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Any 6-year-old avery can fight, we will pay! – Challenges

1 Nov , 2019  

Here’s how it works, Everly will spin the wheel. She then has to spell something she wants her parents to buy with the letter that the wheel lands on if she misspells the word, she doesn’t get the gift using my powers or something to slow it down this bill. What do you want that starts with an L is known on the paper, but what do you want? First, you have to tell us what you don’t tell us, and then you fell right in again lol. Oh you better this right, because it’s literally okay, oh whoa, whoa, all right so far so good, because I really just got done with kindergarten, she’s, sick, she’s, going into first grade.
You know so her spelling, like she’s she’s, pretty good, but all the big things yeah yeah, that’s pretty big okay, so you guys should go to Target and get your hold off. You know what our there are. No, those you gotta have some boys to go with the girls right. How do you get two of them? What do you think here we go? You’D have to think of something different that you wanna say you know you want the question Murphy all right here. We go go no way. Oh! Oh! Oh! Hey letter A though we’re not looking forward 2019, how you done! Eight keep going 1716! Oh keep going! Thirteen well, okay, so tell us how you salted, okay, so it’s wrong, but you were very close so like this is almost right. Okay, I’m not gonna tell you, okay yeah! You need an e at the end, this one says: ipoed, oh we’re only favorite thing in the entire world. All right time is, but you don’t think we better hurry. He needs one of your hands, which is a hint that’s true or or why don’t? I can spell the whole work for you or you can save those for something that you say. Don’t you think you know you don’t know how to spell. If you think you know how to spell this, I would just go for it. Yeah, okay, okay, okay time is starting now. Okay, now, are you sure? Yes, okay? Okay, so you didn’t get it right. We just went over this like a little bit ago That’s an e I’m! You know why it’s not a neat twist! You get to you again! A-And, nice, it’s filler right, yeah nope! This is for okay, go spin, spin! No! You solder on gig! I keep going though you want to get a stressful, oh yeah, yeah! It was an essay, a stress ball! Three! Two one! Are you done yeah? My guitar? Are you sure, are you sure read over it? Look at it once you see your job and you’re done got done? Okay, okay, how did you smell it IP target again right there balloon, you can go, get you balloon! You want to go, get a balloon! Baseball ball bubble machine buck a bucket of slime.
Hmm, that’s hard to spell, though, like a bucket of a slime, all right go for it We will read to help her out with one letter ready Japan, sound it out in your head and see if you can figure it out, I’m gonna give you the hardest one This there’s an eyethat goes right here, yeah, but you’re missing One still is that your final one, okay, what is it you know? Listen! Oh, Oh guys, that’s not it! Let’s go for me That’s your says Blur be round six and on round six, she gets tough while she lands on me to spell that worth war Yep Alright go spin and there’s a question mark reason or whatever go Oh that’s good to the D, a dream: duffel Gary, a derriere all right! So I’m going to tell you I’m smelly! You ready! Yes, there! You go right! I’m do this doesn’t get on the table Please here we go okay, ready, yes, okay! Disney! Let’s see it! Let’s see if you know how to spell it First go right Duck Duck Duck No! That’s! Okay! I’Ll help! You yep yep keep going yep! This is me yep in the new suit nope and not to ezel You put one y at the end, yep Alright, let’s go get something really new to get there’s lots of visible I would definitely get enough bit Bilardo on at all You could get something for your baby sister like her like her first Disney baby doll or something able one of these kids Oh karaoke, that’s cool! Look at this Disney Princess! You can make necklaces Second necklace activity, that’s cool! You get that hey that, were you didn’t yeah? Alright, let’s go get it She got her iPod, she got the lol dogs and she got her disney prize, but you guys just so you guys know the iPod is not hers Eeeh, it’s not hers Yet she knows that she’s getting it for her birthday and we’re putting it away in the closet You know we’re not gonna lie to you guys, but that’s it

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