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30 Sep , 2019  

It’s Sunday and today we are spending the afternoon just cleaning, because this is life right now not ideal feels very cluttered. It makes my mind feel cluttered so today, just going to put everything back in its right place, I mean I just finished cleaning the bathroom. I did a very deep clean of the shower the tiles, the toilet – all of that, but now I’m just going to start cleaning my office, because this just doesn’t feel right. Does it feel good at all? How did we get so messy? I don’t understand why yay it is clean and now to tackle the rest of it all of it.
Now I’m gonna put away all of this jewelry that I packed for my Aggie shoot. Funny thing is, I think I only wore like two pairs of earrings. The entire shoot, but I just like having the options I’m just gonna, hang everything all the earrings are in their right place. I absolutely love this jewelry holder. I got it from it’s hard to recommend this, because I don’t order this three times for it to finally come in arrived without anything being broken, but once you get a good one, yo it’s pretty clutch because you can put all your necklaces here. You can put you know, just like your chunky pieces of earrings, you could put your bangles here, more storage for earrings, although it’d be cool. If I did another band of this right over here, everything sorted, I got three brand-new wigs. These were made by a tiger who is just an incredible hair stylist, and he also makes wigs he specializes in them. I have this beautiful turquoise, lady and then I also have kind of like an icy blue with. I guess I dark blue roots lake over here. So I’m just brushing them out, so I can put them on my new wig heads that arrived, I feel like. I just need to have more storage for everything. I’ve got storage for shoes, purses, jewelry clothes makeup and now I’ll have wigs. How do you feel pretty? It’s not so good, nothing alike. This is probably the cleanest. My office has been in a minute and I’m really excited. Oh you baby. So my parents are here with my parents. We just got to chunky, wah and Chong means blue, and my dad said this is Kela like I guess, like a roof.
Tiling I’m gonna have some food, I’m very competitive right now, baby Donna. I can’t believe they survived the washer and the dryer alright time to fold the rest of this. I don’t know if I said this, but I find folding laundry very therapeutic categorizing each item by its own section, what a great feeling everything is officially in its right place. I got a little carried away with the drawers and I just folded up all of Ben’s shirts. We’ve got his white t-shirts here, his black t-shirts. Here we have his like sports jerseys and his little tanks on this drawer and over here it got some of his pants. I even did my little workout drawer, it’s kind of a mess, but I got my sports bras here, more sports bras and then just a medley of workout t-shirts. Oh this one is very packed. This is all just leggings and this one’s all just random swimsuits, which I need to clear out at some point, but we will see you that for another day you know I’m really proud of myself, because I feel like today could have just been a wash. I am gonna just take off my makeup now and I’m just gonna edit. Tomorrow’s, since I’m Co not doing anything, I’m just gonna ruin. My makeup, I have been using this coconut oil cleansing product. If you guys have been gravitating to a lot of coconut oil-based items but yeah, these are just little pets that are doused in coconut oil. You could probably easily make this into a like a DIY, but but I am a lady of convenience and it’s nice that it’s already kind of prepackaged in here. This is a really great way to remove the first layer of makeup off your skin, and I do find it very satisfying to like look at how much makeup comes off on the pad. I think it’s so clean. I, like water dripping on my face, but for my cleanser I’m using this her masseuse gentle cleansing foam, I’m like nearly out of it like there’s literally just a small triangle left. I think I’m just gonna take a shower right now. That was an amazing call. Alright, so might as well just continue on with the skincare I’m using up these hormuz who bloomsday vitalizing water. This is kind of like your essence tonight.
I’m gonna go in with my bioscience squalene, phyto retinol serum, and this is just like an anti-aging cream that I can add to my face. This is plant based. So if I wanted to wear this out in the daytime, I could alright it’s now. I’m going to get in with my volume, songs, squealing, peptide eye cream, I’m gonna pop that underneath the ice in the ocular region and then I’m gonna go in with SK twos RNA, a power radical new age night cream. For my night creams, I actually rotate between these three, which is the SK 2 one. They showed you I’m pretty much almost done with the scrovo sues, bloomsday vitalizing cream and then also use the lemare oil on top of it. If I just want something a little extra, I do want to leave in a conditioner in my hair. I’m actually never used this before. This is IG Ches thirsty, girl, coconut milk, leave-in conditioner, oh oh woah! What the it’s like, an aerosol I’ve, never seen a leave-in conditioner that is like, like a mist like this MMS will just get the whole top of the head. I’m just gonna brush the top part of my head. I just like to comb the top part of my head, because the rest of this I’m just gonna brush out when it dries time is time for your bath. Are you ready, hey guys? It is Wednesday I am currently driving to West Hollywood to go to Chateau mumble Chateau Marmont Momo. Basically, I’m going for a Pat McGrath event. A lot of my friends are going, so it’s gonna be a nice little reunion. I hopped into my car and immediately it’s a fuel level low and I hate it when I driving in, like the friggin light, is on I’m an active person, we’re like if it goes on like I want to put gas in right away, but in this neighborhood There’s really not many gas stations, I think it’s because there’s no freeway exits and I don’t know I did do my sparkly glitter cat eye. I think I almost mastered it like almost there were a few mistakes that I made today that I know that I will not do when I film and I think I’m gonna film it on Fridays. By the way I saw midsummer yesterday it was the best film I saw all year and it’s been like a moment since I’ve watched a film and I’m just like.
Oh my god, what the hell did. I just watch, but in the best way possible – and I can’t stop thinking about it, because it was very graphic. Very visceral and some of the images that were depicted on the screen are just like seared into my mind, but it’s not a bad thing. I’ve always liked graphic movies, like the holy mountain was one of my favorite films. I don’t like the one girl guys can always find me where the food is hello. Everybody good afternoon. I am out on the street of Melrose, because I am currently trying to get some fresh pieces for all closed up, but Stephanie and I are gonna – go for a girls trip and it’s gonna be a good time. Lollapalooza, I think, is a lot more casual, so just gonna see and shop around and see what I find. First off we have Urban Outfitters. I just thought I could get a good basic kid stop got a coffee and Jordan, which was a huge success. I always go in there hoping that I’ll find something, but I always kind of leave empty-handed, but we did find something that was 50% off and I think right now we’re gonna head on over to wasteland. I think it looks good. They flatter your ass. So I just bought a contacts: t2 35 millimeter film camera. I am about to load it up for the very first time watching a lovely YouTube tutorial. So I pop this open. Hmm, hmm! So I guess you just pull this out and then okay, I just literally put the film in here – was that it? Oh my god. Let me try this out cheeky. Oh, Oh oops! Okay, it would help if I turn the camera on okay. Here we go cheeky stay Wow. I thought I was just focusing, but Kiki said Wow. Okay, this is a very trigger-happy camera, literally the slightest touch and it just takes a photo instantly. So the reason why I got a phone camera is because ever since I went to Toronto in 2017, just a bunch of people and by a bunch of people I mean one person had this camera and all his photos were so freaking cool and he was jazz. Very unlikely he’s watching this, but he inspired me to get this film camera. It only took two years and so now that I’ve been seeing more film photos on Instagram It just really gave me the final kick to just get my own, because it would be so nice to just bring this to, let’s say a music festival and me not having to worry about.
You know iPhone photos with this I just take one photo and I’m pretty much done and then I could to move on with my life and then develop it later Diane This is supposed to be the best film point and shoot camera in the market and also huge shout-out to Jesse Who pretty much got me The link got me the link for the batteries the film, so I’m so excited to see how everything turns out Alright shopping is complete and I thought I would show you guys a little haul of what I got First up We’ve got these gray high-waisted denim jeans from the thrift store I guess vintage shop called slow I all these in the hangar – and I just love anything that is – and this like faded, acid-wash print This is just gonna, be a really good bottom for me to wear to the festival I also got these two-toned gray, denim high-waisted jeans These are from Urban Outfitters I also got this mesh top from Urban Outfitters as well I thought this would be just something: that’s easy, breezy body con I think this is gonna look really really good with the blue wig that I’m gonna bring I also got some of these hair clips These are also from Urban Outfitters they’re a little bit oversized, but there’s something about this color scheme that just screamed my name like this peach, color mmm, how freaking cute for outerwear I got this leopard like a coaching jacket I guess from Joyrich I love that this is actually textured It’s got like this velvet leopard print all over it and it’s got a little playboy on the back I’m gonna build an outfit with this jacket and, lastly, I got these fake Burberry biker shorts from wasteland I have no idea how these fit, but I thought this would be really cool to wear in the fall I love biker shorts and he’s definitely look high waisted, I’m gonna start packing Again I’m going to be minimal and just bring a carry-on I pray to God that everything fits you

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