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Back to school $500 eBay hype Mystery Box!

1 Nov , 2019  

What is good everybody and welcome it back to the channel today we are looking at a $500 back to school mystery box. Now my filmers – not here my roommate – is not here to do some like visuals, while I’m you know going all about this, so I want to make this view as visually pleasing as possible. So let’s go ahead and cut back to my reaction of getting this package. So you can see right there scoochie on the box. I was shook when I picked the package up on their room.
So let’s go ahead. The package says deliver, but I didn’t get a notification on a little app thing. So I’m worried that it’s just sitting in the room but okay, so you can see a ton of packages, sit right here and look what I didn’t see. That’s a Gucci logo just leaving it out here. Let’s make it obvious to me to steal a freaking package. We double check this is for me, I’m just sure, look at this. It says Gucci on it. Why? I know this is a Gucci mystery box, but like what is the point of putting on the box, that’s gonna, like people are gonna know exactly. What’s in there honey coffee now, you guys might not understand why there’s Gucci logos all over the box. Let me cut back to me buying the stuff off eBay. I have to show you guys the whole process just so. You guys know that this is all the JIT, so I have to do is watch this clip real, quick and you’ll see where I bought it. How much it was it’s like 560. Something dollars. Does that thing cost sixty plus dollars of decided to get on the bad decision wave and buy a backflip mystery box? You guys already know about it, but I’m here to buy it and just show you a quick little clips. I’ve done so many of these that I just don’t want it to spend too much time do this, so you guys can see the listing it’s pretty similar to most other ones. This one has Gucci logos on the box is back-to-school height. B’s bags fly business for Gooch about $500 $60 shipping. I have to show you guys my you know: zip code back to school, mystery box will get technology, authentic, Gucci and more supplies for back-to-school. This can work for both high school and college students to spend your money here. The guy is a pretty good reputation or girl, whatever it is, so we’re gonna be going ahead and buying this, and let me just check out real quick, I’m sure by now. You guys know that I’m buying these mystery boxes, but just in case you don’t, I want to show the process just because some people may doubt it firming and paying. I just had a little issue. I had the wrong billing address, your order was placed and there we go now.
Let’s go ahead and come back Harry there’s not one of the riskiest boxes. I’ve done so far. I’ve done a lot worse. I’ve done like $5,000 mystery box, which didn’t end out too bad. Honestly, okay, I cannot get this shipping label two more per ounce in my life, so I gotta cut this off $500 back to school. I said I was only doing one more back to school, but hey the opportunity arose. I saw this mystery box and I had to jump on it. We got to open this bad boy up. We just gotta keep going with it. I hope this angles. Good, if you guys liked this BAM, we’re just going all in tons of tape, sounds of nasty tape. I like that look, look at that. That’s disgusting! Let’s open this up! Let’s go! Let’s go goochy goochy! So if you guys saw your Gucci logo there, a Gucci logo there, a Gucci logo there and a Gucci will go there tons of riding Gucci on the outside. Now, if you remember the listing, if you saw they did have Gucci logos in the outside, but I didn’t expect I’ve never had a box besides, like from lay stuff that had something like that enough talking Harrison open this up, Oh get in there we’re getting nervous. We’Re getting nervous boy, okay, it’s a heavy box. We get some energy, so this is a heavy box and I’m hoping there’s some good stuff in here back to school. They said, even though I’m not going back to school, still trying to figure out the best angle to do this set, really quick. I really like giving back to you guys. So whatever is the most expensive item in this box, I want to go ahead and give it away to you guys just to give back because most of time I sell all the stuff that comes in the box and make my money back. So I want to get back to you guys on this and whatever the most expensive item is I’ll give it to you now, there’s nothing worth giving away. If I take a phat L, then I let’s go ahead and maybe do like a credit on stock X or something so we’re gonna have to wait and see. But let’s just open this up, I’m sorry for ramming! I’m sorry for him, but just you alright and I’ve cut most of this open. I still have my little thing here, we’ll double-check everything: okay, let’s go ahead. Three two one bam bam. We have a box, another box. That’s I need to move this over. It’s so hard to find out what the best Angeles, maybe I’ll tilt this over a little bit and see three two one: what do you guys see? Hey pencils back in school baby, we got pencil. This is 60 count pencils, we have 40. We have oh another. 40, another: what is this another 60? What is this 200 pencils just right here? What in the world am I supposed to do with 200 pencils in college? I used, like hmm, let’s say two pens: the entire semester I’m gonna – have to give these my mom works at a preschool, so maybe I don’t use pencils.
I’m gonna have to maybe just trying to donate these to my elementary school around the corner. Cuz. There’s a lot of no clue what to do with this. Many pencils put this to the side so right there 200 pencils and looks like a notebook. We have a notebook with nothing inside it’s a few piece. It’s actually broken yeah, so it’s broken pen paper. Maybe they weren’t a message: no, no blank pages and a notebook. This is worth like three bucks. How much are pencils? That’s maybe like five hours of pops or 20 bucks right there, hey we’re starting off 1/5 way, a little went it the way there and let’s keep moving, there’s so much. Wrapping in here. Look at this what the heck bubble wrap whatever rapping. Okay, I see some more bubble wrap. I see some tissues that looks like a really thick hair inside of there. Can you see that absolutely gross looks like we have something right here: a fidget sent ctrl Kinect control can be, I thought, but just been ever dead. You can track the spinning stats compete with what I thought this stuff was big. Come on. Bro, like you, don’t need all this. This is like a electronic digit spinner. I don’t even want to do this. Man, oh, is it already broken? This is broken baby. Oh No batteries batteries go in there and I like it over fridges. I thought everybody else is over finished. Here’s why this is dang it, but man this hasn’t. It was a fifty dollar fitted. Spinner got like tracking and stuff. I gotta look up the value, but I think this is guess this is like fifty dog food. You spin it right here and if you’re dumb enough like me to buy a mystery box that somebody will spend that much money to troll you on doesn’t seem to be doing anything. There’s like little lights, but nothing’s happening, I’m just I’m not even gonna. Do this F vinner we’re moving on? I hope that wasn’t like fifty dollars. You got wrapping wrapping wrapping bubble, wrap wrapping a supreme bag, but there doesn’t seem to be absolutely anything in it. There’s literally nothing in the stream. You got my new backpack for back-to-school. Imagine you took all your books to school in this I mean you actually could do that might be central whatever, so we got an empty spring bag. Maybe that means there’s some supreme in here. Let’s keep going I’m looking right at the lens, not even at my screen. Okay, what do we got? We got those my god something right here. What’s this, it’s wrapped up nice piece of bubble, wrap okay, okay, uh, I’m trying to figure out.
I think this was very similar.. I got a review. A thing goes like five years ago that was like a little horn and if I’m right, I think your phone goes in here. Hold on, please don’t pop right me postpone it actually did something. So yes, this is a speaker now. I don’t know how to put a value on this, but I remember reviewing things just like this. That looked like a little horn and I just kind of put two and two together, and I guess I didn’t really amplify it – that much so not sure if this would be worth it. This looks, let’s say like two thirty bucks, maybe which I mean I look cool sitting on my desk right here, any of my desk, but not something. I had plenty of speakers. I have these huge monitor speaker, so it looks like we have more pencils and more pencils. 60 again and 40 looks like we’re up to about what 300 pencils now. Maybe if that math is wrong, I should go back to school, because I don’t next thing. I see is more rapping, I see a stapler, it looks like gold stapler, I’ve not touched a stapler since, like high schools been like five years, this is a stapler. Yes, 15 bucks, there’s no staples inside, that’s actually pretty cool. It’s gold doesn’t really match anything. In my whole apartment – but I guess maybe if this was solid, gold hotel would be pretty sick, pretty cool, though let’s see, if we add up our values so far. Well, I think we’re at like $75. Maybe there’ll be a counter on the on the screen. You guys will see next things up. We have more crap more wrapping more wrapping. This is something here: okay, let’s pull this out, we got wrapping. Oh, I don’t know how to feel about this. We have Apple earpods, they’re, not like wrapped or anything, but let I have been reluctant to buy Apple earpods, because so many of my friends have lost theirs and I have about eight pairs of the actual headphones. So I you know how the iPhone has lightning connector. Well, if you have the original headphones that go like for any standard, speak or whatever they don’t work on here and you need an adapter or if you have a MacBook, you have to have the regular headphones and not lightning, and so, when I travel, I always You know I’m forgetting forgetting so I bought so many now and have lost too many founds too many that I have so many now, but these I’m been reluctant they’re like what hundred and thirty dollars now. Let’s hope, there’s actually anything in here, because it is open. So, let’s see earpods the box looks like a nice Apple box. I don’t know that it looks pretty good.
Let’s see the barcode lineup, you guys. Let me know designed by Apple in California. Let me get a little closer for this, and then you got all the stuff in here: yup yup, yup, no stickers, that’s all that’s in there and then the air pods themselves. These look pretty good. Now. Does this come? Oh, we got an extra iPhone core voice. Always you need that, so we have a little cord and then the air pods themselves. These are tiny. This is a lot smaller than I thought and that’s why I was reluctant to get these. So we have air pods, they look good and like they’re, don’t even look used like. Let me see if I get closer, these don’t look like these look brand-new. Maybe they didn’t like them or I don’t I’m not sure. But hey these look cool. I mean Apple earpods, it’s not bad. These are so expensive, and that is another reason why i’m maanna, because if i lose them like they’re 100 and what thirty dollars I’m not trying to lose them. But this thing is so small. It’s kind of cool, though it’s like a button on the back I’ll have to try these out. Maybe this will be the item and I give away I don’t like them or whatever, but we’ll have to see it. I don’t know if I should like disinfect these. Probably my ear, maybe not too bad, actually yeah – that is kind of cool, not complaining, pretty good, just didn’t want to spend my own money to get them. So maybe now is a good reason why I gotta run mr. baumann, so let’s keep it going there. So literally, look how much wrapping is on the floor. Look at this look at all of this. so let’s keep going got more wrapping more wrapping, more wrapping, more wrapping with that more wrapping. Oh, that looks like a Gucci bag. Now this is a Gucci box, so maybe that’s only it’s like a bag or whatever, but so we have that I’m gonna save it cuz. It looks like it’s something else with a pair of shoes. Here, though, I have not worn Puma in, I don’t know how I’m gonna put this box up. She gets to see it. I cannot remember the last time I work they become out a lot of stuff. Recently, though, I have seen a lot influencers working with them, so maybe I don’t. Let’s see that pair of shoes here, they’re called the thunder desert size 10, not even my size and yeah. That’s fully valid. We have oh, no. These are the freaking like Balenciaga triple-s ripoffs hold on you. Guys can’t really see that these are like they made these. Just like the triple-s they’re huge shoes. I had a pair in the background, and this is the Puma version. I mean they’re, pretty cool they’re like snakeskin, but they also looked like they’re time.
You, like a desert rat, be easy or the easy 500. They look like the colorway of the desert whatever. So this looks like it’s too much of two combining of shoes, but maybe I’ll try them out. Maybe this will be the thing that I give away to you guys, I’m not sure well, you know again have to see, but these are kind of funny to look up how much this cost. So they are about 120 bucks. What I pay for them differently, honest with you guys. No, but I mean they got some nice material, some new books and snakeskin, I’m not trying to be ungrateful for them. It’s cool! The value is good in the mystery box for 120 bucks they’re, just not something I’d, probably go out of my way to purchase and buy so it’s kind of cool. I got them in here. If there’s a market for people to have these the friggin Balenciaga Scott’s $900, so I understand why nobody’s gonna buy momentum build up, let’s skip them, the music going, so you guys can get pumped up with me the last item here. Maybe this is just a Gucci bag. If you look at our total, I don’t know what I’d be evaluating at like 300 bucks. 350. 270. I don’t know what like it’ll be up on the screen. The last item: let’s build this up baby. This is it there’s some rap and then this it’s actually kind of heavy. So it’s not just a bag, but they could have put anything in that’s dealer on. So we got a nice little wrapping here or a nice little uh tie whatever you wanna call. It and we have one Gucci box: okay, okay and then we got another bag and then there’s like a receipt, no receipt, but it says Gucci will accept. Exchanges returns that this is what you get. I’ve bought a couple things with you. Cheat you get this with it. When you purchase, I don’t know why they left it in there. Then we have a little bag. Let’s do any meenie, miney moe, I’m gonna. Do this first, so little Gucci dust bag. How do you guys like like to test and see if everything’s real good, no whatever, so, let’s just open this up, I need to stop talking boom. Oh looks, like Oh looks like a cologne or perfume $75. Us, okay, that’s not bad! So hmm! I don’t! Never seen it, this is open. It’s tough! I don’t even know what this is. This is the Gucci by G Gucci by G, whicheat Gucci looks like. I would assume this is a cologne Gucci by G. Oh, that looks cool. If you guys don’t know I kind of like colognes I had created Ventus, which I ended up dropping on my countertop, so I was moving from my old apartment and broke and lost my forehead. I bought once I bought something new like a month ago. So well now I have a Gucci something at home. This is a cool little like topper right here, just like I don’t wanna like I don’t really want to drop this, but I guess it just pops off like that.
It’s kind of cool: let’s see it’s, never it’s brainless mmm that smells good This is like poison, but this this all looks like it like it all, like checks out like look at the bottom that Gucci bag That’s all Gucci! I don’t think this is gonna Be something I like the smell: it’s pretty good, we’ll have to look into that Maybe that’ll be my new scent and then lastly, we have this here, maybe that’ll be too high to my giveaway I don’t know Gucci Gucci unless this is something really no three two one traffic force What is it whoo? Okay, Gucci socks You can see her right there, 120 bucks Now these are cool I got me that reaction is not an evening like all Gucci, SOGs they’re cool – I just won’t, buy them because $120 for a pair of socks is a little ridiculous So, let’s see what all the hype is about, their embroidered sucks I’ve had a lot of socks in my day and these don’t feel that special talks a little Can you guys double check this stuff? It’s a size 12 I think it’s as large Does it look all good uh their socks? They’Re cool like they would be cool for a picture for me, but I wouldn’t a be the money to get go out of my way to get them because that money can go elsewhere It’s like a whole pair of shoes cool! That’s why I’ve never bought him, but that this is gonna, be the otter My giveaway first sure I guess the earpods cost more, but I feel like you guys, are like these better Are you gonna do down below to win? These is just comment down below your username and Gucci socks and then you’re gonna go ahead and be enter You have to follow me and subscribe, of course, but I think that’s a pretty successful mystery box for back-to-school We got pencils, we got books, we got a stapler, we got a fidget, spinner nothin, we got shoes, then we got the pencils again We got the little speaker, we have socks and Cologne Everything is all pretty good for me I’m pretty happy with that, but I do need to show you guys what a mess my apartment is right now, because this is actually This is what happens when I record look at all this Oh my, I think that’s gonna, be it another mystery box Successful I’m pretty happy about it if you guys enjoyed Let me know in the comments down below and I guess I’ll see you guys next time, I’m pretty happy about it Thanks

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