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Alopecia w / relaxant

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey YouTube: welcome back to my channel. This is your girl. My client has a lot of hair loss in front of her head. She has alopecia and it’s not from wearing weave, so y’all. Don’t think the weave is what did it is all the reasons I know. That’s the first thing people was gonna say: oh it’s because of wearing weave, but that’s not the reason. But anyway, I’m about to do this relaxer and she challenged me so make her hair look undetectable from the alopecia, I’m always up for the challenge and y’all said to him for this transformation.
But in the meantime I can watch me: do the transformation she’s a bit nervous, because this is her very first time wearing her hair with no absolutely no extensions. We always do sew ins just to cover up the alopecia, but today she’s brave enough to do something else. She want to step out of our comfort zone and try wearing absolutely no extensions, so y’all gonna be the first to see it just like both of us. Oh, I already based our scalp, and now I’m gonna apply the relaxer in sections essentially having how to relax it. In years, I’m doing a virtual, relaxer and relaxing music is to design you design essentials again, I mixed it. My pretty sensitive scalp and I’m gonna start with the tip of her here and move up to her scalp area. So I have to get the tip straight first before I move on to the scalp, because I don’t want to burn, I heard a burn fast and there here is not straight, and this is been gear, since she out of her next go. That’s the process. I’m doing now, oh now, I’m gonna move to the the root of the hair, because I’m done doing the tips and it’s a little straighter than it was. You know it’s not all the way straight, but it’s gonna get there. So I’m applying a relaxer to the root of their hair body heat makes it go fast, so I’m trying to work fast, even though it’s mixed mouth, you know for the sensitive scalp. So I want this relaxer to take somewhere. Here can be straight, so I’m recommending real fast and then I’m gonna comb it through from the bottom to the top. Oh, as y’all, can see the relaxing is out of her hair. I had already shampooed her and conditioner and the living condition all that good stuff So now I’m about to section the hair and I’m about to give her this haircut, so y’all just pay attention to the detail that I have to do to cover up her alopecia.
So I’m gonna go ahead and leave the back alone, so you know give this style a little bit of flavor, something like the Kelly touch So what I’m doing, though, I’m taking all the hair, I’m just doing it in steps, so y’all can see But it’s like I’m putting their hair in a ponytail or high ponytail 180 degrees and I’m gonna cut everything, even so that is gonna give me my layers, that’s the simplest way to get this done and since they’re not weave and it’s hurt here, it’s Easier to do it like that, so now that I’m done with the haircut I’m gonna mold my client and put her under the dryer That is my lot of body setting lotion and that is my Nairobi, sefalosha phone So I’m gonna mold a client and I’m gonna put her on the dryer for about 30 minutes So 30 minutes later I just applied to buy yourself therapy oil and I’m gonna blow driver here to get some of the yakking is out of it Since it’s been years, she had a relaxer, it’s still not as bone straight as it’s supposed to be, but with the biosilk confuse your oil and my baby, bliss Flatiron, it’s gonna straight, not just hair, really straight! So that’s what I’m doing I’m gonna go ahead and flat on the back in two layers and then I’m gonna move on to the front Oh as I get to the front of the hair, this shorter part sitting here, I’m using my black eyes, one inch flat irons I also want to talk to look to be fuller You know to help with covering the alopecia, so I’m using my black eyes, one inch flat iron and I’m giving the hair a bump So I don’t want it real flat The bump is gonna make it look a little fuller So now I’m taking my layered comb and I’m combing the hair into layers Well, okay, I got two thumbs up flying to prove she loves it y’all and I think it looks very nice on her and the overall look is pretty and the thing is she don’t have to wear the weave she’s free from the week until she started missing It again, I’m not sure how long she’s gonna be free I’ll keep y’all poster But anyway If y’all like it, y’all give me a thumbs up and if y’all want to leave a comment or any question I’ll respond to your questions as soon as I can, and thank you for watching

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