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Are you ready? Streamline Award

30 Sep , 2019  

Good morning guys it is 9:42 a.m. on Monday, okay, the third day of me being in LA, and you know what that means. Today is the Streamy a birthday. So you can see a little sneak peek of my dress right there, but we’re not gonna. Do that right now we’re gonna get rid of later and I’m totally gonna vlog that that’s gonna be so much fun, but right now we’re gonna get some breakfast. This is the little menu we’re not gonna use this today, but I wanted to show you guys this look.
You have a whole menu on here like this is breakfast and then this is lunch and dinner, we’re not using it because we’re in a total rush and we’re super hungry, so we’re gonna go downstairs instead. So after we have breakfast we’re actually gonna go. Take some pictures before I start getting ready for the awards. This is what I’m gonna wear for the pictures, this vibe shirt from forever 21. These shorts from H & M is about two from Gucci, which I go charge change of plans. I know I have like a breath there now just quickly put that there anyway, so we changed your mind. We’Re gonna go get an acai bowl instead of getting breakfast downstairs, we’re gonna. Take it over slide two of a tuba off Melrose Avenue. So, let’s go guys, you see the international ballroom, that’s where the Scoobies are gonna be held uh during that Oh bud, we are being picked up in a black BMW. This is the entrance they’re only setting it up today. That’s weird doing it up like no. That’s ago I said like four days ago: no one days don’t take so long. I don’t know you need to chill. We made it to my favorite. I say: evil place /, but this was so good. So guys we took some pictures and we ate our acai bowls. I was so good. It is officially one minute to 12 o’clock. We got here on time. I have four hours to get ready. I’m gonna show you what I’m wearing. So these are like all the accessories like the shoes I got my shoes from Steve, Madden, they’re, so cute, and then this handbag and then this is actually like red, lipstick and then these and then this Hana and then this super cute red barrette and then wait until you see these earrings wait just wait.
Let me open them for you This is a really cute pink, really Dalek head shiny, shimmery super cute I love it matches my nails and then, like everything else, red BAM Thanks mom, she just finished my hair She put everything up now I’m gonna put a shower cap, take off my makeup and take a quick shower freshen up Oh what time is it? What time is it? What time is it when I started when we started was like new and it’s are exactly 105? So yes, I’m going to put on my shower cap, I brought it from forever 21 I don’t know where it is now where’s, my shower cap, so my mom is taking out the curls and I finished my makeup By the way it looks super good I I mean I don’t want to be like Oh, my makeup looks super good cuz I did that, but I mean like I feel like it really looks good I try really hard on it and have the red lipstick on, and I can’t wait for you guys to see the hole up at the process Can’t wait for you guys to see the dress and, like the whole outfit it’s gonna, be so cute and we’re gonna go take pictures when I’m all ready and styled Okay, it’s all out this Is it okay, I’m gonna add the Brent um So I’m gonna get dressed and I’ll show you guys the final look guys This is the whole outfit, but it’s a little bit Oh my gosh Wait, it’s not complete It’s not complete ready, go Go You didn’t show the shoes okay, so the back is from aqua Earrings Bloomingdale’s dress, Tommy, Hilfiger, shoes Steve, you love it Okay, so we’re gonna go take picture guys This is the place where I’m gonna Take my photos like right there on that wall It is so nice

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