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# A Skill of Using Magnetic Eyelashes

30 Sep , 2019  

Magnetic lashes are all the rage, but are they impossible to put on? I have a little tip. That’s gonna help. You look absolutely stunning with magnetic lashes coming up next, all right. Ladies: let’s get this beauty started. We have a techy product here today. Our Dell magnetic lashes, they have a collection of five. I have four of them right here that I’m going to be showing you today, four different styles. I use our Dell regular lashes in the studio all the time for my brides for my clients for red-carpet events, and I also wear them myself, I’m very partial to the demi whispies and they have them now in the magnetic collection.
So I’m gonna just show you how I applied the lashes now. I’ve noticed everybody on instagram or on youtube have had a very hard time applying these lashes and when I picked them up at CVS either day, I actually didn’t have a hard time. I thought these are so easy, but I was applying them backwards, so meaning I was applying instead of your lash, going from the shorter to longer like winged out, I actually put it on backwards, so it was the longer part and then the shorter part, and for Some reason it just worked and it looked beautiful now, if the, if the front part is too long, you can cut them like on an angle. So it’s just a little fringe, but I thought this is amazing, like these look so good and they’re they’re so light, and I know I had them on and have any glue. So if you have a latex allergy, you don’t have to find a latex free glue. You don’t have to worry about glue getting into your eye. They were just amazing, so I’m gonna attempt to show you how I put cuz it’s different when you’re doing an application and not being able to put your face all the way up to the mirror because of the cameras and everything I’m going to show you How I apply them, but it does take a little bit of practice, even though I do I’m doing it backwards and I’m having success. You do still have to kind of work with the lash. It’s a little bit different because the magnetic lash you have two of them. They come to in a package, so they’re, basically going to sandwich your own lashes in between. So when you’re applying it you’re going to apply the first on the top part, and then you put the bottom underneath and then see how they just snap right together like that, so you you know it’s a little bit different and then to get them apart. You just you just kind of push them apart with your fingers like that, so it’s not a you’re, not ruining the lashes. Look beautiful, it’s amazing, so I have mascara on my lashes now.
Let me just show you what styles they have so here we have the double whispies and these are beautiful. This is going to give you more of a glam look. These are a little bit longer. They don’t winged out, but these are actually very popular. Also in my studio here, if you really want that wow lash factor you’re going to use this style now, the second style here that I have is the double one tense. and I really love this lash, because it’s not that dense. It’s not that heavy. But remember you have two layers now you’re, not just applying one top layer, so it does give you a little bit of a darker look to your lash to just keep that in mind when you’re, when you’re applying the magnetic ones. Here we have the double Demi. Very excited about this, because these are the ones that I use all the time. These are my go-to s in the studio. So what for brides? I absolutely love the fact that they winged out and now that we have them on magnetic I’m very interested to see what I think and when I apply them to my clients, what they’re, gonna think and then they do have to accent, pieces or accent. Styles. This is the zero zero one accent. I know that they have a zero zero two. They didn’t have it today at CVS. So I just picked this one up. I think it might be just a little bit more of a denser lash, so these are an option. Two, if you just want to decide so maybe that’s a little bit easier for you to apply. Maybe you don’t like a big full lash. This is a really great thing now remember to CVS, has a Beauty Club, so I have enrolled in it for years now and I get money back. So actually one of these was free because they always have these specials and what-have-you. So I think I spent $50 on these, for you know these four and I’m gonna just go into showing you how I apply the double one tense. Alright, so we’re going to attempt I’m going to attempt to do this on camera. So I told you how, like oh my gosh, it’s so easy but watch me do this and be like what is happening so I’m going to take the top lash. So it’s going to be the longer part in the front here and then the shorter part at the end of my lash, so I really want my biggest thing is – is that I wanted to start where so it looks really natural. I don’t want it to start far away from where my natural lashes would be. So let me pick up this, so it’s really important to get that first anchor part done and then you can put them down. So I really don’t want this to be involved. Yet the ending piece all right so see it’s still not snapping in so I’m gonna sandwich them together Let’s make sure on okay, so alright, so here we go.
I can feel the magnetic like little like their class being kind of my skin a little bit That’s what I want, because then I know that I can just adjust them down a little bit and then they’re on my lash So I have connected them and I just feel like this works better going from the longest part to the shortest part For some reason, in my eye I mean it might work for you item, I’m not quite sure if it’s just the way that I applied them, but I’m I’m kind of missing that whole, like clumping, together and being off your lashes in the beginning and the end So I’m gonna do them now, when they’re together, like this all you do, all you have to do is just roll them in your finger and then they come apart You don’t have to peel them apart So let me try it on this side Now someone eye is usually better than the other, so I just care about, I think the key and what I’ve had success with is keeping it almost above the lash line, because the magnet it’s gonna pull it The magnet is gonna pull it down anyway So if you’re starting low you’re going to end up lower, so I’ve noticed that if I start up higher, I’m just going to be able to get them to go together Let’s try this now I hope I’m gonna stay in camera all right, and now I have the left one on so I feel like they are very secure with just on the lash line I feel like they’re not going to just fall off They don’t feel like they’re You know kind of just kind of on kind of not on so I do feel very secure with how they are, and I have to tell you so much fun, having magnetic lashes, no glue, no stinging, no Burnie, nothing like that You can’t you really can’t mess it up and it’ll just take a little bit of practice, but I that is my trick is to basically apply them the opposite way So I’m very excited to show you on my Instagram stories and you can really hear my thoughts on all the different styles So if you are interested in doing magnetic lashes, just it’s not a big investment Ladies, so you can do something really fun You don’t have to wear them out If you don’t want to, you can kind of practice at home and kind of feel a bit more glamorous, but these definitely get a thumbs up from me I do think that they’re amazing I think it’s just the application process and working with your own eye, shape and figuring out that you can apply them, not the right way just like I did so It really works for me and I really think that they’re a really great beauty option for you

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