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1 Nov , 2019  

Good morning, sir. Today it’s gonna be a little bit of a different look, so I’m gonna be taking you through, like the day of like an influence. I guess because well a day of me, I don’t know I feel like when YouTube is vlog. It’s like you literally, take a day off to bloke, but today I’m gonna be doing everything that I would normally be doing and showing you guys exactly what I’m doing and explaining everything shoe and stuff. Sir, I’m gonna be like doing other promotions and, like just a whole lot of stuff, and I want you guys to kind of see what we actually get up to I mean I can’t speak on behalf of anyone else, but this is like what I do When I’m not like vlogging, because what I’m vlogging, I usually go like apfel on shell anyhow, my friends like make fun content, but today yeah it’s gonna be like work, so I hope you guys enjoy this little concept.
I feel like I don’t know if this is really being done before, but yeah I’ll be explaining more things in detail. Sir, this morning I work hop in Michaels bed because I slept there last night and I just come from then to pick up some clothes. just because I left my microphone in Melbourne. So I’m gonna go you use like all of his stuff because he has like a backdrop and stuff. It’s just like easy to do. That until I get my microphone back, so yeah we’ll be doing everything at his house today, but we have the same setups and everything. So that’s fine. I actually helped him set his that because I’m a legend yes, so what I’ve done this morning? Is I’ve gone to the pair books to get all of my mail, which is usually like work stuff, so things I’m going to be promoting like restocks and everything so um didn’t wake up in the best married because persevere this morning had so much hate on my News a year – and I’m like this is just so frustrating like, especially when people are like you’re acting sorry faking, this fear or you’re being so different this year, I’m like I’m literally, not like I’m sitting here doing a mukbang like answering question. It’s like it’s just sort of frustrating it’s like if I’ve got lots of energy or if I’m acting a certain way, people always like peek at little things, I’m like so annoying, but it’s alright, we’re gonna turn this day around and just be posting on the Run to surgery my skincare and to have a few props, because my face is like really stiff right now and I really can’t step on it. Well, my skincare routine is sorry straightening out, but just to let you guys know I don’t let him get really mad.
When I don’t just go texting, he shoots down how convenient filming this for YouTube. a lot of people get really mad when I don’t say that it’s sponsored so from now on. I’m sorry, let me guys say this fear is sponsored by budget professionals. So I’m gonna be talking about some products that I’ve been using or the pasta. Few weeks – and I know I say this all the time, but I wouldn’t promote a product that I genuinely don’t use and lobster because the director actually dyed my hair brown. I feel like I should take it up, so you guys can see it. I just wish my head last night with it sorry she’s fresh but yeah. I just dyed my head round like lost with something. I really need to style it right now, but you can get a gist of the color. It’s just like a like honey with a light brown, but it has like blonde like light brown bits through us, and it’s still like a look at variation is so I’m just like a blue color. Okay, I need to put my hair up until I’ve styled my head, because, what’s why I’m here please help sir, I would advise for about a year now, not this product in particular. I just got this one, not just I’m using this. I was using the one full blonde hair, which is the one that Michael uses so kind of counteracts those yellow turns. I was like a purple shampoo, so that was amazing, but because I dyed my hair brown, this is the one that I’ve been using and it is incredible so I noticed hair would go like red in the Sun when I, when my hair was brown like even Previously, when I had brown hair before, I would always go on this side. I’m like why I’m a I’m red I mean like that’s cute, you know, but that’s something look that I was really going pulser and that they come up with this tracks. This one’s called the cool, brunette, blue training, conditioner and shampoo is actually really cool. It’s like a metallic blue with that with both these products, it says with repairing olaplex technology. If you guys don’t know what olaplex is it’s? What was used in my hair to make me very like really blonde, it’s like that ingredient. That is really good for your hair and it helps I prepare and stuff. So that’s always nice, knowing that my hair isn’t dying off into a fake. So yes pretty much, it has maximum strength of blue micro pigments. That instantly gets rid of red and orange tones from brunette hair and, of course, the old Plex Technology girls talking about before it says, penetrates deep into the hair core to reconstruct bonds after chemical, styling and environmental damage, as well as weight, weightlessly, smoothing the cuticle. So to the shampoo it says, lather evenly through wet hair, leave on for up to two minutes and maximum results rinse thoroughly and follow with the cool brunette conditioner to build up the hair, defenses and lock in the cool deep turns.
It also says, try and use gloves to avoid any like staining or anything. I do get a little bit of staining, but it did come off like in a few hours. So that was fine because you guys aren’t just and checking out these products, whether it’s like the cool brunette or the blonde one. Then they’re sold exclusively at Priceline. But let’s say if I’m team brunette right now, because I’m same brunette bold a few months, then we got to get new expansion colors just quickly. I really wanna do a mosque because I’m gonna cope with the driest skin losses on it. I’m just gonna go in with a hydrating one. Oh my god! Skin has never looked sorry bad! Look at that! Okay! So right here I have a pile of things that I have to promote. So I’m just gonna pack, my bag to go to Michael’s. Choose a few outfits, so I can take some further. Is there but yeah? I just leave everything here, so it likes to get like what I’ve got to promote, because obviously, if I put it in with the rest of my clothes, it would just get lost. Oh, my God, my mum clean my shoe cupboard, hey my mom actually comes over a few times a week and cleans. I pay her to do that. So I have more time to do other work and stuff and say I see if I didn’t have her I’d. Be living in a pit ha ha, so it is time for breakfast, because we’ve gotta have fuel enough for you to start the day and we have a fresh orange juice here as well, so I’m so excited cause. I’m starving baby doing crying it’s on the Ruby, so wondering sometimes like 10 minutes, you guys are literally sitting on black holes. Towel wrap a miracle really okay. I just wanna get ready to stop filming that work. This is so yummy Omega, no borders. No! You kidding me yeah, I mean it’s time my head put a cute tough on. I always wear pajama pants. When I film you gotta say that butter puff so yeah, I’m just gonna try and look beautiful, see my gos look. What I stands on my chest, so I’ll pin off you’re wondering why you know it’s like my face different color to my neck up few days. Look! Oh, my hair, because I never try with my head these days. I just nature. So that’s not a lot C Brown, so I’m gonna do that. Well, you talked about going to older talking a little jewel, coral eyeshadow. So that’s what we did. Oh I’m gonna! Do it anyway, yeah anyway. Now, I’m just gonna go ahead and go through all of the makeup that I want to film with today.
So you like the wrong eye. Contacts are in hairs done. I always play music when I do this, but copyright, hello, I’m sorry hate what we have so far. This is Michael’s little setup, so I’ve got all my eye shadow brushes that I’ll need. I need like a little type towel, because I always get makeup like me, found the eye shadow that I’m gonna be using. I’m gonna be able under wet ready to go cameras, they’re ready, friends down there in case they get any calls from my manager and yeah. I’m just gonna grow through here and see what I want to use. Okay. I think what I’m gonna do is a full face of products that I’ve really used before since I’m using like since I’m at Michael’s. I thought I may as well. Well I have all this makeup. I never like to try the new moon scars. I feel like that’s dangerous, but we will do it anyway, Michael hates when I use his the scars, but it’s not telling she’s my manager, I swear. I talked to my manager beloved. I talked to my mom. I just said it: I just sounded with a new imagine a team, hopefuls group. I think I’ve spoke about a few times, a full about the main guy. Well, not the main guy. I mean they’re all like the main guys, because they all it’s like five of them or something in the company about the one that works with me, the closest he calls me back every hour to get me to eat to get me going. So that’s always good helps help so much having someone to like push. You well you’re doing this kind of stuff because I don’t know being self-employed like so I’m gonna say the most amazing thing, but sometimes it’s a little bit hard to be like to keep motivated. So it’s always nice. Having been there to push me sit. Beg Finn you’re the best. Finally, it’s literally been two hours since I started getting ready, sir I’m just gonna format. My my learn. This is the one that I use. It is the zoom h5. It’s really good audio, sir I’d like to just put that right. In front of me, it’s no connected to the camera, but yeah it’s really crisp and clean. So that’s gorge, um. What else do I need to do? I have all my makeup set out right in front of me here in order, so the process is a bit quicker, so everything’s gonna look ready to go, always have no water. Can you change the camera settings because it looks a little bit dark, but I think oh you trying to feel a lot want me to get interrupted by people a lot. So you can like a purple background. Oh my god, Michael that literally scare me so much. You said that you didn’t like my background and now you’re using it.
I think I said well, I’m a bottle. Ah, oh my god, the hood sir. I really don’t like this background. Oh well, phenoix Jerry. I learned my chickens. Welcome to my channel sorry, I’m gonna be doing a makeup tutorial using early products that I have never used. Okay. Well, I didn’t think about what I was saying before. I said it, sir, that usually happens. Okay. What am I even doing using products? I’ve never used yeah, okay, just try again. I usually never have any play because I filmed that many times it’s just like. If I’m it’s like making mistake, I usually just like keep going but because I know this is filming. I thought I’d explain to you what I just did alright. Well, I’m a very film and I’ll speak to you guys soon. Usually filming takes like two hours, so something sorry yeah. Let’s do this, okay, guys their little update. I just started filming and the foundation was completely white laughs me, sir. I have to restart.. Oh, my gosh, this is so frustrating. I just feel like it’s not working out for me. I just don’t like how it’s looking so I’m going to go home and race. Stop is Holly yard because I don’t know. I just don’t like the background, I’m just not feeling it. I just want to be my own space and just do it from home. I have to clean up all this makeup poni waste of time, okay, sir, on my way back to Michaels. Now I just stole a kombucha from his rich. This is the peach flavor you try to get. I’m excited, oh, my god, I’m literally just like not in the best mood for some reason. Just one of those days I work hopping very well. I didn’t, but it was the comments I just put me in and I’m just doing them baby. Well, those very peachy.. But I don’t want to be putting out content that I don’t love and like that. I’m not proud of sorry. I’m obviously not gonna waste. Your time and I pretty much filmed like most of it, but then I was like nah. This is not good enough. I’m just gonna stop filming it, but what’s the time it’s my ball today, it’s going sorry fast. I don’t have a whole lot of time. I just like to work in like the daylight. I don’t like to work like after six o’clock. Usually I mean I will if I have to, but I don’t know I just feel like. I have more energy like in the daytime with this thumbs up and it runs up and, like I don’t know like normal working hours, so I don’t know we’ll just see how we go, but I will check in with you guys when I’m okay guys. So it’s been about four hours now I got home and I’m like okay, I really I’m just not feeling inspired.
I just wasn’t feeling great, so I thought I’d have a bit of a break to recruit myself get some energy because I’m having some really bad PMS. Today, it hasn’t been this bad in a really long time. I remember just like being mindful – and I was like I’ve got a girl. I’m gonna have some alone time, because I was just sort of angry for no reason. Don’t you hate that mine, it’s just so bad. I was just angry and I messaged my mother and I’m like just letting you know that I’m walking off right now it was five o’clock. I’m like I’m off. I can’t do this everyone’s being assholes today. I think I just started with all the hate online this morning, I’m like it just put me in such a weird mood and as much as I like, don’t care about what other people say about me like. Sometimes it does affect me, and I think that’s like if you’re a human being if people are going to be paying on you like constantly, like thousands of messages a day then obviously like at one point it might get a bit irritating, which is what happened to Me but yeah he pretty much just sent me a really nice message and helped lift me up again remind me: that’s um. I got here by myself and I’m gonna keep pushing myself. If I you know what I keep doing this sure here we are. Oh. I tend my front half again didn’t I I had another shower: got nice and fresh concealer on my breakouts. I just feel a little cold like that, so I did it. Hair is slicked back right now, because when my head is down, it really distracts me, sir. Everything needs to be just like perfect. I have all my stuff’s about he’ll start rightful that I can feel whenever I want so right now it is 919, sir. I’m gonna stop filming out, probably gonna, be up to like 11:30 filling this or I’m so lucky that I can do that because then I can kind of maneuver away from my emergency. If I get that PMS, I haven’t got that full well, I have, but not that bad sir. I was like I’m not filming while I’m in this mood, because you guys are gonna be able to tell but yeah just so you know this does happen. Obviously we won’t ever get in those memories, but for people that have a regular job, sometimes you just can’t leave you can’t just guards or like you some me that I can’t do that. Sir praise, the Lord, is what I can say: anyways, I’m gonna go refill Matt. Now I just thought I’m not gonna give up. I’m gonna try again and yes ceasing. So this is what my setup looks like all the lights off, what I’m not to put some umbrellas up there, so the shutters are all gone but yeah. This is what we’re gonna be filming with today. This is my background here. I’m gonna wear this blazer I look classy um and then I have another makeup that I have from that.
I bought in the past like few weeks from P Ah, sorry, I have to go through all of that soon and see what’s poppin and then I have everything in my car as well, but I’ll have to unpack tomorrow, but it’s pretty much the same amount of stuff Is that what I bought today? So it’s crazy I might just I just helped: oh I’m I’m just gonna I’m telling that that’s Maria but I’ll learn my chickens I love you all very, okay, guys, sir I just finished filming this makeup Look, I love how it turned out um So now I’m just putting some earrings in and a blaze out to like do the pricing for the out chart Actually, it’s loading for my intro um yeah That’s what’s happening right now The time is 11 o’clock at night Sorry I thought the board Ike says glow on right Now it looks very pretty and my face is so glowy eye color I just got done Posie sorry, bad yeah I just got done filming the intro for this makeup Look now, I’m just going to promote the last prep of the day, which is some eyelashes, which is the ones I’m wearing right now, that’s so pretty! So I’m doing an extra of sorts for this, so I’m just looking at my calendar because my manages set up like the brief in the calendar, so it pretty much just has like the tag that you have to tag and like how many frames and stuff at That paid for so yeah this one is three frames with a swipe up Yeah I’ve been using these ones for a while there so pretty story It is time to share them with the world Alright, guys, sorry, I just got into bed I just had a shower I had to wash my hair again because I had so much product in it today, but the time is 1:20 in the morning You know Well what can you do about that? So I just sent my manager all of my promotions for the day he’s still up because he’s an absolute, not he knows sleeps literally ever um Yes, sir I got heaps of work done I’m really happy about that I just did some emails and got a few working Sorted, rearrange my calendar for tomorrow, so everything kind of runs smoothly If you did, please give it a thumbs up It was definitely not like the normal vlog You know what I mean Oh my gosh, by the way all of my lash extension cells on this side and they’re still out on this one haha, that’s a little bit awkward but um

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