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Anti-Valentine’s Day Nail Design

30 Sep , 2019  

Kirsty Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails… Adam Aww, Kirsty Yeah, because I’m single., But anyway I don’t know when I would have time for a man. Kirsty. However, if you are a man that can fit into my life… Kirsty, I do actually think there is one you know. Adam Mmm, Kirsty Mmm Nevermind., We’re gonna do anti-Valentines, so we’re going to do Black Heart.. Alright, What I’m gonna do is start off with Beauty Beneath., It’s a nice nude colour.
And I’m hoping I can get away with one coat of this.. Let’s see Generally can with a lot of the gel polishes from the Urban Graffiti range because they are really pigmented.. Oh yeah, No mither. One coat in the lamp.. What I’m gonna do now is use the Urban Graffiti Base Coat and I’m gonna just sweep that into the middle. Quite thin.. Just using this to adhere some little iridescent hearts that I’ve got. Adam, But doesn’t that make it less shiny, Kirsty, It’s so shiny. It’s gonna have a top coat on top, so I’m not worrying about the… Adam, Alright Kirsty …, the shininess just yet., So I’m gonna use these iridescent hearts.. They come out of this gorgeous iridescent shapes glitter, set. Adam. How is this anti-Valentine’s? This looks really cute. Kirsty At the minute. It’s gonna have the black on the black will just make it all bad. Kirsty, Because good Valentine’s they’re, all that pretty and they’re. All very you know red and all lovey-dovey. So doing it. Black is gonna, make it anti.. So what we’re gonna do is get Love, Hearts. Lots of Love Hearts, because this is the love trying to escape from my sad heart.. It doesn’t matter which way round. They are you want them all scattered, because it’s a confused, heart., Very, very confused.. What I’m thinking about here while I’m doing this, is how much I hate men., I’m joking., I’m thinking about …! I am actually going to make a heart here. Adam. I was gonna suggest: that. Kirsty, Oh Great minds, think alike and all that. Kirsty. So, but you don’t need to create a perfect heart with these little hearts. So it’s really easy and I love it. When you do that., You know you don’t have to make it perfect. We’re gonna make it perfect. After with the black. Adam Completely., Kirsty Right, So we’ve got our little stack of hearts. There. Gonna a pop that into the lamp. And We’re gonna encapsulate them with the base coat and I’m gonna do two coats of this. Adam, I’m so confused now.. Why are you using the base coat Kirsty? We don’t need it shiny, so we can use a base coat.
Kirsty. What I’m wary of is people use base coat. I mean top coat a lot.. I mean it’s probably the most thing that you buy.. You know you replenish it all the time. But base coat. Probably you’ve got more of that than you have top coat., So you can utilise it here and plus we’re going to put another layer of a coloured gel polish on top. So that’ll go on top of this perfectly because it’s a base coat.. So two coats of base coat. – That’s just gonna smooth it out., Don’t get me wrong. It will not be perfectly smooth. Because you can see by the light as it passes through it’s not perfectly smooth, but it will smooth it out. Just a touch for us.. Then I’m gonna get a little piece of Backing Paper pop some Serious Black on and I’m gonna use a small brush and we’re going to make our heart.. So I’m just sketching it out at the minute.. Once you’ve done your outline, you can actually cure that., But it’s just our outline.. All we need is the outline and then we will fill in the rest with black. Right. So now I’m gonna around the heart again just to make that darker and then this point you can start to neaten up anything that you need to neaten up.. So once you’ve gone round the heart, you can then just go to your brush and fill the nail. The rest of the nail, not the heart., So you’re using the heart as if it’s negative space. Adam. So if you wanted to, you, wouldn’t have to fully cut with the… Kirsty, The pink Adam …, the bottom layer. Yeah Kirsty. No, No Like the nude colour. Adam. If you just change the bits where you want it. Kirsty, No, you could do yeah.. It’s a less fiddly way of doing it. Just covering the bottom layer.. Now I’m gonna use the Urban Graffiti Matte Top Coat. Just gonna go over the love heart., I’m just gonna blend the rest of it out just so. We don’t get a sharp edge on that matte top coat. Pop that in.. Then I’m gonna get the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution and just wipe that heart.. So you can see it’s matte., It’s a clouded heart., It’s so clouded, and so is the mind. And then we’re gonna use the top coat. And what we’re gonna do with the top coat is just go around that heart.. You can use a little brush if you want a little brush.. I will use a little one when I come round the top., So once you done that pop it in the lamp., It can also be done in acrylic. This design can. That feels nice. That does as well, because this is all smooth and matte and that’s all shiny.
I do want to put some stones On Adam Black stones Kirsty We’ve got any black ones, Kirsty Ooh! My back, I don’t know where nothing is I’ve got a bad back I have Adam Crawl, around Kirsty, Oh duck I love this Because look at that Can you imagine all that hanging from my nails Aww nice Right? What I’m gonna do now is add some of this gorgeous black chain We have these other colours as well, but I’m gonna use the black, because you know anti Valentine’s and all that malarky I’m gonna put some of these stones on as well These are the ones which have no backing on them So when they sit on top of a black nail, they will really show up that iridescent colour They’ll match this We’re gonna put some of the black beads on as well I’m gonna use Some of the It’s Clear Dear, which is the Acrygel Gonna use that to adhere everything on there Take the spatula, Naio Nails, Spatula, scrape a bit off You can just move it on there a little bit first and then with my gel brush with a little bit of Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution, and then you can move this around put it where you want it Now I want to come down into a point, so we’re sort of matching the curves of the heart and I’m gonna top coat just that So just the Acrygel Not gonna cure that The chain is gonna, create the border So you’ve got that into place and you can snip the end of that off So we’re gonna do about here We know how long it needs to be You do the same The other side, The good thing about using the Acrygel Is you get a little bit more playtime to move everything around and get it just where you want it? Oh, it’s like we’ve Given it a crown, Looks really gothic Now, don’t it I like it, I love that, See that’s my kind of Valentine’s nail Dark with a clouded heart There you are guys Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram Everything I’ve used today all the little gorgeous love hearts and that gorgeous beaded stuff – oh my God, will be listed below in the description Box Happy Valentines Right What I’m gonna do now is use Serious Black and we’re gonna use Shall I do the heart first and then Kirsty No Cut that bit out Adam! That’s a good outtake!

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