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Angelina Jolie make up conversion course

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi guys it’s candy with really green eyes. I wish they were like this every day of my life. If you didn’t notice um, this look is supposed to be Angelina Jolie. You can do all the crazy contouring steps to actually do the transformation like I did or you can skip that and just do the makeup.. I think it’s funny or interesting or sad or just weird about how I got these contacts but make sure if you like this, give it a thumbs up like it share it, with a thousand of your closest friends, maybe and be like.
Oh, my gosh, this crazy, real candy turns yourself into people now I can do it too and then also subscribe. If you have it, it might be kind of Awesome and fun and just join the candy family, because I gave them off the computer virtual hugs and everybody needs love hugs. So let’s get started and I will show you how to do it. So the first step is I’m going to take these sweet, Ruby contacts and sea-green and spend about 15 minutes trying to get my eye and then I’ll come right back and tada. That literally took me about 20 minutes to get these in my eyes and even though her eyes are more Bluegreen, I don’t have a Bluegreen, so I just went with more of the green day. So the first thing I’m going to do is just apply foundation all over my face with a Beauty Blender. I’m also going to use my cover effects. Total coverage, I kind of use it as a little bit of a concealer to really get really full coverage everywhere, because I have freckles and Angelina Jolie does not I’m going to just take a foundation, a couple shades darker than what I used on the main and Center part of the face and just kind of color the sides of the face, so we had a little bit of depth back to the face. We don’t look like a flat cartoon and then blend them to the jawline. Now I’m just going to take my art, EMA palette and I’m going to take my lightest color that I have and we’re going to do some highlighting to make my face. Look more like hers. So right here in the center of the forehead. Now the trick to highlighting is you’re really just drawing the eye to different areas, so it thinks it’s seeing different planes of the face and angles. Now I’m going to just set all of our foundation, highlighting with some translucent powder, even on the eyelid. Now you can take a white eyeshadow, I’m just going to take this white powder from my Ben Nye on Bella powder palette and I’m just going to go over the areas that I want highlighted so down the center of the nose right here. I’m just going to add a little bit of emphasis, so you can skip this step if you’re just going to do the makeup look, but if you want to actually recreate looking like her, you can do this step.
Also now I’m just going to take a blush brush or an eyeshadow brush and I’m going to use kind of gray taupe eyeshadow. So this is copper plate from Mac or I’m going to be using some of the colors from my Ben Nye glam palette. Some of these kind of gray colors. Now when you use a grey color too, we contour it doesn’t look gray on the face. So if you’re going to contour around the wrist or something it’s just going to create a shadow as opposed to just using a bronzer which is gonna make you look more tan or brown in that area, so we’re just creating a shadow. So that’s what I want a little bit more gray. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to kind of chisel my Angelina cheekbones out a little more and I’m going to mix a little bit of a peach, color and then we’ll just kind of blend. Just like you would on your eyelid to shape your eyelid, a different shape, do the same thing with your base and I’m just going to take a light brown shadow mix it with a little nude color and we’re just going to define the nose just a little Bit more and then you can just take a fluffy brush and just soften that up, I’m going to take a little bit more of those same colors and just emphasize anytime. You go back over with a powder over cream, something you’ve done. It’s going to add a little bit more emphasis, so we’re just going to kind of do the upturned Joker smile and get a shade to the outside, and now I’m just going to create a shade in the top lip right here then just soften it up. Then I’m going to take a little bit of hoola from benefit and I’m going to kind of warm up the gray areas, just a touch go along with temples along the hairline okay. Now I’m just going to use this really bright um. This is just another color effects foundation, but I may use it as a highlight flash concealer / primer for the eye area. So we want to make sure that we get in here really bright and right under your low and then it’s a little bit of this right in the line here and just for fun along here. Okay, put the sponge and kind of dab this with a lighten and I’m just going to take a little bit of a light color and we’re just going to go right on the jaw. The lower jaw line right here not going to highlight the jaw line and make our contouring pop a little more go back over it up, set powder. Okay. Now, since this is a very shimmery look, I’m taking this is the Dior palette in five colors and before anybody thinks.
Oh, my gosh you’re, so fancy with your Dior eyeshadow. This was a present okay. So I’m going to be taking this lightest color in here and I’m gonna apply it right in the corner and then up into the inner corner of the eyelid. I’m going to take a fluffy brush and any shimmery pearl color will work like this too, and I’m going to sweep this right underneath the brows I’m also going to sweep it up here on the outer corner of the eye. Now I’m just going to take quark, which is just a warm brown and I’m going to create this shadowing in her eyes. So we’re going to go right above the crease area and if you don’t have a crease, you can just create this just draw a curved shape line on your lid and it will create a crease there slightly up here in the inner corner and then right here. In this outer corner to make it look more squared off, then I’m going to take this great Opie brown color, and I’m going to go right underneath this curve of the eye and then just sweep it up towards the outer corner of the eye right there. Then you can just take a fluffy brush with nothing on it and kind of soften that line up a little, and I’m going to put a little bit of this pearl frost, color right here and blend the inner part of that that we just do kind of Soften that a little can fit right, underneath the lash line a little more and then I’m going to go back with my hoola color to kind of warm this up and just kind of soften that gray color. Just a little now I’m going to take more of a nude peachy shimmer. This is Naked Lunch from Mac and I’m just going to sweep this on the rest of the lid and I’m just going to take a nude peach. Color like this and we’re just going to kind of blend it right up here onto the cheekbones a little bit of a gray, topi color, and I’m just going to put it right here on the outer corner of the eyes, where her eyes have this kind of Shadowing and then you’re just going to pull it upwards towards the eyebrow, and then you can just soften it with little strokes with your fluffy brush, I’m going to take a bourbon eyeliner from Urban Decay and apply it right along the lash line of the lower eyelid And then just stop right where your lashes kind of start to grow, I’m going to go over that with a little bit of satin taupe from Matt and just soften that line up a little and then from the vice palette. Three, I’m going to take a little bit of this last in color and little bit of angel to color right beneath it, and I’m going to tap that right on the outer corners of the lids.
Now we’re going to do the classic Angelina Jolie eye, I’m just taking the lorac eyeliner and I’m just going to start right where the lashes begin to grow. You’Re just going to lay your pin down and then gently make it thicker towards the outer corner of the eye, and she doesn’t really have a wing here. It just kind of gently gets thicker into her lashes. So now what I notice about her wing – it goes up right here in the outer corner, just a little bit, so we’re just going to round this up a little more idea, so it kind of draws the eye up in these kind of sides. Now we’re just going to curl our lashes and apply mascara and for her eyes you want to pull the mascara wand out to the side and then just very lightly coat the bottom lashes. Okay, now, with an eyebrow pencil, I’m just going to draw my brows to look similar to hers. So one curve right here and without concealing my brows, I’m going to try to make them look as much like hers as possible. Remember no 2i browser to look so like each one is going to look different, but hers both look a little different and come in at different angles. So I’m just going to try to make this eyebrow look like him. This guy is more arch than your other eyebrow. Okay. Now we’re going to have fun doing, though so I’m going to line my mouth, the perfect nude from Too Faced, then I’m going to take makeup forever in 7c and I’m going to kind of create a shadow on the edges and create this in rays in the Corner then, I’m going to take perfect spice from Too Faced and blend these together. Then you can just even take a brown eyeliner and I’m just going to kind of create these shadowy lines on her lips, which are right on the side right here and then these on go right down here on the top of her lips, get a line in The center here now, I’m just going to take a nude lipstick for mac and fleshpot, and I’m going to highlight it all over and make it lighter up here on the top. And then you can take any light gloss and we’ll just dab this on here. Then I’m going to take a little bit of pretty please from Mac and I’m going to take a little bit of flat brush and our lightest brightest concealer. To add some highlight to the amount so right here in the center, and you can also take a highlight Color any shimmery color work, I’m just going to take bobby Da’ville from the vice 3 palette, and I’m going to tap this right here and on this side, where she has those two highlight areas and I’m going to take a little bit and put it right here.
On the top, now I’m going to take some individual lash extensions, and I’m just going to put you guys on the outer side, which I think looks a little more natural than like putting a strip of lashes on I’m just putting a little bit of glue on Here and then I always start with the outermost guy, a trip, then I’m going to get some medium guys and I’m just going to take a little bit more of this light powder, and I’m going to sleep this out here to make my cheekbones look lighter, like Hers ding ready for the whinny Let me know and comment below what look do you guys want me to do next? Leave that below in the comments, what costume character celebrity anything because I want to know if I can make whatever you guys want to see and I’m probably gonna go spin Oh, I don’t know maybe 45 minutes trying to get these contacts out of my eyes Look how cool what, if my eyes, are this color? Maybe so some when I take my contacts out like oh you’re brown, just like the color of um, so make sure that you guys subscribe if you have not subscribed already just subscribe, join the candy family is the most sweet family to join In the whole, we rolled and click the subscribe button who I’m going to look like it’s like a big old surprise, so exciting, and I am sending you the hugest big hugs from my house to yours Always remember that you are more beautiful than you know, you’re more talented than you think and you’re more loved than you can possibly imagine, even if it’s just from this girl giving you candy hugs through the computer in the phone um just know, you would know the story or Facebook or whatever I went through like the biggest ordeal look at these contacts I somebody was like over at this liquor store downtown So I’m walking downtown it’s a shady place that really isn’t a liquor store It’s a head shop which is across from the strip club we’re in the strip club there’s like guys laying in the parking lot and people are getting arrested and little ol me is just like walking through all this craziness like two drunk people fell on my car And I’m just like trying to go, get these colored contacts, so I went through a lot of work to get these contacts and they’re really hard to get in and they kind of hurt my eyeballs and then this egg is just I don’t know what it’s called a power wig That was the name of the style, pepper, and I wish I had long hair and my lips look like I totally got lip injections that I did it

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