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Back to school daily makeup course (relaxed and natural)

1 Nov , 2019  

I’m like I’m like chilled, but like annoying it’s because I’m sitting down and I’m drinking coffee at the exact same time the anyways. Apparently it’s back-to-school season. We all know how you feel about going back to school, because I’m just so nice and like thoughtful. so we got candles. We got relaxed because relax it’ll be fine. School will be over in a blink of an eye, and we have stress really to relieve your stress so to do you want today, huh, oh, my god, relax.
It was like really good, okay, we’re doing relaxed so now. Every time you hear me say the word school just look at the candle okay. Now we can get into the makeup. I like to pry my skin at first, I already moisturize using the touch of dewy skin cream. This is basically the water cream, but more hydrating. I recently got this because my skin loves to be flaky. For some reason: do you might TMI, so we moisturized, I’m actually gonna put a little bit more of my nose just to take extra precaution? No onions, oh my god! I just did you use my Beauty Blender, I just washed it very rude after I moisturize I like to use primer. I have two primers right here so on the days I have a lot of pores, which is everyday cuz it’s summer and I’m oily, but my nose is crusty of Yui. It’s funny that, like I think, I’m funny, I’m gonna be easy. The Laura Mercier primer today Smashbox photo finish primer enough of the two phases photo finish primer. This is just gonna go in my t-zone, not a lot just like this much and especially right here, because this is where I put highlight like I want to be smooth since the highlight is gonna emphasize this area right here just kidding, I lied. I’m gonna take a little bit more and at the very tips of my okay primer is done and now it’s time for brows. This makeup look literally, will take me 20 minutes max, but since I’m, like always rushing, I could literally do this entire thing in like 10 minutes. Also, I kinda wanna know how long it takes you to get ready in the morning comp.
My eyebrows take me. The longest because I really have to like focus on the shape, but this some days I’m just like no don’t need brows to it, use the elf, medium brown, eyeliner, / pomade and it’s color pop e14 brush. I like this brush. I like this much because the tip is really thick brush out. The brows also excuse the fact that it’s like Hello, Harry I’m growing them out. Sorry, okay, I finished my brows off-camera, we’re taking so long like and they’re still, not exactly even so I give up, but now moving on to the fate I’m just gonna be using a concealer. This is the Too Faced Born This Way, concealer in the color golden beige, gonna act as my foundation. Depending on how bad my under-eye circles are due to the lack of sleep, I will go in with a lighter concealer. It may use the same exact concealer, but in the color light beige, I’m just gonna add a tiny bit under my eyes. My chin and it kind of gives, like a nice, highlighted, look another adding with laura mercier. Also. I just realized that I’m using so many iron products so like this is genuinely what I use every single day. So let me know if y’all want each. You do the same thing by using my favorite drugstore products. Instead, also this beauty blender is still pretty wet. I like to just kind of blend it in and then whatever is left put it on my eye, bronzer, I’m gonna be using the Kylie harest bronze powder and the color almond. Also my brush is broken now with a little hunter brush: hey, hey, hey hi! Everybody say hi with a tiny contour brush. I’m going to use this shade right here, she’s almost gone, I’m not really feeling blush today, yeah, I’m not gonna. Do blush nose, contour my idol step. I keep looking at myself and then I just lightly wipe away that light powder and now it’s time to spray the face, i’m using the morphe continuous setting mist. Ah, i love wow. This dries down I’m gonna highlight with the kylie quartz rest illuminating powder.
I just bought this one, but this is what it looks like, but I also have this jeffree star supreme frost, snow globe I think I want to try the kylie one today I was obsessed with this and then I stopped using it Oh wait! I didn’t even cry like I was saying I was obsessed with this and then I stopped using it because I started using the benefit bang mascara since I got sent it randomly I needed a waterproof mascara, so I just ran to Target and picked a waterproof version of this one, because I knew that this was always my favorite drugstore and then I refill in love with it because it kept my eyelashes up the holding and I was in Water like submerged under water, oh yeah, but like it, kicked my lashes up like you didn’t, okay, stop also I love the fact that I have like a hold right there, because my eyelash extensions ripped out my eyelashes The last step I use lipgloss my favorite lip gloss ever Is this? Alright, here’s the 58 gloss balm in the color fussy This color smells so good and it literally instantly makes my lips look ten times better, like not crusty anymore Just watch Look at that lip comparison, my over lip technically This is the finished look, but I could always wear lashes I usually do that with this makeup as a base – and I just use nice lashes but of course, for school, you don’t have to wear lashes You don’t have to wear any makeup at all honest, but whatever makes you happy then just do that but like I’m low-key lazy So this is the finished Look, I’d, love you guys CEL freaking much I also want to do it You back-to-school giveaway, so comment down below some of your back-to-school essentials and just like things, you would want to see in the giveaway Also, I’m hella excited because I’m gonna be moving soon and my new place is so you guys are gonna love the inside just the content that I’m gonna get Wow bye

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