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Anti drag? Huda Tantour, Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm, Natasha DeNNA sunrise palette + more!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to the 7, so we’re gonna be going through some things that I just recently saw. They came out on a Sephora calm and I’m gonna try my best took myself out of it and you can chop it with your thoughts on the products. So, let’s, let’s get into it. Okay, so first thing the Natasha de Nonna sunrise eyeshadow palette. Now this looks so gorgeous. There’s a mix of like cranberry shades with some orangey shades. You have some yellows. Basically what the sky looks like you know it’s the sunrises.
You know very, very pretty $65 for the palette, which is by no means good, affordable. But when you look at the price of other Natasha Nonna palettes – or at least this is the Takamine – you know reasoning that I was telling myself in my head – I’m like woah, it’s not as expensive as the other 129 dollars. It’s actually Nonna palettes. But beyond that, when I took a look at it, I’m like I see why I want it because I’m like drawn to these colors, but I have similar colors. They may not be all in the same palette. I definitely have similar colors Natasha, no new palettes. The eyeshadows will only have one Sasha’s Nona palette and it’s one of the smaller ones, but I don’t like that palette now between that and the blush bloomin blush for blush and bloom or whatever it’s called that I bought at the main show, which now that I Think about it, I’m like who maybe I should have bought another eyeshadow palette when I was at the makeup show because they had. I think it was like up to 30% off that they had on notice how she’s known the products um but yeah. I’m not gonna get this sunrise eyeshadow palette. Did you get the sunrise eyeshadow palette? Is it something that maybe, when your radar on your list comment below who let me know, are you going to eat it or not? Okay, so next up we have the hood of beauty into a contour and bronzer cream. Now I have not paid attention to any huda beauty launches in the longest time, like I used to get like these amantha lashes from them like religiously. Every time there was a Sephora 20% off coupon code or whatever, then I stopped buying from the brand, because there was some things that I was like. I don’t know about y’all who you know until I’m able to confirm. I don’t know if I could. You know fully go in and just be like you know, giving you my money, but I was watching fool me.
Do you guys watch for me o M G? Where have I been that I’ve not been watching her channel like she is so positive, she’s, so beautiful she’s, I start laughing to like what my laughing it like right, but SH are laugh, is so infectious her aura. Just she just seems like a really fun person to be around now. I had heard of her before, as a matter of fact, would show up in my explore page with Instagram and a couple years back. Becca did a blog post on youtubers that do Beauty that have a deeper skin tone that she was included in the list, and I remember she was very nice. She you know thank me for the list and then um. I was somewhere in Europe. Maybe three years ago I don’t know if I was if it was when I was in Sweden or if, when I was in England or where I was somewhere in Europe, and I saw a billboard on that billboard. But you know like wait at the bus stop when they have those early advertisements there advertisements every time moves there um. She and her husband were on there and I like took a picture of it. I don’t know this is back in a snapchat days, but it’s the story days. I don’t know, but I wasn’t. Oh, my god it’s her. Then she was like really nice and was like. Oh, my god, thank you both ah so this week, but I had never actually like watch one of her YouTube channels because on YouTube I tend to watch a lot of like Walking Dead. You know, fan Theory. Oh, you know a lot of times. It comes up in my feet or I watch a lot of like fashion hole, things like that, like I’m hooked like like boom like I would love to meet her in Person like like straight-up, like she’s, that she’s that she she’s amazing anyway. I don’t know if lose one of you guys here on YouTube or the guys over on Instagram or if you guys at the same, does you know sometimes people people don’t like to leave Instagram and you know anyway, that’s neither here nor there look. Somebody had told me that Loki they liked the hooter beauty tantor. So I was looking at it and I’m like that. Rich shade looks pretty the I’m tapping on that. I have a screenshot and I’m tapping on it as if, like I’m on the Sephora site and can see the other one, the one before it, I think, is called tan. So something like this, I would have to see in person and see like which one I like I’m thinking the rich might be too deep for me and that the tan might be my shade, but how no, I would have to see it in the store, but This one I’m kind of like I don’t know I might like this – I don’t know so if you have the huda, beauty, tantal, contour and bronzer cream or if you’ve been in the store and you kind of like swatched it and looked at it or whatever.
Let me know your thoughts below so that a girl knows whether or not she needs to make a trip to Sephora sometime soon. So another thing from a little beauty that I was kind of like okay, that’s new, but at first I was like. I think I really need that. So I looked it up. One Sephora um and I was like, then I can pass on these they’re like the little square palettes that she does they’re $29. There’s a bunch of neon Jade that come in three variations. I wasn’t really like. I don’t know, I don’t think I’m really drawn to palettes where it’s you know a variation of essentially the same color. So it didn’t really. You know, didn’t speak to my soul so that I definitely know I’m not going to get. But you know if you bought it or you would cook contemplating getting it talk about it in the comments. Don’t let me stop you from doing that and I hope I’m not going in and out of focus cuz. I had to it like having some camera issues. You, like, I can like everything, that’s fine, isn’t looking at the small screen here and then by the time it gets to the computer. On my a lot of times, I’m like look, I’m just happy to be posting consistently and filming consistently. So a lot of times, even if it’s not perfect, it’s like alright put it up, but that one was like going it out of focus. It was like dizzying sounds like I scrapped it anyway. Another huda, beauty products that my good BSS in my head to fool me and put on was the now the academic nymph who, but you know the afternoon – stands for it, not your mamas pantyhose, all over body highlighter. So the funny thing is, I had seen that um Hooda was coming out with these and I didn’t pay attention to it, because I have the ones from Melanie mills and actually met Melanie mills. Last year, when I was on the real and Melanie Mills touched me up, and she put some gleam on me so check out million Mills gleam I’ll have a link to a blog post, where you know that swatches of all the shades and which ones I have And yeah yeah.
Oh that seems interesting. So fool me had put this on as like um. I guess you can call it a base, but she put it on after her primer and I’m put underneath her foundation, it’s to kind of like give herself a blow um. It looked interesting, so I was like looking looking up, but at $49 and I’ve already got again Melanie mill gleam, although gleam I don’t clean, I got to see if you can use that on your face. I can’t remember, but I know gleam is definitely definitely use it on the body, and I know Melanie mill has products you know for the face. Then I also on impulse and haven’t even used it yet like. I could roll my eyes at myself for this one, because you know I’m trying to be better about buying things, but I gotta then this hatchet. I got the Natasha’s Danone up body, it’s about this big body pilot or what have you? I got that when I was at the makeup show definitely an impulse purchase. I have not used yet and I’m probably not going to use. It is gonna wind up giving it to a friend so anyway, a little bit to say: she’s not buying the Hoonah beauty body highlighter. But if you have experience with it – and you want to chime in the comments below about it by no means John Chen away – okay, now the next thing an email got me I got caught off guard. I was checking my email boom, so floors in my inbox and you’re, like these you’re gonna want these lipsticks. So how do they learn it? Well, I don’t have it in front of me right now, but they were pretty much like you. Don’t want these lipsticks. Lipsticks so beautiful, so I look at these and there’s my Charlotte Tilbury and you know with me with lip color I feel like. Yes, there are distinctions between some of the brands, but some formulas more luxurious than others. Some colors have more depth of color to them. So it’s not like just like pink or form red – it’s, like you, know, orange red hint of like whatever and then maybe there’s like a little bit of shimmer or whatever, so the more expensive lipsticks tend to have a little bit more. You know problem circumstance to them and then of course, there’s the packaging, which is probably the bulk of the price. So I’m looking at these are like hot, it’s really pretty, but and it’s called the hot lips – lipstick 37 dollars a piece now my new had this been ten years ago.
I would put a boat’s like three of these things, but now I’m Liza and mold minimalist and how much make by own um but yeah. It doesn’t really seem like that, like I don’t need it. Um brand. Send me lipsticks like up the wazoo in here and it’s a lot. I don’t need 50 million lip colors, so I know how it looks. Lipstick for me Alex lipstick to point out anything. The 2.0 is gonna. Make me more intrigued to go get it so, but if you have it, you intrigued by it or you stopped by you saw it. He was like now, I’m not getting it either. Whatever your cases, if you want to talk about the hot glue, stick in the come by all means talk about the Hot Lips, lipstick in the comments now I’m another thing from Charlotte Tilbury and I just felt like my heart: do a little. You know you know like flutter just now, even just looking at the screenshot, because I’m like oh, this is pretty so the Charlotte Tilbury glow gasm face palette 7 to 5 bucks, and it has the shape that I’m looking at is love gazon, which I believe is The deeper of the two shades now this looks absolutely I’ll put the thing on the screen, but this looks absolutely friggin gorgeous like gorgeous, but I don’t need it see. I have been attached in a Nona palette now that is how should denote a palette. Has some creams in it – and this looks like it’s more of like a powder base, maybe like a gel powder kind of you know like those kind of like the Estee Lauder, had those really nice Estee Lauder chalets. I think they called it. I got the full name of the product, but Estee Lauder has like these highlighters that are like it’s not quite powder and it’s not quite a gel. They call it shell anyway. It’s reminiscent of that, and it looks so pretty like I can just see like the sculpting, that it would do to the cheeks, but two reasons why she’s not gonna get it and never gonna get it never gonna get it one that $75. Now again had this been ten years ago, I would have been had this ten years ago. so the price I can do so many other things with that $75. You know, then it’s like. I already have something similar to this, so I can’t get it But if you have this gold glass um well go gasm face palette.
If you have it, if you were looking at it, if you were like yeah, I don’t know if I want it talked talk amongst yourselves, we’ll talk amongst me in the comments about it, and I think that is yeah So that’s it So basically, the only thing out of all of that that I’m probably going to and I’m not guaranteeing that I’m gonna buy it I’m going to go into a store and check it out is the food of beauty Was it’s called tantor, contour and bronzer cream? I don’t need a tanto, bronzer and contouring cream because I already got um You know that I use the cover effects Total cover creme foundation, and I set that with the total cover cover a fixed mineral powder foundation and in the same shade, actually at that I used the n120, but I also had the P 125 when I want more of like a tinge of red, you know kind of like a bronzy but contour kind of thing going over my face, so I probably won’t need that, but I am interested to see What it looks like what it feels like it, you know yadda yadda, so maybe that anyway, make sure you are follow me on social, because I post content that doesn’t obviously is not posted here on YouTube So On my I G TV, I post on my IG stories, like you know my little day-to-day things that you know like real, quick like if I buy a pair of shoes and I’m like Oh, my God, look at these shoes that I bought or if I’m like you know, going on a press event door uncle You know just going about my day to day like well your Instagram For that, then I’m on Twitter, I’m on facebook, I’m on Pinterest So all of that will be in the description box, make sure you click on net and follow me also subscribe to my blog, because there’s a lot of other fashion and beauty, things that I post in the blog That obviously want to make sense Or did not, you know it’s not quick enough, not timely enough for it to go here on YouTube So things like you know, dresses to wear for a wedding but then it’s like I got shown you only what’s in my closet or pull from brands and or buy it It is too much So that’s why the blog is a great resource for that So, if you’re looking to shop, you know shirts and and summer clothing and things like that and swatches, guys

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