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Abenovina Eye Shadow Palette ____________ Is it good? | Jkissamakeup Company

30 Sep , 2019  

I got it my hair, it’s crazy good morning, everyone. What is up welcome back to my channel. If this is your first time to my channel hi, my name is Jay kiss and I love fortnight. I love to play not the best. You know it’s. It’s just fun, though, today I’m gonna be talking about playing with all that good stuff, with the brand-new noir vena palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. When I saw this, I was really excited. I love the layout of the palette because you have all shimmers on the top row and then on.
The bottom are like matte, and then we have two satin shades here and they presume that they did them satin so that they would just blend easier and I’m so excited for this palette. I just love the tongues of it and nor vina is such a genius. In my eyes, I think she’s really cool, and so I’m very excited to play with this. I two-day shipped it to myself because I was like. I cannot not have this. What is? Is there glitter in my brow, okay. I will be in New York. I leave tomorrow morning at like 5 a.m. so I’m only able to do two looks with this palette. I know a lot of you wanted to see. Three looks one palette, those take so long, it’s not even funny so I’m gonna do two looks. I’m gonna do kind of a more neutral look and then I’m gonna build it up. So you can do like night and day look or something like that if you were just looking for a neutral, look or you’re just looking for a bold look, we’re gonna be using the neutral look as a base for the bold look so yeah. Let’s just go ahead and jump into this palette. I also bought the violet liquid, lipstick. Maybe I’ll wear that for look. We will see Before we jump into it, make sure to subscribe and let’s go ahead and get started okay, so my primer is still a little sticky. I’m gonna go in with the shade at base and just use this to set the primer. I get a lot of questions about what primer I use and I like the Smashbox photo-finish lid primer. I use the shade light or you also use concealer. Sometimes that’s what I’ve been doing a lot lately since I’ve been too lazy to just go to Sephora and pick up a new primer, I’m just gonna kind of dust this all over. So I believe these shadows are very soft from what i’ve swatched and what I can tell by dipping in. It looks very soft which isn’t a big deal to me. But knowing that going in I’m gonna work with a little bit of a lighter hand and dip in really lightly, so I don’t really get a lot of product on the brush.
I think I’m gonna start off with the shade love. So I have some on the brush: I’m just gonna tap off the excess start to build this up whenever you’re jumping into a new palette. It’s always good to just start off and kind of get a vibe of the palette by dipping in really lightly and then going in, and you can always always always build up pigmentation. You can never take away pigmentation, it’s really hard to do that and I think the way to go with this palette is to use a really light hand and to really dust off the excess. You can’t tell this as a satin sheet on the eye not to upset about that now. I’m gonna go into the shade. What do I want to do? I love the look of this pink. I think it looks really pretty it’s very romantic, so maybe I’ll kind of stick with those kind of vibes, and I think I might take a little bit. What do I want to do? Might I’m like what do I want to do? Let’s start off with incense. Actually – and there is a lot on the brush, so I am just gonna tap off the excess. We are just going to do the same thing where we are bringing it into the crease area, again, just really making sure to tap off the excess and to have your hand farther down on the brush handle than you normally would. So we can really really get this airbrush airbrushed airbrushed. Looking, I think, maybe for this look. I will keep the crease pretty simple, but then really play up the lower lash line. Now, if you’re wondering, where is the pigmentation, where is the intensity that we are used to? That is on my part, because I am barely dipping into the shadows and that’s just something that I’m doing to make sure that everything is blended. And since I am kind of using this as my day look, I don’t want anything to be overly intense at first. I want it to really be controlled and I want to be in control of this look sometimes as eyeshadows. It’s like. Oh, I shadow start driving today, but today I am driving okay, so moving on to the lid again, I’m just keeping everything pretty light and minimal in the crease and upper area, because I am going to play that area up when it comes to the next look.
Now there were three shadows that I was immediately stoked on to see in here: wild child, celestial and soul, so I’m gonna start off with wild child and I’m picking this up on my finger because it does feel very soft. That’s very intense love it. I would really recommend just using your finger so that the oils of your finger can kind of just melt this product really into the skin and to just prevent any fallout from happening. Okay, so I applied some concealer just really quickly and let’s talk about the lower lash line for this look, I think I want to keep it pretty simple and just kind of bright and springy time, romantic looking. That is like 12 different things put into one. I’m gonna take the shapes sole later on. I will play up the lower lash line, but I am oh wow. That is a very, very pigmented. I just want to keep in mind, though, that I will be applying more color, so lower lash line, so it’s just kind of like how do I have something a little bit more natural and well this purple? Is it natural and then work to blend this up later on wow? That was a bad color is very intense. That’s why I recommend dipping in very lightly, and of course, you know me I was like. Why would he do that, so one dip of that shadow? Really went all the way across my lower lash line, and it’s just blending out really nicely. I’m gonna take that that brush that I used for the base shade with no additional product. I am just going to blend this out everywhere. If you don’t tap off your brush, you’re really gonna get a lot of pigment here. There’s just a lot on the brush and now on my eyes, so definitely make sure you’re dipping and lightly and tapping off. Let’s talk about the inner corner now I think I’m gonna take the shade dreamer and start to place this onto the inner corner, and then I love that trick of bringing it upwards into the upper crease area. The shades are really intense as well, very foiled and malleable. You know that’s very weird, to describe for an eyeshadow, but it is it’s almost as if it’s like a cream powder gel a hybrid type of thing. So you are gonna get a little bit of playtime in here to blend this and to bring it into the inner crease if you want, but then it just kind of sets down as if it was a powder okay.
So now, I’m quickly gonna go finish the rest of my face and I will be back to show you the final first neutral ish daytime. Look, okay, everyone! So here’s the finished! Look I just paired it with mascara. As for the rest of the face details, I will make sure to leave them down below in the description box. Let’s go ahead and move on to look number two. Okay. So now, in order to take this look to the next level, I’m just going to quickly remove just the tiniest bit of this purple on my inner portion of my eye. Nothing too insane we’re not messing with the mascara or anything at all, and then I’m just taking whatever is left over on my concealer brush just kind of blending that and I’m gonna, take some tape and just peel it off the back of my hand. Sorry, you can see the mirror a little bit. I’m just gonna take this directly on my lower lash. You don’t have tape, don’t worry, you could always use translucent powder or you could use a makeup wipe to clean it up later on. Okay, I feel like that one’s a little higher, so we’ll move it down just a little bit now that we look crazy and it’s hard to look down. Let’s start building up this crease, just a little tiny bit more. I’m gonna take the shade eccentric now and I’m gonna start to focus this onto the outer portion of the eye and I’m gonna bring this inwards. I am tapping off the excess when I start building this product up and I am working still very slowly, but I want this to be a little bit more intense than the other look. This shade seems to be less soft than the other shades that I’ve used. So far because there is not as much kick back with it now that we have that built up on the outer portion of, I am going to take the shape passion and I am trying to work slowly with this shade to really build it up and to Start creating a lot of depth and drama into the outer portion of the eye. Now, as you can see, the shimmery shade on the lid kind of gotten knocked down a little bit, which is okay, because I am going to go back in and apply a different shade. So I don’t actually mind that too much. I will just be focusing this onto the outer portion of the eye very, very outer it’s okay to stamp this onto the lid a little bit as well, and then taking that brush.
We used before with no additional products cool. So now we have that built up onto the outer portion of the eye. Let’s work on the lid up a little bit, I’m gonna take the shade drama and start to pack this onto the outer portion. I might go in with my finger action. I feel like that, might work a little better and it seems like it is so I really recommend to just start with your finger and then we can go in with a brush and kind of touch everything up now on to the shade celestial. Oh my gosh. Okay, yes, I was so hopeful for this color and I’m really glad that it’s working out and then I’m just gonna touch up wild child and then I’m gonna use that brush to just blend everything together. I imagine if you had a black base all over your eye and then you applied celestial over. It would be so pretty moment of truth here. Let’s hope this one’s, even are they? Oh, my god, they’re, not okay, all right, so I think I fixed it. Hopefully, on to the lower lash line, I don’t know how I’m gonna build out this purple, I’m really what to deepen it with probably it’s a shade volatile, but I do want to have an elongated inner corner just using my concealer from makeup revolution, because I Want that area to be bright for the base and then the shade base is gonna go just right. On top of it, I’m going to start building up the outer portion and the purple bit just a little. I’m gonna take the shade, volatile and apply this to the lash line, and since this does have a little bit of cool tonus in it, I feel that it’s gonna work well with the shade sole. Now I’m gonna blend out Sol a little bit more on a really precise angled brush. I’m gonna take the shade volatile and I can never talk when I do this, so basically we’re gonna extend the inner corner of my eye. So what I mean when I say that is I’m going to be just following my natural lash line, but going down a little bit lower, and this is just gonna open the eyes and make them look a little bit bigger And then I like to just blur this into the outer eye area, so the inner portion of the eye is going to be very structured and then the outer portion is going to be very blended.
So, as you can tell that really makes a big difference and it can make any normal I look really elevated Moving on to the inner portion Now, I’m gonna take the shade dreamer again I’m gonna focus that really close to the lashes, be very careful here You don’t want it to go into your eye, so just pick up a little bit of that product, then I’m gonna touch up the highlight really quickly Okay, so now I’m gonna go finish the rest of my face and I will be right back to show you that it dropped okay, we’re good we’re good! Okay! I will go finish this and then I will come back to show you the second look Okay, everyone, so here is the finished, look and let’s talk about the noir vina palette a little bit now when I was looking at this on line, I was very, very excited for it and very just looking forward to being able to purchase it and just overall Excited now applying it on the eyes, I’m a little bit like about it I feel, as if I already have similar shades The only shade that I wish was in a single shadow that I would buy immediately to have in my collection is Sol I feel like that there is a similar shade in the novelist Sol blooming palette that I wished was like this shade Sol and everything else I feel like once I applied it on my eyes Yes, it did apply nicely Yes, it blended out really nicely like I’ve Seen this before, and I’ve definitely seen this from a Nastasia before in different palettes, so yeah, that’s kind of my final thoughts It’s a it’s a rating from me, which I don’t know I don’t know if I would use this again, just because I have other stuff like this in my collection, but if I did want purple tone shades, I would go for this So with that being said, it’s kind of like a give or take for me it’s like in this situation Yes, but in 9 out of 10 situations, it’s a myth I would pick something else up over this, so let me know what you think down in the comments section below I hope this helped you out If you are looking to pick up the Nora vena palette, I really do hope it helps you out Let me know what you think and don’t forget to subscribe to free head up and I’ll see you next time Bye,

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