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30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel or, if you’re new welcome. lifestyle crafting all sorts of things. So if you’re into content like that, please consider subscribing because I’d love to have you back and don’t forget to hit the notification bell… So this first thing might seem completely random, but it is the only bottle of water that I have been purchasing for the last like two or three months now, and I’m completely obsessed with it all bottled water tastes.
So different to me – and I have a couple of my favorites – but ever since I’ve been purchasing this one, it’s the only one that I buy like ever at a gas station at the grocery store. Ever so, it’s called essentia it’s a little pricey, I’m not gonna lie, but I just like don’t even care just the roll him into my cart, like money grows on like a tree in my backyard or something so it says it’s ionized, hydration, 9.5 pH or Higher and it has electrolytes for taste – I mean I don’t know how much more I can say about a water, but trust me, you guys should definitely try this. So, since we’re talking about drinks, I’m gonna go ahead and keep it on the same track and tell you guys next about these little cold-press like daily shot things that I’ve been taking and love it. They have all different one thing of a beauty, one and energy and a mute, but I’ve tried a bunch of different brands, and this one is just by far my absolute favorite. It’s called so good. So you not sure if I already said that, but you can actually purchase these on Amazon and online as well, but I found they’re a little bit more expensive. I personally get mine from Publix and I’m sure, if you guys have a Publix near you, but I’m sure they probably have it at different grocery stores as well, but they’re just so yummy. My absolute favorite one is the immune one. It’s like for your immune system. This one has orange juice, spinach juice, mango juice and coffee, fruit extract so yeah. These are really yummy and it’s like when I take these. I just feel like I’m doing something good and healthy for my body, so I just love that so the next product I want to talk about is the tulip face. Cleanser now, when I first heard about this brand, I was really excited to check it out because they are known for basically having like superfoods and probiotics for your skin in like everything in their line. So I went online and ordered like this little like starter kit and I have all different starter kits like they have kids, for, if your acne prone or if you want glowy skin or if you’re too oily or you know they have different kits for different skin Types, but this was in like everything like this – is good for all different skin types, and I actually have really large pores, like very large pores, like to the point where it’s actually kind of embarrassing.
So I’ve been doing a lot of research on different things. For my skin that can like help larger pores, which it’s genetic, you can’t really do anything to like shrink your pores or anything like that, but you can just really clean them out and make sure that there’s no dirt or like oil or anything stuck in them. So that’s supposed to reduce the appearance, which is why I picked this up, because this is a gel cleanser and gel cleansers are supposed to be really good for oily skin or large, pores or whatever. So I really like this: the smell is so fresh, so clean and I just feel like it cleans my skin without stripping any oil or anything, and I just my skin feels really really soft, and I just really like that. It’s also really gentle on my skin. So you can use it day and night. I know a lot of times. People say like: oh you know you shouldn’t wash your face in the morning because it’s too harsh on your skin, you wash it before. You go to bed that kind of thing, but I wash my face twice a day and honestly, this stuff is great. I feel like it’s so gentle and it doesn’t affect my skin in any kind of negative way, and I’ve really been loving this so now onto one of my all-time favorite moisturizers. So this is the Clinique Moisture Surge and it is a little pricey, but you can definitely get this on sale when they have like their store sales like Sephora how’s it going on right now, and this is part of it. So you could pick that up. I think it ends on the 27th, maybe a day or two left to check it out, but I would highly recommend this. I love using this after I’ve like been in this Sun all day, because it’s more of like a gel consistency. That’s really cooling. It just feels really nice on my skin, but then I also use this every night before I go to bed as part honestly, I use this in the morning too, like I just use it, I use it all the time and I just love it so much. It’s definitely a water-based moisturizer, but I feel like a little go such a long way like it feels thick but still really light on the skin. Like it’s just awesome, I couldn’t recommend a moisturizer more than this one. So, all summer long, I have been completely addicted to this whole white, nail thing, which is normally not my style but for some reason in the last couple months I have just really been enjoying it and I just can’t stop paying my nails wait.
I love it. So much like I’m almost sad that Falls coming because now I’m gonna have to switch up my nail color, because this is just not a fall color, but the best store-bought white nail polish, I can say hands down without a doubt. Is this Sally Hansen insta-dry and it’s called white on time white on time, cute plan words, but I just love this so much because it really does dry like exact, like you, don’t have to sit around and wait for 15 minutes, while your nails are drying like I’Ll paint my nails, I never normally do like two coats, but I’ll paint my nails and it’s literally dry, like 30 seconds to a minute later, and I can slap the second coat on and then be out. The door like who has time to watch their nails dry for 15 or 20 minutes matte me, and I just love the finish of this. There’s no shine to it. There’s no gloss, it’s like a matte finish, and it’s really opaque. It’s a true white really been enjoying this and honestly, I feel like all of their nail. Polishes would probably be great, but again, I’ve just been really obsessing over this whole white thing and I’m digging it so try it out promise you, you won’t regret it. I’m just going to talk about this next thing, because I want to how some of it right now and it’s staring me in the face. Oh let’s see Lexi but uh. If you guys have not heard of this safe and fair food company, the birthday cake, granola holy guacamole, I’m telling you this stuff is a game-changer. They I’m not even the sweets person have no stuff has had me craving some sweets like this is so good. I can’t, even as you can add this to your cereal, you can top your ice cream with this. You can put this in your yogurt, like the possibilities are endless, so really cool fact about this product or all of these products is that they’re made in an allergy friendly facility. So basically there’s no peanuts, no tree nuts, no milk, no egg! No wheat! No soy! No self shellfish, no fish non-gmo gluten-free vegan, so I just think that’s awesome and so different and also the 3% of the proceeds are donated to the Sean and Parker center for Allergy and Asthma research at Stanford University. So yeah, that’s really cool. So the next thing I want to talk about is a lip color and it’s this hooter liquid matte and it’s called trendsetter. This has been like my everyday go-to nude lip for months now ever since I got this and I’m just really impressed with the hooter liquid lip formula, so I’m not a gloss girl at all.
I really enjoy a matte liquid lip like that’s my jam. Doesn’t matter the color I’m into it, year-round I’m a mad girl, but a lot of liquid lips can be extremely drying and they can like crack on your lips and sometimes it is just a hot mess and it’s not a good look. So when I got this and I tried it, I really loved this formula. The consistency of it isn’t super thick, but it’s an opaque color like the the payoff, the color payoff is really great. Now it goes on really nicely. I want to say like like a velvet or like a watery velvet like consistency, but it’s really nice, it’s easy to spread. It lasts forever, like it will this off of this on my lips and it will last 6 or 7 hours. I also feel like it blends really nicely with other lips like I’ll put a lighter lip on the inside I’ll kind of lie into my lips like this one and then blend it together, and it looks a really nice. So it doesn’t dry like super quickly or anything like that, like you can work with it, it’s manageable and I just I’ve really been liking. This now sticking with the makeup realm, I want to talk about a brand of mascaras that I feel like. I have never really heard anything about, and I absolutely do not know why, because they are by far hands down for the price. The best mascara I have ever used in my life – and it is called essence – is the brand and you guys the best thing about these – are that they’re $4.99, like five dollars for an awesome mascara like you, cannot beat that like these days, you like a Great mascaras, like what 28 30 bucks like I’m sorry, I will never buy I’m high in mascara again ever since I found me it’s like no joke, so the wands are all a little bit different and they do different things and there’s even like different ones. Even than this and I’ve tried that I’ve tried many of them and I love them all, but these are just like three of my favorites, so this black tube has more of like a really like fluffy kind of brush, and I will use like this. One creates thickness to your lashes and then I feel like these other two create like a ton of volume. Like I don’t know if you can see my lashes right now, but I’m not kidding you. I have had like multiple multiple people. Ask me if I have fake eyelashes on and I don’t like, I used to wear fake eyelashes every single day, like one of my girlfriends literally didn’t, believe me and was like pulling on my eyelash, because she thought it was fake and I was like it’s not Fake, it’s a combination of this mascara and the next product that I’m about to tell you about we’ll get there in a second but yeah, so this purple tube this has fibers in it.
So it’s more of like a lengthening. It’s not like an annoying fiber though, like sometimes I’ve tried the mascaras that have fibers in them and like it gets in my eyes and like it’s like, I just hated them this one’s awesome. You can’t tell like nothing, so you don’t have fallout or like anything like that, and then this one’s really similar to like the both of the brushes look really similar, this one’s more of like a thin brush as well – and I really like this one for, like My under eye mascara cuz – I have extremely long bottom lashes, so I can’t use like a big fluffy brush to get under there because I’ll get it all over my face, so these smaller ones are really nice, but I cannot recommend this brand enough. I picked these up from Ulta, so I absolutely know that that’s where they carry them in store. I haven’t seen them really anywhere else in the store, but I know that you can get them at Ulta. For short, now, this next product was one that I just kind of mentioned to you guys when I said that people thought I had fake eyelashes on and it was a combination of that mascara and then this lash serum this stuff has changed my life. You guys I used to wear fake eyelashes every darn day of my life and I was sick of it. So one of my girlfriends had the most luscious long lashes, I’ve ever seen in my life, and I was like holy crap like what like. What’s going on with your lashes right now, and she told me that it was a slush serum, so I picked it up. I haven’t had a fake eyelash on my eyeball in six or seven months since I got this stuff, and people literally asked me all the time. Oh my god like. What are you doing to get your lashes so long like? What do you have on your lashes? I recommended this just so many random people, I don’t even know who they are. People have just met like this stuff is awesome. You have to try this. It is so good. So this next thing I want to talk about is like a self-care type of face. So all over Instagram I have been seeing like every blogger, every everybody talking about this razor and I’m like really skeptical when it comes to people like hyping products up because no matter how does somebody says it is I’m like okay? Well, it can’t be that good. Like I’m not getting caught into it, I’m not buying it. That’s not the other thing, but this was such a good deal that I was like yeah I’ll. Try that see. If I love it, I have like very thick coarse skin because I’m Portuguese and my hair grows so fast, like literally when I shave my armpits, I get like a five o’clock shadow after shave.
These bad boys like two times a day, and it’s still just rough. So I was like you know what for nine dollars, you get the starter kit, so I was worth it for me to try it out. So basically, it’s nine dollars a month and you get to pick all of these front. You know from all of these different cute colors, so you pick the color of the razor you want, and then you also choose how many times that you shave, you know. Do you shave two times a week? Do you shave four times to meet you shape every day, and then they basically ship you as many refills as you would need to keep up with how many times a day that you shave for the month, and they also send you this cute little magnetic thing And it sticks to your shower wall and then the razor just sticks to it, which i think is genius. That’s awesome because so many times you shoot your you know stuff your razor down the stickies, the soapies stuff gets like stuck to something or whatever it’s just a hot mess. So it’s really convenient. It just sticks right to your wall on the magnet and it’s awesome. So now, let’s talk about the shave, you guys I am so impressed by this razor. I will never probably buy another razor again. This is gonna cost me nine dollars a month, which is obscene if you were buying any other razor refills from the grocery store. Wherever you’re paying for them, it’s like $25, a box or whatever the heck, it is, and it ain’t this like this shave, is amazing. This is a five blade. Refill have not had a smoother cleaner shave. In my life, like, I am smooth smooth as a baby’s of bottom for nine dollars a month done so this next thing is awesome. I don’t know if you guys have heard about this, because I didn’t hear about this until I saw like an ad online and then, of course, I walked into the grocery store like Target or wherever it was, and I saw this on the shelf, and I said I have to try this out, so this is a Waterpik and what this is is it’s basically a flosser, but you use water to floss them between your teeth, instead of like a string which that string isn’t like the best for your teeth or your gums, anyways And they say this is so much better for you so much better for your gums cleans your teeth way better than like traditional flossing and it’s fun to use. I’m not gonna lie. It’s it’s fun. To use it’s a little messy when you first start using it because you’re just cycle holding it and you know you’re gonna put it in your mouth and you have to open your mouth up enough to where the water can drain out.
But you also don’t want it like splashing everywhere and then you, you just hold it in between each and every one of your teeth and you floss your teeth and it’s so cool, like my teeth, feels so clean after using this and again like I said it’s Like proven by dentists that this thing is better than flossing, and it’s so much better for you, so they have a cordless one, which is the one that I have, because I just thought it would be easier and less bulky and one I had to deal with The whole stand and everything like on my counter. I wanted one that didn’t have a cord, so I could just like shove it under my sink or wherever, and I could pull it out when I wanted to so. The water fills up. You know you, this is a cartridge and you fill it up under the sink and then it’s like a single time use. So you use the water in here every time you use it and then the next time you refill it so now I have a hair product that is kind of like a Holy Grail that I have been using for years. So if you know me, I am kind of known for having like really big hair and I used to tease my hair. I try not to do it as much anymore because it’s like really ruin the integrity of my hair and I’ve been trying not you, especially as I’m getting older. I feel like I’m like really thinning on the crown of my head, so I’ve been really trying not to tease it, but I’ve been using this for years and even when I tease her, if I do tease it, this is just like full effect, like crazy, big Hair, but even when I don’t tease it, this still has like a really good volumizing effect. Now, if you don’t like your hair to feel like dirty or gritty, you are absolutely not gonna like this, but if it doesn’t bother you and you like texture in your hair, this is gonna, be perfect for you. So this is my big sexy hair and it’s called the powder play and basically what it is, is you just pour this out you’re like pour this a little. A little goes a long way at like that, your roots and just shake it in, and you will be so surprised at how crazy voluminous your hair is now orbit. Just came out with a really similar product and I bought this and I wanted to try it out, but honestly, it’s a more expensive and it’s the exact same product. The only difference is is that this is like a pump, so that’s kind of cool, but and this one you like pour out and cheer hair. So you have to be more careful because you could like really dump this out and then you got hot.
So you just have to like trial and error, like figure it out, but I wanted to show both of these because let again this is a cheaper version and this is more expensive. So if you happen to see this like floating around and you wanted to try, it out definitely opt for the big sexy hair one because it’s the exact same product. So the last few things I want to talk about are going to be clothing items and I’m it super excited to share with you the world’s most perfect pajama pants. So I got these at Target the other day. Well, a couple weeks ago now – and I was so excited when I found these because I feel like most pajama pants – are either not high-waisted enough for me or they’re too short, so I’m 5/6, such I don’t feel like is like super tall like I feel like. That’s kind of average and I feel like they’re just high waters on me. So these are super super soft and they’re, nice and high-waisted. They have a nice thick band, but they’re not tight like they’re. They fit me just perfectly like they’re, not too tight they’re, not too loose they’re, really cute pattern, they’re good length. They have a cute tassel on them, they’re just perfect, and then I also got them in black because you just can’t go wrong. I’ve thrown these in the dryer, they definitely don’t shrink. I would say, though, that the material of them I’m not going to continue to dry them because I feel like they might start to look a little dingy. So the next thing is actually gonna be athletic. Wear, I don’t know if you guys have heard of setactive or not, but I’ve been wearing their stuff for over a year now and I really enjoy it it’s kind of weird, but I can’t wear a traditional sports bra because I have a really bad back. So anything that like puts pressure on my neck, like the crisscross sports bra or like bathing, suits a tie around my neck. I just can’t do it I’ll get a headache within like three seconds, and I also have like a larger chest. So a lot of sports bras are just heavy they’re, uncomfortable they’re, too tight. These sports bras are the most comfortable sports bras. I’ve ever worn in my entire life, and they give me support like when I’m on the treadmill, like nothing, I’ve ever worn before it must be something about the material like. I don’t even I don’t know, but they are so good. I have two different colors I have this olive green color and then I have the black color and they do like biker shorts, which you could get or you could do the pants, which is what I have but they’re seamless, so they’re, very comfortable.
The fabric is really soft When I sweat it, soaks up my sweat, like it’s not just like sitting on my body or I don’t feel gross afterwards and they’re really high waisted, so they really suck you in really well and I just love the way they fit I love the way they feel and they’ve just like easily become my new favorite You know gym where I’m heavier on top than am on the bottom I’m super tiny on the bottom, so in the tops I get the medium/large and my bra cup size is a 34d So I’m definitely like busty in this, but it’s tight enough and it really holds me in like it’s a good fit, but this is also something that I’m wearing a shirt over like I’m, not just wearing this set to the gym, which you totally could But I just don’t feel comfortable doing that So let’s talk about this line for a second, because I’ve never actually tried this, but I’m such a wino that I’m really excited because this was two dollars and 84 cents So I’m originally heard about this line about a year or two ago, from my sister in LA and then just recently again this weekend from another girlfriend and both of them swear by this and say it’s amazing So I haven’t tried it yet, and I wanted to kind of do like a first impressions with you guys, because I knew I was gonna – have a glass of it tonight So I figured I might as well Do it on camera and then, if I loved it So let’s pop this bad boy open and see if it’s worth diet, all right, I’m not gonna lie you guys the verdict is in and it’s good So I would suggest this I mean for two dollars and four cents You can’t go wrong I got the Shiraz, they also had a Cabernet Merlot If I had some white wine, I want to say Pinot Grigio and a Chardonnay, no sabe, I’m Blanc, because I wanted to get this avi unblocked and they did not have it But if you can get your hands on some of this stuff, I definitely suggest try it So it’s called the weekend owl and I’m not really sure what grocery stores you could go ahead and pick us up from, but I picked this up from Aldi, not sure If it’s like an all-day, Aldi exclusive type of thing or what, but I’m sure you can call your local grocery store even hop online and see what local stores you may be able to purchase it from Thank you So much for watching and Cheers I’ll see you next time Bye!

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