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A French snack for tasting the journey

30 Sep , 2019  

. Oh, my goodness, do you want your learner’s? Would you like a cookie we-we-we me? Okay, great you, French yeah. Everyone welcome back to our shared Channel today. We’Re gonna eat a bunch of French snacks because it’s the fourth of July and that felt like the most American thing we could do also in case you haven’t, noticed we’re not in our brand new high-tech studio. We have been relocated to my parents, so I’m George holding Landrover driving past. We have been relocated to my parents, front porch in my hometown of Downey.
California. Can you guess what we also guessed? We’ve guessed hey. What’s your name? What’s your name before you Daniel Samuel? What’s your name, she said Naomi. You just can’t hear her. This is my niece and nephew very shy and we’ve just been partying really hard. Actually, at one point, my sister’s husband was pantsless not even to it’s, not even full disclosure. The snacks are gonna, go bad if you don’t eat them soon, and this is the only day we can film it. So maybe mama Bonjour all right. Well, let’s kick things off. So basically, we tweeted – and you guys, gave us some suggestions and we got what we could find from those suggestions, but the store we went in seemed like it was just. It was like a whole food of rants. It was like very fancy. I thought it was very artisanal, let’s start with something that your sister just gave us a nice anecdote about yep. So these are the príncipe cookies and when I lived in Spain like 15 years ago, but it’s eBay, yes Lilly, it’s French duh wait. But what are you saying, principe, wise? That’s how you say it and freeze it in a in Spanish? So not French! So my thing, the first time we went to Paris together, we went straight to a like bodega and bought a sleeve and just started pounding them and she was so confused. But it’s because they’re healthy, they don’t smell healthy, which their date a better digest. If they help you go number two, why I’m a little buy it like? I think you made, I made it up, you guys. That’s that’s, not true got it. I’D like to remind everyone that we got back from Paris, okay, we can we go, and some of these are probably expired, so it’s they’re a little crumpled but Cheers oh wow. Okay, there’s chocolate and vanilla in here you want to buy it. Take a bite.
Tell me what you think take a bite. Tell me wheezing: is it good? Okay, so inside it’s white and black frosting, and then you have this cookie crust, which is the healthy part, because it helps you digest a time fiber, I’m confused on where this narrative like was that just came up about at the time. It’s a narrative I made up in my own head called like 15 years ago. What do you think good, pretty good? I won six. Would you like favorite cookie ever with your favorite cookie, ever or no? No, no, not his favorite cookie, our Oreos butter, mm-hmm yeah! Okay, great same page, i I think that we should try. This is not something people set, but it looks so intriguing. Tick. Cap ball. I’ve never seen kick Cup balls. I never have. I haven’t. This doesn’t feel very fresh. Take a ball. You know I don’t like chocolate that much like a ball. Your mom is gonna murder. Me, I polish. Why can’t you own a ball? It’s a KitKat ball! You like KitKat, I don’t know chocolate, but Kit. Kats are one of the fields that I’m gonna fan out, because thank you mostly wait for her. Take a ball ways on this. One Lisa wants a ball Ali. Do you want a ball? My sister is here behind the camera as well, come on in and say hello get in here missed a single ball, just a high school teacher, it’s great with my students, hi, I’m sure so many teachers on my field. This is awesome. I like this. I could eat this whole entire cat they’re, both big cats – oh wow, melting, a whole handful. Oh, so I never want to do that, challenge where it’s like eating. Only the serving size of things for a day know that you’re supposed to like take everything in like vinegar it and play with snack bags, and then it’s like Ali. What do you want to try next try these? These were actually recommended by you. Guys are paribus, but i think they didn’t have the kind that you guys suggested sort of just got all of the lines e25. Is it weird that, like not clear it’s like when was last time you ate candy all right Robert? Why is it so many different things? These are the drug, colas, okay, but there’s a good there’s multiple times. So it’s like you have like a little checks, make it like a what are those dog tick? Oh I don’t like them. I thought that’s where you’re gonna fish – I’m sorry, I don’t like other different textures different flavors to be together.
There’s like a Chuck’s mix of gummies. Oh my gosh! That’s such a grip! Maybe that’s true coalos translation. It’s I don’t like it. Poor lei petite reader loves bouche moment. We got these okay, they sounded really good. At the time I gotta run it now easy. Alright, these are chips that are he’s such an easy but Herzl. You didn’t like it. What is Bowl amazing morning yeah? What is that? Oh? No, that what what’s what Bolognese specifically with me, let me show you guys what this chip looks like. It’s like kind of meat color is all of other trips chess or what do they say in France, salud de lapin? I think we proved the Madonna’s episode that I have no idea, you don’t like it. What does it taste like not like mostly preservatives it tastes like chicken like bullion, feels like bullion, cubes, yep, yeah? Okay, I’m really Sam. Do you like those? If we’re refrigerated and then not refrigerated, these are creeps these weren’t originally refrigerated. Do you guys want to create like a fruit, roll-up right? It would be good if it was not not really. Sam, give me an honest review. Ah, let’s review the that feels. Like a birthday, ever I don’t know it’s been through a lot absently I was like yeah. I would like to taste it in its original form. You know what seems like a next natural choice: some sort of fruit snack from Caramba. This was recommended by you guys. I don’t know anything that this says with this little character looks happy it’s a little sauce like a pepper, yeah Fran. Bravo right, yeah or like a now and later remember the Laffy Taffy song, shameful aphids, have a great irish feel like it’s gonna wreck. My teeth every button: okay up next we’re gonna, have some quadrille pockets. With these looks good. It looks like oh no, okay, it looks like there’s a sprinkling of nuts Sam. Would you like one? Oh Cheers sam, says everything’s great yeah? I was like. I really trusted. This is great. I, like the ratio of the chocolate to the weight to the wafer. Sometimes there’s like it’s heavy on the wafer. This is heavy on the chocolate see I kind of know her. I like the cream wafers. Okay, so like pralines are close to I never hear Nutella or he’s right looks pretty good all right. That was awesome.
Okay, so here we have some care in the home. Now this is a lot of sugar. For me, yeah smell this. It is like a sugar dad. What are they called sugar daddies fat daddies? I can’t eat these. I don’t like this they’re, like stuck oh my gosh. Well, no, you know what it’s like. I don’t like this. No, it’s like what are the ones a milk dud like I put around there. This is not my jam. Someone bring me a french fry, that’s run into ok! Well, let’s open that bag. What is it? It really travels? Well, oh wow. These are mustard chips. Our new card, as you said, oh my gosh, before we move on to eat these chips low. Are you thirsty, because I have a whore’s life for you here inside my fanny pack, which is also a cooler? Is this sponsor? It’s not quite like, or the very fact you know, but this is from Target. If they want to sponsor us, they can do whatever they want. Oh, I need to put it out there right. I hate mustard. You do well new news. I bet mustard is up there for me with mayonnaise of how much really I eat it great. Let’s let you have the first bite then for these snow vinegary. This is great. Lisa come on chef, I’m really really taste like mustard. It tastes more like oil and vinegar chips. Pong one of the last snacks we have to eat are these incredibly old macarons macaroons that we got from McDonald’s when we ate there for breakfast two weeks ago. This was when I was very excited for and fully intend on meaning, but no they got very good. You understand, oh sorry, no, so they got very smushed on the plane. I don’t know, let’s see what happens, I’m far less concerned about them being smushed and more concerned about them being they are expired, spoiled girl there they don’t. That sounds about as legit as her. These cookies are healthy, very hard. It builds up your visit them good tastes, slightly rotten I’ll be honest. You did not even take a real bite, you told me it was rotten mid-bite. What was it gonna? Do? I’m gonna get rotten food you’re getting rotten food, take a bite. It’s mid. Cafe it’s from McDonald’s. It’s got to be great, well everything for me, gonna last for life we might as well both times. I mean it’s pretty disgusting. I think they were at one time phenomenal We have one thing left one: it’s the pate that I bought at the grocery.
I don’t know why you’re doing this, we’re not on eBay what we don’t happen We were just gonna open it and smell it Lisa said she’ll take a bite because she thoroughly enjoys pate Do you guys, like cat food or, like your optimism, you might love it? Have you ever eaten cat food appetizing to you know, no words are not so is this liver? Is that what pate is – and you are positing, the wrong person – and I wish you didn’t tell me – please samer you’re gonna have some ham Do you want to try some pate alright leave Cree’s Chris, who wants weeds? Would you like to try some pate Wow? Everyone comes out for the pate, weird tuna or something I don’t even know if I want it, but this feel sexual yeah, it’s very it’s very hot Sam Do you like it I just beauty him That’s lots of iron in there right really just put a little All your pinky finger Do it? Do it chimes like a vehicle for it? We have a vehicle for new, take a bite you’re, not sure if it was too big of a chunk, also where it’s like, I dip it in just for the look Cheers I wouldn’t want it come on, go take a bite on the finger mouth You bet it does taste like a gritty cat food That’s why I said cowardly Okay with that here comes the oh, my gosh, Lily’s, weirdly, okay, but there’s the afternoon around I just love pate yeah, all right Wow! Well, this has been really fun Aftertaste is great No chip board there can we be done all right Sam In closing, what was your favorite snack of all of these eats you like these okay, I’m gonna give you one say Thank you so much for watching Thank you so much for watching be sure to subscribe, hey, sorry for ruining my teeth, mom and where should we go to and eat next? Did that make any sense or no? Where should we bring snacks back from McDonald’s same? Yes, you guys, thanks for watching, be sure to subscribe, so that you can watch more premium content which was shot on 4th of July in front of my children We don’t stop working ever for you, we never stop for you Thank you Thank you So much bye-bye She doesn’t know where she’s like, if we believe in wow, bye, guys Cheers [ Applause, ]

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