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Airplane / Travel make-up, clothing ideas and my essentials!

1 Nov , 2019  

You hey guys it’s shiny and welcome back to my channel, so everything I find that comes in handy when I go on aeroplanes and stuff, because I do travel a lot and I do have a lot of traveling coming up in the future and I’m so excited, oh my god. Just thinking about it makes me so happy. I love traveling so much so I’m also going to share with you a makeup idea as well. Most of the time, I don’t wear makeup on planes just because I find it really uncomfortable by just for you guys that do want to wear makeup.
I thought I would show you what I would do if I was going to wear makeup. So I’m also going to share with you two outfit ideas, something really comfortable, because obviously you want to be comfy on planes so yeah. so I’m not a brands girl at all brands. Honestly, don’t mean anything to me, except one thing. I thought I want to splurge on one thing, because I travel a lot and I want a bag, that’s cute and big, so I got myself a Leviton. This is like one of the biggest ones you can get, and I think it’s like the staple one. Well, I guess the most popular one. I just wanted something that was good quality and that’s going to last me a long time. So I did splurge on this, but honestly, that’s the only designer thing that I have so the weirdest thing I want to start with. It is a scarf. I have to take guys every time I travel because, obviously, on the plane, I’m going to sleep – and I want this over my face. So no one sees me even when it’s hot I take a scarf because no one needs to see me the most important thing when I’m traveling is my iPad. This is my baby, so obviously, when I’m flying, I don’t wanna be bored, so I use this for movies and games. So I want to share with you my favorite app of the moment. It’s freakin amazing. I’ve been so obsessed with it like really obsessed with it, sighs Jonathan. We sit there like in silence playing it for hours in a row, so it’s called at best fiends. So basically, what you do is you have to select more than three little things. I don’t know what these are called like flowers or mushrooms. All these little water drops. You have to select three at a time and then you select them, and then it kills. This little man up here, so it’s like this bad guy and you’ve – got to defeat him and him, and you have these little bugs here that grow and the higher level you get these ones get stronger. So it’s easier to kill this men up here. I’m on level 39 and I’m stuck I’ve been stuck on this for a while now, but I also have it on my phone as well. I’m on mobile, I think 32. So that’s pretty much like 60 levels.
Are you doing bindi she’s sitting like this yeah? It’s a super fun game and it makes time goes so much faster, which is exactly what you need when you’re on a plane. So I will leave the link to the game in the description box below. If you guys are interested, it is so much fun. You guys have to try it out. Oh next, essential are my headphones. I love these ones a wireless, so these are the beats Soler’s. I have the gold edition because I’m literally so obsessed with gold, it’s not even funny. I really wish MacBooks kind of gold. I know they do, but only the small ones, and I need the big one yeah. These are amazing, they’re, subtle, quality. The bass in it are just like boom boom, perfect for movies and music when you’re on the plane, and these last a really long time as well. Next essential is moisturizer, I feel like you guys, are going to think. I’m a bit weird for adding moisturizer in my essentials, but if I don’t take this, my skin gets so flaky. My tan gets ruined. My skin just gets itchy. So obviously I like to take something. That’s super small like this. This one is my favorite moisturizer all year round. It is really moisturizing and it doesn’t feel true, sticky at all. So usually I get this one in this size, but this one’s really good as well. It is the Naturalis pour pour, and this is not sticky at all, but this one definitely is a lot more moisturizing so definitely need a whole bowl. Whole bottle of moisturizer know what that accent was. I have some more beauty essentials here, so the first one obviously is roll-on. I don’t like to take aerosol on planes, because you’ve got to take it out of a bag and put it through the scanner, and it’s just much easier to keep this in your bag and don’t have to take it out. The next thing that we have here is a portable perfume, so I don’t like taking too much perfume because some know sometimes they’re really strict and they take it off. You um and you can’t take it overseas like more than 100 mils. I think it is so this one is the black opium, my favorite, my favorite perfume of all times. If you guys haven’t smelt black opium by YSL go smell, oh it smells so good. Forget it so yeah! This is just like a little portable perfume thing. You can get these from Sephora, maybe like chemists, warehouse and stuff like that, so you guys need to own those ASAP because they come in handy all the time and it’s perfect for clubbing as well, and I also have my chapstick night repair. This one is so incredibly moisturizing. I love it so much. As I said before, my skin gets super dry, so I always make sure to carry this around everywhere.
I go next essentials. We have are some cameras. I know this may seem completely over the top, but I do take cameras everywhere. I go just because I like to document everything, so this one is the canon GX 7. This is the one that i used to vlog. So if i am planning on vlogging on the trip that i’m going on, I definitely don’t lis take this, and then we have the sony a5100. The Sun is more for selfies and just like close-up photos and stuff. This is incredible, so it just depends on what kind of trip I’m going on. I usually swap up between these two. Otherwise I take the camera that I’m filming on now for photos, because that has moves in quality, and then I have my Sigma lens to go with that. But I will leave the name of my lens down below that’s a lens that I used to take my Instagram photos, it’s honestly, the best quality so yeah. I do take a lot of like cameras and stuff. You wonder why I need a huge bag. We have it to more essentials, so this one is obviously just a hair clip. It’s like turtles from Wallace or something these come in handy so much. I hate wearing hair ties because I get the biggest headache because my hair super long, so I literally just put a big banner on the top of my head, and this is my life saver. The next and the last essential is my yoga room. This is my life. I really wish feels like a white or pink one or something, but I’ve got the blue one umm, it’s Jonathan’s, so yeah. This is just like a portable speaker. It’s super loud and I love getting ready to like music. So this always comes in handy. Obviously, I’m not gonna use this on the airplane, but when I do get to my destination, I do like to pop music because I love parties wherever I go good quality this one. Last time I was traveling, I got spray tan all over my Louie Vuitton. So at least I know it’s mine because it’s got like stains all okay. So, let’s move on to dumb makeup for the foundation today, I’m taking the Charlotte Tilbury light wonder this is a really really light foundation. It doesn’t feel heavy on the face at all. It just evens out your skin tone pretty much and it makes your skin look. Amazing and just like skin, but a hundred times data, so this is nearly empty, I’m so sad. I have the shade at 6, medium, I’m just going to pop this. On my face, I’m just applying this with the makeup. Geek face buffer brush. This is super easy and quick. I like sleep on my face, so I could never wear makeup on a plane. You know a lot of people do so. I thought this might help It still has a decent amount of coverage, but it definitely doesn’t feel like you have anything on your face at all.
It just feels like you’ve got a moisturizer on for concealer, I’m just going to take a really really small amount This is the bare minerals bare skin concealer in the shade light So I’m just going to put this in my inner corners and a little bit under my eye to get rid of that Purpley turn that we have actually under there because we probably didn’t get enough sleep last night did we do you hate when flights are at the most inconvenient times, like 4 am in the morning, 5 am oh kill me So, as you can see on this side, it’s definitely just like open to my eye up and make me look like a liquid sleep, then to set that in place, I’m taking the Rimmel stay matte powder This is super affordable I’m just going to put this on a little fluffy brush and set the concealer under my eyes, and also on my lid as well, we’re not in that foundation to crease, and I’m also going to set the rest of my face with that same powder Just because you’re probably going to be leaning on your face on the flat, you know make sure this kind of stays on This is such a good powder brush because it’s like dab dab, dab done so for my cheeks, I’m just going to add a little bit of color, so I think it would be good if you chose a bronzer or a blush So just keep it really simple I’m going to use a blush today This is the Milani illuminating face powder, so I’m just going to put a little bit of this on the apples of my cheeks just add a little natural flush back in like this is such a pretty shade I may go out any teasers, more yeah love it then for the brows, I’m just going to take my tint, my brow by Astralis It’s literally just a brow gel I’m just going to run that through really quickly just so they sit up in the right place This step literally takes 02 seconds Vinh Khai mascara I’m just going to take my the balm or, what’s your tightness, Cara, I quickly top up if we clearly coat my top and bottom lashes and then we’re nearly done and then Lastly, I’m just going to finish off with my lip gloss that I showed with you and my essentials so that we have the makeup done, I’m going to give you guys a close-up of what it looks like and then I’m going to share with you my outfit You you so that we have my travel essentials, makeup and outfit ideas If you did, please give it a big thumbs up, because it helps me out so so much

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