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Anti-wooden bucket makeup? Try Dorothy’s lip gloss, is it effective??? Ke Jie Jie

30 Sep , 2019  

Meyer is our goddess, probably not hi everyone – it’s Kendall here, if you’re new around here, welcome if you’re not new around here, what is up home skillet biscuit I’m hangry, so muffin look bones – are weird. I’ve never really been into them. Like I remember in high school, when I first started being a thing because all the create like Africa, TV was really big and everyone was doing mukbang on Africa. Tv for people that were interested in Korean stuff, you just watching people, eat cool, okay and then I grew up and realized it’s kind of cool.
I kind of get it like. It’s like you have stuff playing while you’re doing other stuff and then one day I realized that my makeup and mukbang collage collage clashed collided came together and I was watching a mop on a Korean mukbang earth BJ by the name of daughter she or Dorothy. Dorothy is a very small Korean woman who eats a lot of food, and that isn’t even the thing that makes her unique to me. not as smudge she’s very pale. So if I would it’s so it’s the lip tint traveled, we would all see it. so apparently, I’m not the only one. That’s been confused about how her lips stayed on as opposed to just being magic and or witchcraft, which is what I thought it was okay, that’s it girls look waiting and go Daniel, Coyle and me being the impatient person that I am.. These are the crushed, long-lasting lip tints. How long has a paddle head? Why girl avanti should go get Akane? Oh darn, a entire war, either honey doesn’t say: ceramic aura is chunkier, Hunterdon, say: chromatographer, okay, cut his hair, come down the ticket, you don’t have one to say: mmm Wow, how good I’m a little tired. Okay, I wanted to try it out and I’m curious how well it would survive food consumption because it seems to work pretty well on her y’all, really don’t understand how good my food smells right now and I’m getting a little aggressive, because it’s just there McCullum is She said that she was using was the coral one rising coral nitrogen quota, but I didn’t think that would look good on me, so I got the red one. Wan na beat it it’s red. This looks so weird without having the rest of my makeup on it’s. Like really I’ll put it so there’s our first layer, I’m gonna, let that cook and I guess we’ll go in with face makeup.
I’ve been using the diva cushion in a hot minute, and since it’s in here I figured let’s try it out for 80 år. It is so hot in this room, and I really really really want to turn that fan on, but it’s gonna have interference with my mic. You’Ll probably get a little bit of interference regardless a little bit of caught up concealer. Oh, my god, I was sitting on my knees and didn’t realize how my knees fell. Asleep. Oh no, I’m gonna do a little pump up, there’s a little transfer, but not much, and now we’re gonna put on a second layer time to do other things. I also go on your face. I’m gonna do my eyebrows really quick, I’m using the milk pencil clear brow gel this is from benefit and do a little browsing as the liptint starts to like dry a little bit. I feel like it’s having kind of this interesting like film texture, which I presume is what helps us stay on. Last but not least, a little bit of mascara, okay, I’m gonna do the tissue thing one more time, not much coming off on that. I’m gonna do one more layer, I’m gonna do one more layer and let it kind of cook. While I set up my camera, so it does food bruh. I want it uh-hum so hungry it’s not even funny. Oh my god. It’s so hot in here Empire is our goddess, probably not before we eat. We have to do the little last fat thing now. It’s time to see. If it will survive, oh wait did I did I do the intro. You know I taught open neck ego. You fool: go get upset on coochie pods on a lotta green beans. I don’t know what green beans is in Korean. Well, learn something that you don’t know everyday iced, green tea. It still came off on the glass and I would see so. I have a mirror in front of me to test to see how much of this stuff is coming off as I eat. I wanted to get something a hat noodles so that it would rub against the mouth a lot. Oh, I’m so hungry, it’s not coming off! Mmm it’s coming off my mouth, but there’s so many layers. Then it doesn’t really matter she a little thick. We good. Generally speaking, I let my kimchi done to be a little bit on the thinner side because it gets a bit crust on it. She’s still on there – and it hasn’t like gotten on my face – did anything yet cuz. She she’ll just be rubbing her mouth and it doesn’t, and he didn’t come on like it’s coming up on the tissue but like on my mouth to apartment-hunting People must be tired of me talking about this because trust me, I’m tired of talking about this.
I was supposed to move into an apartment and I finally picked one he’s gotten to the point that I like paid a down payment like I had a moving date and everything like I was on the brink of telling people when to send mattresses to the house Like it was that legit and last week the wonderful people that were renting it prior to me decided they actually don’t want to move So I’m just shit out of luck I guess now there’s no apartments available, we’re back at square one and yeah At this point I’m pretty convinced that someone put a hex on me This is the third I think, the third time I’ve been on the brink like having like ready to go because of something completely and utterly out of my control, and it’s really really frustrating I don’t know If God’s trying to give me a sign or the devil, is trying to stop my path, but we out cheer ooh peekaboo, my lace is hot, whatever, incidentally Does that make more sense gratitude like I said this is a very recent occurrence for me Actually, what I think I’m gonna do is I’m gonna speed up this whole footage, because I don’t know how y’all can just sit here and watch me eat and I guess I’ll do it Instagram life follow me on Instagram to be a part of this stuff, because of course this is the This is the peak of your day after some diligent work here I feel as though I’ve sufficiently I’ve done my job Well, I’ve been quite the scientist today It’s not perfect by any means, there’s still a lot like coming off on it, but it held up significantly better Thank you guys for watching It’s been great having you and I’m very full yeah I don’t know if you guys can see, but I’m getting a little bit of butt hole lip But if I was out and about this is very touchable like it’s not so crazy that I’m just very irritated like it wouldn’t stay at all It didn’t like get on the outer parts of my mouth, which I’m very somewhat confused by and the food was greasy So so that’s all for today, though, my posture, all my posture This is rough Okay, follow me on all my social media, Instagram and Twitter, both of which are Kitty Jd I’ll see you guys next time

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