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1 Nov , 2019  

I don’t mean to flex on you guys with my Justice pajamas but sorry dude go trip over a knife. Why am i holding my beauty? Blender? Okay, so here’s the tea, so I’m um, I’m wait. Okay is the. I can’t talk so I’m going to Vegas right now, but I list not list a brick dude. I titled too many things get ready with me. So this isn’t I get ready with me. Don’t get it twisted sisters, I’m not trying to bamboozle. You were nothing but I technically am getting ready, but it’s a tutorial, a back-to-school tutorial natural makeup.
I don’t know why. I did this cuz, it’s natural to me. It might not be to other people, and I know a lot of people are gonna yell. At me for some of it because it might not be my natural to them, but it’s natural to me, okay, so I already did my eyebrows because hmm that’s like a personal preference, you either wanna. Do your eyebrows or you don’t, and I’m not gonna, show you how to do it. So also I got the LA girl Pro conceal and I got two different colors, but this one’s too dark on me and this one’s like kind of right, but it makes my skin burn, but it’s still a good concealer. So I love that. I love that for myself, I’m still gonna use it I’m just gonna use it to part my eyes, not really prime it, but just make everything even because you know I have really veiny island. Okay, I mean you know, that’s thinking about beauty. Girls have literally made up their own language and like hand movements, and I don’t know they just made up their own. I lost the word that they made up. It’s like a cult kind of we all developed the same shirt from jeans. We all develop saying I love that for myself or I love that, for you from James like James, is just the what a big cult leader see. My eye is burning right now, but it’s fine, because this consealer is good and I might be having an allergic reaction, but I think it’s okay. Okay, now I’m gonna get a triangle. Sponge and there’s one loose setting powder. I love being a beauty guru. You know I actually anyways, I’m in a really good mood right now know why it’s weird, because I just woke up like an hour ago, but I’m in a really good mood.
Also. I’m having a giveaway on don’t right now, I’m giving away this Beauty Blender, not this exact one but like a new one, because that would be disgusting, but a new hot, pink Beauty. Blender from Sephora I’m giving away the Mario Badescu rose water spray from Urban Outfitters and I’m giving away a stretched to top from brandy. Melville go join that okay, I’m gonna. Let my eyelids bake for a little bit and then I’m gonna put my contacts in. I know people are gonna yell at me for this natural eye contact, because I want to put contacts in okay. Thank you, whoo, okay, okay, yeah, okay, I’m! Okay! That’s fine we’re going in for round two okay. No, it was inside out again, I’m so weird like I am widget talking you to this camera, like it’s unreal as person like I’m having a real conversation, love that for myself, Smashbox photo-finish, radiance, Fuhrman dude. I had the weirdest dream. Okay, I hesitated because I just realized that I called the camera dude, but I had the weirdest dream last night umm, but first, I’m gonna take the benefit, Porefessional primer and put it like on my nose area and where I have the most pores. I had a dream that I had a date with some guy. Okay, I didn’t even know who it was in my dream: there’s just some random guy. I had like a full-grown mustache, why I don’t know, but it had a full-grown mustache and he saw my mustache and he was like it’s fine, it’s fine. You know, and in my dream he tried to kiss me and then he just started crying and he left and I was like okay, like in my dream. I was so confused. Cuz, I didn’t know, I had a mustache and then I went and I looked in the mirror and I was like holy. I have a mustache like I have a full grown mustache honestly by the time I’m done with my makeup name: a bigger scam name, a bigger fraud. I’m gonna take the LA girl Pro conceal, even though it makes my skin burn. So me neither I’m gonna blend it. Obviously I didn’t even say what I was doing Wow. I love being good at YouTube. Anyways, I’m baking, but like barely because I have a dry skin and I can’t bake for a long time, because then I get dry.
So when I say baking, I mean putting loose powder on my face for three seconds and I’m wiping it off, because it’s not really making. I look hella white and I’m not so what we’re gonna do to fix. That is we’re gonna take the hoola benefit bronzer, I’m gonna get a smaller brush and I’m gonna take more of the bronzer on the tip of my nose and just reshape that. Oh, the Tarte party blush that the tip of my nose because we love a blushed sister. This is the L’Oreal voluminous of all voluminous mascara, I’m so stupid, because I now realize that it says voluminous and I’m just dyslexic. So, okay and now I’m gonna take the land come on Sierra, big mascara and I’m gonna go over at one. This is where everyone’s gonna yell at me. So I’m sorry but I’m doing falsies. Please don’t yell at me. But I’m sorry! If you don’t think policies are natural they’re, not I’m kind of wild. You know like I’m living on the wild side, livin like Larry, and if I wanted to do falsies, I’m gonna do falsies. So with that being said, I’m gonna use the doto lashes date 3:16 and you can use my code makeup and envy I’ll put it on the screen for money off total lashes, not just that pair but like any of their ocean. Basically, here’s the stitch. This company emailed me – and they want me to have a limited time, merge with them, but here’s a problem I am irrelevant for that, I’m too relevant for merch the only peoplethat would buy it are me, my sister, my mom and my dad, and maybe like Two of my friends I wanted to know if that was like a good idea, and I made the price like reasonable, because I hate when youtubers make like merch, and it’s like $50 like for why but anyways, it’s probably gonna, be like a reasonable price And it’s gonna be cute. I don’t know what I’m gonna have on it yeah, but it’s gonna be cute. If I do do it just wanted to know, if you guys would get it, if not that’s totally fine cuz, like I’m silly relevant, Who am I you know now, I’m gonna do highlight literally This is what I do for all my Instagram pictures, and everyone always asks like what did you do for your highlighter, because it looks really good in pictures, hover effects cream highlight and I’m gonna use a shade two and one I’m gonna combine them, and I’m gonna put it in my nose and then and then the reason why it’s so freakin bright and my Instagram pictures a beet sugar, glow, kit, mac, fix+ and then a small, dense brush.
I go in with the color butterscotch yeah to some people This is like not natural and I’m sorry, but this is natural to me So I apologize it’s not gonna do lipstick Somebody use the peel, perfect, clear lip gloss, because this one is my favorite Oh, my god, I thought I broke my nail and the last thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna use the fenty beauty fairy balm, so you literally just have to like hit yourself I don’t know if the camera is picking it up, but oh my god that freaking looks so good Actually I forgot to put highlighter on my collarbones and on my shoulders, so I’m gonna use the Mac Oh my god, my lip gloss I didn’t even really Okay, that’s cute! That’s so cute! It looks like someone’s uh How long has that been there for that’s like not cute and now the shoulder? Yes yeah, I’m going for that! 10-Man look! You know – and you know, I’m gonna have a little brightening moment and highlight my ears I know this is not natural, like this isn’t even natural anymore, but Lee the Tin Man has never looked so good Okay, okay, I’m gonna change into my clothes and then that’ll be it I’m probably just gonna stay into this pyjama tank-top thing, because it’s hot and Vegas and I’m not trying to look that cute So, okay, so I basically wore this exact same thing yesterday, but I’m too lazy to come up with a new outfit, because she’ll be home a hora cute There are wearing Basically the exact same thing is yesterday, but with a different shirt Let me show you: okay, that’s good enough good enough! I’D note for it That was the chair as a chair, okay! Well Follow me on Instagram You know you

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