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Anastasia Riviera Palette: 2 Appearances 1 Palette Juicy

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi guys welcome back to my channel today. I am so excited because we are gonna be doing. Finally, at my very first two looks one palette makeup tutorial featuring Anastacio is brand new, but everybody eyeshadow palette. I think that’s how you say it. Hopefully, every single time on a staff Nia comes out with a new palette. I am through the moon super excited. I typically always purchase them. I’ve been purchasing her palettes for years. Like I don’t even remember the first one that I got, I think it was the honor easy palette to be honest like four years ago and ever since then, I’ve been hooked to auto Stasi, eyeshadows, they’re, so buttery and creamy and pigmented, and for the most part I typically always love the different color schemes that they have going on in each palette.
Honest hacia, Modern Renaissance, is still my holy grail, i shadow palette, but when I saw this I was like oh my gosh, that is just screaming spring and summer. So I really like the looks that I created. I hope you guys do too. Let me know if you’re gonna be purchasing this palette. I was a little skeptical because you guys know I’m not big on color, but after playing with it, I feel like you. Can create a lot of different? It looks with it not just like super dramatic looks, but even like more wearable colorful looks cuz. You guys know, I’m not big on super bold eyeshadow, but this is wearable and I would totally wear this outside of the house. So I really hope you guys enjoy it, as always: don’t forget to grab a snack and without further ado, let’s go ahead and get on with a look alright guys. So my brows are done and I will leave the products that I used down below if you’re interested, so I’m first gonna be priming my lids and I’m using the NYX proof it eyes, shadow base. I love this eye shadow primer, it’s kind of like the Urban Decay primer potion. So if you like that one, this is a really awesome dupe for it. So I’m gonna be taking this all over the lid, bringing it up towards the brow bone and then I’m taking an elf flawless concealer brush just to go ahead and blend that out. Then I am gonna set my lids. You don’t have to do this for the next tutorial. I actually don’t do it, but for this one I just decided to, but this is the collab ultrafine loose setting powder in porcelain, ivory and I’m just taking that same brush and just setting the lids. Then I’m gonna be picking up the shade coastline on a big fluffy blending brush this one is from beauty by Rosita and I’m just gonna be taking that shade and just rubbing it right in the crease.
I’m gonna be building this up quite a bit because I really want this to pop. This is such a perfect transition? Color, it’s not too pink, it’s not too peach. It is just super blendable super creamy and you can build it up or you leave it Supernatural looking so I’m gonna build it up quite a bit just because today’s look is gonna be a little bit more intense, and I really want that shade to Really pop in the crease and it’s gonna just help me to blend out the other colors that I’m going to be using, which are going to be a little bit more vibrant. Then I’m going to take the shade at Monte, Carlo and I’m just going to take that on a sigma e25 blending brush and I’m gonna run that right kind of below, where I just apply the previous shade a little bit below the crease area. And I’m also going to be taking that on the lid on the outer V and again, I’m just kind of prepping, my lids for the really hot, pink shadow that we’re gonna be using in just a minute. So I’m picking up the hot pink, which I love this color. It is absolutely stunning and normally I don’t love Pink’s, but I’ve been really into it lately. I think they’re so pretty to work with, especially for at the spring and summer time, so I’m gonna take that on the same blending brush where I was just using from Sigma and I’m gonna really just build that up and make it super intense. I was so surprised at how bright and almost neon looking this eyeshadow looked. It is just stunning, it’s definitely one of my favorite Pink’s that I have in my entire collection. It’s very vibrant, it’s pigmented and it blends, and it builds up really really nicely so I’m taking this all over the lid in the crease and just smoking it out and then I’m using one of my favorite brushes. This is the Anastacio number eighteen brush and I’m gonna pick up the gold shade up top and I’m gonna be just applying that in the inner third of my lid, I’m really gonna pack that on and at first here I didn’t spray my brush, But then I decided to because I felt, like the shadow was vibrant, but I wanted it to stick a little bit better. So I just used a little bit of pixie fixing mist on the same brush and I’m just really packing that on and making it super intense, I’m kind of stopping sort of halfway on my lid, because I really wanted the pink to pop as well. And I really liked the gold with the pink I felt like it almost reminded me of like a lemonade summer.
Eyeshadow look and I’m all about it and then I’m gonna be wiping away you fall out and I’m just using a makeup wipe the palette does have quite a bit of Fallout, but it doesn’t really bother me. I find that that’s the case with most of the shadows that I have in my collection, drugstore and high-end. So it’s really not a deal breaker for me. So then I’m gonna pick up the Stila liquid eyeshadow. This one is in kitten, Karma. I’m gonna use an elf angled liner brush and I’m gonna just dip that in there and kind of use the liquid shadow as a glitter liner, I’m gonna run that right in the crease area. I just felt like the look needed a little bit of an extra pop and this was perfect. So the look is super super simple, but I wanted to take it to the next level and I felt like the glitter really did that for me. So I’m just gonna take that and really build it up. Then I’m using the essence, lash princess a false lash effect mascara one of my favorites, I’m just gonna coat, my top lashes, i’m gonna be using falsies today, which are totally optional, but you guys know I love falsies and once you use them, you just Can never go back, so I’m using the Ardell double 113. I love these and I’m gonna be tight lining my upper waterline, i’m using the ella girl shockwave neon black liner, and this is just so there’s no gaps in between the falsies and the real lashes. And can we please talk about these lashes? They are perfect for this, look because they’re super wispy, but they don’t take away from the eyeshadow, which is exactly what I wanted. So then for the lower lashes. I’m gonna be picking up that really beautiful teal kind of like pool color to blue I’m gonna use a definer brush. This one is from Sigma and I’m really gonna kind of swipe and press that shadow on the lower lashes – and this is just gonna – add a really nice pop of color. I love the fact that the top of the eyes are really warm and then the bottom has a little bit of that cool tone pop with the blue. I just feel like the contrast is really beautiful, and this is such a beautiful look. I feel like so many different skin tones can get away with it. So then I just took the Anastacio brush that came with the palette and I’m kind of just smudging out that blue to make it nice and smoky, and then I’m using the Urban Decay. 24/7. Glide on pencil, I believe this one’s in the shade deep end and I’m just gonna be lining my waterline. It’s pretty much just the same exact color as the blue shadow, and I felt like it really brought everything together nicely and then avi can’t forget the lower lashes.
So I am just coating the bottom lashes with the same essence, mascara from earlier. I love this mascara. If you’re looking for something super lengthening highly recommend this and it’s so affordable, you can find it out also, and it’s like under $5. So now we can jump into these skin. I already did the foundation concealer and powder le what I used down below. So I’m gonna be bronzing my skin first with the Thrive, cosmetics, Sunchaser bronzer. This one is in the shade Riya and I’m using this brush from forever 21. It’s from the gunmetal collection, if you can find it in store, I’m telling you it is such a great brush. I absolutely love it for bronzing the skin. I can’t find it online so definitely check your local forever. 21. Then I’m gonna use the profusion Pro contour palette. I actually found this at t.j.maxx, I think or Marshalls, but I’m pretty sure you can find this on their website and it is worth every single penny. I love it and I’m gonna use those too ashy tone colors and I’m going to use this ELF, 105 brush just to contour and chisel out my cheeks and my nose just a little bit and then I’m using my same collab powder from earlier. Just to kind of clean that up and make it nice and precise and then I’m gonna use an elf 101 brush just to blend that away. I usually don’t let that bake for no longer than like a minute or two. So then, for blush, I’m using one of my all-time favorite blushes. This one is from anastacio. This one is in peachy love. It is just the prettiest blush. I love this in the winter like when I’m more fair and then I also like it in the summer when I’m very tan, it’s just a very universal color for me and it’s so beautiful. So then, I’m using this another favorite of mine, this highlighting quad from makeup revolution and I’m actually gonna – be mixing all the shades in here. This is so wet and just amazing on the skin. If you’re looking for a really intense glow, you will love this highlighter palette, and I mean I just can’t say enough good things about it. If you guys have been with me for a while, you know this is one of my favorites, so I am applying the highlighter pretty much everywhere and I’m using an Anastasia, a 23 blending brush and obviously do this to your liking, and I’m also going to be Taking the white shade in the highlighting palette on a really tiny pencil brush, I just popped that right in the inner corner, as well as the brow bone, just to really add some light to the eyes, and I just cannot not do this step.
It really just brings everything together and just I just love it. So the final thing that I’m gonna do is go ahead and do my lips, of course, I’m taking this collab lip liner. If you like, Mac lip liners, you’ll really really like these are super creamy. You don’t remember the name, but I will leave it down below it’s just a nude of course, so I’m just gonna be lining my lips and then using the Physicians Formula. Healthy lip velvet, this one is in all natural nude and I’m just gonna top that off and I was kind of feeling the matte. But then I was like you know what I gotta add some glossy lips, because this is so summery to me and I love me a glossy lip in the summer, especially so I mean it’s not even summer, but you get me so this is a wet And wild lip gloss in the shade featherless and then I’m just gonna be setting my makeup with feet. Pixy makeup fixing mist and this setting spray is so glowy and so pretty so that is it for the first makeup look definitely screams summer to me and I love it very wearable, but you still have a nice pop of color. Now we can jump into look number two, alright guys, so I just tried to film this look and it wasn’t recording. So I had to start all over. That’s why my lids look a little bit stained, but they’re already primed, I decided not to set, because I felt like the shadows that I’m gonna be using today work best without setting the primer, so I’m gonna start off with the shade coastline. This is the same transition color that we use in the previous look but, like I said, I think it is a perfect transition, peachy color and it just works really well, no matter really what kind of look you’re doing with this palette, so I’m gonna be Building it up, I’m using this same exact beauty by Rosita blending brush this color in particular, works well with or without setting your lids, but the purple that I’m gonna use in the palette that I’m gonna show. You does not work really well, if you set your lids, so just an eyeshadow primer is all you need, so I’m gonna be taking that bright purple in the palette and I’m gonna use a sigma e25 blending brush, and let me just say this: color Is really beautiful and I really like the way that the look turned out, but it definitely takes a lot of building up. You really have to work with it. You have to tap off the excess and just be very patient with it, because it can look a little splotchy and it’s not the creamiest shadow to work with, but once you get it, it is really really pretty. So you just really have to take your time with blending. The bright pink is a lot more blendable than this purple, but I still like the purple, but again just a little FYI for you, so I’m gonna be taking this, and I’m really concentrating this purple.
On the outer crease, so I know that it looks pretty sloppy when I go towards the lid area. But that’s ok, because I’m gonna be kind of carving that area out with some concealer and adding some different shades to that. But I really wanted the crease to be the main spot with a purple, and I wanted it to be as vibrant as possible there. So you can see I really pack on this shade quite a bit. There is a lot of fallout with this color as well. Like with most of the shadows in the palette but like I said it, just doesn’t really bother me, because I do my eye makeup first anyway. So now, I’m gonna be carving out my lid, I’m gonna use an are soft Mac concealer. This one is in the shade medium one custard, it’s my favorite for typically cleaning up the brows, but I like it for a cut crease as well. So I’m going to use this flat, concealer brush from orlimar cosmetics, I’m just going to be taking the concealer kind of halfway on the inner third, my lid and I’m just gonna be carving out the lid. This is gonna, be a really nice base for the shade that I’m about to use, which is the shade sails. It’s like a super bright, stark white. I love it especially once you build this shade up. It is just super super intense. So once again, I’m using another Anastasio number eighteen brush, I’m using different brushes as I go. I have about four of these. In my collection they are the best Packer brushes ever. I know that they’re expensive, but I’m telling you they are so worth it. So then, I’m gonna be taking the shade Mediterranean. This is sort of like a blue purple like periwinkle. I guess is the name for it and it is perfect. I really wanted to create sort of like a gradient between the white, this shade and then the purple, and I felt like adding that there really brought everything together. I know that it looks pretty sloppy right now, but I’m gonna do lots of blending. Like I said, the purple gave me a little bit of a hard time, but once I got it and blended it out, I think it all worked out. Obviously it doesn’t look perfect. In the end, I could have prolly used a little bit more blending, but we’re all about progress, not perfection over here on this channel and quick disclaimer. I am NOT a makeup artist, so yeah and it’s so weird, because typically my right eye and the right side of my face is always so much better than the left eye.
But in this case the left side of my face and like this eye looks so much better than the right eye. I think it’s because of the way that I carved out the lid and how far out I dragged out the concealer. So if you’re doing this look the further, you drag out the concealer, the better and the easier it’s going to be to blend, and it’s just gonna look a lot better but whatever, like I said, progress, not perfection. So then of course I’m gonna use. My ELF line and define eye tapes – these are my favorite any single time I will be doing my winged liner or if I want, like a really defined eye shadow, look and I’m gonna use the covergirl get in line liquid liner in the shade Maj matte Black, this liner is everything if you’re looking for something super matte super black. You need to get this and the tip is super tiny. So it’s just it’s really easy to work with. I absolutely love this liner. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and it’s been one of my go-to, so I’m gonna do a pretty dramatic wing and I’m gonna do falsies. Of course, I’m gonna be using these scandal lashes and these are in a style, Rouge wave, and I will leave a link down below to where you can get their lashes. I love them so now we can finish up the lower lashes. I again will leave the foundation and concealer and powder combo that I used below. So I’m going to be taking the white shade sales once again and I’m going to use another honest hacia number eighteen brush, I’m gonna really just pack that on in the inner corner, just to really add lots of light and brightness to that area. Since we have so much purple going on, I really want to keep the inner part super light. I’m also gonna be taking that and just applying it right on my brow bone just for a really subtle rebel and highlight. Then I’m gonna take the shade at Monte, Carlo and I’m gonna use an elf contour brush for the eyes and I’m going to smudge that out, make it nice and smoky and I’m just gonna prep, my lower lashes for a little bit of a Darker purple that we’re gonna be using in just a second, so I’m gonna take the purple that we used right in the crease and I’m gonna take this angled brush. You can use an eyebrow brush or just anything. That’s gonna give you a nice defined, look and I’m gonna drag that down and really press it down to the lower lashes and then I’m going to use a sigma e25 blending brush, and this doesn’t have any additional product on it.
It kind of just has like leftover product from earlier and I’m gonna just blend it out and smoke it out, and then I’m using the LA girl shock wave liner in the shade vivid, I’m just gonna line. My waterline. This liner is perfect. With this look because it’s neon and it’s just so vibrant and pretty I love LA girl liners because they don’t smudge on my contacts and they’re just super creamy. So, finally, for the eyes, I just coated my lower lashes with the same essence mascara from earlier. So now for the face, I’m gonna be using my butter bronzer in the shade deep. This is just the classic bronzer for me. I always go back to it. It’s just perfect. It’s not muddy and it’s just very buttery. So I’m using this with my wet and wild p60 powder brush and I’m just gonna be bronzing the skin and just adding some color. And then I’m gonna use the same profusion, contour palette and I’m going to use another brush from the forever 21 gunmetal collection and I’m just gonna be taking that and just chiseling my cheeks in my nose a little bit for like a really natural contour. Bronzy look and be very careful with this palette. It is super super pigmented, so a little bit goes a long way just make sure you tap off the excess because it can get really dark. Really quick. Then I’m going to use the two light shades and the palette and I’m going to use this wet and wild beauty sponge, which is the one that I was using in the previous tutorial as well. I’m just going to kind of clean up the contour a little bit and I just pressed the sponge right into the powder, and this is my favorite way to apply powder, because it looks really seamless and soft on the skin and just very airbrushed. So then, I’m gonna be using these two blushes from the pur cosmetics, four-in-one, Beauty, blush book, or something like that. I think it’s called I’ll link it for you guys, but it’s just the prettiest blush palette and I’m gonna just mix those two colors and just take the blushes and apply them right to the apples of my cheeks, bringing it up towards the bronzer and I’m Using this japonesque stippling brush, then to highlight I’m going to be using the Wet n Wild loose highlighter. This is from their zodiac collection and if you guys have not tried these, you are missing out. They have a bunch of different shades and they’re super affordable Super super intense: you can use these as shadows, brow bone highlight inner corner, highlight so it’s just amazing and if you’re going out or if you know you’re gonna be taking pictures, this highlighter is perfect.
You couldn’t even use it on your chest and it’s just it’s just very intense and very beautiful, so I knew I had to use it for this dramatic look and then I’m gonna be taking my japonesque makeup setting spray and I wanted to add more highlight Because I wanted it to be very intense, but again this is very personal preference If you don’t like a lot of highlight, then just use something a little bit more subtle, but you know me I’m extra so then for lips, I’m gonna be using the la girl Perfect precision lip liner in the shade bear I’m just gonna be lining My lips, I love the shade It goes with so many different of my favorite nude lip colors So then to top that off, I’m gonna be using the Smashbox liquid lipstick and you shade a fair game, and this is like my perfect peachy nude color I love the applicator I love a formula of these they’re very long wearing, and this color is literally my perfect peachy pink nude, it’s not too pink It’s not too peach I love it, so that is pretty much it for this look I really hope you guys liked it Let me know what you think, even though I struggled with the purple a little bit I still felt like I made it work and I could have used a little bit more blending right there on the outer crease, but once again progress, not perfection I hope you guys liked it alright guys So these are the completed Makeup looks what do you think? I hope that you like as much as I do I personally like the palette so far The only thing is, I will say this purple in here is a little bit difficult to work with I mean, obviously I could make it work, but you really have to take your time You really have to blend that you have to build it up Pack on the shade, so I do find that the pink is a little bit more easy to work with versus the purple in here Obviously, I did not use all the shades, but that’s kind of just like my first impression from using the palette today, but regardless I do really like it and yeah it’s definitely doable If I can do it, you can do Thank you guys so much for watching I will leave all the products that I use for each look down below if you’re interested I love you all, don’t forget to subscribe before you leave and I will see you in a few days in my next one: bye,

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