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At the YouTube party in Beverly Hills… How did I get invited to the event?

1 Nov , 2019  

Whoa, who is this, I’m locking the doors? Yes? Who is up at this hour, so we are on route to the airport. It is currently 5:30. I was invited to tatty westbrook’s, launch she’s launching something a product. I don’t even know what it is and I asked if I could bring someone and she had. It replied and I was like okay. I probably can’t get you in because it said one person in the invite, but she just replied must have been like last night or in the night and she said absolutely she’ll include a plus-one, so we’re both really happy because hey Dow is gonna be able To get into the party with me, which makes me feel a lot better, because at least I will know somebody and they look like a tomato.
I swear. I’m a kingdom and I swear I’m actually like not that red right now hold on there. We are, it is so really why all right, we just got to quickly change my credit card number, where the airport. I need my car noise. Anybody else like that boys, I kind of breezed over the fact that I was invited to this thing and I’m going to get into it more when we’ve landed, but first let me just put it all into a group. I have no idea how I was invited to this, I’m so like confused.. Well, maybe she doesn’t maybe her management invited me. I don’t know so. I’m gonna figure out taking you guys with me and take okay. We just made it through no problems take our randomly selected and whose randomly 17 people were like. You know why I’m not going today now we’re driving to our place where we see music. There’s lots of traffic trying to figure out somewhere to eat because we have an AIDS in a while and okay, so 14 wouldn’t walk. Should we do it down? I can’t do anything without making a fool of myself so strong. Every time I open the door, I whip it open and like smash it against the wall behind, but look at how pretty it is here. Oh, my goodness that song about Beverly Hills was totally right. They did also – I didn’t say this because we were in the over and I was scared to talk in the uber, but tatty released the address and, I won’t say like the address. But we looked up at the venue and it’s insanely, nice and every second vehicle is the g-wagen may I add, or on the road truck a lot of youtubers. I feel like go to these things and just like act like it’s no big deal, but it’s a big deal. It’s a huge deal, maybe not to them, but for us it is like this is we. This is not that this is new. The last party I went to was in a garage just feels like Disneyland totally. It feels like we’re in the museum park. What we’re not the music’s extremely loud.
I’ve never heard it before, though, so I can’t I don’t know if I’m getting a copywriter. What did you get? Oh my gosh so cut. I can’t you know every sandwich like things, okay, we just finish eating. We have noticed a few things from being in Beverly Hills. That is different. Yes, lots of G wagons and also a lot of people have like ear. Pods yeah like tones and a lot of the residents have AIDS between women’s right. Since I don’t know anyone here, I really hold the camera out bar, so people do take a look, but they look and then they’re like no, like kids look, do you know her and the kids are just like okay up until this morning, at 5 a.m. I Kind of got into this, we didn’t think that tape was coming and because it was just I was invited, but now attached she had replied that it was. Okay have take him, so he did bring hair gel and he is not going to embarrass me tonight. So we got some my weird ass hair, not good. We go in. We are stopped at a table on Rodeo here’s what it looks like it’s beautiful, its honestly beautiful we’re stopped at a table and it’s really smokin hot down a little bit. It’s a wrap! It’s really hot we’re trying to find somewhere to find me a purse for the event tonight and we’re just sitting outside of family-run, because the Atheism pumpin and we’re getting some of it from outside, so without actually having to go inside and one of the workers. Looking out at us, so he knows he knows we’re stealing the 8c we’re gonna go to the Grove. Now, because I want to go to brandy, melville and tell you once you get a belt that isn’t $200, so we gotta change up the location or Durr doober and it’s a mercy says witted room, not trying the stunt on it, not flexing just saying My hair’s a mess, I’m really scared. I could see a subscriber looking like this and I’ll be like oh, my gosh, just right into brandy when we get back to the hotel I’ll show you guys what I got. I just got a few things, but we don’t have a container store. I don’t think – and so I wanted to pop in and can’t say, I’m surprised if I see you it is called the containers ain’t. It are getting more and more scared for the party. We’Re pretending it’s not happening every time. We feel ourselves relaxing a little bit we’re like wait, a second the party, alright, so we’re done we’re done shopping. Basically we’re gonna go back to our room now, because we only have four hours to get ready.
It’s not nearly enough. We need to mentally prepare for what’s gonna happen us. I bet a lot of you guys are worried about us. People are going by on motorized scooters through so fun, so now we just got into our room. Finally, it was the time to check in so we actually wanted to get to double beds, but it’s one king, so we’ll just have to divide us with pillows. These pillows will be the divider. You don’t get near me. So when you walk in its a hall, I don’t know if this is exciting and then there’s this chair, where I’ll be getting ready. We’Re gonna need to bring that charging buck anyway, good this, this little chair, the bed of course, and then to open the window. Let’s serve you Wow here is the bathroom. There’s this little thing. The shower looks really nice. I can’t wait to shower and here’s the circle mirror and this little thing, oh so like I was saying I went to brandy, Melville, so I’ll show you guys what I picked up. I also picked up a purse which I guess I didn’t show you yet so I’ll do a quick haul. I’m excited and scared as heck like very nervous. My stomach actually truly hurts so, hopefully I don’t throw up. Oh this is cool okay. So the first thing that I gottake your nee see there we go. That was too bad. The first thing that I got was from Topshop and it’s a purse, and the reason why I got this purse is because I brought a purse. It was very, very like thin, and I wasn’t sure if I was gonna – be able to fit my camera in it, and I didn’t want to be carrying around my camera. So I thought I should get a purse just so that I can for sure fit everything. Then I went to brandy. So the first thing that I got is a pair of sweatpants. I love sweatpants and these are kind of a little bit different because they are a waffle print they’re. This really light light grey, I’m gonna throw them on. So you can see here they are they’re super comfy and, like I said, they’re a waffle print. So love those – and I got another thing – that’s a waffle print. Now these are kind of funny. I definitely got these just cause of comfort. They are these long shorts and they’re a waffle print again I’ll throw them on. I don’t know what these will look like here. They are, these shorts are something else. Yeah they’re super comfortable though, and that’s why I got them. The last thing I got is not like the others. It is a brandy dress and it’s a full button-up dress. I really like the way that this looked, the buttons are all messed up means I’m gonna have to unbutton and re button here.
Is this dress on nothing too exciting about this dress? I mean it’s really not that exciting. It actually kind of looks like a school uniform, but that is everything I got. We just ordered some food. I got a chicken Caesar salad, which is way different for me, but I just am not super hungry. I think it’s because I’m really nervous. So here is what it looks like and of course I mean I’m never too full to have a brownie. So I got this chocolate brownie, I’m watching that show where they verse Bobby Flay and all of a sudden. I just was like Ricky flame, and then I realized that in iCarly they burst Ricky flame, like in the show kind of like a parody of it. But Bobby Flay was actually in it, so crazy stuff, but I’m just gonna eat. I would honestly rather a dish with lots of food. That looks good call me old-fashioned. Okay, so I haven’t touched back in a while. I’m currently getting ready and I’m really becoming kind of difficult to do my makeup, because my hands are shaking. I just alright just did like some darkness, underneath I usually don’t put eyeshadow on the top anymore. I just put on the bottom. I don’t know why. I think it just opens my eyes downwards, so my mom asked, if I’m going to get autographs at the party. So here is my outfit. You’Ll, probably see more of it, I’m wearing earrings they’re from forever 21 and my watch is the only expensive thing on me. It was from my grandma and then my pantsuit is from boohoo. My shoes are from forever 21, I’m praying that they don’t break, and my purse is the one I showed you guys from Topshop. So, okay, so I’m completely dressed and my camera won’t fit in my purse with everything else. So I am going to be switching to my phone vlog, which won’t be much different because apparently this one doesn’t want to focus so I’m gonna be vlogging on my phone now I’m really really nervous, but I just keep telling myself everybody’s just a normal person. Everyone’s human, it’s okay, so, okay, switching to bad quality! Now we’re talking with Tati’s personal trainers. Take care. We’ve eaten a lot of food, patrick stars, okay, guys we’re upstairs we’re basically alone, except for the fact that if I was to look completely forward, James Charles is right there and guess what he said. I look sister snatched are you Tati’s husband is like the sweetest. I haven’t talked to tattoo yet, but her husband introduced me to a guy from YouTube and from James Charles and his brother. Ian two hours later I’ve met some youtubers and they have been so nice to me, and I don’t know when we’re leaving they’ll probably have to kick us out before we leave later that same evening.
So I just got home from the best day of my life or the best night of my life. That was a whirlwind. I can’t even begin to explain. Everyone was so nice, I’m gonna name drop a few tatty and James, so so nice and I ended up talking to tatty. I guess, and she said that she really likes my positive energy and they were so nice like when we first got there Tate’s right there when we first got there. Okay, I feel like this is a little bit confusing because there’s James Tati’s husband and James Charles. So if I address James Charles, I say James, Charles and then James is Tati’s husband. Okay, it’s confusing James is crazy. We were nervous and kind of alone, and James came right up to us and was like. Oh, I’m distracted cuz my low batteries on. Let me change the battery quickly. Alright, there we go. It’s a big mess on this table, but I was just getting started on talking about. I spoke to James Charles and he was so nice like he gave me the time of day. I literally went up – and I was like I hate to be this person at the party, but I know I’m gonna kick myself. If I don’t get a picture with you, so I got a picture with him.. And then I got a picture with us like me, James and Ian, which is his little brother, and I ended up talking to him too. But I just want to say like tatty and James Westbrook are so genuine and so nice like, I can’t even believe how like the way they talk is like calming like it calms you down like Tate. You agree right, like her voice is like an angel. I guess that’s why halo you guys saw how stressed I was for this event. I was so nervous. I felt so out of place and I didn’t really understand why I was invited and to have it go so well and feel so like accepted. Is it insane and I am, and I was really excited to get a picture with James. I also got a picture with tatty and those ones turned out really good too. Let me just show you quickly here. It is. This is what they gave you, and I think I will try them out on my channel for like 60 days 30 days, whatever you guys want, if you want to see how it works, all right, I’m gonna get ready for bed and I’ll see you guys In the morning ah good morning, everybody it’s like like I’m in it. Oh I gotta get ready. Cuz, we gotta go home. I wish I could stay longer I have a really really really big hunch that I’ll be back to LA very soon, because I had the best time ever so I’m gonna do my makeup.
In back, okay, we are all packed up ready to go I’m wearing my new sweat, pants, yay love Breaking limit, you know what one thing I’m going to say that we didn’t talk about yesterday People downstairs not me, I was upstairs we’re taking shots for Tate’s birthday cuz, it’s his birthday tomorrow and Tate didn’t realize, but the gabbie show was there and he didn’t even know cuz He doesn’t watch her yeah So that’s the perk of not knowing who these people are You don’t have to fangirl Like me, we are so sad to leave We just got here feels like we haven’t even had time to experience and enjoy everything like it’s so beautiful here Look at that was that a G Wagen? No, no! Is it cheap? Okay, whoops, oh crap, all right we’re on a plane we’re in the x0 They just told me that if we have a problem, I have to pull the door now I’m stressed it’s the livelihood of this entire craft home sweet home I need to reflect, was insane just know, so I just want to say a quick few things I don’t know how many times I can say thank you to Teddy I’ve actually said it to her Probably like 50 times so thank you in case you’re, watching this super thankful that I got to go It was an amazing experience, I’m not kidding when I say probably the best experience of my life literally So I didn’t know this until I got back to the room and I showered and then I went on my phone, so lots of people were damning me, so I hadn’t seen it because I don’t usually check in our snapchat stories So I went and checked and sure enough It was me I’ll insert it if you guys want to see that’s my 10 seconds of fame there It is it’s over now so yeah I thought I would address that just because so many of you are asking me about it Yes, that was me in the story that was the outfit I was wearing um I’ll throw in a few pictures from the night there you go I only think there was like six so but yeah It was an amazing time I want to go back to LA as soon as possible Thank you guys for watching this vlog I really hope you guys enjoyed if you guys want me to keep taking you along on these types of adventures, because it’s a new thing for me Let me know down below, if you like this, because my channels not really vlog oriented, but I don’t mind throwing them in once in a while

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