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All Matte Autumn Makeup and Hair Tutorials

30 Sep , 2019  

Oh, my god he’s got it all over my shirt, hey guys. Welcome back to my channel said today. Can you guess what season is if you’re doing a fall makeup tutorial, an all mapped, fall makeup tutorial and a fall hairstyle.. This is like one of my favorite hairstyles for the Fall. I haven’t done it a lot, but I can tell you that it is so easy. It’s cute and I feel like it’s very casual and you can wear this. I wouldn’t wear this to like an interview somewhere, but I definitely wear it like every single day.
It’s so cute. I love it. I’m gonna show you how you got this all matte. Make up look and this fall hairstyle right here and I like the way this came out, because it is super voluminous and I did not tease my hair, not once I used this bumble and bumble thickening texturizing spray, and it was literally everything I did this without Damaging my hair and I love this product, especially if it’s healthy for your hair. I just love anything: that’s not going to damage my hair, naturally, because I’ve colored it so much in the past. I am trying to keep as much health into my hair in my life as I can so. I’m gonna show you how I got this pumpkin spice latte smokey eye shadow. Look, that’s what it reminds me of I’ll show you how i got this makeup. Look right here in this hairstyle! So if you want to see how I got this look, then don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit that notification bell. So you can be a part of the quad fam and without further ado. so I’m gonna start off with my eyes. First, I want my entire face, be matte my eyes, my lips, my face everything. So because I’m doing more of like a smokier kind of look, I want to start off with the eyes. I’m gonna have no makeup on my face for the beginning of this tutorial. If you guys can handle that, I think you guys can handle that. So I’m gonna go ahead and start on my eyes. I’m gonna prime my eyes with the this is the magnetic matte eye color from a nude Stix. This is actually a collaboration with Melissa auditory. She came out with a little palette of different color lips and eyeshadow sticks, and these were the ones that were in her palette. This one is taupe right here and then this guy over here is chocolate. Melissa said that these are really good as primers, so I’m gonna start off by using that all over the eye. So I’m gonna take that all over the lid from the very base of the lid all the way up to the crease, like that she had a launch event for this. She said: they’re really really good as a base. She also mentioned that these are not going to budge, so I thought this would be perfect for this.
Look because we’re going a little bit smoky err, there’s something about smoky warm fall eyes like matte smoky fall eyes that just get me into the fall vibes like. I really it just makes me sohappy when everything is matte, smoky, red orange and brown. I don’t care how many times people do it. I don’t care how many times I see it. Every time fall comes around. It just makes me so sohappy, I’m actually going to add the chocolate on the lower part of the lid, because we are going a little deeper here, but I want that Brown base. So this is a great as a base. This Brown gradient room creating right here. These are also good for, like an on-the-go kind of a look just pop them in your bag and use them when you’re out and about so next, I’m gonna go into the crease so for the crease I’m going to be using some oranges. The perfect oranges, in my opinion, now I’m probably a little biased, but they are like my perfect orange are from the latte palette, so I’m going to take pumpkin spice and we mix it with hazelnut. I’m gonna take that on this fluffy brush right here from it’s an iconic London brush. So I’m gonna take that my bad I’m gonna take wait. I’m taking caramel pumpkin, spice and hazelnut all together and we’re gonna put that in the crease. I’m going in a very soft pressure and I go back and forth like this, and then I also do some of these guys as I’m doing it. It just helps. Personally, it helps me blend out the color a little bit easier. It makes it look a lot softer, so I just do these back and forth with the circular. Whatever is comfortable for you, but it really helps me out. One of you guys noticed, but I put most of the color on one side so that I have a little bit of a clean side to just kind of go over the edges without getting a new brush. That’s called a lazy blending pack where you feel the fall vibes with this orange okay, I’m gonna go in tohazelnut with a different brush, something that’s more densely packed, so we can get more of a payoff with it, which is this one right here. This is from luck, see what is this: the 229 tapered blending, so this one is more dense and focusing on the crease, but really deep in that crease up with it and then with a clean brush. I’m just gonna soften out the edges, sweep it back and forth. Now I’m gonna take this red color right here from the Mac, Patrick Starr collection.
This is called over pack start to pack that on to my lid, just below the crease trying to debate. If I want a wing or not, if I should just keep lashes and then that’s it, mmm we’re gonna do a baby wing pretty to do a little baby wing. We have our wings going and I’m gonna put some mascara on and some lashes. This is such a ratchet hack, but I had a bunch of these from Starbucks. They did a shoe and I kept them and I’m like what am I gonna do with them. Oh, it actually keeps the coffee really hot, and I just found this out right now ratchet coffee axe, wonder what and your lashes that I’m gonna use are from Lily lashes. These are the Ella, minks and they’re, so so pretty they’re, always kind of like my go-to, and I want tohave like a full fluffy lash without looking like. You can’t see my eyelids all right so now that we have our lashes on I’m gonna go on to my face. I’m gonna come back to my eyes leader, so I can do the lower lash line I like tohave some concealer on there and some primer before I start doing anything under my eyes. I want a super matte face. I’m going to use the huda beauty, matte perfection cream makeup base. This is actually a lot different than what I thought it was gonna be Donna’s gonna be like very thick and matte feeling like velvety, but it’s not it’s very hydrating and thin okay. So it dries pretty quick. I can feel it drying on my face right now and I can definitely see how it is going to mattify my skin. It almost feels like I’m putting on a tightening mask. I feel it for foundation. I’m gonna use the dermablend flawless creator liquid pigment in 37, w. Oh, my god. I just got it all over my shirt. Do you see the amount of coverage and this I’ve had a lot of favorites, a lot of favorite matte foundations, a Double Wear, g’way, and now this one the Wallis is good, but for Matt this is one point. You really don’t need concealer after this, but I’m gonna go in with some concealer, but first actually I’m gonna go into some bronzer. This is a bronzer from Guerlain. I don’t know how to say it. I always get it wrong, but it’s a terracotta spray. It’s a bronzer spray, so I’m gonna spray it on my face really actually my spray. It on my hand, get really dangerous, looks like that and I’m gonna take my Beauty, Blender and just bronze up. My face is a very natural way like if you want to go subtle and not like crazy with a bronzer. This is a very natural way to bronze up the face. The concealer I’m using is the Kat Von D, lock-it concealer in M 17, just to brighten up the under eyes and also just tohighlight the face.
I love brightening the center of the face with concealer. It gives you the most natural effect and right here and then right after my concealer, I’m gonna put on some setting powder to set everything in place. So I’m gonna go on the under eyes again on the lower lash line with the alotta palette. I’m gonna take this brush right here. This is the wide shader hazelnut in pumpkin spice we’re going to go right underneath that, with that red color from the Mac Patrick star palettes, I mean I don’t know. If there’s like a shade, I don’t know which one it is, but we are gonna put the red shade down here and for the inner corners. I do want to make that a little bit brighter, but we are not using a highlight we’re gonna use. Just a brightening color, so I’m gonna take vanilla, cream and pop it right on the inner corner. I’m gonna take some bronzer bronze up. The cheeks actually forgot to put mascara on my lower lashes, so I’m gonna do that really quickly back to the bronzer okay. So all that’s the left is the lips. I’m gonna take the nude sticks, lip and cheek. Pencils is the shade purity from the most solitary collection and then I’m gonna fill it in with the Mac. Patrick Starr ultimate diva, retro matte shade right here. So the makeup is done now. I’m gonna show you how to get this fall. Hair look. It is so cute, I saw it on Pinterest and I was like I gotta do that it’s super cute and it’s something that you can like: wear casual and everyday. So I’m just gonna zoom out a little bit and then I will show you how to get this super cute fall. Hair tohair look not tutorial. It is. This is a tutorial, but I’m trying to show you what look and before I actually get into this hairstyle. I wanted to show you what I use right when I got out of the shower. My hair was kind of damp. I use this Bumble and Bumble at thickening great body blow dry cream, all throughout my hair. Before I blow dried it make some it’s super voluminous after I do that. I think it started with styling super easy, very cute, so you can wear it like everyday. It’s a very casual kind of cute look for fall, start to wave the ends of my hair. It’s gonna take about this much hair and work it around the wand. I always leave a little bit of hair out at the bottom and then let it go and then it looks like that. The same technique to both sides – I’m gonna wrap it around the wand away from my face, leave a little bit hanging from the ends because you don’t want it to be curly all the way to the end.
It’s gonna look like quinceanera hair and you don’t want that so for this look, so I’m gonna leave it there for, like I’ve, kind of left it there for a long time. But it’s gonna look like this and you’re gonna. Do that all around the head, so I’m going to put another section down. I usually only do about three or four sections, because I don’t want it to look too perfect. I never like really perfect clean hair. I always like it a little messy. So what I do is I take the next section: half it bring it to the front, and I start from the back then after each section I fluff it stuff it up kind of run. My fingers through it break the waves apart and then I just see what it looks like just to make sure I don’t need to make any adjustments and there’s no like no straight hairs hanging around and then I just whip it all back, clip it up and Then work on the next section: okay, so now we’re done curling all of the hair, so I’m just gonna take it out, and it should look like this. So when it comes to waves. Personally, I like both more loose waves and tight mix together. I just I don’t know why I personally, I just love it. I feel like it gives my hair more body now we’re gonna go ahead and pull up the hair. You can see just looking at my head. I have a weird hairline right here, so what I do is I put in a little bit of a shadow for this area, just because it’s a weird hairline, so I’m gonna do is take this guy right here and pull up half of my hair. Just at the top in this little tiny, ponytail first, I’m gonna put some eyeshadow right here because of just looking crazy. Okay, I’m back with a better hairline. I always get asked this: did you get a hair transplant or whatever and it’s answer’s? No, I literally just use eyeshadow eyeshadow in facetune. It’s the only reason why I don’t really put my hair up is because of this, so my hair is looking pretty flat right now and for this look I want tohave a little bit more volume right at the top, and it’s just a little bit more Pc texture so to create that look, I’m gonna take the Bumble and Bumble: thickening dry, spun, texture spray, and this actually, if you have like a full line of thickening products, that is absolutely amazing. So I’m gonna take this guy right here So what I want to do is go really close to the root like right.
There super super close, you guys can see and you’re supposed to shake shake it up, hold it about 10 inches way, and you want to spray it and even strokes where you want Your hair lifted, so let me turn this way, so you guys can see a little bit better, so I’m gonna shake it up and spray It there’s a little bit of grit in there, so you can feel like it’s gonna actually work and hold So I’m gonna push that over start at the base and then flip it over I’m gonna do at least three sections to really get a good volume going and just by doing that and then just kind of like work your hands in there kind of press it forward You have already so much volume without teasing it So I’m gonna do the same thing on this side right here and you get so much volume I’m actually gonna put some in the ponytail It’s looking kinda flat You can add extensions to your ponytail if you want a little bit more volume, but I just I’m just gonna add some of this stuff, and the cool thing about this is that you can still move your hair around It’s not gonna feel stiff and stuck, and once I just sprayed them through the strands that I want like near the ends, then I go through the bottom, really quick, just to fluff up the hair without teasing it and bam It’s like it’s not stiff It’s not sturdy, it’s very movable, but you still have that full volume So this is the finished Look super casual, very cute I feel like this is major fall hair right here I really like this because you’re not messing up your hair with teasing your hair like physically with a comb It can really damage your hair So I really like this guy because it’s movable it’s, you can touch it It’s flowy, but you still have that, like mega volume without damaging your hair So if you guys wanna check it out, I will have the link below you can go to Bumble and Bumble calm Thank you guys for watching If you did go ahead and give it a big thumbs up a sweater thumbs up, I love doing this to me I don’t care how old I am I am always gonna do this with my hands I’m gonna be 60 years old, walking around like this Hey guys, he’s gonna have my in my sweater just so comfy for me, but anyways if you liked it, if it helps you in some way, then go ahead and give it a big thumbs up and before you leave If you haven’t already and that’s it, I love you guys so much guys

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