But that’s what we’re doing today and I am going in with a good amount of that and what I’ll do afterwards is. I will go ahead and just blend in or push in that primer with my fingers. So I wanna see if it’s hot you so when I push the primer in it, does have like that silicon. You feel that probably usually has, but it’s still very thin. It doesn’t feel tacky at all. So I’m super interested and seeing how this works. I was a foundation and if it doesn’t actually help with keeping the oils down and making sure that the foundation not go on its matte anyway, but for the foundation in fact, do have a both formulas here and I did actually pick up a new one from The pro mattifying foundation gel because I’m gonna be almost at the bottom of my old one, and for both of these I did go ahead and pick up shape 480, just because before I was mixing for a 70 or 480.
But I won our nose head or looks like I’m just thinking back to mix the foundation. I don’t want it like I’m over spending more than what most people spend we’re spending double of what people would spend it based on what shades are available. So at this point, if the shade that the work with me just trying out one – and I have to mix it – I’m just not gonna buy the foundation at all period. Okay, it’s 2019 we’re about to be in 2020. At this point as a brand, you should have a diverse range of foundations and I should be able to just buy one and I have to buy a suit to make it work. Okay, I’m gonna go in and I’m going to take the original foundation. I’m just going to cut out two, maybe two or three for both sides. I am gonna use a brush, so I’m just gonna go in and apply it on this side of my face now. One thing I can say about the fancy foundation, specifically the original 480 – is that, although it appears very red and meltdown and a bus, this must get pretty well, so I’m just gonna go ahead and blend, so you guys can see. For this part, it speed through it a little bit just because I’m very familiar with this formula very familiar with this foundation, so this one is more so just like other way, it sets itself, but this is how it looks once I apply it, and I will Go ahead and blend it out later on on with a sponge just to go on top of it, but I just want you guys to see the actual shade. So 480 is a perfect match for me. In my opinion, I feel like it covers up. My invitation. Does all those things now we’re gonna go and everyone’s testy new profiles are hydrating long wearing foundation, so the claims of it is that if you are 480 or if you are a shade in one foundation, that means that you are the exact match of the Other, so being that 480 fits me for the pro mattifying foundation, for you should also fit me for the hydrating one. So let’s go ahead and open this up. It looks like this we’re going to start squeezing some okay. Okay, one thing I can say just from squeezing it hours at the consistency is super different for the hydrating one.
It is a bit thicker. The shade looks pretty much the same as wow. It’s definitely much. Thicker, a wow, it’s actually really thick, not super thick like it’s, not Julia’s play stick but she’s definitely thicker than the actual pro mattifying formula. Maybe I need to blend it all more, but all right, so I don’t know about you guys, but I feel, like I noticed a difference not just in these shades, but also just in the formula itself. So on this side, you clearly see less of a shine because it is a mattifying foundation, but I also feel like because of the consistency and maybe a being thinner. It also just looks more natural, just a little bit wears on this side, because it’s a little thicker, I feel like you, can definitely see some of it wasn’t as easy, some languages where I’m gonna go over with my Beauty Blender. So this is what the skin looks like once both foundations have been applied, just open things that I’ve noticed. I feel like with the pro mattifying side, I will just say, mattifying in hydrating. I feel like it’s a mattifying side and looks a little bit more skin light or for the media application. It’s definitely much better at consistency and then I feel like with the hydrating side. It’s a bit thicker when I printed it out with the brush. I didn’t like the finish a bit as much as I did once I went back over it with the sponge. You kind of push the product in so punch it in a little bit more. So I’m not sure if that has anything to do with the thickness or the consistency or what it’s just something that I noticed that I like, or I need, is to blend in with a sponge a little bit more. I’m gonna definitely see that this stock is more hydrating, because you see like machine swimmers with this side. You see the light bouncing off, but you don’t really see that hydrating effect that this one has so I’m gonna go ahead now into the rest of my face. I’m gonna be using fancy products. I don’t know that you guys say you like what is my foundation also show you guys where I used to come sailing in consort. So it’s pretty much gonna be the same thing so imma fast forward it just like guys can, you know not have to sit through a whole, hopefully 31 degree, but we can cut this down to 15. This is the finished look and I actually decided to include the voiceover of everything else I did for my face just because I feel like I have to do a few things to bring it all together.
I was feeling like the concealer was a little too light. Something was off with the foundation in the concealer, as I was applying it, and maybe it’s because I’ve gotten darker from the summer, but I didn’t really have leaked with the primary bronzer in order to save it, and this one is in the shade chocolatey. I also put my quote insane, but this product this bronzer, really helps me to save the look to make sure that I still remain deep and then my skin complexion still say the same, regardless of the foundation that I was using. So this is the finished look. Looks like her she’s done so over my first impression: do they look identical y’all, tell me we need this hair out of my face. Does my right side, the mat look identical to my left side be hydrating my face a little bit we’ll see. I just wanted to assumed you guys and as well just so they could see this kind of clothes, so this is the right side again the bedside size. Huh I mean the left side is a hydrating side. Some definitely interested in seeing where we’re like I’ll go right. Now it is 6:30 7:00, so I’m probably gonna with its foundation for about 6 or 7 hours and I’ll have to go out which I’m excited about, because I’m asked to get the Sussex on nation. In the heat and the New York City hot girls summer, I’m so we’ll see how it wears. I’m not gonna Bly, I’m not gonna touch up. I’m not gonna do anything and I will show you guys what it looks like for the website and then get into my pros and cons. But just off of my first impression it looks pretty good like I feel like I’m good. I want you to tell the difference that much. I don’t think, there’s a difference at all. Actually so I think we’re good, so I’m going to leave and then I will show you guys how it looks after I come back for the RZA, alright guys. So I am back and I love you guys – I left here at 6:30. It is commonly to also a.m. so. I have been wearing this foundation for over six or seven hours and again this is the Sun that has a matte foundation or the matte side, and this is the song that happy left side so automatically. I you guys can see if it’s like reading on camera, the way that it’s reading to me, this side is definitely more windy. However, I do have some oil also on this side, but in general dis, I definitely you can see the only popping through. I was saying that what I think has helped it, though, on this side, is definitely that mattifying primer, five at first, just because, when I’ve seen other people’s, where it says when they try the hydrating primer with the hydrating foundation, their face looks really really oily, whereas I feel like mine, still looks pretty good.
Like I don’t look greasy, I feel like it’s just the natural just popping through and if I was to take a napkin or a blotting paper I feel like it will completely go away. My eyebrows are oily on both sides. I feel like a little bit more on this side, but regardless my voice naturally came through, so I’m gonna go ahead and get it to my pros and cons. Yes, I’m gonna dress differently because I went out. so I’m coming back gonna be a completely different person, but let’s go ahead and get to the pros and cons. So the first pro is going to be the fact that, when fancy Lord is foundation, all of them were available in Sephora. I feel like with a lot of friends recently what I’ve been noticing. What I’ve been seeing is that brands will come out with a foundation range they’ll come out with a shade range, but you won’t be able to get one of these shades in store or it won’t be available, or you have to get it online. Only stuff like fancy consistently produces product that can work for multiple people of multiple skin tones, but they make it available to everyone so that within itself, it’s a pro. The second Pro is going to be just the way that it held up. I feel like because I have all these games. I really didn’t expect this, so the greasy on me, I didn’t expect it to work and the fact that it’s holding up like this. I think it’s a great thing. The third probe, which is going to be the finish when I was comparable aside as I kept looking at myself and just kept taking a like a deep, deep, deep reflection of what do I see? What’s the difference, how does it look? I definitely feel like the hydrating side looks more natural, it looks more skin light and if you want someone that wants your skin to look like skin, then you’re definitely to love this. I started the cons. One of the cons is just going to be a packaging. For me I was just my fan. I wish that it wasn’t a straight bottle just because it’ll be easier for it to come out. I went away through this I feel like I have to kind of like push through and keep pressing the button in order for the product to come around.
Let me get in and show you guys something like what the way that this is set up like I have to constantly keep pressing it for it to come out, and I feel like after a while If I were to lay on this side, the product could get built up and that can make it more difficult to dispense So that’s just the person would think for me The second college is going to be the consistency It is a bit thicker than the mattifying primer, which I am like and because of the thickness, I’m going with a little bit too much so the comments less about the products and more about how I use it So I use too much on my face at one time and that made it a little more difficult to blend The mattifying foundation is definitely easier to be loved because of how thin it is and how much it spread And then the last kind is just going to be I feel like this shade Wasn’t a 100% match at first Maybe it’s also because of the coverage and the thickness and the consistency It might be the same shade, but it still looks a little different I felt like it looks a little lighter, a little more red, but I have to go back to my did the footage to see, but just off my first impression That was what I immediately thought of It was just half the shades were not exactly perfect They were very similar, but it was not the exact same thing Let me know if you guys noticed that as well in the footage Overall, though, I really really do like this foundation, I feel like what I’m probably gonna end up doing is using the mattifying primer and then mixing This is my mattifying foundation just to get something in the middle, so fancy yeah got a hydrating foundation I got a mattifying foundation, get me to do satin, legs and mix these two formulas together, because I feel like if I can get the long wear and the consistency of the mattifying primer with the skin Like finish of the hydrating primer, I would be the happiest girl in the world so for me personally, I’m probably gonna mix it soon, but I do still like this foundation just based on the way that it looks because I feel like skin is in Nobody wants to be kicked out and some you ain’t seen it’s maybe 20 So overall, I really really like Foundation Let me know want to get thoughts and opinions down below bye, [ Applause, ],

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