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Arrange my life before school

1 Nov , 2019  

So it’s Friday morning it’s 8:20 a.m. and I have about a week and a half until school starts, and my life is just like you’re not put together right now. Basically, this is gonna, be a weekly vlog of me getting my life together before school. I already started waking up early so this morning I woke up at 6:00 and tomorrow, like about like 5:30, I don’t know like I’m trying to get back into the routine. I basically made a list of my bullet journal of like things that I have to do to like get my life together.
Right now and throughout the week I’m gonna be doing them and slowly becoming more prepared to go back to school. And since this is gonna be like the first time I properly study for the whole day and a while we’re gonna vlog today yesterday I studied a good amount, but not as much as I wanted, but you know it’s fine. This is the point of this whole vlog is because I’m trying my best to get back into the routine of like studying and cleaning and having my life together. I don’t know so. Today’s a little bit of a cleaning day, an organization day, I have some like general cleaning to do, but then I also once like reorganized my desk, maybe my closet, if I’m bothered, but I have to go through all of my handouts, and I have so many Things to do so, hopefully we get a lot of it done today, because I think about all of the superstar. This is every single test. I took this year any test that I didn’t get a hitch ones. I’m gonna put aside and I’m gonna, look over it and see what I did wrong for. Anyone who doesn’t live in Ireland. H1 is ninety twohundred percent. These are all my H ones and, to be honest, most of these are like accounting, maths, Spanish and then these are all my grades that are not H ones. Most of these honestly are physics or English. The amount of paper being thrown out is not normal. This is such a waste of paper, but, like none of this is useful to me, I’m having a vegan ice cream and loving life. Basically, I’m gonna take a little break from the folder stuff. So another way that I’m trying to get ready for school is I’m slowly trying to work through my watch later playlist on YouTube, because once school starts. One website that I go on a lot right now as well is called skill shirt. You guys have probably heard me talk about skill shirt before, because I honestly love that website. basically anything to better your life.
Honestly, I’m watching a lot of different courses on time, management and productivity and how to keep my life together. Then, which is like life-changing for me, honestly, it costs under $10 per month, which is insane it’s cheaper than any workshop.. You can sign up with my link in the description down below and you will get two months for free in two months. You can learn a lot. They have an incredible variety of different courses, so I would recommend you guys to go check the website out and yeah.. Also, my ice cream is kind of melting right now, but so I went to Ikea today and I bought three new things. Honestly. Two of these things have nothing to do with school, but in a weird way they have motivated me so much to study, and I don’t know why. The first thing I bought is this computer sound. It looks like it’s not needed, but honestly, sometimes when I’m doing my homework, I can’t have a computer and a book and my copy. So this way I can like put the book under the laptop, and I can cover my copy open here and then whatever my book is needed, I can just you know it’s just it’s a lot more convenient. The second thing I bought cup and this little thing I don’t know why it was necessary, but it is so cute. I don’t know seeing this cup of tea makes me want to study just so weird, but it really does, and then the third thing was literally just a lunchbox, but that’s kind of plain. The little organization that we’re getting today is, I personally do nine subjects and each subject has a lot of chapters. For example, my biology class is about 40 chapters. In my physics, class has about thirty chapters. When there is nine subjects, it’s kind of hard to keep track of when you reviewed each chapter of each subject, so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna make a little excel sheet on my computer and I’m gonna write down every chapter of every Single subject and I’m gonna write down months and that way I’m gonna be able to like keep track of when I review each chapter. I’ve never done this before. I don’t know if it’s gonna work out well, but I want to try it because my revision is not organized ever and I want tohave it organized this year, so I’m gonna try my best to actually have it organized. I have all of the chapters here right now and basically, every chapter we’ve done is highlighted and great to note that we’ve done it and then I have all the months here that I’m gonna be studying for and the reason this is grey is because I Haven’t covered the chapter, yet I wanted to put it in grey, because it’s not that I haven’t reviewed it.
It’s just. I haven’t even started it ever in school. So basically, what I’m gonna be doing is, if I review this on, like the 27th of August I’ll write, 27 and then I’ll know that the last time I reviewed this was the 27th August. Sohopefully this works out. So I’ve been doing this for literally three hours straight, such a fun way to spend my Sunday honestly, it’s kind of relaxing I was watching, Katherine’s live and then I just like it is 950 right. Now, though – and I am like tired, but I want to keep going, but I’m gonna stop myself because, as I said, we are getting my sleep schedule together. I didn’t do that much today but, like I said it’s, it’s a it’s a journey, not a race right, Wow, motivational, speaker 101. So today it’s been a little bit of a rough morning. It’s hot for right now, which means it’s almost 5 p.m. but I had a migraine for about. Like four hours took a pill, it didn’t help and then I just felt dizzy for just like the whole day I couldn’t get. I bet there’s a couple of things here that don’t require me moving, so we’re gonna do. Those today is update. We have a little study tracker. I have a little hobbit tracker, there’s like a big space here, because, basically I’m starting halfway through the month. This is only for two weeks, so I don’t have like. I have too much space, so I’m just gonna put like random quotes that I like here again. Oh my god, do you hear the rain I’m gonna get my ASMR microphone and you’re gonna listen to the rain. Okay, you’re gonna listen to the rain. Now guys can I speak like this? I don’t want to move my camera because it took me 15 minutes to put it in this place, but I got to bury T’s. I’m listening to Russian music drinking berry, tea and journaling. This is like such a nice Monday, I’m so sorry that it’s literally been the same angle for like five minutes that I can’t take it away. This is such a good angle and then these are my Leaving Cert goals, probably not realistic, but it’s fine, because there’s no such thing as too big of a goal. So I don’t care I wanted to do a lot more today, but bullet journaling was so like nice and chill, and it took me ten years, I’m gonna edit for an hour and then go to sleep, because I gotta upkeep my new sleeping schedule, so peace out, goodnight, see y’all tomorrow much love.
Today, I’m gonna try to go through my closet and honestly doesn’t want that full, but basically, with everything in my room, I try to be as minimal as possible Like I try to throw out as much as I can, but with my clothes like I can’t I keep clothes for years and technically that has nothing to do with school Every time I open my wardrobe to literally get a pair of socks or a hoodie I see that mess and it like stresses me in my brain cuz every single day, I’m like I’m gonna do this eventually and I never do it These are like things that I’m like no, and these are the things that needs like try on and decide, because I think honestly, I don’t even need to try them on, but these are things that are old and I’m not attached, but these are things that are Old but I’m kind of attached, it’s weird like I don’t even know why I’m attached to it, because each one has like a certain thing I remember about it or, like I remember, wearing these and like certain photos, and I just like remember memories It still have a lot, so it doesn’t look like I got rid of much but like that’s quite a lot to get rid of So that being said, kids, sometimes something you don’t want to do actually isn’t that bad and it doesn’t actually take that long But thinking about doing it is worse than actually doing it I’m gonna go and try the clothes on and then make my final decision of What’s leaving this room, then I woke myself up painted a scene um They got my queen bee swinging to my son and as a laborer This is how I wanted In a minute she rose, saying I stink good feeling honored the way she goes Then I make eye contact both of our tummies, making the same tune, heat up the grill and we filling up with the same food see a temple she fitted with adidas the size 9 Somehow would be feeling like we the same shoe Damn she would leave you brother, bring up the gym me and you cuddle up with the fan blowing thanks yeah I know you brought me back Two bitches fan shelves, but he was original handsome Kazan

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