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After the show: Pink calls for Kim Kardashian

1 Nov , 2019  

Beautiful trauma it’s out now, our queen testin, SAR behind the bar. It is JanSport, Morgan McMichaels, we’re just talking about SNL, where you last weekend, and you said that every time that you have been there you’ve gotten kicked out. Give me reasons why you’ve been because I was in my 20s. Okay, that stuff happens when you’re Chavez I mean allegedly, I was kicked out the second time. I don’t actually remember it, you don’t cuz. You were so shit-faced.
I was shit-canned right. You used to I’ve spoken quite frankly about your drug use. When you were young, yes and you stopped, I did and so yeah I mean you, don’t even like smoke it up now, no wow, nothing! I drink wine, you drink wine, I make a mean old fashioned. You do I do good. Okay, let’s go back to the phones caller. What’s your name in from: where are you calling my name’s Alicia, hey, Alicia, hi Alicia. My question would be what would your Housewives tagline be? If you had to choose one? Oh, I don’t. I think I’d be kicked off before I got to get get one. Have you seen the show that may be the one show you wouldn’t be kicked off I’d be the first person kicked off of Survivor. You were you think I may be the third. You would bug people keep me honest and then get rid of me for my attitude. That’s what I would my tagline would be. I gotta go what, by the way, what what TV do you watch? I’m obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy, really yeah. I feel like they’re. My friends, okay good. I missed them when they’re not on to love scandal. Okay, wags Miami goes to bed Wow. Can I get my pretzels in my wine and I’m sorry wags? My am um? Oh so much stuff! I don’t need you oh wow, yeah, Oh homeland, and ray Donovan and billions when it’s on. I like like stuff. I love your ring here. Thank you, gorgeous necklace yeah. That necklace is very supportive. The disco mob. It’s in support of the disco, muff yeah. I don’t have one I just think it’d be rad. Let’s go back to the phone disco. Muff is a good name for an album right. Consider back to the caller. What’s your name and where are you calling hi, it’s Tracy from wilkes-barre Pennsylvania? I try to see. What’s Russian, I Andy high ping high high, when you tweet it last year about women using their brains and not their bodies, for attention he’s trying to throw some shade at Kim Kardashian or was active people on Twitter jumping to conclusions.
Oh right, you sent that tweet right after she had done kind of an infamous bathroom selfie yeah. I did honestly she went in on Bette Midler and if you go in on Bette Midler you’re, probably gonna hear from me, it’s you might hear from me too. Actually, I don’t know how I missed that don’t talk to Bette Midler ever right by the way. Did you see Hello Dolly not yet you are going here, okay, yeah! I cannot that it’s amazing yeah she’s amazing was there opening night and then I went back last week and I it was she’s still yeah. Okay, just make sure that you do that Wow, okay, guys she’s, amazing! Okay, I got to sing the Rose with her on stage once are you and I had a skirt on, and she taught me how to be a lady and sit with a white gut and did that Keith did that stay yeah, okay last call, and I call Her what’s your name and where you calling hey guys, it’s Brittany from Nebraska hi, Brittany. What’s your question, pink you’ve repeatedly said that you’ve never lip-synced in your life. Never ever it is the biggest culprit in the music industry whoo. What’s the bit was the biggest culprit? The biggest lip syncher yeah, I don’t know a lot of people – do what did you think of Mariah’s New Year’s Eve performance last year? I always get so sad when people are having a hard time, because I’ve been in the worst sound situations right, you feel there’s nothing. You can do right. It’s like everybody handles it differently. I’ve had complete meltdown swear, I’m just like. I don’t know what to do. So I’m just gonna blow my voice out, but I just I feel so sad for people when they’re in that and it’s just crazy, have you had a huge live performance mishap. That’s happened on television, no, not seen not on TV in general. Yes, yes, crashed on apparatuses I’ve fallen into a moat you. You say that Madonna is one of your great kind of heroes and influences talk to me a little bit about what she’s meant to you growing up as a little girl in Doylestown Pennsylvania. I she just had all this power that I didn’t see around me and she was unapologetic and smart and witty it’s the same reason I love Janis Joplin, they were witty and they outsmarted people and she just she never gave her power away and she was she did what she wanted and she was talented and could dance her butt off and her outfits and just the things that she said and Then the sex book – and I just love her – I love her and how does it make you feel to know that you are that person for a lot of young artists and young people.
I mean, I don’t know if that I’m there yet But I love the connection I have with people through songwriting, like I remember when I opened for Lenny Kravitz years and years and years and years and years ago, and this mom was there with her daughter and she sat me down and she was like I just wanted to let you know that her me and her father got divorced, and my daughter and I didn’t speak for a couple of years and that song came out family portrait and it healed our relationship and we’re best friends again, and you brought us back Together, I just started bawling well, and I think it was then that I realized the power of song right and that’s it so and wonderful Have you gotten to meet or work with Madonna? I don’t matter you have yeah and was that you know sometimes, when you meet your heroes, it’s not she’s terrifying, she’s, terrifying, okay She is yeah yeah talk to me about what Where did you meet her uh? Where did I meet her? The first time on Regis and Kelly you’re kidding no wow I was like hi and I went in the dressing room and just sat there She was just getting ready, all fabulous and confident nothing wow If I had an ounce of that confidence right, yeah dude I’d, be I well when I have long hair right Have you have you seen her since I saw her at a party, but I’m just like you didn’t speak? No, I can’t Wow I can’t talk around Michael Keaton either I have the biggest crush on Michael Dunn on Beetlejuice and the Don, I can’t talk alike huh I have to think that Madonna thinks you’re great because she she knows a winner, I mean she’s, I mean she’s, so smart she’s, an incredible businesswoman she’s in charge, truth or dare I mean it just goes on and on and on and on she judges I’m a fan: well, I’m a fan of you get pigs to album beautiful child thanks for watching watch more clips here and subscribe to our channel here, see ya

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